10 Ways You Can Fix The err_cache_miss Problem

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Out of the pile of problems that Google Chrome users face, the issue of err_cache_miss implies form resubmission. This causes the loading webpage to crash and not open anymore.

You need to re-submit the data to open the particular page you were trying to open. This data can be the previous one or modified. Sometimes the error becomes a recurring issue that hints at the browser being faulty itself.


However, every issue has a fix, and we have got plenty of them for you. This article targets the fixation of the cache error, and we will be giving you detailed instructions for you to become able to do it. We have got all the necessary information covered here.

Know About the Err_cache_miss Error

This has become a frequent problem for many people who use the browser. Web developers face it while testing applications but enter the wrong inputs.

This issue happens with the failure of the browser to connect with the right web address. Another reason might be the unusable cache or wrong configurations of the browser.

The name itself suggests that the problem happens in the cache, and we can cite several reasons for that

  • Incorrect coding
  • Browser bugs
  • Browser failing to get the cache files of the site

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Ten Fixes to the Err_cache_miss Error

If the problem lies at the user’s end or with the browser, then it can be solved with the fixes given below. However, nothing much can be done if the issue lies in the website server itself unless the developers fix it themselves.

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1. Delete the Browser Data to Fix the Err_cache_miss Error

While browsing, many times, we perform several tasks and end up downloading the wrong or useless stuff.

Such files may later turn to become faulty or get corrupted, which might cause unnecessary problems to the browser.

Clearing this data helps to refresh the browser in a way as all the corrupted files are deleted.

Follow these steps to clear the accumulated data with your browser:

1) Enter the text “chrome://settings” in the Google Chrome address bar. Click Enter. The settings of the browser will get open.

Chrome Settings

2) Go to the page bottom. Click Advanced.

Advanced Settings on Chrome

3) In the window that opens, go to the Privacy and Security section. Click on the option Clear Browsing data.

Clear the browser data

4) The next window will ask you to select the data and a date that you are willing to remove from the browser. Tick all the items, click on the option the beginning of time in the date box, and then click Clear Browsing Data.

Delete the browser data

5) Once you’re done, restart the browser. See if you can access the website successfully or not.

2. Check and Disable the Extensions

Sometimes the extensions of your browser can be the culprit, too, causing the err_cache_miss. The problematic extensions block the web page from loading.

So you should find and disable all such extensions in turn. This would clear the issue about the root of the problem, whether it was the server or the browser itself.

These are the steps to block the extensions:

1) Enter the text “chrome://extensions” in the Google Chrome address bar. Click Enter.

2) In this window, remove the tick from the box against the option Enable. Do this to disable any of the extensions that you want.

Check and disable the extensions to fix err_cache_miss

3) The extension will be blocked now, preventing it from changing anything about the UI.

4) Restart the browser.

3. Reset the Browser to Fix the Err_cache_miss Issue

This option could be your last resort if nothing else works. However, you must remember that performing this reset will erase all the saved customized configurations you made in the settings and go back to the default mode.

You may need to create a backup of the bookmarks on your Google ID if you wish to re-access them in the future.

Proceed with these steps then:

1) Enter the text “chrome://settings” in the Google Chrome address bar. Click Enter. The settings of the browser will get open.

2) Go to the page bottom. Click Advanced.

3) Scroll down, and you will find the option of Reset. Hit a click on it. The next window will ask you to confirm the command. Click Reset again. The browser will now reset itself.

Reset the browser to fix err_cache_miss

4. Make the Cache Disabled to Fix Err_cache_miss

You can try advanced troubleshooting in the browser settings to resolve the issue of err_cache_miss. Here we are referring to disabling the cache completely.

Remember that you can do this only with the developer mode enabled in the browser. Shutting that mode off will enable the cache again.

Follow these steps to perform the task:

1) Press the Ctrl, Shift, and I keys together. This will turn on the developer mode.

2) Now press F1. This will lead you to the settings.

3) Scroll down. Open the option Network. Tick the box against the option Disable Cache.

Make the Cache disabled

4) Refresh the browser page now.

5. Refresh the Network Configurations

Another method you can try is resetting the configurations of your network and restoring them to the default mode. You must do this if you think that there is something wrong with the network you are connected to.

This can be done in the command window, and you will be asked to have the administrator’s permission to access that.

