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Games Like Borderlands

Are you a fan of games like Borderlands? If yes, this article is just for you.


Out of all the categories of action games, the shooting ones are the most popular, especially when it’s a first-person game.

One such shooting action game where the player will play the game from his/her perspective in a 3D scenario is Borderlands.

It’s designed and developed by none other than one of the most famous gaming companies in the world- Gearbox Software.

Several missions are there that the four “vault hunters” need to complete to reach the four different Pandora planets, search the vault, and unleash advanced alienated weapons and several other riches.

These hunters will come across the bandits, hooligans, and the villainous Atlas Corporation during the mission. 

Over the years, the Borderlands has become quite popular, thanks to the successor installments with more advanced features, different missions, increased difficulty levels, and wonderful graphics.

However, the game has gained a lot of momentum in the past years. Numerous other games similar to Borderlands 3 are there, with varying graphics, gameplay, characters, weapons, and so on. 

Top 6 Games Like Borderlands 3

So, don’t you think it’s time to explore beyond this video game series and play other games that are closely related to the Borderlands Series?

If yes, then don’t worry any further, as in the following article, we will talk about the most popular games you can play along with the Borderlands. 

#1 – Destiny 2

Games Like Borderlands - Destiny 2

Developed by none other than Bungie, Destiny 2: New Light is one of the best games you can play if you want to have the same experience as the Borderlands.

The gameplay revolves around guardians whose main job is to protect the cities from alien invasion on Earth and restore humanity by fighting the Darkness.

In addition, you will have an expansion feature in this installment, which will unravel more contents of the game as you progress the levels by defeating the enemy aliens. 

Here, you can play the game in two ways: Players VS Environment and Players VS Players. Each player will gain Experience Points or EXP, using which one can upgrade their characters.

With new upgrades, fighting skills will improve in addition to several other attack and defense moves also. Weapons are abundant, which you can choose from.

Some of the best weapons to use in Destiny 2 are shotguns, sniper rifles, grenade launchers, advanced armor, and so on. 

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#2 – Rage 2

Rage 2

Rage 2 is developed by Avalanche Studios and is compatible with multiple gaming platforms like PS4, Xbox 1, and even Windows.

It’s set in an apocalyptic world where you are bound to encounter zombies too often. As a player, you will be able to change the weapons mid-game and return the ones you don’t need.

One of the best features of Rage 2 is the Overdrive Mode. Here, enemies become stronger, and hence they heal quickly. On the other hand, players can fight enemies with more weapon power, so the game’s name is apt.

The three primary vehicles which the player can drive are trucks, gyrocopters, and buggies. When you get in any of these cars, you will have full control over the drive and the associated vehicular weapons.

Also, you will be able to travel to any land present in the game without any restriction. The main character in the game is Walker, the Last Ranger, who must fight against the crazed maniacs and the armed characters from the Authority.

Walker’s main aim is to complete each mission by defeating the enemies and then infiltrating the Authority HQ without being detected and crumbling it from within.

#3 – Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Massive Entertainment designed the game, while it is Ubisoft published the game. The plot is set in a destroyed Washinton, DC, where humanity is on the verge of crumbling into dust after the Green Poison virus was released into human communities.

Here, four players can play together maximum to complete the missions and win the final round to become victorious. You will choose your character, attire, and gender since you will become one of the main Division agents. This is why perhaps it has become one of the magnificent games like Borderlands.

You will have access to several weapons and firearms of military-grade like sniper rifles, grenades, assault rifles, and even submachine guns throughout the game.

Since the weapons are classified into tiers, you need to complete the missions to have access to the powerful firearms, which come with more strength and a higher ability to make injuries and kill enemies.

You can even customize the firearms with several accessories like barrels and scopes. You can choose from various gears and armors to strengthen your defense to boost your performance as an agent.

As you progress through the game and gain more experience points, you will unlock both advanced weapons and new skills, which will come in handy in completing further difficult missions. 

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#4 – Warframe 

Games Like Borderlands - Warframe

Even though Warframe was originally designed for Windows, the game was made available for PS4, Xbox 1, and even the Nintendo Switch.

