[Fixed] Windows Has Detected An IP Address Conflict

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Sometimes you might have gotten a message from the system saying that Windows has detected an IP address conflict. This kind of error is mostly a consequence of faulty network settings.

So to troubleshoot this issue only, we are writing this post for you. We will give you the best solutions to tackle such annoying situations.

Windows has detected an IP address conflict

Before you start anything, restarting the PC can always be tried once. This often solves the issue without needing you to go further with advanced methods. If it doesn’t work out, then you have the best solutions to try from. Read on.

Fix 1: Release and Renewal of IP Address

The first probability we have to look for is an IP address conflict. This happens when two or more devices are connected to one network. The IP address of anyone system can be the same as another device.

This can be fixed by getting a different IP address for the problematic system.

1. Click the Start menu. In the Search bar, enter the command cmd. In the results that emerge, you will see Command Prompt. Hit a right-click over it and then give the Run as administrator status by clicking the option for the same.


2. To the prompt that emerges next by the User Account Control, confirm the action by selecting Yes.

Release and renewal of IP address

3. In the pop-up window that will come next, you will have to enter two commands one after the other and press Enter after each of them:

Release and renewal of IP address

Now go back and check if Windows has detected an IP address conflict error is made away with.

PS: click to figure out how to fix the default gateway that is not available.

Fix 2: Remove the Static IP of the PC

The IP address conflict discussed above is also connected to another problem. To use a single IP address forever for the PC sounds very convenient as it won’t take much on your part to search for the PC on the connected network.

Now, this can become the problem again because the IP address of your system might be assigned to another device too. Fixing this can be done through one more method. We are going to create a dynamic system of IP addresses.

Below is the guide for this method to remove the Windows has detected an IP address conflict error:

1. Over the keyboard, press the keys Windows + R to launch and open the run box.

2. Now, write the command ncpa.cpl inside that box. Press the button Enter, which will open the Window of Network Connections.


3. Find the network connection that you are using over here and hit right-click over that option; from the list that drops down, select Properties.

Remove the static IP of the PC to fix Windows Has Detected An IP Address Conflict

4. Here, you will see the Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) option. You have to click over that option twice.

5. Two options will be there in the next window pane – Obtain DNS server address automatically and Obtain an IP address automatically. You have to tick the boxes against each of them.

6. Hit the button, OK. Exit the Windows.

Remove the static IP of the PC

7. Restart the PC now.

Fix 3: Disabling the IPv6 to Fix ‘Windows Has Detected An IP Address Conflict’

Another probable cause of why Windows has detected an IP address conflict can be the enabled IPv6. This protocol sometimes hinders the system’s functioning, and we will try to disable it with this method. Let’s see how:

1. Press the keys Windows + X. In the list that emerges, select the option Network Connection.

2. Find the network connection you are using and hit a right-click over that option. Select Properties here.

3. Here, find the option of Locate Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6). Tick off the box against it. Hit the button Ok to apply all the changes.

Disabling the IPv6

4. The error will be resolved henceforth.

Now you can consider disabling this protocol for every network adapter of the PC. Let us tell you how:

1. Press the keys Windows + R. Now enter the command regedit into the resultant box. Hit the button Enter.


2. This will launch the Registry Editor, see toward the left pane and find the key

3. Now, find the DisableComponent DWORD inside the right window pane. If you cannot see it there, that’s what you have to add to the list. Hit a right-click over the free space and select New from the list.

Here, click on the option DWORD (32-bit) Value. Set DisableComponent as the new name of the DWORD.

Disabling the IPv6

4. Hit a double-click over this DisableComponent DWORD. Open the Properties pane—Set 0ffffffff as the Value data. Hit on the button, OK.

Disabling the IPv6 to fix Windows Has Detected An IP Address Conflict

5. Exit the Registry Editor.

6. Restart the PC.

Fix 4: Restarting the Router to Fix ‘Windows Has Detected An IP Address Conflict’

Restarting the router to fix Windows Has Detected An IP Address Conflict

There can be several reasons attributing to why the router can become unable to assign any unique IP address to the PC that you are using. This then leads to the situation where you find the system saying that Windows has detected an IP address conflict.

