How to See How Many Hours Are Played on PS4?

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How to See How Many Hours Are Played on PS4

Are you reading this article as you are curious to see how many hours are played on PS4?

Congratulations, as this article explains how to do it, you have made the right decision.

Introduction of Playtime on PS4 / PS5

You may view your PS5 or PS4 playtime histories if you’re curious. The amount of time spent enslaved to your gaming console or another electronic device can be tracked. However, it’s not always feasible to view the data.

You have options if you want to avoid having your PS4’s play hours tracked. Sony, however, has included this information on a PS5.

In addition to that, all players have access to it via the system’s menus and other user interface elements.

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The Process is Simple, Though!

Thankfully, the procedure is simple on both game systems. Remember that the settings permit you to monitor your time spent on specific games instead of a general total.

By looking at this stat, you can figure out the duration it took to finish a game. Also, you can observe which games are occupying t your time.

It may cause you to question what else can be accomplished with the duration you devoted to gaming.

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Checking the Played Hours on a PS5 Console

The PS5 console includes a time-tracking feature. It also displays the percentage of each game you’ve finished.

Well, the clock keeps ticking any time a game is running, even if you aren’t actually playing it.

Mentioned Below Are the Steps:

  • As the first step, turn on the console. You can do it by pressing its power button.
PS5 Console Power Button
  • Then, select the profile icon. In fact, you should click on the “X” icon located on the profile icon. You can easily find it in the right-hand corner of the screen.
PS4 Profile
Profile on PS4 Console
  • After opening the profile icon, you should select “Games.” It appears like a tab and is located between two other tabs: “Friends” and “Overview.” The panel does showcase the completion rate of every game in the form of a percentage. On top of that, it shows the trophies you have won from the total available trophies.
PS5 Games
  • Finally, you can see the last time each game was played. Moreover, you can see the hour count on each of those games.
see the hour count on each of those games

That’s basically it. All you need now is to scroll down and see the games. With each title, you can see all those stats for your information.

How to See How Many Hours Played on PS4?

Here’s the section to read if you want to see how many hours played on PS4. In fact, you can use the same steps mentioned above to see the play hours on your PS4 console.

Under “Games,” you may see a list of all the games that are compatible with your PlayStation Network account. Assume that you use the same profile for all the games on the PS4 and PS Vita.

In that case, your playtime will be tracked for both systems. What if you play Minecraft on your PS4 but not the PS5?

If so, you may check the latter to see how many hours you have spent playing the game. And that’s how to see how many hours are played on PS4.

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Is It Possible to See How Many Hours Your Friend Has Played on a PS5?

It is not lost on us that personal space is in short supply today. However, if you’re simply too nosy, we’ve got a way for you.

With that, you can see how much time your pal has spent playing PlayStation.

01. Turn on the Console

Just press the console’s manual button, and you can switch it on.

02. Go to the Profile Icon

Now, you should click on “X” so you can access the profile menu as you did before.

03. Go to the “Friends” Option

There’s a dedicated tab for “Friends.” You can find it along with “Games.” Click on it.

Ps5 Friends Option

04. Select Which Friend’s Activity You Should Check

It is possible to select any friend at this stage. Just select it from the menu so you can read the status.

05. Select the “Games” Tab of Your Friend

Follow the same steps as the above. Then, access the Games tab of the friend to see the values.

Games of Your Friend

Checking the Play Hours of a PS4

Here’s how to see how many hours are played on PS4.

01. Turn the Console On

Once the console is switched on, enter your PS4/PSN account credentials and log in.

02. Open a Game

Now, you should load a game. You can do it either by opening a title through the console’s home screen or by inserting a CD.

Open a PS4 Game

03. Select load files

You should open the save files of the game. Pretty much all the games come with the time format of HH:MM:SS. But there can be some games that do not display such data.

Checking Hours Played on PS4 and PS5 Using PSN Network

PlayStation Network sends emails weekly. And they are another method for keeping track of how much time you’ve spent playing on your console.

Some of the updates it offers show off your game stats. It’s the ideal choice if you can’t view the total playtime in your PS4 console’s load files.

You should sign up for the PlayStation Network’s email notification service if you haven’t already.

01. Go to the Official Website of the PlayStation

First, you should visit PlayStation’s official website using your PC.

Go to the Official Website of PlayStation

02. Create Your Account

In the screen’s top right, select Sign In. Then, you can fill out the form until you reach the option called “Create Account.” Keep in mind that the area you select will always be the one associated with your PSN profile. 

