Why Won’t My AirPods Connect to My Mac or My Phone?


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Why Won't My AirPods Connect

Are you experiencing trouble connecting your AirPods to your phone or Mac? If yes, here you will learn the reasons for “why won’t my AirPods connect to your phone and Mac” and some effective fixes.

You’ve just gotten an iPhone and are excited to listen to music. But when you try to connect AirPods, it doesn’t work! You know that Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone, but the AirPods still won’t connect.

There are several reasons behind it. But don’t worry, you can fix it. Read to know more about “why won’t my AirPods connect.” And also about some practical troubleshooting tips to fix the connectivity issue.

Reasons Why Won’t My AirPods Connect

If you’re having trouble connecting your AirPods to your device, don’t worry!

There are a few common reasons why this might be happening. Here are some of such reasons:

1. The Bluetooth in the Device is Disabled

The main reason why won’t my AirPods connect to your device is that the Bluetooth is disabled.

So, ensure you have enabled Bluetooth on your phone or Mac. If it is and you can’t hear any sound from your AirPods, something else may prevent them from connecting.

2. AirPods Are Out of Range

The AirPods will not connect to your device if you are out of range. You must be within range of your device.

This means that suppose you are in a different room than the one where your Apple Watch is located.

Then, in that case, it can’t be used as a remote to disconnect and connect your AirPods.

3. AirPods’ Battery is Drained

If your AirPods are in range but not connecting to your device, the battery on one or both of them may be drained.

To check the charge level, open the charging case lid and tap on each AirPod to see a battery indicator.

If there isn’t enough battery life to connect to your mobile device, charge them before continuing.

4. Mobile OS is Outdated

If you are using an old version of iOS or Android, it may be time to update your operating system. The latest versions of Android or iOS have been updated with features that make connecting AirPods easier.

But are you still running an older version? If yes, then it’s possible that your device is not capable of supporting these new features. And hence, you are experiencing the issue of why won’t my AirPods connect.

Besides, when your AirPods won’t flash white, that means they are not paired with your iPhone properly. Here are the ways to fix it easily for you.

Ways to Fix the Issues of Why Won’t My AirPods Connect to My Phone

If you’re experiencing issues with why won’t my AirPods connect to my phone, then there are many things that you need to check on your phone.

And also on the AirPods itself because these two work together. Now we’ll discuss some simple solutions so you can fix them quickly at home.

Also, if you wonder why AirPods hurt your ears and how to fix it if your ears are paining due to AirPods, then you have landed on the perfect article.

1. Toggle the Phone’s Bluetooth On and off

To fix why won’t my AirPods connect to my phone:

  • Open your iPhone’s Settings app and tap Bluetooth.
  • Look for an entry labeled “AirPods” below a list of available devices. If it says connected next to this entry, you’re all set.
  • Then just turn on your iPhone’s Bluetooth and turn off airplane mode.
Toggle the Phone's Bluetooth On and off

If it’s not connected yet or there is no entry, then go back through the process again.

Make sure that both the AirPods & iOS devices are turned on and have their Bluetooth switched on.

Ensure they’re connected to each other via pairing in Settings > General > Bluetooth.

2. Keep Your Phone and AirPods within the Range

Your phone and AirPods need to be close together for the connection to work.

When you move too far away, you may not be able to hear anything through the AirPods.

Or they won’t start playing music again. If your device is in a bag or pocket, try moving it closer to your ear so you can hear more clearly.

3. Fully Charge Your AirPods

The next thing you should do to fix why won’t my AirPods connect to my phone issues is fully charge your AirPods.

If you use a Lightning cable, ensure it is fully plugged in on both ends. If you use a 30-pin or USB cable, ensure it is fully plugged in on both ends.

Fully Charge Your AirPods

4. Fully Charge Your Phone

The next thing to do to solve the issue of why won’t your AirPods connect to your phone is to fully charge your phone. Charging is important so that it has enough power to connect with the AirPods.

If you don’t have access to a wall adapter, you can plug your phone into a portable battery pack and use that for power. Just make sure it’s fully charged before connecting your AirPods.

You’ll need to use the charging cable that came with your iPhone or iPad for this step. Don’t use a cable from another device. Or don’t use the cable that isn’t specifically certified by Apple as compatible with its products!

5. Ensure That the AirPods Are Connected to Your Device Only

The next step to fix why won’t my AirPods connect to my phone is to check that the AirPods are connected to your device only. You can do this by going into the settings on your iPhone and opening up Bluetooth, then choosing ‘AirPods’.

Here you should see a list of all devices connected via Bluetooth, and make sure there isn’t anything else listed.

If you have multiple devices connected to the same iCloud account, ensure the AirPods are connected to the right one. If you have multiple iCloud accounts, ensure the AirPods are connected to the right one.

6. Force Reboot Your Phone

If you’re still having problems with why won’t my AirPods connect to my phone, try force restarting it.

This is like a regular restart but with a more powerful effect. It can clear any software issues preventing you from working properly.

  • Press & hold the power button for 10 seconds. If you don’t see an Apple logo, wait a few more seconds and then try again. If this still doesn’t work, it’s time to do a hard reset on your device:
  • Hold down both volume buttons simultaneously. You will require to do this until you see “slide to power off” appear on the screen; then slide it off!
slide to power off
  • The next screen will ask if you want to erase all content and settings. Choose “Erase all content and settings” by pressing “Volume up” twice. And then, press “Power” once when prompted again after selecting “Erase all content.”

