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Due to advanced technology, the usage of smartphones has increased tremendously. People do not even realize how much time they spend on their phones while surfing the internet or just scrolling.

However, some screen time trackers allow them to monitor Android screen time.

Here, we are going to tell you how one can examine screen time and limit app usage through Android screen time applications.

So, stick to this blog so that your children will not stick to their phones for long.

Part 1: Monitor Android Screen Time Through Android Digital Wellbeing

Android Digital Wellbeing is a well-known screen time application for Android devices. It enables users to have a look over digital habits, such as the frequent usage of several applications, received notifications, phone checking, and others.

In addition to it, once can limit the usage of certain applications using this application.

Here, we will show how one can use this application to view Android screen time and limit the application time. However, this application can only be used by just Android Pie users.

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Steps to Monitor Android Screen Time using Digital Wellbeing:

Step 1: For finding Android Digital Wellbeing on an Android device, open Settings and look for Digital Wellbeing by scrolling down.

Step 2: After this, click on ‘Digital Wellbeing‘ to launch it. Here, you will come across a circular chart featuring Android screen time for all applications the user has used on that specific day.

Step 3: Click on the chart to gain deeper insights into all the used applications.

Digital Wellbeing Android Screen Time

Steps to Limit Application Time using Digital Wellbeing:

Step 1: To limit the time users spend on any specific application, they have to navigate to the Digital Wellbeing interface. For this, open ‘Settings‘ and look for ‘Digital Wellbeing.’

Step 2: After finding that option, hit on it. On the main interface, tap on the circular chart and select the icon ‘inverted triangle‘ beside the application you intend to restrict usage.

Step 3: Choose the usage time for that specific application from the drop-down list. If you like to restrict the app usage for several applications, then keep on repeating steps 2 and 3 for others.

Limit Application Time using Digital Wellbeing

This is another great method to monitor screen time on Android devices. Android Family Link grants users permission to monitor their kids’ activities and also limits the applications and screen time. It acts as a great initiative for children to maintain healthy digital behavior.

Furthermore, this application is even useful in finding your kids’ location. So, have a look at how the Android Family Link actually works.

Step 1: Start by installing the Android Family Link application and then launch the application on your device. Tap on the ‘Get Started’ tab and then. Select ‘Set up Family Link.’ Now, follow the prompts to set up.

Step 2: Now, put in the details about your kid or the device that you like to monitor the Android screen time. After this, select the Gmail user ID and enter the password after tapping on ‘Next.’

Step 3: Take the target device and add this account to that device. Click ‘Next‘ to install Family Link on the target device.

Family Link Android Screen Time

Step 4: Now, take your device, and you will be allowed to use the control panel for tracking app activities, the location, and the Android screen time of the monitored device.

Family Link Android Screen Time

Step 1: Firstly, repeat the first three steps from the previous section for setting up Family Link.

Step 2: Open the Family Link application on your phone and choose the monitored device from the dashboard. Now, look for the ‘App Installed’ section and tap on ‘More.’

Step 3: Select the preferred application you intend to allow or block.

Steps to Limit Application Time Remotely

Now, you will be able to limit device time remotely with the help of the Android Family Link. It is super easy to set up a link as well as restrict the applications remotely using the Family Link option.

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Part 3: Top 5 Applications to Limit Android Screen Time

Here, we will discuss some of the best Android screen time trackers. So, let’s dive into it without further ado.

1. Space

Space is a great application that is developed by Mobifolio. This application comes with new features that assist you in analyzing the device usage of your children.

To achieve this task, you need to run the intuitive analyzer engine of this application to predict the device usage patterns. In this way, you get to know whether your kids are addicted to their smartphones or not.

Download Link:

Special Features

  • Track phone usage
  • Parental control application
  • Offer statistics on device usage
  • Scheduling and management tools
  • Device usage notifications


  • Available for free
  • It offers various useful features like usage statistics
  • Easy-to-use, smart interface
  • Offer useful tips for breaking away the device addiction
  • Works for both Android and iOS


  • It needs improvements so that the app looks better
  • It comes with certain feature limitations for non-pro users

2. Dinner Time Plus

Dinner Time Plus comes from NComputing Global Inc. It is a great free application for restricting Android screen time. Using this tool, parents are able to set usage limits.

Thus, they can have a good mealtime with their kids. Some of the exciting characteristics of this tool are bedtime or dinner time control functions, break-off of the device, and others.

Download Link:

Special Features

  • Limit device usage and schedule restrictions
  • Detailed reports on the phone usage
  • Allow or block applications
  • Comprehensible control functionality
  • Real-time screening of the target device


  • It offers you an opportunity to take full control of the kids’ device usage
  • Effective application for enjoying family time together
  • Supports more than one device simultaneously
  • It comes with a feature that offers kids a break from their devices


  • It does not support all devices
  • Features like the capability to track texts through this application may be restricted
Dinner Time Plus

3. FamiSafe

It is the best application to monitor and limit Android screen time on Android devices. FamiSafe comes from a well-known developer known as Wondershare. Using this tool, you can restrict screen time on your loved ones’ phones.

