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can you spy on a phone without access to it

Can you spy on a phone without access to it? Well, this is a very interesting question asked by many individuals.

Specifically, those concerned about the sensitive information stored on their devices worry about this matter. They actually worry about this case thinking that hackers can access their devices remotely and steal information.

So, what’s the truth behind this? Can you spy on a phone without access to it? Let’s find it out.

Why Would Someone Else Access Your Smartphone?

There are plenty of reasons for other individuals to access your device remotely and steal your information. For instance, if you are a business enterprise owner, you have plenty of sensitive information on your device.

If one of your competitors accesses your phone remotely, they can steal precious information related to your business. Your business strategies, contacts, marketing partners, branding methods, and other secrets can be among that information.

Also, think of a situation in which an individual has a secret affair. He or she will get caught red-handed if their phone is accessed remotely by the spouse. Likewise, there can be plenty of other practical instances where individuals need to spy on their smartphones remotely.

So, Can You Spy on a Phone Without Access to It?

For all those reasons, can you spy on a phone without access to it? The shortest possible answer is a shocking YES! It is absolutely possible to access someone else’s smartphone remotely.

As of today, technology has improved a lot, and the cost has gone down. As a result, those spy tools have become incredibly widespread among the public.

In other words, one doesn’t have to be a programmer or an expert hacker to do it. Instead, you can get it done with a lightweight, easy-to-install software tool.

However, apart from the so-called spy apps, there are different ways to access someone else’s phone remotely. Here, we will explain the practical ways you can spy on someone’s device.

There Are Remote Spy Apps to Access the Phones of Others

Do you wish to know how to spy on a device even if you don’t have access to it? Or are you wondering about the question, “can you spy on a phone without access to it?” The truth is that it is possible to spy on someone’s smartphone by merely installing a spy app.

If you don’t want to use a spy app, there are other methods as well. However, those methods have some significant drawbacks. For instance, they might be either very expensive or difficult to use.

If you use a spy app, you should gain physical access to the target device only once. That is to install the app on the target phone. After that, you don’t have to touch the device.

Once the phone is connected to the Internet, you can access its information remotely. The best thing about such an app is that the target user doesn’t know if the app is installed.

How Do Those Apps Function?

Before everything else, you should note that you can use none of those apps without touching the target device. In other words, you will have to touch the target device once (to install the app) to monitor it.

After getting the chance to access the target device, the spy app should be installed on the device. Interestingly, installing those spy apps is exceptionally easier, thanks to their user-friendliness.

Once the app is installed, the respective app will work in stealth mode on the target device. As a result, the target user will not know if he is under your watch. The activities that take place on the target device will be displayed through a special dashboard. You can access this dashboard through any device or computer from the desired location.

Yes, there are many apps in this category. However, some apps are better than others due to obvious reasons. One of the best spy apps you can find is KidsGuard Pro.

This special app is developed particularly to spy on someone else’s device remotely without getting noticed. It comes with plenty of monitoring features. In the next part, let’s explain how to use this tool and spy on a smartphone.

How to Use KidsGuard Pro and Monitor a Smartphone Remotely

KidsGuard Pro allows you to monitor a target device using only three steps. It will take only less than 5 minutes to complete the installation. The best is that it doesn’t require you to root the target Android device.

So, follow below simple guide to learn how to get it done.

  • First, please sign up for a valid account on the KidsGuard Platform. Then, you should purchase a premium plan to enjoy all the advanced features it offers. After that, you should physically access the target device and open a web browser. Then, download the KidsGuard Pro app on it.
KidsGuard Pro
  • Install the KidsGuard Pro assistant app on the device you intend to monitor. Then, using the same app, you should log into the account you created earlier. After that, you should follow the app instructions to enable or disable related settings. Then, you can leave the device as it was.
KidsGuard Pro
  • After that, you can visit the online dashboard of the KidsGuard account through any other device. This dashboard will show you the activities on the device you are monitoring.
Can You Spy On A Phone Without Access To It Using KidsGuard Pro

What Makes KidsGuard Pro So Impressive?

