10 Exciting Games Like Second Life for Your Next Virtual Adventure


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Games Like Second Life

Created by Linden Research Inc, Second Life is an MMO RPG virtual game. This game will give you an adventurous experience in your altered virtual self in various forms like Animal, Vampire, Human, Vehicle, and Robot.

You can design your altered self in the virtual world by choosing a face, body type, weapons, and gadgets.

It is an open-world game that lets you explore different places in the virtual world. You can perform various tasks, talk to other players, and perform different activities. Upon completing each task, you will get a coin as a reward.

Similar to other RPG sandbox games, Second Life enables you to build your world inside the game and design it according to your preferences. 

We’ve highlighted a number of games that share similar gameplay mechanics and progression systems to Second Life.

If you have completed all the missions of Second Life and are bored playing it repeatedly, you must check out these ten games like Second Life.

Read on to know more about these awesome game alternatives to Second Life.

#1 – Inworldz

Games Like Second Life - Inworldz

Inworldz is one of the best Second Life type games. It includes every vital element that makes an MMO RPG virtual game awesome. It lets you live your fantasy as it allows you to develop your avatar the way you like.

Plus, you can perform different activities, contact other players, make friends, and wander around the virtual world.

In addition, you can buy your land, build and design the home as per your preferences, decorate it with different items, invite your friends over, and have a party or dinner at your place.

Inworldz lets you experience real-life activities in your altered self. This Second Life type game is fun and can indulge you for hours.

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#2 – The Sims

The Sims

The Sims is a multiplayer MMO RPG virtual world simulation and is one of the best game alternatives to Second Life that offers you to perform daily life events and activities in the virtual world.

Released by Electronic Arts, in this game, you need to take care of your economic activities like building your house or business, buying and selling different items, and much more within the initial amount of 20,000 Simoleans that are allocated to every family in the Sims city at the beginning of the game.

Moreover, you can get to know other players and do fun activities with them. This sandbox game lets you explore the region and gather resources.

The best part is that you can create your storyline in this Second Life type game and experience it in your virtual avatar. The Sims is available on every major platform, like PlayStation 2, Windows, macOS, GameCube, and Xbox.

#3 – IMVU

Games Like Second Life - IMVU

IMVU is a browser-based online virtual game with over ten million registered players. There are almost three million active players, making this game one of the most popular online virtual games.

Similar to other games like Second Life, IMVU allows you to customize your virtual self, perform daily activities, contact other players, make new friends, create new items, and explore new places.

Although this Second Life type game is suitable for the 13-25 age group, there is still a difference between gameplay for teenagers and adults.

Different age group players experience different playthroughs, and it also offers an option of parental control where you can chat with your parents, thus making it more reliable and fun.

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#4 – GoJiyo


It is another multiplayer open-world virtual game that will provide you with a chance to build networks with other players.

Just like other games like Second Life, GoJiyo will take you on an adventurous and fun journey where you will indulge in daily life events like meeting with the other players, making friends, partying with them, solving puzzles, and exploring the different places with the help of map in the virtual gaming world. 

In addition, you can take part in adventurous events like sea diving, exploring beaches, getting into nightclubs, and going on a date. You can perform various tasks and earn money which you can use to buy different items.

Plus, you can build and design your house and decorate it using various items. Thus, this Second Life type game contains all the masterpieces which make it fun and adventurous.

#5 – Touch

Games Like Second Life - Touch

Although Touch incorporates the same gameplay as other games like Second Life, your avatar in this game will be different. The game’s plot is that a movie star struggles to become a superstar. The amazing part of this game is that you can create your virtual self and dress up according to the events. 

Furthermore, you can sing, dance, build your house and music rooms, make new friends, arrange parties, solve musical puzzles, conduct many different activities, and participate with other players.

You can also earn coins every time you complete the task and buy new items or upgrade old ones.

#6 – Avakin Life

Avakin Life

Published by Lockwood Publishing Ltd, Avakin Life is another fun and social RPG virtual games simulation that allows you to play the character of a fashionista.

You can customize your character with stylish dresses, shoes, goggles, accessories, hats, and more. This game lets you try your fashion sense on different characters to make them unique.

