Best Adult Android Games and Porn Apps for Your Entertainment Needs

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adult Android games

Are you looking for adult Android games? Find here the best Android porn app and Adult sex games app.

As you know, the adult entertainment industry has emerged a lot in the last 20 years.

Before that, you just had VHS tapes with very poor lighting or magazines that you had to ask people sitting behind the counter. It seems to be a horror now.

Adult Games World

These days, one can download and stream all the pornography content they like, in HD and normally for free.

While technology has made it easier for you to watch Netflix, it is obvious that you have come up here looking for the best Android porn app.

Before you read further, it is better to leave if you are under the legal age in your country. This adult content is not for you. Another important thing about these games is that most of them are not available on Google Play.

Therefore, we recommend you be cautious while making use of these adult Android games and, if possible, use a VPN.

Also, it is best to get a light antivirus application for further safety. Also, you need to brush up on how you can install third-party applications outside Google Play Store.

Now, let’s get started with the best adult Android games available on the web.

Also, let’s uncover if Nutaku is safe with our deep dive into security, payments, and user experiences. Explore adult gaming confidently and securely!

Top 10 Adult Android Games and Porn Apps

Here’s a list of the best adult Android games and porn applications online.

#1 – Aptoide

We never thought that we’d be recommending Aptoid to anyone. However, this app store is quite a decent spot for finding porn games and adult Android games.

Its huge selection includes games, porn, and other popular apps like YouPorn, RedTube, Porn Tube, and Pornhub.

Aptoide claims that it scans all applications for malware or virus infections, making it a good option. However, installing an antivirus for further protection is not a bad idea.

This application store is free, along with most porn applications there.

Price: Free

Aptoide Android porn app

#2 – GetJar

GetJar is another app store for Android, which is not as popular as others. However, GetJar has several pretty decent adult Android games and other Android porn app options.

There are currently many sex themes and porn games and applications, including the YouPorn app, Sexy Space Invaders, and sex-oriented education like masturbation techniques.

Most of these applications are amateur, but it is a nice spot for cruising around and looking for the occasional gem.

This Android porn app is available for free. If Aptoide and MiKandi are something you prefer, this is not bad to at least try once.

Price: Free

YouTube video

#3 – MiKandi

MiKandi is an application store with a specialization in adult content. This Android porn app features HD videos, adult Android games, adult apps, live cams, and comics.

Here, you can even find hentai, live-action, or cartoon stuff if you like.

MiKandi is just like a small playground for your Android smartphone. It even features a growing selection of Google Cardboard and VR content.

This application store is perfect, especially for people looking for porn games and applications.

Price: Free

#4 – Nutaku

Nutaku is just like MiKandi. It is a dedicated application store designed specifically for pornographic content.

Here, you can discover a wide range of adult Android games and other content. You can simply download his application and install it.

Using this app store, you can install other adult applications.

Nutaku works exactly like Google Play, including its ability to push app updates. The app store is almost animated and for games.

However, it is available free to browse and download.

Price: Free

Nutaku adult Android games

#5 – Planet Pron

Planet Pron is the ultimate porn app for Android, which features good content. The Android porn app boasts more than 200,000 images and videos, and it keeps adding more every day.

One can even download videos to view offline and keep their favorite videos on repeat view.

It also offers you a personalized porn feed depending on your likes. Its free version provides SD streaming, whereas its pro version offers you the full HD experience.

Planet Pron offers a decent overall experience and is one of the best adult Android games too!

Price: $5/Free

Planet Pron Android porn app

#6 – Pornhub

Pornhub is undoubtedly the best Android porn app present out there. It features a wide collection of porn websites, ranging from YouPorn to Tube8 and RedTube.

With its huge library of content, this app turns out to be quite decent. Pornhub has endless scrolling and the feature to view various categories at once.

The application also supports Chromecast, where you can watch all videos on your TV.

Lots of sites under this banner come with their own applications too. One can check them out, for instance.

Price: $95.99 a year/ $9.99 a month/ Free

Pornhub adult Android game

#7 – Reddit

Reddit is another interesting place to discover great adult content. There are lots of NSFW subreddits that cover several bases which people can follow.

Here, they can look for whatever they are into. Here, most content is in the format of videos, audio, or GIFs, so you have several options to watch the stuff.

However, you need to be cautious as unruly stuff is posted here occasionally, such as the Fappening. The official application of Reddit is just for casual users.

If you want to look at its powerful application with some amazing features, click the featured link.

Price: $29.99 a year/ $3.99 a month/ Free

Reddit adult game apps

#8 – SexTube

SexTube is a premium-quality Android porn app that employs an inconspicuous ‘System Configuration’ style tab as a launcher.

The application is available in various languages and comes with diverse channels, where every channel provides its porn videos.

Here, you even have the option to roll a dice to select random videos and check what comes next.

SexTube is a minimalist Android porn app that does not provide as many porn videos as Pornhub does.

However, it features a variety.

Price: Free

SexTube adult Android games

#9 – Social Media Sites

Today, you can find more adult content on social networks across the internet than ever before.

Instagram and Snapchat feature the most; you can even find adult-only profiles on TikTok and Twitter. However, these profiles are not simple to locate.

Here, you receive personal, fresh content from users who like to show off their bodies many times a day.

It is a good break from the professionally-shot content you are probably used to.

You need to Google for such profiles if you want to follow them.

Otherwise, you can use the listed adult Android games and the best Android porn app options.

Price: Free

Social Media Sites

#10 – Web Browser

The web browser remains the most common and popular way to browse porn.

It is highly recommended to put your browser in incognito mode, so it does not save the history.

You probably know about some popular porn websites and a few offshoots that most people are unaware of.

This incognito mode helps to keep everything private as it deletes the history once you exit.

So, streaming websites work better, and some of them even support Chromecast.

Also, you can even Google search for images if you are into images without getting into a specific porn site.

Though the incognito tab works well for most, it is recommended to use a good privacy browser application for your own privacy.

Price: Free


Here are some frequently asked questions about adult Android games and porn apps:

Q1: Are these adult Android games and porn apps free?

A1: Many adult Android games and porn apps offer both free and premium versions. Some features may require in-app purchases or subscriptions.

Q2: Can I play adult Android games offline?

A2: It depends on the specific game. Some games offer offline gameplay, while others require an internet connection.

Q3: Are these adult Android games and porn apps available for iOS devices?

A3: The focus of this article is on Android devices; however, some apps may also be available for iOS devices.

A4: The legality of adult content apps may vary depending on your jurisdiction. Make sure to comply with local laws and regulations.

Q5: Can I trust the privacy features of these apps?

A5: Reputable adult Android games and porn apps prioritize user privacy and employ various security measures. However, it is always prudent to read reviews and do your research before trusting any app’s privacy features.


So, these are some of the best applications you can find on adult Android games.

Also, we have mentioned a lot of Android porn app options for you where you can watch adult stuff for free.

These applications are pretty easy and simple to use, and even tech-savvy people can use them hassle-free.

Now, see different content from just a single place. Download any of these applications and move a step forward more than others!


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