This issue can be fixed by one very simple thing- restarting the router. The aim is to disconnect every device connected to a particular network.

All it will take is pressing the button to turn on/off the router’s power. You have to turn off the router first, stop for some time, and turn it on again.

Alternatively, you can just unplug the router from the power outlet. Stop for nearly a minute before you plug it back. After you finish this, only connect the PC to the router. This will most probably fix the issue for you altogether.

Fix 5: Turn the Wireless Adapter Off or Disconnect the Ethernet Cable Temporarily

Similar to the method above, we will try the disabling approach with the wireless and the Ethernet Cable. You can first try removing the Ethernet cable.

After a minute, plug it back. If you use a Wireless network connection, you have to disconnect the wireless adapter. Let us tell you how:

1. Press the keys Windows + X. In the list that opens up, select the option Device Manager.

2. Enter the Network adapters section and look for your adapter’s name. Hit a right-click over the name of it and select the option Disable.

disconnect the Ethernet Cable temporarily

3. Give it a minute’s halt.

4. Hit a right-click over the adapter once again and then select the option of Enable this time.

The error of Windows has detected an IP address conflict that might get resolved.

Fix 6: Update the System Drivers

The drivers in the PC are attached to most of the important functions, and anything that goes wrong with any of these drivers can lead to the error where you see that Windows has detected an IP address conflict.

Such errors can be attributed to faulty or outdated network card drivers. To update these drivers is the logical solution here, and you can do that either manually or with the help of any third-party application.

We suggest you stay on the safe side and let an expert solution do it for you.

Driver Easy

It automatically recognizes any system and finds suitable drivers for the PC’s OS. The method does the entire task itself as it wouldn’t ask you to enter any information about the system, related software, etc.

The solution will give you fully error-free results and wouldn’t download the system’s wrong drivers. It is better than the manual method since any mistake can happen from your end.

Driver Easy has two different versions that you can choose from- a free version and a pro version. The Pro version has got more functions. You will have just to make two clicks to accomplish the job.

The pro version also promises excellent customer support and a full money-back guarantee within 30 days of subscription.

Let’s see how Driver Easy works:

1. Download the Driver Easy software on the PC. Finish its installation.

2. Launch the application and straightaway hit the button Scan Now. The software will start with the process of updating immediately.

Driver Easy

3. It will bring out all the problematic drivers on the screen for you to see. Hit the button Update next to them and install the right drivers on the PC. This feature is also available in the free trial version of Driver Easy.

Alternatively, you can only do another task if you have the Pro version. Here, you can click the button Update All, which will do the driver updating job for the entire system.

Update drivers via Driver Easy to fix Windows Has Detected An IP Address Conflict

4. Restart the PC for all the changes to get functional.

Note: Driver Easy works on a PC connected to an internet connection. Interestingly, the software also has got a feature of Offline Scan that can help you to scan for problematic drivers even if the PC doesn’t have an active internet connection.


1. Can IP address conflicts occur on any operating system?

IP address conflicts can occur on any operating system, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. The underlying cause of conflicts is the same regardless of the operating system.

2. Will an IP address conflict affect internet connectivity for all devices on the network?

No, an IP address conflict typically affects only the devices involved in the conflict. Other devices on the network should continue to have normal internet connectivity.

3. Are IP address conflicts a common occurrence?

IP address conflicts are relatively rare in properly configured networks. However, they can occur due to misconfigurations or hardware malfunctions.

4. Can IP address conflicts be harmful to my network?

While IP address conflicts themselves are not harmful, they can disrupt network communication and cause inconvenience. Resolving conflicts promptly is essential to maintain a stable network environment.

5. Is it necessary to assign static IP addresses to devices?

Assigning static IP addresses can be beneficial in certain scenarios, such as when configuring network devices with specific settings. However, for most devices, using DHCP to assign IP addresses automatically is recommended for efficient network management.


We hope these methods will surely help when you see that Windows has detected an IP address conflict. Driver Easy is one genius solution you can consider for fixing faulty system drivers that are major reasons for various system errors.


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