Windows 10 Automatic Repair Loop – Best Fixes

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Windows 10 Automatic Repair Loop

The issue of the Windows 10 automatic repair loop occurs as a majorly annoying problem in Windows systems where you have to wait to restart your work till the endless rebooting of the PC stops.

However, fixing this issue isn’t a big deal, and you can take the help of the best solutions we will give below.

Issues with the Automatic Repair Windows Feature

This feature comes in-built into Windows 10 PCs, and its main function is to monitor the system’s stability continuously and voluntarily. This feature keeps doing its job in the background and doesn’t make any significant appearance.

However, it starts giving a major problem when the automatic repair happens in a loop, and the PC reboots frantically.

Some of the major causes behind it can be:

  • Hardware failure
  • Software errors
  • OS upgrade
  • Program or driver update

These spontaneous issues can be fixed with the methods we will now give you.

Windows 10 automatic repair loop issue

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Perform a PC Reset or Refresh to Fix Windows 10 Automatic Repair Loop

The issue of the Windows 10 automatic repair loop is not rare and is well known to the Microsoft team as being one of the frequently reported issues by many users.

To fix that, Microsoft came out with a quick method and only fitted the relevant features into the system.

As per the recommended fix for this issue by Microsoft itself, you can refresh the problematic PC in a particular way to get rid of the endless repair loop, and here are the steps for that process:

1. Turn on the power of your PC and see how it responds. If it is still stuck in the repair loop, it will begin to enter the Preparing automatic repair mode, and you will see that screen once again.

Perform a PC reset or refresh to fix Windows 10 automatic repair loop

2. Go ahead with shutting down the PC forcefully by pressing the power button and holding it three times.

3. You will have to do this reboot process twice to three times until you access the boot repair page.

4. On the boot repair screen, hit the option Troubleshoot. On the next screen, you can choose any of the options Reset PC or Refresh PC. We suggest you choose the latter option if you don’t want the files to get removed.

Perform a PC reset or refresh

Disable the Early Launch Feature of Anti-malware Protection

The problem may lie elsewhere if the Windows 10 automatic repair loop reoccurs even after resetting or refreshing the PC.

One possible cause can be the early launch anti-malware protection feature that might send your system into repair loops upon falsely detecting any issue.

The logical solution is to stop this feature, which can be done easily from the Command Prompt menu of the Windows boot options page. The menu of Command Prompt appears after restarting the PC several times.

The Process of Disabling the Early Launch Anti-malware Protection Feature Can Be Carried out by Following These Steps:

1. Once the menu screen of Windows Boot Options appears after you are done restarting the PC a few times, hit the option Troubleshoot.

2. On the Troubleshoot page, select the Advanced Options. Now, click on the option Startup Settings.

Advanced Options

3. At this point, the PC will restart again, and you will reach the window of the Command Prompt.

4. Hit the option of ‘Disable early launch anti-malware protection.’

Disable the early launch feature of anti-malware protection

5. At the last point, perform another PC reboot and check if Windows normally start this time.

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Remove Any Erroneous or Corrupt File

Corrupted or outdated files also become the reason behind the systems getting stuck in the endless Windows 10 automatic repair loop, which users have reported to have occurred frequently.

However, the most common and primary problem people face before moving towards fixing this issue is identifying the corrupt file.

We are going to give you the steps for both identifying the corrupted file as well as fixing it upon finding:

1. On the Windows Boot Options menu, hit the Troubleshoot option.

2. Form the listed options on the Troubleshoot screen; select Advanced Options by clicking on the option of Command Prompt.

Advanced Options

3. In the Command dialog box or Windows, you will have to enter the following command line-

4. Upon entering the above command, if the text code like “c:\Windows\system32\drivers\vsock.sys is corrupt” appears on the screen, you can get sure that there exist corrupted files on your system, and they can be the main culprit behind the repair loop issue.

5. Your next move has to be going to the location mentioned in the error code via the Command Prompt itself and then entering the command ‘del‘ to get rid of the erroneous file instantly and forever.

Remove any erroneous or corrupt file

Fix the MBR Manually

The MBR or Master Boot Record is a major part of the PCs that need to function most stably and securely to ensure the proper functioning of many other system features.

The Windows 10 automatic repair loop can get triggered anytime if they get corrupted, lost, or misconfigured. If you find that any fault has occurred in the MBR that has been causing the issue, you can follow the method given below to fix that:

1. Form the listed options on the Troubleshoot screen; select Advanced Options, then click on the Command Prompt option.

Disable the early launch feature of anti-malware protection

2. In the Command dialog box or Windows, you will have to enter the following command lines in right succession as given.