In addition, you might not have access to PSN services or games. Unfortunately, Sony does not support VPN usage on their devices. A new account can be made in any country at any time.

Create Your PlayStation Account

03. Reach Account Settings

Now, you should click on the avatar located at the top of the profile and go to “Account Settings.”

Reach Account Settings

04. Select Email Notification

Follow the link labeled “Notifications Settings” found at the very end of your left-hand menu. To sign up for email alerts, check the box on the right side of the screen. Make sure to save your work before you log out.

Select Email Notification

05. Start Reading the PSN Email

That’s how to see how many hours played on PS4 through an email every week. That means, from now onwards, you will get PSN emails every week.

Those emails contain information about gameplay hours and trophies.

Using the PlayStation App

Another convenient way to check your gameplay hours on PS4 is by using the PlayStation App on your mobile device. Follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the PlayStation App from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
  2. Log in to your PlayStation Network (PSN) account through the app.
  3. Tap on the menu icon (usually represented by three horizontal lines) to open the side menu.
  4. Select “Profile” from the menu.
  5. Scroll down to find the “Games” section and tap on it. Here, you can view your gameplay time for each game you have played.

Utilizing Third-Party Apps and Websites

Apart from the official methods mentioned above, there are several third-party apps and websites that offer additional features and insights into your PS4 gameplay hours. Some popular options include:

Make sure to explore these options and find the one that suits your preferences and requirements.

Setting Parental Control on a PS5

In some cases, parents expect to put some restrictions on their children’s playtime on PlayStation. The good news is that there is a possibility to use parental controls and limit your kid’s activities.

However, there are some prerequisites to accomplishing that.  

  1. You are supposed to sign up for a PSN profile.
  2. You must have access to your kid’s account as a “Manager” or a “Guardian.”
  3. The account must be under “Family Members.”
  4. The respective account must be in the correct time zone.

That’s it. You can complete these steps mentioned above and configure time limits on your child’s PlayStation.

Configure Playtime for Your Child Using the Browser

  1. Open the official website of PlayStation and sign in to Family Manger to proceed. Then, you should select the account of your child.
  2. Click on “Edit” and adjust hours on the console.
  3. Save those settings.

Setting Up Playtime Using the Console Itself

In this manner, you can limit your children’s access to the PlayStation 5 system and its video games. The game will stop abruptly as soon as the child reaches the cutoff age. Also, the progress will be saved.

  • Log into the account of Guardian or Family Manager.
  • Then, go to “Settings” and select “Family & Parental Controls.”
PS4 Family & Parental Controls
  • When you are under Parental Control, you will be able to see your child’s account.
Child account
  • Now, you should press the option called “Playtime Settings.” Then, you should set an appropriate time zone for the child.
PS4 Playtime Settings
  • Once you have done that, you can hit the button called “Save” so you can save the settings. You can even configure settings such as censoring, prohibitions, etc.


Q1. Can I check my gameplay hours for specific games?

Yes, both the official methods and third-party apps/websites mentioned in this article allow you to check gameplay hours for individual games. You can see the total time spent on each game separately.

Q2. Can I check gameplay hours for games I have played in the past?

Yes, you can check your gameplay hours for games you have played in the past. The methods mentioned in this article provide access to your entire gaming history, allowing you to view gameplay time for all the games you have played on your PS4.

Q3. Are the gameplay hours accurate?

The gameplay hours provided by the PS4 console and official methods are generally accurate. However, it’s important to note that third-party apps and websites may rely on user-generated data and could have slight variations.

Q4. Can I compare my gameplay hours with my friends?

Some third-party apps and websites offer social features that allow you to compare gameplay hours with your friends. These platforms often provide leaderboards and other interactive elements to enhance the gaming community experience.

Q5. How often are the gameplay hours updated?

The gameplay hours are typically updated in real-time or periodically, depending on the method you choose. The built-in features on the PS4 console and official platforms usually provide the most up-to-date information, while third-party apps and websites may have varying update frequencies.


Knowing how many hours you have played on your PS4 can be an exciting and insightful experience. Whether you use the built-in features on the console, the PlayStation App, or explore third-party apps and websites, tracking your gameplay time adds a new dimension to your gaming journey.

Take some time to explore the various methods mentioned in this article and discover the total hours you have invested in your gaming adventures.


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