Destiny 2 Emblems – The Rarest Ones You Can Have

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Destiny 2 Emblems

Are you a collectible enthusiast and looking for Destiny 2 exclusive emblems? If so, you are reading the most useful guide on them.

In fact, Destiny 2 emblems aren’t common at all, and the fan base owns only a few of them. So, let’s read on and learn what the rarest Destiny 2 emblems you can collect are.

Destiny 2 Exclusive Emblems 

It is true that you can obtain items like most guns and armor pieces. You can buy them or collect them easily because they are available readily except for a few. But, when it comes to Destiny 2 exclusive emblems, you don’t see them everywhere.

There is no shortage of emblems in the game Destiny 2. You can obtain many of those items simply by playing a game. If not, you can even take part in some competitions.

However, the truth is that those emblems are different from each other. There are only a handful of rare ones, and only a few individuals own them. With that said, let’s take a look at the rarest Destiny 2 emblems you can own.

If you already own one or more of these emblems, you can consider yourself lucky.  We mentioned them with the percentage of owners so you can learn how rare they are.

PS: let’s figure out where to find the Destiny 2 Worldline Zero.

01. Destiny 2 Emblem – The Levante Prize (0.02%)

Destiny 2 Emblems - The Levante Prize

This could be rated as one of the rarest Destiny 2 exclusive emblems you can ever own. In fact, this emblem is offered for those who win the fashion contests held by Destiny 2.

This emblem is given away only 4-5 times a year. So, you must be really lucky to own one of those Destiny 2 emblems. Well, you cannot own that emblem just because you have the nicest gear of all. It is a lot more than throwing on the most beautiful gear you have.

There is a constantly changing theme, and you should adhere to that if you want to win. As of this writing, only 0.02% of players were able to own The Levante Prize.

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02. Destiny 2 Emblem – Emblem of Hibiscus (0.05%)

Destiny 2 Emblems - Emblem of Hibiscus

Do you know that there was a vendor named Yuna? In fact, Yuna is the one who is found in The Tower just next to Ikora and Hawthorne. Do you remember that? Well, this is only available on the servers that are based in Asian Region.

In fact, Yuna was restricted to internet cafes in Korea, and they sell exotics. You cannot upgrade or alter them. However, they were designed to give die-hard players a nice collectible as gratitude to play.

It is possible to earn the Emblem of Hibiscus simply by purchasing an exotic. But the truth is that it is no longer available. That means you can never earn this emblem again.

03. Destiny 2 Emblem – Lens of Fate (0.05%)

Destiny 2 Emblems - Lens of Fate

Pretty similar to the first emblem (The Levante Prize), Lens of Fate is issued in a timely manner. It is given out on a weekly basis. That is only for those who are able to win the contest Bungie’s Movie of the Week.

However, compared to the fashion emblem, this emblem is even rarer.  That means they only choose one or two winners. So, as a player, it will be harder to obtain the emblem. Do you want to go for the Lens of Fate?

If that’s the case, you should remember that Bungie chooses one Crucible montage at the least. So, if you are not the best in PVP, you will find it very difficult to obtain this emblem.

04. Destiny 2 Emblem – Sign of Mutual Combat (0.15%)

Sign of Mutual Combat

If you want to unlock Mutual Combat, you will need some luck as well as timing. The players are supposed to compete against Bungie members or a content creator of their choice. So, you should be not only knowledgeable about the times the bounty goes live but also be lucky. It is true that plenty of individuals are allowed to play Crucible.

However, only a handful of individuals are given the opportunity to get even to the lobby. So, you can imagine how rare it’s to defeat the Bungie Bounty or be on a winning team.

05. Destiny 2 Emblem – System of Peace (0.71%)

System of Peace

If you intend to unlock the System of Peace emblem, you will have to spend some money. In this case, you will have to donate an amount of $50 to the Bungie Foundation (iPads for Kids). So, there is nothing you can do in terms of the game to get this emblem.

Instead, you can pay that amount and earn the emblem. But you should not feel bad about it because the donation goes to something precious. The money you donate will be used to get iPads for kids. So, even if you don’t own an emblem, that’s a win.

06. Any of the 24-Hour Raid Emblems

Any of the 24-Hour Raid Emblems

Compared to other Destiny 2 emblems, this is somewhat different. That is because this emblem has a particular number of different raids. Well, this emblem is given to the players who complete a raid within 24 hours of its initial release. Because of this very reason, the emblems are very difficult to earn.

To earn the emblem, you are supposed to complete the raid successfully while keeping an eye on the clock. Some of those emblems come with Wish Ascended as well. It owns by 12 people. On the other hand, Crown of Sorrows’ Heavy. It is owned by 0.08% of its player base.