In this section of the article, we explain why KidsGuard Pro is so special and impressive.

  • You can use this app with very easy steps to perform a hack
  • The installation process for this app is really simple.
  • KidsGuard Pro delivers real-time information on a remotely monitored dashboard.
  • It can track information like contacts, calls, photos, location, social media, and so on.
  • KidsGuard Pro can even monitor the real-time location of the device.
  • Once installed on the device, KidsGuard Pro becomes completely invisible.
  • The monitoring process happens 100% remotely. So, you don’t have to access the target device physically once the installation is completed.
  • KidsGuard Pro is already used by a large number of individual and corporate clients.
What makes KidsGuard Pro so impressive

Well, the above information should give you a clear idea about spying apps like KidsGuard Pro. We always suggest our readers use their demo version before purchasing.

Spying on an iPhone is Easier Than You Think

Can you spy on a phone without access to it, even if it is an iPhone? The answer is a YES, once again. In fact, spying on an iPhone is even easier. You can use iCloud to support the spying process.

To complete this task successfully, you should find the iCloud credentials of the target user. When you get to know that, you can access the following information.

  • All the data related to the apps installed on the device;
  • The information related to the data that are linked to the device;
  • The device settings of the iPhone;
  • Information related to the App information and home screen;
  • The configuration data related to HomeKit;
  • MMS, iMessage, and SMS were sent and received on the device;
  • All the media files, including videos and photos;
  • The history related to the purchases the target user has done;

Apart from knowing the password of the iCloud account, the target device’s iCloud backup should be enabled. If the target device meets those requirements, you can spy on it successfully through the following steps.

  • First, the iCloud app should be downloaded on your device. If not, you should go to icloud.com URL through any web browser.
  • Then, you should provide the iCloud account credentials.
Spying on an iPhone is easier than you think
  • If two-factor authentication is enabled on the target device, access the device once, and get the verification code.
  • Once you have done that, access the iCloud data related to the target device.
Spying on an iPhone is easier than you think

Although this is a handy option, there is a significant drawback associated with it. You should know the iCloud credentials linked to the target device. So, you can use this trick on those who know you well.

If You Are Tech-savvy, There Are More Options for You:

If you are a tech-savvy person, you can also rely on some advanced options. For instance, you can think of options like a stingray, IMSI Catcher, JavaScript, etc.

When it comes to JS and WebView exploitation, hackers use privilege escalation. In fact, in that case, the vulnerability components of the WebView should be lowered. Then, the execution of untrusted JS code will be manipulated through the WebView.

Some browser apps on Android OS come with “addJavascriptInterface.” It can be used as a gateway to access the device remotely. In this case, hackers send malicious code (as a link) to the target device.

The code will utilize the vulnerabilities of the target device and hack the Android device. In a nutshell, all those methods are for tech-savvy individuals.

If you are a tech-savvy, there are more options for you


  1. Can I spy on someone’s phone without having physical access?
    • Spying on someone’s phone without physical access is challenging and often requires sophisticated techniques that are beyond the capabilities of most individuals.
  2. Are there legal implications for phone spying?
    • Phone spying without consent is illegal in many jurisdictions and a violation of privacy rights. It’s essential to understand and respect the laws governing surveillance activities.
  3. How can I protect my phone from spyware?
    • Implement strong security measures, regularly update your phone’s operating system, stay vigilant against suspicious activities, and use reputable security software to protect your device.
  4. Are there legitimate uses for phone spyware?
    • Yes, phone spyware can serve legitimate purposes such as parental control or tracking lost or stolen devices. However, it is crucial to use such tools responsibly and within legal boundaries.
  5. What should I do if I suspect my phone is being spied on?
    • If you suspect your phone is being spied on, run a security scan using reputable antivirus or anti-spyware software and consider consulting a professional for assistance.


Many individuals ask, “can you spy on a phone without access to it?“. Thanks to the information in this article, you know the answer now. You can make use of KidsGuard Pro and give it a try to monitor a device.

However, we strongly recommend you use this tool responsibly without breaching others’ privacy.


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