Windows Resource Protection Could Not Perform The Requested Operation

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If you’re a Windows user, you may have seen the “Windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation” error. You are not the only one who sees this message.

There are plenty of other Windows users who are annoyed with this issue and looking for a remedy. Well, if you need a remedy too, look no further.

This article will explain highly practical methods to solve this issue and get your PC working.

An Introduction to Windows Resource Protection Could Not Perform The Requested Operation

Windows users usually use SFC (System Files Checker) whenever there is a system error. Through SFC, you can scan and restore most of the Windows files that are corrupted.

Generally, SFC can fix the issue by finding the corrupted or missing file(s). Then, it will fix those missing files and get back to the working state.

Although users expect SFC to function all the time perfectly, it doesn’t. Many users find SFC to be malfunctioning on many occasions. Windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation is the usual message they get when SFC is failed. It is needless to mention how annoying and frustrating this issue is for any Windows user.

With the annoyance you have faced due to failed SFC, any Windows user will wander around. You can think of many reasons, but the problem will persist. You will not be able to figure out a solution for this no matter until you find the cause behind it.

Well, from this point onwards, we will reveal some important information about this issue. If you read this article, you can easily get over this issue and get your computer working smoothly.

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Important Notice to Our Readers

Although the methods we present in this article will fix the SFC-related issue, these methods can cause data loss. If by any chance, something goes wrong with the methods you try; your data will be gone.

So, as a responsible Windows user, you should back up your files before trying any fix. In fact, creating backups is important before you try to fix any Windows-related issues.

First things first! One of the easiest ways to create a backup of your data is to use an efficient software tool. In this case, one of the best tools you can use is EaseUS Todo Backup. The next section of this article is about creating backups using EaseUS Todo Backup.

By the way, you may also want to know why is NisSrv.exe always running.

How to Create a Backup of Your Data Using EaseUS Todo Backup?

Here’s how to use this handy tool and make a backup of your important data.

1. Download and install EaseUS Todo Backup. Then, launch the software and select the option “File Backup“. Like any other Windows user, you may have plenty of data to be protected.

The number of files on your computer can pile up and become a massive collection. Recovering all those files like videos, music, pictures, documents, etc., can take some time.

With that being said, we recommend every Windows user create backups of their files regularly. As we believe, creating backups at least once a month would be a good practice. Such an approach can help you minimize the potential risks of losing important files.

2. Now that you know how important it is to back up files. Let’s proceed to the next level. At this stage, all you have to do is to select the files you intend to back up. If you require to create a backup of a specific set of files, you can do it easily. The option is available in the top corner (right-hand side).

3. Now, you should define a path to save the backup files. We highly recommend you save the backups in a different storage media external to the computer.

If not, you can at least select a different drive on the same computer. Such an approach might help you minimize the risk of corrupted or vanished backup files.

4. You can now press the button “Proceed” to complete the process of backing up.

Create a Backup Using EaseUS Todo Backup

How to Fix Windows Resource Protection Could Not Perform The Requested Operation Without Losing Data

Once the backup is created, you can consider fixing the issues associated with SFC. In other words, let’s fix Windows resource protection cannot perform the requested operation without losing data.

Method #1: Perform CHKDSK

One of the common reasons for SFC to fail is the errors on your hard drive. To check if that is the problem with your system, you should run the CHKDSK utility.

Running CHKDSK is a pretty straightforward process. You can do it simply by following the steps mentioned below. More importantly, to do this, you don’t have to download any third-party software.

a) Press the Windows key and perform a search for “Command Prompt“.

b) Once the “Command Prompt” is located, you can right-click on the option. Then, select the option “Run as Administrator“.

Run command prompt as Administrator

c) When prompted, you should click on the option “Yes” so the command prompt will run with Administrator privileges. If you have set an administrator password, you will have to enter it by now.

allow windows command processor

d) When you are directed to the command prompt, you should type “CHKDSK C:/r.” Then, you should hit “Enter” on your keyboard.

e) When prompted to schedule the checking disk process, you should type “y.” Then, hit the “Enter” key once again.

run chkdsk

f) You can now reboot the computer and wait for the CHKDSK process to be completed. During this process, potential errors might be detected and fixed.

scanning and reparing drive

g) To complete this process, you can run SFC once again. If it is successful, the “Windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation” issue will not appear.

run sfc

Method #2: Go to Winsxs and Modify Its Security Descriptions

If you couldn’t overcome the SFC issue with the CHKDSK utility, you should also try this method. If CHKDSK cannot fix it, that means there are no disk errors at the moment. So, we should address the other potential cause and overcome the SFC issue.

You should know that SFC can’t access the Winsxs folder during the scan. That is because of the security measures applied by the Windows system itself.

So, you may have to follow the steps mentioned below to address the issue differently.

a) Go to the command panel to begin the process (you already know how to do it).

b) When directed to the command prompt, you should follow the steps below.

c) Key in the command line “ICACLS C: \Windows\winsxs.” Then, press “Enter” to proceed.

d) You can now wait for the process to be executed and exit the command prompt.

e) You should restart the PC and run the SFC utility. If “Windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation” doesn’t appear, you are through!

Method #3: Reinstall a Fresh Copy of the Windows

If any of the above methods doesn’t do any good for you, you will have to reinstall the OS. This is a very effective way to fix all the glitches associated with your Windows OS.

Apart from the “Windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation” error, it can fix many other errors.

However, before you reinstall Windows, you must back up the data on the system drive. Otherwise, you will lose the files already saved.

Here’s how to do it.

a) Go to the official page of the Microsoft Media Creation tool. Then, click on the option “Download tool now.”

b) You should accept the license agreement to proceed.

c) Let the default option be selected, which says “Upgrade your PC.” Then, click “Next” to proceed.

d) Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.

Don’t Forget to Update the Drivers

Did you know that many errors associated with Windows OS can appear due to driver issues? So, most of these errors can be fixed simply by updating the drivers. Whether you update the drivers manually or automatically, it is a mandatory step for a smooth-running PC.

However, updating drivers manually will be somewhat difficult for some Windows users. In that case, you should get the assistance of a reliable third-party tool. We, in this case, consider Driver Easy as a very effective tool.

Driver Easy is a handy tool that can detect and download accurate, updated drivers for your PC. You can use the free or paid version of Driver Easy to update the drivers.

To update the drivers with this tool, you should follow the steps below.

a) Launch Driver Easy and click on the “Scan Now” button.

Driver Easy Scan Now

b) Click on “Update” next to each driver that needs to be updated.

Fix Your PC Ran Into a Problem and Needs to Restart Using Driver Easy

Note: If you use Driver Easy Pro, you can update all the drivers with a single click.


1. What is Windows Resource Protection? Windows Resource Protection is a feature in Microsoft Windows that prevents changes to system files, folders, and registry keys.

2. What causes the error “Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation”? The error can be caused by faulty system files, a pending Windows update, or malware.

3. Can the error be fixed by running SFC in Safe Mode? Yes, running SFC in Safe Mode can potentially resolve the error.

4. What is the DISM tool? The DISM tool is a built-in Windows utility designed to fix Windows corruption errors.

5. How can I prevent this error? Regular system maintenance and staying updated with the latest Windows updates can help prevent this error.


Understanding and fixing the “Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation” error can be straightforward when you know what steps to take.

Like a puzzle, once you have all the pieces in the right place, the big picture becomes clear. Regular maintenance and updates are also key in preventing such errors.


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