Best External Battery Packs for Oculus Quest 2

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Looking for the best battery pack for Oculus Quest 2 to increase your game time? You have come to the right place!

Virtual Reality is a technology that has taken the world by storm in the last few years and has revolutionized the way we consume media. Although the concept of VR certainly isn’t new, recent years have witnessed its popularity reaching a worldwide scale.

And with that scale came the wave of VR products that aims to provide its customers an unmatched simulated immersive experience that will provide a new perspective to how we see technology.

One such product is the Oculus Quest 2. Launched in 2020, the device has already become a favorite among gamers and movie buffs. It is arguably the best quality VR product available on the market.

It allows you to dive into a hyper-realistic, simulating world that will make you feel like you are part of the games or movies you enjoy streaming!

What Value Does a Battery Pack Add?

And the best part of Oculus Quest 2 is that the product is wireless, meaning the user does not have to be connected to any external device to operate it.

Quest 2 has found a new respectful place in the world of VR accessories for the price and the fact that it’s portable. That said, Quest 2, of course, isn’t flawless. It only has a battery life of 2 to 2.5 hours (which, in hindsight, is a small price you have to pay for its portability factor).

Limited battery life doesn’t let gamers play for hours at a stretch. That’s where a battery pack comes in. Hence, this article will discuss our top picks if you are searching for the best battery pack for Oculus Quest 2. Keep reading!

Every gaming enthusiast knows how much and how long they like to play their favorite games without interruption. However, if you don’t want your gaming sessions cut short, you must invest in a battery pack.

When it comes to the Oculus Quest 2, a battery pack helps to extend its battery life easily up to 6 hours! Besides, one of the biggest complaints about the product is that it is a bit front-heavy, leading to long hours of playing becoming a little exhausting. A battery pack is a perfect solution to all such concerns.

However, not every battery pack is perfect, making looking for one difficult and daunting. And that is why in the following sections, we will go over our top picks to help you search for the best battery pack for Oculus Quest 2.

Best External Battery Packs for Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Elite Strap with Battery

Oculus Elite Strap with Battery

Usually, without any battery, the Oculus Quest 2 will run for almost 2 hours when gaming and close to 3 hours when used only for streaming videos.

However, with the Oculus Elite Strap, you can extend your gaming sessions to 4 hours and your video streaming sessions to almost 6 hours. Isn’t that wonderful?

The elite strap also brings more comfort than the head strap, which you get with the VR headset. This helps to extend your gaming times since you can play your favorite games without discomfort.

Moreover, the battery pack is conveniently placed on the back of your strap. It also has a built-in USB-C cable, which you can connect directly to your headset.

The best part of the device, in our opinion, is that the headset automatically recognizes when the strap is installed and displays a battery gauge so that you can keep track of your battery percentage.

Most battery packs, when plugged in, keep showing that it is at 100%, while the external battery keeps depleting. Hence, in contrast, Quest 2 offers far better clarity.

The product is priced at around $130, a fair valuation considering all the added perks that make it the best battery pack for Oculus Quest 2.

Moreover, you will also get a carrying case for your headset, small accessories, and controllers. Give this one a try for sure!

VR Power by Rebuff Reality

VR Power by Rebuff Reality

The next on the list is VR Power by Rebuff Reality. If you want an even more extended battery life for a reduced price, you should blindly go for the VR Power by Rebuff Reality.

It gives you around 6 hours of uninterrupted gaming sessions and extended video streaming sessions of up to 8 hours. What more could you want? But wait, that’s not the end.

Priced only at $60, the VR Power brings enormous comfort to your streaming sessions since it can be directly placed on your headset and stays on the back of the head.

In fact, after some time, you might even forget you have an external device on your head since the weight distribution is so balanced.

Moreover, it also has a USB-C Port, which you can use to charge up your other accessories.

Although the battery pack doesn’t display a battery gauge, it has a separate light gauge that measures your battery every time you have a 25% increase.

The battery pack comes in different packages, depending on your Quest version and the strap you have.

With such a modest price and its slew of benefits, the VR Power is the best battery pack for Oculus Quest 2 for under $100. So, go ahead and give this product a solid consideration.

3-in-1 Comfort Strap and External Battery Holder

3 in 1 Comfort Strap and External Battery Holder

Priced at $20, this product is a comfortable alternative if you are on the hunt for straps that are convenient for long sessions. It is essentially a battery holder for which you have to use an external battery you already own.

The unique proposition of the strap is that it is capable of holding the battery perfectly and offers good balance, making you feel like you have no external device on your head for such a low price.

The Oculus Quest 2 has some uncomfortable straps, which is why you need this $20 alternative that will make all the difference in the world.

If you already have a power bank that you can place on the strap, this product is a must-have for your Quest 2. For the price, you couldn’t ask for anything better. So, consider purchasing it right away!

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The NIVRANA VR Power Bank is the perfect solution for you if you search for something that is both comfortable and sleek. It is a robust lithium battery with up to 10,000 mAh.

With this product, your gaming sessions can last almost up to 8 hours once it is completely charged. It is worth noting that the battery pack goes with the Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap and any basic strap.

Regarding comfort, you should look no further and settle for the NIRVANA VR Power Bank. It is the best battery pack for Oculus Quest 2 if convenience and weight distribution are important factors for you.

The pack has four USB ports that allow you to plug your device into it. All you have to do is connect your device to one of the ports and clamp the pouch keys together, and you will be ready for a long enjoyable gaming session! Priced at around $60, this is an excellent deal.

DeadEyeVR Universal

DeadEyeVR Universal

Priced at only $13 on Amazon, the DeadEyeVR Universal is everything you could need for your Quest’s battery life. It is essentially a battery kit for which the only thing you need to do is attach your bank to the Quest 2 headset with the help of a USB-C cable.

The DeadEyeVR Universal has three interlocking straps that ensure that the battery stays on the back of your head comfortably and does not cause many inconveniences.

Moreover, the product also has a very lightweight feel since it has soft clips, which means you can comfortably wear your headset without the clips pulling your hair or hurting you.

Do note that the DeadEyeVR Universal does not provide any battery bank. It just offers a comfortable place for your battery while you game away for hours in the end.

While the battery size doesn’t matter since the straps can hold a wide range of battery sizes, we have seen that a power bank weighing around eleven ounces works best with this product. We believe this is an ideal weight that will not create any unnecessary pressure.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we discussed several power banks so that you could decide which is the best battery pack for Oculus Quest 2 for you. Make an informed decision and extend your gaming sessions without any hindrance.