Fix the MBR manually to resolve Windows 10 automatic repair loop

Reset or Restore the System

Suppose you tried all the abovementioned methods, and nothing could help remove the system from the Windows 10 automatic repair loop.

In that case, the last option for you is to perform the rest of your system or restore it to factory mode. This involves getting back to the normal boot menu of Windows.

You can perform the reset or restore of the system by following the steps given below:

1. Once the menu screen of Windows Boot Options appears after you are done restarting the PC a few times, hit the option Troubleshoot.

2. On the Troubleshoot page, select the Advanced Options. Now, click on the option System Restore in the next window.

Disable the early launch feature of anti-malware protection to fix Windows 10 automatic repair loop

3. You will have to wait for some time before a new Wizard window pops up on the system screen. This wizard will display some instructions on the screen, and you have to continue following them.

Select the right restore point during the process and hit Finish to start the Restore process.

The repair loop will end in all probability, and reboot the PC will afterward.

PassFab 4WinKey – Recover Password for the Windows Systems

In many cases, fixing the Windows 10 automatic repair loop may not end. Many users have reported a grey logging box appearing after they rebooted the PC after the completion of repairing the automatic endless loop problem on their system.

In this case, we recommend that you take the help of credible third-party software to recover passwords, like PassFab 4WinKey.

The name of this best Windows 7 password reset tool software echoes loud in the world of technology as it boasts of the most advanced and fast functionality when it comes to recovering passwords for different programs.

It gives the best results irrespective of the complexity of the password that needs to be recovered.

And if you wish to know how to factory reset Windows 10 without a password, this tool can help you too.

Let’s See Some of the Primary Features of This Amazing Software:

  • This tool’s results have proven to be 100% effective in recovering a wide variety of passwords for Windows programs.
  • The process deployed by this tool involves only three easy steps for recovering the password.
  • The best part of this software is that it ensures complete data protection of the system while recovering passwords.
  • It can remove or reset passwords and create or delete an account in a time of merely one second.
  • It can burn the password resetting disk for different types of drives like USB flash drives, DVDs, and CDs.
  • The software will be compatible with Windows versions like Vista, XP, 7, 8, 10, and 11.

Method of Operating the PassFab 4WinKey Software

Here are the simple steps that you need to follow to recover passwords after the Windows 10 automatic repair loop ends through this tool:

1. Please download and launch 4WinKey on your computer. After that, please get an empty USB flash drive and connect it to the PC.

2. Please click on the “CD/DVD Drive” as your recovery device and tap the “Burn” button to proceed. Once it’s done, just click the “OK” button. Now, you got to eject the flash drive.

Passfab 4WinKey

3. Now, please connect the USB drive to your locked Windows 11/10 PC to initiate the unlocking process. Just click “F12” (Boot Menu) before tapping the USB flash drive, followed by the “Enter” key.

BIOS Setup

4. In this step, you should select the operating system, click the “Next” button, and then click “Windows 10“.

select the operating system

5. Please choose the account type you want to operate. And then, please check the account name, and click on the “Next” button.

Fix Windows 10 automatic repair loop Using Passfab 4WinKey

6. Just tap the “Reboot” button after your Windows 10 password has been removed.


Q1: Can the Automatic Repair Loop cause data loss?

A1: While the Automatic Repair Loop itself doesn’t cause data loss, some of the solutions mentioned above, such as System Restore, may revert your system to a previous state, causing you to lose recent changes and files.

Q2: How do I know if my hardware is causing the Automatic Repair Loop?

A2: Diagnosing hardware issues can be challenging. If you suspect a hardware issue, try testing individual components, such as RAM or hard drives, on another computer or with diagnostic tools.

Q3: Can I avoid using Windows 10 installation media to fix the Automatic Repair Loop?

A3: In most cases, you’ll need the installation media to access the repair and troubleshooting tools. If you don’t have one, you can create one using another computer and a USB drive.

Q4: How often should I back up my system?

A4: The frequency of backups depends on your needs and how often you make significant changes to your system. As a general rule, backing up your system at least once a week is recommended.

Q5: Can the Automatic Repair Loop happen on other versions of Windows?

A5: Yes, the Automatic Repair Loop can occur on other versions of Windows, such as Windows 8 and 8.1. The solutions provided in this article can also apply to those versions.


When going for the manual recovery methods for ending the Windows 10 automatic repair loop, follow all the steps correctly for sure results.

Third-party software like PassFab 4WinKey would be the right choice to make for recovering the password of your PC that got damaged during the rebooting process. It ensures automatic result delivery, which is errorless and safe too.


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