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Games Similar to Gardenscapes

If anyone is looking for games similar to Gardenscapes, they are at the right place.

Games stimulate our interests and are used to make learning relevant to us. They’re a fundamental way that humans interact and learn.

Games help in fostering creativity, solidarity, sportsmanship, and leadership skills. They supply numerous benefits for people of all interests and abilities.

Gardenscapes shine with lots of content. This game Embarks on an adventurous journey and matches three levels during which we have to revive and decorate different areas within the garden, get to the rock bottom of the secrets it holds, and luxuriate in the corporate of amusing in-game characters, including Austin, your butler!

Why are you waiting? Build your dream garden! If anyone is trying to find a long-term puzzle game, Gardenscapes should be the best choice, as we are not missing out on tons of features. BigFish created this video game. However, sometimes it gets boring playing such games for more extended periods.

Here we present the top 12 games like Gardenscapes, which have fantastic game mechanics, simple controls, and stunning visual details.

#1 – Barn Yarn

Games Similar to Gardenscapes - Barn Yarn

From the creators of Gardenscapes, Barn Yarn is a unique mixture of Hidden Object and Simulation together with your favorite characters! Barn Yarn is different from other hidden object games due to its approach and unique genre!

This game is often one of the simplest choices for games similar to gardenscapes. Barn Yarn may be a perfect mixture of Hidden Objects and Time Management.

Here, we will need to find various items, sell them to buyers, earn money, and spend it on improving our barn and farm. This fantastic game is from the Playrix developers.

With beautiful graphics, addictive gameplay, and excellent mechanics, Barn Yarn is one of the simplest games like gardenscapes to watch.

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#2 – Fablewood


Fablewood is a hidden object game. We banish evil from well-known fairy tale stories and create an enchanted forest. Fablewood is delivered to us by HitPoint.Inc.

This game is considered almost like games like gardenscapes. The artwork in this game is incredible, as is the descriptive detail. This game includes the only popular characters from fairy tales, creating a mesmerizing environment while playing the sport.

As someone who has been brooding about games like Grandscape, we would like not to worry because this game is a perfect choice.

Besides, if you are searching for the top games like Nancy Drew, this guide is just for you.

#3 – The Panic Room: House of Secrets

Games Similar to Gardenscapes - The Panic Room: House of Secrets

The Panic Room: House of Secrets is an enticing hidden object game with mystery, realistic graphics, and captivating music. This game is the best compared to games like Gardenscapes. 

Moving through the old mansion, we will have to unravel many puzzles. Only at the top of our journey do we understand the actual price of freedom.

This game is one of the only adventurous games during which one must solve a series of puzzles and search around our surroundings to find clues, hints, and items that can assist us in getting out.

This game is the most suitable option for those seeking alternatives to games like Gardenscapes.

#4 – Zulu’s Zoo

Zulu's Zoo

Zulu’s Zoo is a hidden object game in which we must assist Zulu in running her Zoo. During this game, we have got to seek out and feed the animals, pack up the habitats by collecting trash, and explore a good range of hidden object scenes, to succeed.

This game is often one of the simplest choices for games like gardenscapes. The graphics and mechanics of this game are surprisingly stunning, with natural and straightforward content.

We will explore beautiful scenarios in different parts of the Zoo, playing hidden-object games. An excellent sort of mini-games involving puzzles, spot-the-differences games, memory games, and creative games makes Zulu’s Zoo unique and exciting for all ages.

This game is the perfect alternative for people trying to find games like Gardenscapes.

#5 – Mystery Case Files: Huntsville

Games Similar to Gardenscapes - Mystery Case Files: Huntsville

Mystery Case Files: Huntsville allows us to solve a criminal offense spree that baffles Huntsville police! It provides gamers with a set of intriguing mysteries and brain-teasers to unravel. It is an adventure-puzzle casual game like gardenscapes. 

This gameplay was developed by big-shot Studios and distributed by big-shot Games. There are strange crime scenes to explore and much more! With thousands of hidden clues, it is a new game whenever we play.

This game is often a suitable game for the grandkids, and it is among the simplest alternatives for games like gardenscapes.

#6 – Criminal Case

Criminal Case

Criminal Case is one of the most popular Facebook games and features a mobile version that challenges us to solve different crimes from the comfort of our smartphones.

It is a free-to-play, hidden object, puzzle, and single-player computer game created and published by the French indie studio Pretty Simple.

This game is excellent in itself, but it has been far more immersive and realistic than games like gardenscapes. The components are of the highest quality, and, as a result, the presentation makes us handed an actual case file from a local department.

This game has more potential to make us enjoyable compared to games almost like gardenscapes.