Plus, you can meet with other players, make new friends, and participate in fun activities. This game also allows you to collect several coins and unlock editions like Christmas eve.

Moreover, in this Second Life type game, you can select different professions like doctor, engineer, model, etc. The gameplay is exciting and is one of the best alternatives to Second Life. 

#7 – Chit Chat City

Games Like Second Life - Chit Chat City

Chit Chat City is a multiplayer MMO RPG virtual game with a social simulation that you can play online for free. It is one of the popular social interactive Second Life type games. If you like interacting with online players and getting involved in different activities, then City Chit Chat is certainly for you.

Similar to other games like Second Life, this game lets you personalize your virtual avatar.

It lets you build your house, decorate it with available resources, make friends, call them over to the party, collect new items, explore different places, and buy various items. Chit Chat City includes all these fun elements and lives up to the reputation of MMO, an RPG virtual game.

Plus, you can chat with other players while playing this game online. The combination of social interaction, participating in various tasks, a beautiful plot, 3D visuals, customized avatars, and other features make this an exciting Second Life type game.

#8 – The Sims 3

The Sims 3

The Sims 3 has overtly upgraded its playthroughs compared to previous games of The Sims. For example, the characters’ personalities have been revamped, allowing them to look more real.

Plus, you are free to use various mechanics to create your fantasy world and explore different places in the game. Furthermore, this game has added new elements like new careers, new skills, freedom to traverse new places, creating own world, etc.

However, the basic gameplay of The Sims 3 is the same as other games like Second Life.

It enables you to unlock the expansion package that includes world adventure, late-night, university life, generation, pets, showtime, supernatural, future travel, seasons, island paradise, and ambition.

New releases and add-on packages make this game more fun than its predecessors.

#9 – vSlde

Games Like Second Life - vSlde

The video created by ExitReality presents the best combination of multiplayer, simulation elements, and a virtual world in a single RPG game frame. This is one of the most entertaining games like Second Life.

The players in this game are called as vSliders, and they can interact with multi-players by online chatting, participating in events, and going boutique shopping.

Due to its trendy and fun gameplay, vSide mostly targets teenage players. Moreover, you can create your world and explore the pre-created world. It allows you to host events and can invite other players to participate in your event.

You can use vBox and points currencies to buy items and travel in cities like RaiJuku, LeGenoaAires, NewVenezia, etc. 

#10 – Disney Superbia

Disney Superbia

Disney Superbia is another MMO RPG multiplayer social simulation that enables you to choose a character and customize it according to your preferences.

You can select various dresses, accessories, shoe styles, makeup, and other items to look trendy and unique. The functions of this game are identical to other games like Second Life. You need to complete various tasks to earn the coins.

This game lets you interact with other players, make friends, throw parties, invite them to your events, build your house, customize it with different items, and explore the virtual world. In addition, it lets you choose your profession, similar to the real world.

You can unlock new editions by winning a certain number of coins. The latest edition includes furniture for the home, new clothes, and new items. Its functions, elements, and gameplay make it one of the best alternatives to Second Life. 

FAQs on Games Like Second Life

1. Are these games free like Second Life?

Most of these games have free-to-play models, but they also offer premium content through in-app purchases or subscription plans.

2. Can I play these games on my smartphone?

While some games are PC-exclusive, many have mobile versions or are fully cross-platform.

3. Are there any age restrictions for these games?

Most games have a minimum age requirement, typically around 13 years old. It’s always best to check a game’s specific terms and conditions.

4. How interactive are these games compared to Second Life?

Each game offers different levels of interactivity, ranging from chat options and mini-games to full-blown player-driven economies.

5. What makes these games similar to Second Life?

Each game, in its unique way, provides a digital platform for users to express their creativity, interact with others, and experience an alternative life.

6. Are these games as community-driven as Second Life?

Many of these games foster strong community engagement with player events, in-game cooperation, and even user-created content.


So, these are some of the best games like Second Life that you must try. All these games are light-hearted and fun to play. You must play these games if you enjoy interacting with other players.


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