Following the conditions, you shall follow the steps below:

1) In the box of the run command, enter cmd. This will open the command window.

2) The application will now get opened. Right-click on it. Check Run as administrator.

3) In the next window, enter the below-given commands in the right sequence:

netsh int ip set dns
netsh winsock reset

4) Restart the PC to fix the err_cache_miss error once the commands are executed.

6. Update the Browser

To try building the browser as per the latest configurations can be one good option to try. Any latest update might have the bugs fixed, which may also solve your problem. This can be done by following the steps given below:

Click on the option of 3 dots on the window’s top-right portion. In the windowpane that drops down then, choose the option Help. Then click on About Google Chrome.

Update the browser

This will make chrome automatically look for any update that might have come up recently. If available, chrome will install it as per the need. Once done with the download, a prompt will appear, asking for relaunching the browser.

At this stage, you should be ready to have everything important saved. Click the button Relaunch.

Update the browser

7. Disable the Prompt Repost

The problem of pages not loading due to cache errors can also be a result of the Google browser removing the data cached from the different sites. You can stop your browser from doing so.

Just follow the steps given below:

1) Go to the desktop. You will see the Shortcut of Chrome here. Right-click on that. Now click on the option Properties.

Disable the Prompt Repost

2) From all the tabs on the top, choose Shortcut.

3) Click on the field of Target.

Disable the Prompt Repost

4) You need to add the command given below to the text that is already there in the box at the end of it. Do not forget to add space before it.


5) Click Apply. Now hit OK to allow the changes to be saved.

8. Remove the Line of Cache from the PHP Header

When you open the browser with the form of the PHP code, then you will see a particular text in the Header.

This line is like a command to the browser against putting data into the cache from the websites. This method aims to delete that line.

Follow these steps:

1) The PHP code has the following header:

header(‘Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate, max-age=ɵ’);

2) Remove the part no-store from the command text. It should look something like this now:

header(‘Cache-Control: no-cache, must-revalidate, max-age=ɵ’);

3) After editing, apply the changes and save them.

9. Reloading the Page

This is the best and a very fast method that you can use to resolve the err_cache_miss problem on the PC.

The possible reasons for this error can be network issues like a loose connection, poor connectivity, and continuous network modification during the internet page loading. If such situations occur, this method will give effective results.

Reloading a page is very simple; just hit the F5 key. You can also choose to click the Reload icon that you can find next to the address bar.

This method works most of the time and solves the issue completely. However, if it doesn’t, then you can try any of the other fixes listed in the article.

10. Try the Developer Tools

Here we are talking about a set of tools that are provided by the developers that can be accessed in the browser itself. These tools serve the function of fixing minor bug issues.

This fix works for a wide range of problems. This way, they can also perform remedial of the err_cache_miss problem.

Follow the given steps to do so:

1) Press the Ctrl, Shift, and I keys together. Settings will get opened now.

2) Go to the Dev Tool window. Out of the list of different options, choose Application.

3) Now click on Clear Storage. Tick all the applications from the given list that you wish to remove.

4) Now click on the option Clear site data.

Try the Developer tools

5) Relaunch the browser.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What does the err_cache_miss error mean? The err_cache_miss error indicates a problem with the cache on your browser, preventing the requested webpage from loading correctly.

Q2: How do I clear my browser cache? To clear your browser cache, access the cache settings in your browser’s options or settings menu and follow the provided instructions.

Q3: Can browser extensions cause the err_cache_miss error? Yes, certain browser extensions can interfere with caching and lead to the err_cache_miss error. Try disabling extensions one by one to identify the problematic one.

Q4: Why should I update my browser? Updating your browser ensures you have the latest bug fixes and performance improvements, which can help resolve cache-related issues like the err_cache_miss error.

Q5: What should I do if the err_cache_miss error persists? If the error persists, try other troubleshooting steps like checking for malware, adjusting DNS settings, disabling proxy settings, or utilizing a different browser. You can also contact website support for assistance.

Conclusion on How to Fix Err_cache_miss Error

You can also try opening the site in another browser to see if the err_cache_miss error persists.

Since we let you know the possible reasons, we hope you can choose the best fix out of the ones we listed.

The solutions provided deal with various other issues and promise the best remedial.


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