#7 – Amber heart: Secrets of Cannaregio

Games Similar to Gardenscapes - Amber heart: Secrets of Cannaregio

Amber Heart is an adventurous Hidden Object and Puzzle, a computer game developed and published by Cannaregio.

This game is a stunning hidden object game like gardenscapes. Players have to escape the mysterious city of Cannaregio.

In this game, we will meet its inhabitants, visit all the dark corners, and unravel the mystery. Engage ourselves during this highly addictive hidden object game.

We will experience magnificent environments and explore all of them to hunt out the treasures they contain.

This game is one of the foremost played games everywhere on earth with increasing demand within the market, and it is almost like games like gardenscapes.

#8 – Pearl’s Peril

Pearl's Peril

Pearl’s Peril is a hidden object game published and developed by Berlin-based Wooga. It is Wooga’s sixth game and was the company’s fastest-growing game.

Pearl’s Peril game has launched with seven complete chapters, during which you meet +10 complex characters and accompany Pearl to four different continents across the globe to reveal essential clues — and this is often only the beginning!

Pearl’s Peril could also be a stunningly beautiful hidden object game that transports us to a time of intrigue and romance when polite appearances give way to inner greed and familial bonds that would get destroyed by betrayal.

Make friends, fall crazy, and seek clues in many hidden object scenes. If we are keen on hidden object games, Pearl’s Peril is that mystery we have been expecting.

This game is often one of the few choices if anyone tries to seek out games like gardenscapes.

#9 – Gardens of time

Games Similar to Gardenscapes - Gardens of time

It is one of the top-played games on Facebook. Many players are already addicted and are busy finding hidden objects in scenic locations throughout history. It is a fantastic hidden object game created by RockYou, Inc.

This game is analogous to Gardenscapes, which features a skillful mash-up of two fashionable gaming genres. The lovers of hidden object games will quickly find themselves addicted to this game.

Social interactions enhance the game; thus, the in-app network gives players access to social features without requiring them to connect to Facebook. This game could also be an excellent choice for anyone if we are trying to seek out alternatives to games like gardenscapes.

#10 – Mystery of Haunted Hollow

Mystery of Haunted Hollow

Mystery of Haunted Hollow is an adventurous and exciting hidden object game. We have got to unravel complicated puzzles that will reveal new secrets and help solve the mystery of our life.

This game was created and published by Midnight Adventures LLC. In this game, we will visit a gloomy town with only rain, but the entire town is shrouded in fog.

There is nobody who lives apart from the ghosts, and we will be in this place, solving puzzles and finding a bunch of various things.

This game, similar to Gardenscapes, is highly recommended and has the potential to entertain us.

#11 – Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery

Games Similar to Gardenscapes - Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery

This game is another well-designed escape room puzzle game like the gardenscapes series from Haiku Games.

In this game, we must research our friend’s disappearance and uncover a mysterious cult. This game has puzzles different from the last, so we will need to rack our brains to stay moving forward.

Determine how to change a wheel properly, find the proper mechanism for opening a locked diary, discover secret words, and compute who may be a friend and a foe.

We need to do a touch of everything to unravel this mystery. Awaiting is an exciting and varied adventure that promises hours and hours of fun.

#12 – Mystery Manor

Mystery Manor

Mystery Manor is a Puzzle, Hidden Objects, Single and Multiplayer computer game developed and published by Game Insight, a bit like Gardenscapes.

The suspense of the game’s model will take us to various locations and fascinating characters from all walks of life. We are an unforgettable story-driven ride crammed with excitement, action, and drama.

This game features a mansion filled with problems; we are the sole guy with solutions to every problem. The enriched graphics and immersive gameplay promise to stay engaged for endless hours of fun.

If anyone is looking for an excellent alternative to games like gardenscapes, this is frequently one of the most straightforward options.


1. Are these games available on mobile devices? Yes, all the mentioned games are available on both iOS and Android platforms, making them accessible for mobile gaming.

2. Are these games free to play? Most of the games mentioned here are free to play, but they also offer in-app purchases for additional features or boosters.

3. Can I play these games offline? Some games, like Homescapes and Township, can be played offline, while others may require an internet connection for certain features.

4. Are there any social features in these games? Many of the games mentioned have social features that allow you to connect with friends, share progress, and compete in leaderboards.

5. Can I sync my progress across devices? In most cases, you can sync your progress by connecting the game to your social media account or using a game-specific account.


If you’re craving the delightful blend of puzzle-solving and simulation gameplay that Gardenscapes offers, these games will provide you with equally engaging experiences. From home renovation to zoo management, each game offers its unique twist on the genre, ensuring hours of entertainment and immersive storytelling.


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