It comes with various stylistic features, using which users can be free regarding their restricting issues. The tool even connects to Nut Find, which allows you to find your car keys and phone if you leave them behind somewhere.

FamiSafe monitors suspicious SMS and informs parents by sending alerts if bullying words are found in suspicious texts. We will talk about this tool in a detailed manner below.

Download Link:

Special Features

  • It comes with an innovative suspicious SMS alert feature
  • Tracks real-time location and supports geofencing
  • Web filtering and app blocker functions
  • Flexible remote controlling feature


  • Offers frequent updates featuring new features
  • Great geofencing feature
  • Monitors kids remotely in real-time
  • Supports numerous devices at a time
  • Simple to install and legitimate download source


  • Offers a three-day free trial period only
  • Has restrictions on checking call details

4. Unglue

If you are looking for a great application to restrict Android screen time, then Unglue will definitely impress you a bit. This application follows an agenda that enables children to have fun over the internet but with quite moderation.

Download Link:

Special Features

  • Monitor the online activities of your kids
  • Sets Android screen time restrictions
  • Comes with an application blocker
  • Blocks adult content and offers curated content to kids
  • Track games, web activity, and other apps on multiple phones at a time


  • Collaborative parental management and control app
  • Easy to use and simple navigation
  • Provides privacy of the information as the data is almost unbreachable
  • Free application that comes with lots of helpful features
  • Using activity scheduling, one can balance Android screen time


  • No 24/7 customer support service
  • Some features are restricted in the free trial app

5. ScreenTime

This application is also the best tool for restricting screen time. It is available for free, where you get a 14-day free trial period. Once this trial period is over, one can opt for a subscription or a free package.

Download Link:

Special Features

  • Free Play assists users in overriding the temporary settings during long trips so that kids can enjoy all of their phone capabilities
  • Supports unlimited devices at a time
  • Parents can share access to the child’s guardians to watch over


  • It supports countless devices at once
  • Superb activity schedule functionality
  • Substantial screen time monitoring functions
  • Simple to maneuver interface
  • Supports customizable filtering of content children view


  • Limited web control
  • No location tracking feature

So, these are some of the best parental control applications that you can use for restricting Android screen time. Out of all these applications, the best tool is Wondershare FamiSafe.

In the next section, you will learn more about this incredible parental control tool.

Part 4: Monitor Android Screen Time using FamiSafe

The methods mentioned above are restricted to an extent. For instance, only Android Pie users can use Digital Wellbeing. There are lots of users who are not using Android Pie as of now. If you belong to this category, then it is difficult for you to use this application.

Also, the Family Link application is applicable only to several countries. People from certain parts of the world do not have the privilege of accessing this application.

Therefore, if you cannot use these two methods, then it is best to use third-party applications like Screen Time Parental Control and FamiSafe to get the work done.

Screen Time Parental Control is available for free. Using this tool, you can control your kids’ actions over their Android smartphones. Users can view the screen time their kids spend on particular applications, get the alert if their kids install a new application, sites surged by them, and other things. It even comes with a premium version having more advanced characteristics. So, go for this app to track Android screen time.

FamiSafe is one of the best screen time trackers for Android devices. This application assists you in protecting your children from several online threats available in the present scenario. It is very simple to use.

FamiSafe comes with lots of advanced features, which help you to track each and every activity of your kids on their smartphones.

What Can Children Benefit from Android Screen Time?

There are various benefits of using a parental control application. The very first advantage of using FamiSafeis is to monitor the Android screen time. This application even helps you in getting rid of phone addiction.

The tool even assists parents in knowing whether their kids are under the control zone or not. To be particular, parents can protect their kids and also limit device usage. As you know, too much time spent on smartphones can lead to unwanted issues in your kids’ healthy lives.

The Android screen time offers a basic idea regarding the total device usage by your children every day. Even your kids realize how much time they spend on their smartphones.

One can even set time boundaries by recording screen time on a regular basis. Using Android screen time settings, you can make your children put down their devices. It is an awesome feature for parents who can bring around lots of constructive alterations when nurturing their children optimally.

How to Examine Screen Time through the Settings Method?

Using the setting method, it is very easy to check screen time on iOS devices. Before you check the screen time, you need to enable the setting. You will be able to record the screen time data if it is switched ON.

Steps to Check iPhone Screen Time:

Step 1: Visit Settings on your iOS device. After this, choose the feature ‘Screen Time‘ from the given options.

Check iPhone Screen Time

Step 2: Switch on the screen time feature if it is turned off. As stated above, you can see the reports only if this feature is enabled on your device. To view the report, click on the option ‘Weekly Reports’ and tap on the ‘Continue’ tab.

