How to Find the AirPod Case Only if You Misplaced It? – Fixed!

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How To Find The Airpod Case Only

“Does anyone know how to find AirPod case only once they are misplaced all of a sudden? I am looking everywhere for them since the morning and had no luck yet. Is there a convenient method to do it? Or, should I give it up? Thanks in advance.”

As you can understand, losing your AirPod case can make you frustrated for sure. As soon as losing your AirPods case or even AirPod, you will start to wonder how to find them, won’t you?

Well, if you have already faced such a situation, you are not alone at all. There are plenty of other individuals who face the same incident.

In general, AirPods & its case can get misplaced easier thanks to their small size. So, let’s go ahead and find a solution to this matter.

How to Find AirPod if They Are Missing?

Before learning how to find AirPods case only, let’s learn how to find lost AirPods. The good news is that Apple has introduced a standard solution to address such annoying situations. In other words, it can help you find missing AirPods or cases of AirPods.

This feature is called Find My AirPods. With the assistance of Find My AirPods, you can locate your missing AirPods without much hassle. In fact, this application works just like Find my iPhone. So, let’s go ahead and learn how to use this feature.

  • First, you should locate “Find My iPhone” and open it.
Find My iPhone
  • After that, you should provide your iCloud credentials and log in. In fact, this step is required if you try to log into iCloud for the first time.
Login to iCloud
  • Now, you will see all the paired devices, including AirPods, iWatch, and so on. Just tap on the AirPods that are available in the list.
How to Find AirPod if They Are Missing
  • After that, if the respective wearable is nearby, you will see an LED indicator. If it blinks in green, the device is nearby, and you can find it easily.
Search AirPods on Find My iPhone
  • Then, tap on the icon labeled “Play.” After that, you should increase the volume gradually. As a result, the sound of your AirPods will become audible.
Play Sound on AirPods Pro
  • All you have to do now is to trace the sound and find the AirPods.

If you are unable to find the AirPods, you should tap on the icon that appears as a car. With this method, you will be able to trace your AirPods with the directions that are provided. However, when the AirPods are not online, this method will not work.

Besides, if you are facing with the AirPods microphone not working issues, here are the top solutions you can use to fix the Airpods Mic not working simply.

How to Find Your AirPod Case Only?

Now, let’s assume that you have lost the case of your AirPod. What can you do about it? Things become a little trickier in this case as the AirPod case doesn’t produce a sound. However, if the AirPods case is gone missing with one of the buds, you may have better luck.

Even if the AirPods casings are not able to produce sound, there is another smart method to try. So, let’s go ahead and learn this method. The best thing is that this method works if you have lost dead AirPods as well.

Mentioned below is how to find the AirPods case only.

  • First, you should open the app called Find My iPhone.
  • Then, select the option called “AirPods.”

If the LED light is lit in green, the AirPods casing is nearby. However, if it is lit in grey, the case is not nearby.

  • Let’s assume that your LED light is green. Just tap on the icon labeled “Play.” In this case, you can trace its sound. But the sound should be audible enough.
How to Find Your AirPod Case Only?
  • If your AirPods are dead, just tap the car icon. Then, you should track its last known location and see if it works.

Also, if you wonder ‘why are my AirPods so quiet‘ and how to fix it quickly, here are a few reasons and ways to get your AirPods louder for you.

What if Your AirPods Are Not Appearing in the List of Find My iPhone?

Let’s assume that you hit one of those roadblocks. When your AirPods don’t appear in the “Find My iPhone,” you should do the following.  

  • First, you should note that there is a great distance between your location and AirPods.
  • The last location where the AirPods were connected using Bluetooth will be shown.
  • Let’s assume that you use them at a mall that is about 1 kilometer away.
  • Then, you will get an accurate location tracker. This will show where the AirPods are.
  • However, you should not keep high hopes for this method. The app may not be able to provide accurate location data.

By the way, falling earphones are not the best experience. In this article, we will learn how to wear AirPods Pro properly and why your AirPods keep falling off.

What Sort of Challenges May You Experience When You Search for Stolen or Missing AirPods?

Now that you know how to find your AirPod case only, let’s talk about the potential challenges.

The below section explains the potential challenges you may experience during the process of searching for missing AirPods.

  • Assume that the respective AirPods are placed in the case, and it is closed. In that case, you cannot necessarily make a sound using them.
  • Assume that your AirPods are missing due to theft. So, you may not be able to get an accurate location through the app. In addition to that, if the AirPods are already paired with another device, this method may not work. So, the option called “Last Location Recorded” may become ineffective.
  • Assume that your AirPods have gone off and you have not turned on the “Find My” device yet. In that case, you will find it difficult to locate the device.
  • If you see the “No Location Found” notification below “AirPods,” you cannot play any sound. That means the chances of finding it are minimal.

Lost your AirPods? Don’t worry, here, we will discover practical steps on how to find AirPods when dead. Ensure you never lose your favorite earbuds again with our expert guide.

The Convenience of Using AirPods

The Convenience of Using AirPods

Well, the chances are that you have already owned a pair of Bluetooth headphones. So, you know how annoying it can be to have to pair and unpair them with various devices constantly.

But with the headphones of Apple, you’ll never have to worry about it again. Apple’s proprietary W1 chip, based on Bluetooth standards, provides a far superior job of connectivity.

That is in addition to better efficiency compared to competing solutions. To instantly pair your AirPods with an iPhone, simply press the button found on the charging case. 

AirPods Bring iCloud Even Closer to You

Assume that you’ve paired your AirPods with an iOS device. In that case, the information will sync with all of your other iCloud-enabled Apple gadgets.

The AirPods are an exceptionally smart gadget. AirPods detects the device being used to play the content and turns itself on accordingly. It’s undeniably the best thing about AirPods.

Impressive Battery Life

AirPods have a guaranteed five-hour playback time after a full charge. Those with long commutes may benefit the most from this.

In addition, the AirPods have a special charging case. Once it is full, it can power the headphones for up to 24 hours. AirPods’ remarkable battery life is further extended by three hours with just a 15-minute charge.

Works Beyond iCloud Pairing

One of the most impressive things about AirPods is how far their usefulness can be taken beyond just the iCloud connection.

Small batteries, twin optical sensors, a microphone, W1 chips, and accelerometers are all included in this cordless earphone.

Everything here works together to give you an unforgettable time. The AirPods’ smart sensors will pick up on your habits as you use them.


1. Can I use Find My app to locate the AirPod case if it’s out of battery? No, the Find My app relies on the AirPod case having battery power to be able to locate it.

2. How far can the Find My app track my AirPod case? The Find My app can provide the last known location of your AirPod case as long as it is within the range of your Apple device’s Bluetooth connectivity.

3. Can I use the sound feature to find the AirPod case if it’s on silent mode? Yes, even if your AirPod case is on silent mode, you can still use the sound feature to locate it.

4. Are there any third-party apps available for finding misplaced AirPod cases? Yes, there are some third-party apps available that offer similar features to locate AirPod cases, but it’s recommended to use Apple’s Find My app for optimal compatibility.

5. What should I do if I cannot find my AirPod case even after trying these methods? If you have exhausted all the options and still cannot find your AirPod case, you may need to consider contacting Apple support for further assistance.


Losing your AirPods is one of the last things you would expect. However, we don’t necessarily lose or misplace our AirPods on purpose.

Regardless of how you lose them, it is important to know how to find your AirPods. And the above article explains how to find your AirPod case only apart from finding your AirPods.

We hope that these methods will help you in finding your lost AirPods or AirPods casing. If you have more doubts about this matter, please let us know. We will answer your questions at our earliest.


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