07. Heavy as Death (0.75%)

Heavy as Death

Do you intend to present yourself to the Destiny 2 community as a glutton who was punished? If that’s the case, Heavy as Death could be your go-to emblem. This specific emblem is offered during the Season of the Drifter.

The players will be able to earn it by defeating opponents who have higher power levels. If you are an under-leveled player, however, defeating a high-power player will not be easy at all. Therefore, many individuals tend to skip this emblem because it is difficult to obtain.

Nevertheless, if you fight for Heavy as Death, there are some additional issues as well. For instance, it lets you begin with a low power level, and everyone is above you. So, fighting with such a low power can be very difficult. That is exactly why this emblem is owned by only 0.75% of the players.

08. Redrix Prefered (1.06%)

Redrix Prefered

If you are looking for Destiny 2 exclusive emblems, here’s another option to consider. This emblem, however, is available only with the Warmind DLC’s release. This game was unlocked for every individual who has obtained Redrix’s Claymore (which was available in Season 3).

The grind for the respective gun is very long, so it is very difficult to obtain this emblem. The players are supposed to endure loads of crucible matches. The players are supposed to hit the Fabled in the playlist of Glory. However, the vast majority of players fail to do that, and that explains the rarity of this emblem.

09. After the Nightfall (1.18%)

After the Nightfall

Well, this is not as difficult as the previous rarest Destiny 2 emblems, at least to a certain extent. In order to earn this emblem, you are supposed to beat the time trials.

You should do that for every Nightfall Strike that becomes available with the launch of Forsaken. There are twelve Nightfall incidents. Most of those instances should be beaten in less than 10 minutes.

You also want to deploy a fire team. The team should have a superb knowledge of all the strikes you perform and achieve victory. Also, you will not be able to do that with the help of random users. Instead, you are supposed to play with a well-experienced group.

10. Senior Recruiter (4.82%)

Destiny 2 Emblems - Senior Recruiter

This is considered to be another strange and weird type of emblem that has become unavailable. That means you cannot earn this emblem anymore. However, if you still possess the quest, you can just complete it for the sake of the game.

This emblem is linked with a “refer-a-friend” program. It is launched alongside Forsaken. The players who’ve got a new player signed in and completed various not-too-exciting activities are eligible to do that. It comes with a pretty cool shader as well as a unique sparrow.

11. Persistent Blaze (4.87%)

Destiny 2 Emblems - Persistent Blaze

The next item on this list of Destiny 2 exclusive emblems is Persistent Blaze. This emblem, however, can be obtained by all the PVP players. This specific emblem is awarded to those who have already completed all the Mastery Triumphs.

Those Mastery Triumphs were available in the Crucible. You can have 51 triumphs in this category. Those categories range from getting a massive number of kills with all the weapon models you have. You can win the match with fusion rifles alone if needed.

One of the most notable benefits of this emblem is that it tests the skills of PVP battles. You will have to face a variety of scenarios during these missions, and most of them are pretty weird.

Some of those methods have made it harder as they require you to play with others as well. As a result, you will experience a whole new level of PVP battles.

12. Prophetic Visionary

Destiny 2 Emblems - Prophetic Visionary

This emblem can be earned even right now. This emblem is awarded only to those who possess the talent to fight in the Prophecy dungeon.

Also, the players are not supposed to die at least once. This is a difficult task because plenty of enemies are out there.

FAQs About Destiny 2 Emblems

1. Can I get duplicate Emblems in Destiny 2? No, you can’t get duplicates. Once you’ve obtained an Emblem, it’s yours forever.

2. Can I lose my Destiny 2 Emblems? Fear not, Guardian! Your Emblems won’t be lost, even if you accidentally delete them. They can always be retrieved from your collections tab.

3. How do I display my Emblems? Simply navigate to your character menu, select the emblem slot, and pick your chosen Emblem.

4. Are there any secret Destiny 2 Emblems? Indeed, there are! Some Emblems are hidden and can only be acquired by performing specific actions or discovering secrets within the game.

5. Can I trade or sell my Destiny 2 Emblems? No, Emblems are tied to your account and cannot be traded or sold.

6. Can I customize my Destiny 2 Emblems? Unfortunately, no. Emblems come as they are and can’t be altered.


In the vast universe of Destiny 2, your Emblem is more than just a decorative badge. It’s a testament to your journey, your achievements, and your identity as a Guardian.

Whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer, we hope this guide has shed some light on the enigmatic world of Destiny 2 Emblems. Now, Guardian, it’s time to go forth, make your mark, and create your legacy!


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