Also, for setting up additional parental control on your Android device, you need to confirm that ‘This is my iPhone’ from the Screen Time page if you are using an iPhone.

Set up iPhone Screen Time

Step 3: Next, you will be able to see the screen time reports of the target device.

Enable iPhone Screen Time

One can even break down the display time after making customizations using the ‘App Limits.’ It will break down the time by showing how many hours your kids spent on each application installed on their smartphones. So, parents can monitor their children’s accurate time data regarding device usage.

How to Examine Screen Time using FamiSafe?

FamiSafe is an incredible tool that lets you check iPhone screen time. As the name suggests, FamiSafe is a safe tool that guarantees the safety of your family against cybercrimes that prevails in the present scenario. Now, let’s see how you can check the screen time on your iPhone using FamiSafe.

Step 1: Get the FamiSafe application

Initially, you need to download FamiSafe from Wondershare’s official website. Tap on the ‘Download’ tab to try out its free trial. One can even visit the App Store to install this tool on iOS devices. There is a different link for the iOS and Android-compatible FamiSafe tool.

So, three steps are enough to complete the download procedure successfully. Get the .exe file and get registered with FamiSafe. Install the tool and begin exploring its incredible features without any problem.

Install FamiSafe App

Step 2: Tap on ‘Screen Time’

After you are done with the installation, the next thing is to enable its screen time feature. FamiSafe software allows you to see screen time reports if you switch on this particular option. Select ‘Screen Time‘ from the given list to check out Android screen time or iPhone screen time.

FamiSafe Screen Time

Step 3: Check the screen time details

Now, you will be able to see the screen time details. Using this feature, parents can know how many hours their kids spend on a specific smartphone application. Here, you will find a clear, crisp description of the device used precisely and flawlessly.

Check the screen time details

So, it is best to view Android screen time to restrict the number of hours spent by your children on their smartphones on a regular basis. In addition, parents can even block applications and devices using the option ‘Block Device‘ present in the screen time interface.

screen time limit

What Does FamiSafe Do for Parental Control?

FamiSafe is one of the best parental control applications for Android and iOS devices. It is an urgent need to manage the present situation. Most kids are fond of smartphones, which have become the weirdest leisure time.

One cannot even replace these gadgets for entertaining kids at all times. That’s why parental control applications like FamiSafe are a boon to today’s parents. It comprises several features to control and monitor the smartphone activities of children.

This tool comes with lots of in-built features. If you want to know more about FamiSafe, look at its special features below.

Unique Characteristics of FamiSafe:

  • Screen Time shows the time kids spend on their smartphones. This application even records the exact time for which your kids have used each application. The whole screen time is divided as per the time spent on WhatsApp, Candy Crush, Facebook, etc. Here, you will find a detailed note about accurate screen time.
  • Block applications that are inappropriate for your children by employing the feature ‘Block App’ in this parental control.
  • Block inappropriate content websites using this amazing FamiSafe application.
  • Track the location of your children by switching on the feature ‘Location Tracker. It traces out and monitors the location. Here, you can even check out the location history to see where your kids visited throughout the day.
  • Users can set time restrictions when they block the applications on their phones. With the help of this tool, they can enjoy full control of the target device, whether it is their own smartphone or belongs to their kids.

So, FamiSafe is a great parental control application that gives parents the entire authority to limit their kids’ smartphone activity. Parents can allot and manage time limits for their children on their device usage. Using this parental control, you can ensure and monitor safe moves on smartphones.


1. Can I monitor screen time on Android without using any apps?

Yes, Android devices offer native screen time monitoring features that provide insights into app usage and screen time. However, third-party apps can offer additional functionalities and customization options.

2. How can parental control apps help manage screen time for children?

Parental control apps allow parents to set screen time limits, block specific apps, and monitor their children’s online activities. These apps provide tools for creating a safe and controlled digital environment for children.

3. Are there any apps that can block distracting notifications?

Yes, several apps can help you manage and block distracting notifications on Android devices. 

4. Is it essential to set goals for managing screen time?

Setting goals can provide structure and help you track your progress in managing screen time effectively. Goals act as a benchmark and allow you to stay accountable to your desired usage limits.

5. How can I encourage my family members to practice healthy screen time habits?

Engage in open discussions, set shared goals, and lead by example. Encourage offline activities, establish device-free zones, and spend quality time together to foster a healthy screen time environment for your family.


Applications to restrict screen time have expanded based on features. Some apps have an improved interface, while others come at attractive prices.

With the requirement to restrict Android screen time on children’s phones, applications like FamiSafe have been introduced. FamiSafe comes with a lot of exciting features.

If you like to keep an eye on your kid, then FamiSafe is what you need right now. This application tells you with whom your kids are chatting. This tool gives you all the information you want about your kids’ device usage.

So, wait no more and download FamiSafe to protect your kids from impending dangers. Get the application NOW!


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