As a player, you will play the character of Tenno, who is one of Earth’s primitive and ancient warriors. The entire race of Tenno was somehow suppressed, and now due to the crisis, the race has been awakened to defend Earth from its enemies.

Here, you can either play missions based on some stories where the land will be limited or choose open-world missions with endless enemies coming at you from different sides. 

Hundreds of firearms are available throughout the game, which you can upgrade using your XP points to increase the aim, strength, shooting capacity, and other such features.

The best part is that you, as a player, can choose from multiple Warframes, with each having different strengths. For example, the Loki Warframe allows the players to manipulate the battlefield’s skills and movements to win the game.

Similarly, Inaros will give you power over the desert world and all the powers related to the same. With so many excellent features, you are going to love this game without any doubt.

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#5 – Remnant: From the Ashes

Remnant: From the ashes

One of the most amazing games similar to Borderlands 3 is Remnant: From the ashes. Gunfire Games is the developer of this video play, and now it is available for multiple platforms, including PS5, Xbox Series X, etc.

One of the best features of the Remnant is that a player can use two weapons simultaneously- the primary weapon and the secondary one. This will help you win against your enemies easily and drop everyone coming at you during the missions. 

The game has become popular due to the weapons collection, which you can upgrade and use other accessories to increase their performance.

As a player, you will be able to make your character and choose the custom skills, which will give you an upper hand. Every mission will consist of miniature enemies and their bosses, whom you have to defeat before running out of your lifeline.

Since Remnant allows weapon up-gradation, you need to collect the materials you need during the missions. You will get the option to choose the environment like the Earth, the Yasha, the Rhom, the Corsus, and the Resume.

Do not forget to upgrade your skills, armor, and weapons with each level since the difficulty will increase on your enemies’ terms as you progress in the game. 

#6 – Dead Island 

Games Like Borderlands - Dead Island

Released in 2011, the game is set in Banoi- an island full of crazy zombies and maniacs. Four survivors need to battle against these zombies and make their way out of the island.

However, the game isn’t as easy as it seems. The game is set in an open world with the land being divided into different zones, which are quite large. At every level, you will earn more experience points or XP, increasing your health and leveling your skills.

As the game is based mainly on melee weapons, you won’t have access to military-grade firearms until you complete half of the total levels present in the game. 

You can find firearms located in random locations during a mission. Also, you can acquire the weapons which are present with your enemies once you kill them.

Each firearm comes with different stats whose level will depend on your skillset. You can even customize the weapons to add unique features that you believe in helping you win the missions, which will be hard as your progress.

Night-time sections are also present in the game, where you will have to use the flashlight to see through the land. While playing, keep an eye on the stamina bar. The more you exert yourself physically, the faster will the stamina bar deplete.

If you are fighting the higher-class zombies, you need to use upgraded weapons and skills during such fights. As a result, players can lose stamina much faster. 


Several games like Borderlands have the same concept of playing with your perspective in a 3D world as if you are present inside the game in real.

From Dead Island to the Rage 2, several video game options are there that you must try out if you are a die-hard fan of Borderlands.

However, before you purchase or download the games, you need to ensure that they are compatible with your gaming platform. For example, some games can be played on PS4 but not on PS5.

Similarly, you will find games suitable for Windows and Xbox but not for the Nintendo Switch. Once you select the game, you can start by playing and winning through the missions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: Is Borderlands 3 a multiplayer game? A: Yes, Borderlands 3 features cooperative multiplayer for up to four players, allowing you to team up with friends and tackle missions together.
  2. Q: Can I play the games mentioned solo, or are they primarily focused on multiplayer? A: While many of the games listed offer cooperative multiplayer, they can also be enjoyed in single-player mode, allowing you to experience their worlds and stories at your own pace.
  3. Q: Are the games similar to Borderlands 3 available on multiple platforms? A: Yes, most of the games mentioned are available on various platforms, including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles.
  4. Q: Are the games mentioned suitable for casual gamers or are they more challenging? A: The difficulty level varies among the games listed. Some offer adjustable difficulty settings, allowing players to tailor the experience to their preferences, while others provide a more challenging gameplay experience.
  5. Q: Can I transfer my progress from Borderlands 3 to any of the similar games? A: No, progress and characters are typically limited to the specific game they were created in and cannot be transferred to other games in most cases.

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