Top Games Like Sword Art Online For You to Try

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Many players are looking for games like Sword Art Online because they really love that genre.

Finding some games like SAO is easy, but not all those games are the same. Therefore, you should research deeply to find the best games similar to Sword Art Online.

The good news, however, is that we did the hard work and found some great games like SAO. So, you don’t have to research anymore; just read the remainder of this article.

Why are People Looking for Games Like SAO?

Sword Art Online offers a lot of characteristics that are loved by many gaming enthusiasts. It comes with anime characters that can make you a part of the game. In other words, it immerses you in the game thanks to the beautiful characters and graphics.

VR games have indeed become so powerful these days. However, games like Sword Art Online are still popular, especially because of their amazing characteristics and games. So, find the best games like SAO to add to your collection.

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1. Game Like Sword Art Online – Elder Scrolls Online

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Elder Scrolls Online is a powerful game that comes with plenty of features you will like. One would say that it is the most active MMO you can play. One of the most noticeable characteristics of this game is its liveliness of the game.

It has a vibrant community along with social aspects. The continent is called Tamriel, and it has a landscape and ecosystem which is incredibly diverse. In some cases, you may even forget progress just because you want to explore all the reaches.

There are dry, sun-bleached hills and colorful forests to add more glamor and vibrance to this game’s world. In addition to that, it has glimmering cities that draw your attention. You can explore the world and take on various quests.

Although it takes some time, the overall gameplay is absolutely amazing. Basically, Elders Scroll is an excellent game that has richly steeped graphics. That also offers some real-time combats along with extensive life skills. It gives a totally different gaming experience.

2. Game Like Sword Art Online – RuneScape

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This game has absorbed plenty of good characteristics from games like Sword Art Online. It has a massive community with a history of 20 years. In addition to that, it is considered to be one of the best MMOs of its generation. One of the best things associated with this game is that the developers still update it constantly.

The most recent version of this game is RuneScape 3. It was released in 2013, and that’s why many individuals consider it an old-school game. However, if you are a professional gamer with nostalgia, RuneScape will be a superb option for you.

On the other hand, RuneScape is considered to be an easily accessible game in this list. Most of this game’s aspects are free, and it is a browser-based game with no compatibility issues. So, you hardly have anything to lose.

3. Game Like Sword Art Online – Genshin Impact

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Are you looking for a massive roleplaying game with an anime aesthetic all around it? Well, Genshin Impact is a game you should try.

Even if you are not a fan of gacha games, you can enjoy plenty of content with them. The best thing is that it lets you enjoy the game without using gacha mechanics. But if you try the gacha mechanics once, you can find it amazing.

It lets you play with a whole new system, and you can earn some rewards as well. Moreover, the good news is that this is a free game and is always worth trying.

4. Game Like Sword Art Online – Final Fantasy 14

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Final Fantasy is one of those games that were introduced almost simultaneously as Sword Art Online. It’s a beautiful MMORPG game rated as one of the best games similar to Sword Art Online.

If you compare both the games, Final Fantasy comes with some epic boss battles. Also, it has some appealing action as well. On top of that, there is a brilliant story in the game. With the most recent expansion of this game, you can see some great character development in it.

Also, the developers have bought the story to a superb climax. Moreover, the features of this game make sure it is incredibly close to SAO. It features massive swords donning extravagant medieval garb. Also, you are supposed to go through enormous and deep dungeons.

It is true that many new players will find this game to be a pretty complex one. However, for those who want to spend some quality gaming time, this is a perfect option.

5. Game Like SAO – TERA

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TERA is the shortened form for “The Exiled Realm of Arborea.” It is an MMORPG game with 3D fantasy characteristics. In 2013, they introduced a freemium model to replace their subscription model. It was for North America and the European region.

This lets players enjoy this game for free without necessarily going for premium plans. TERA is known for its best action-based combat system, and it sets this game apart from the rest. You don’t have to click on tab-target those monsters to attack them.

Instead, you can use the cross-hair cursor to aim them easily. With the real-time battle system, you can actively engage in enemy attacks.

It is an open-world game with plenty of other features like questing. It even includes sessions for crafting and obtaining various professions.

There are seven races and eight classes to choose from. Each of those categories has unique strengths as well as weaknesses. Guild housing is another option you can choose.

All in all, it is a superb game that offers the best MMORPG experience for you. If you are looking for games like Sword Art Online, this shouldn’t be missed. So, give it a try.

6. Game Like SAO – Mabinogi

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Mabinogi is developed by Nexon, and it is a superb action game for anyone. The world in this game is expanded thanks to their purposeful updates. Those updates come with different types of areas, skills, and various additions to the storyline.

With this beautiful game, you can experience unlimited fun and freedom to choose any of the skills. It also has “ability points” to learn and upgrade the skills. One of the key features of this game is the combat system it features. In this specific combat system, the skills you have will be put to the test. This will make your game a more tactical one.

You can expect to increase the statistics of the characters. For instance, you can increase intelligence, strength, dexterity, and even luck. That will make your character a more powerful one. The game has plenty of quests, so you will never feel bored with it.

7. Game Like SAO – MapleStory 2

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MapleStory 2 will be rated as the more adorable game on this list by any gaming enthusiast. Well, this game has plenty of features to be admired. It is a superb anime game with very sweet monsters of little size.

The depth offered in this game is amazing. Also, it offers no shortage of customization options. For instance, you can customize aspects like chat bubbles, clothing, houses, and mounts as well.

When it comes to questing, it is perfectly balanced to offer organic progression. You can gain more points by developing skills such as cooking, fishing, etc. So, if you are looking for the best games similar to Sword Art Online, don’t miss this game.

8. Game Like SAO – Dragon Nest

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This is another free-to-play game in this list of games like SAO. It is an MMORPG that is developed by a company called Eyedentity. The ones who are looking for more action and adventure should find this game to be exceptionally effective.

The gameplay of Dragon Nest is based on a non-targeting combat system. That means you’ll have perfect control over the movements of the character. You can spend plenty of time teaming up with fellow players. That will allow you to complete dungeon quests. You will be able to learn those devastating skills.

The overall combat system of this game is pretty amazing. The gameplay becomes a skill-based one because of the combat system.

As a result, you can battle high-level players and secure a higher rank. So, you can consider this game to be one of the most interesting games similar to Sword Art Online.

9. Game Like SAO – OrbusVR: Reborn

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Those who are looking for games like Sword Art Online expect perfection from them. OrbusVR: Reborn is a pretty interesting game that can fulfill that virtue without a doubt.

It is true that this game doesn’t have the most realistic VR characteristic in the gaming industry. However, it still has something amazing to offer for those who love games similar to Sword Art Online.

It is a very impressive game that has a robust MMO approach. There is no shortage of things to see in this game for any individual. It also has a pretty dynamic social hub as well. This game underwent some expansions, but which has become a promising game since then.

Developers are generous enough to provide updates constantly on this game. So, if you want to be immersed in a colorful, interesting game, this could be your option.

10. Game Like SAO – World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

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If you want to play a game with a vibrant social hub, you should try this game. This has a massive player base, and that explains how exciting this game is. WoW (nickname of World of Warcraft) comes as a social network with so many friends.

There are many strong reasons for gamers to play a game like WoW. It has superior gameplay with polished and scale characteristics. It is said that the developers of this game have spent more than 15 years upgrading it. They added newer graphics, races, and so many other elements over the past period.

So, we can list this as one of the best games like Sword Art Online.

Do you want to add any other games like Sword Art Online to this list? Please let us know. Also, don’t forget to mention your favorite games like SAO.