7. Reboot Your Phone’s Network Settings

Rebooting your phone’s network settings will also help you fix why won’t my AirPods connect to my phone problems.

  • Please turn off the phone and then restart it.
  • Restart your AirPods by pressing the stem twice until you hear a short chime. And then, wait for a full minute before putting them back in your ears to begin pairing again.
  • If this still doesn’t work, try restarting your iPhone’s network settings. You can do that by going to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset Network Settings.
Reboot Your Phone's Network Settings
  • After doing so, remove both AirPods from their case. And place them back in your ears while they are still connected via Bluetooth with your iPhone turned on.
  • They should connect automatically as soon as they’re re-paired with one another again!

8. Update Your Phone

To fix why won’t my AirPods connect to my phone issue, you will also need to update your phone. This may take a while, but it should help solve the problem.

You can also try updating your AirPods and Apple Watch if they have any available updates, as this may help too!

9. Reset Your AirPods

To reset your AirPods, hold down the small button on the back of your charging case for at least 15 seconds.

Reset Your AirPod

This will force your AirPods to restart and reconnect with your phone or Bluetooth device.

In addition, this article explains how to find your AirPod case only apart from finding your AirPods; as we all know, AirPods & its case can get misplaced easier.

Ways to Fix the Issues of Why Won’t My AirPods Connect to My Mac

When you are using your AirPods, there may be some issues that will come up. The most common issue is that the AirPods don’t connect to your Mac.

If you have this same problem with why my AirPods won’t connect to my Mac, then let’s fix it together!

1. Make Sure That Your Mac is Up to Date

If you are having trouble with why won’t my AirPods connect to your Mac, ensure that you have the latest version of macOS.

To check for updates in macOS, go to the Apple menu on your computer and select “Software Update.” You will be prompted to install any available updates.

macOS Upgrade

2. Manually Connect Your AirPods to your Mac via Bluetooth

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your Mac.
Bluetooth Settings on macOS
  • Open the Bluetooth menu. Then you will have to select the name of your AirPods from the list of available devices for pairing.
  • Enter pairing mode by holding the button on the back of your charging case for 5 seconds. Do it until it starts blinking white and amber, then release it and wait for it to be discovered by your Mac.
Connect AirPods to Mac
  • Pairing should begin automatically after you enter pairing mode.
  • Once they’re successfully paired, open System Preferences and then go to Sound > Output > AirPods.
Connect Your AirPods to Mac via Bluetooth

3. Restart Your Mac

The next thing you need to do to fix the issue of why won’t my AirPods connect to your Mac is to restart your Mac. To do so:

  • Click on the Apple icon on your Mac’s screen.
  • Click on Restart and Confirm.
  • Your Mac will restart itself and will turn on after a few minutes.
Restart Your Mac

4. Forget Your AirPods as a Bluetooth Device on Your Mac

If you are wondering why won’t my AirPods connect to my Mac, the next thing to do is forget your AirPods as a Bluetooth device.

To do this:

  • Go to System Preferences.
  • Select Bluetooth from the menu bar at the top of your screen.
  • Locate your AirPods in the list of devices on the left side of your screen and select it by clicking on it.
Forget This Device
  • Click “Forget This Device” or “Remove” in the bottom right corner of this window.
Forget Your AirPods as a Bluetooth Device on Your Mac

5. Charge Your AirPods and the Charging Case

If you are thinking, “why wont my AirPods connect to my Mac” it could be a problem with the charge of the AirPods and its charging case. The case is used to charge and store your AirPods when not in use.

Ensure the Lightning cable is fully plugged into your iPhone or Mac before using them. If this doesn’t work, try charging your AirPods and charging case together. You know that you can charge them using a compatible USB power adapter or USB-A port.

Charge Your AirPods and the Charging Case


1. How do I reset my AirPods?

To reset your AirPods, place them in the charging case, open the lid, and press and hold the setup button on the back of the case until the status light starts flashing.

2. Can I connect AirPods to multiple devices simultaneously?

Yes, AirPods support seamless switching between Apple devices linked to the same iCloud account. You can connect your AirPods to your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other compatible Apple devices simultaneously.

3. Why do my AirPods keep disconnecting?

AirPods may disconnect due to low battery, Bluetooth interference, outdated software, or device pairing conflicts. Troubleshooting steps like checking battery levels, updating software, and ensuring a clean connection can help resolve these issues.

4. Are AirPods compatible with Android devices?

While AirPods are primarily designed to work with Apple devices, they can also be paired with Android devices. However, certain features like seamless device switching may be limited or unavailable on non-Apple devices.

5. Why is there no sound coming from my AirPods?

If you experience no sound from your AirPods, ensure that they are correctly inserted in your ears and that the volume is not muted or too low on your connected device. Cleaning the AirPods’ speaker grilles can also help if they are clogged with debris or earwax.


In conclusion, we can say that no matter what your issue may be with your AirPods, there is a solution to it.

Hopefully, our troubleshooting tips to fix why won’t my AirPods connect will help you.

But in case they don’t work for you, just make sure to contact Apple’s online support website directly.


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