How To Change/Fake Location on Tinder for Free?

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Tinder is one of the most widely used dating applications. Tinder, like similar applications, provides a handy platform for users looking to interact with people in their local region.

But what if you wish to look outside of your immediate area? Go for Tinder location change and Tinder fake location.

Know More About Tinder App

Tinder Location Change

Tinder is transforming the most crucial aspect of human society: relationships and love. Every day, over 10 million matches take place on Tinder, as per research by InterActiveCorp. Tinder is used by millions of individuals regularly.

Tinder, as you may be aware, suggests possible companions depending on your location. But what if your area is uninteresting, or there are not enough individuals in your area to date?

Or perhaps you simply want to boost the likelihood of your Tinder matches and broaden your possibilities. Because, let us face it, we all despise Tinder’s “No one is around you” notice.

Changing your Tinder location may be quite useful, whether you just want to broaden your search or you travel a lot. Continue reading if you need to change your Tinder location. In this essay, We will teach you how to trick Tinder into thinking you are somewhere other than where you are.

If you have resources, you may modify your Tinder location by purchasing the Tinder Plus edition, which costs roughly $10 per month. Tinder Plus allows you to adjust your location and enhance the number of matches you receive.

However, if you want to alter your Tinder location for free, there are numerous workarounds that we will explore in this blog.

Tinder’s Method of Tracking Your Location

Tinder uses your phone’s GPS service to determine your position. The software then searches for prospective matches within the given range you set, which may range from 1 to 100 miles.

So, if the ideal someone happens to be 101 miles away, you are pretty much out of luck unless you can convince Tinder that you are somewhere other than where your device says you are using fake GPS Tinder.

Luckily, if you do need to update your Tinder location, you may do it by using tools built into the application.

PS: Knowing how to unmatch on Tinder is a useful hack to maintain peace of mind. Let’s see how I unmatch someone on Tinder step by step.

Change Location on Tinder with Tinder Passport

Tinder Passport is a premium membership tool that allows you to search by city or set a pin on the map to swipe in that location. While you may only be in one city at a time, you can switch between imitation locales as much as you like.

If Tinder Passport is all you are interested in, registering for Tinder Plus for a year would save you the most money, which works out to $1.67 per month. You may modify your location in the Tinder app after purchasing a subscription.

  • Select your profile symbol.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Select “Location.”
  • Select a new place by clicking “Add a new location.”
Change Location on Tinder with Tinder Passport

Tinder Passport is included in all of Tinder’s premium packages, including Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum.

The benefits of purchasing a Tinder subscription are self-evident; you receive not just the Tinder location change function but also limitless likes and rewinds, the opportunity to text before matching, and a slew of other fantastic features.

Furthermore, you will not be required to install any third-party applications. Of course, a Passport is a paid-only function, so we have some alternatives if you do not want to pay for another membership.

Besides, many users are banned from Tinder and wondering how to get unbanned from Tinder; here, let’s figure out the reasons and the simple ways to do it.

Can You Fake Your Location on Tinder?

Although Tinder does provide an official means to modify your location, some people may be unwilling to pay extra money for the function.

In this instance, you may use a few unauthorized ways to falsify your Tinder location. Take into account that none of these procedures are fully risk-free. Tinder makes an effort to prevent users from misrepresenting their location.

The strategies listed below are often reliable ways to impersonate your location when using Tinder.

Since GPS information is freely accessible on an Android phone, you can pretty quickly fake GPS Tinder locations by utilizing a third-party app.

To begin, go through the following steps:

  • Download a fake GPS application on your Android device.
Fake GPS Location Apps on Google Play Store
  • Navigate to the Settings app on your Android smartphone.
  • Navigate to the Developer Options menu.
  • Enable Developer Options.
  • Set the Allow mock locations option to on if your phone has one.
Allow mock locations
  • Select the Mock Location App option.
  • Choose your fake GPS app.
fake GPS tinder
  • Return to Settings and then to location.
  • Change the Location Mode to Device Only (GPS only)
  • Navigate to Settings and Discovery in Tinder.
  • To persuade Tinder to re-acquire your location, change the Search Distance to anything else.

You will be unable to modify your location if Fake GPS Tinder does not function on your smartphone. In most situations, this refers to several issues that are interfering with the correct operation of your smartphone.

If you find yourself in this circumstance, it is critical that you first resolve the smartphone system issue before attempting to resolve the location issue.

By Changing Your Facebook Location

Consider when you originally created your Tinder profile (aka the days of innocence). Did you use Facebook to log in? If this is the case, you may modify your Tinder location by altering your Facebook location.

Changing your Facebook profile’s location is a great technique to create your Tinder fake location. Why? Because Tinder obtains entire info from your Facebook account.

Follow the instructions below:

  • Navigate to your Facebook page.
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Select “Location.”
  • If you select “Never,” Facebook will have to use your IP address to estimate your position rather than your phone’s GPS data.
By Changing Your Facebook Location

Of course, you will still need to change your IP address in some fashion using one of the preceding methods, which is an added step.

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Using VPN


Our #1 advice is to use a VPN to disguise your IP address to change your Tinder location. Setting up a VPN is simple; you can do it in minutes with an Android VPN or an iPhone VPN. While the procedure will vary slightly based on the VPN you use, the following are the main steps:

  • Install the VPN application on your smartphone.
  • If you have already created an account, sign in.
  • Enter any identification or security codes that are required.
  • Connect to a Tinder server in the place you want to explore.
  • Once connected, your smartphone will assume you are in another area and display your Tinder for that location.

Also, let’s learn more about how to change location on Facebook.

Jailbreak Smartphone to Change Location in Tinder

Jailbreaking your smartphone also allows you to create your Tinder fake location. It is important to know that jailbreaking involves removing constraints that the administrator or maker imposed on the smartphone during manufacturing.

You may use this to install applications that let you change your Tinder location quickly and easily.

Even while a jailbreak might provide you accessibility to many advantages, there are some drawbacks to consider. Because jailbreaking removes your smartphone’s warranty, you may face difficulties if your device develops a problem.

Moreover, after jailbreaking, you might download certain harmful third-party apps. Such applications may include spyware and other potentially harmful contents that can harm your device. Therefore, prior to actually jailbreaking your smartphone to alter your Tinder location, consider whether it is worthwhile.

Why Change Location?

The excellent thing for premium customers is that Tinder location change gives you a surprise rookie spike, which is a wonderful method to acquire more matches.

This may have a huge impact on your exposure and is an undiscovered benefit of using a Passport. This isn’t anything like the Tinder boost, which lasts 30 minutes.

It should last about 24 hours, and if your account receives a considerable number of followers, likes, and matches during that time, this boost will last for a few days, making it an excellent method to discover your match. Behind the scenes, the algorithm operates as follows.

Once you become qualified for the boost, Tinder takes your profile and swaps it with the top profiles in that region, putting you well ahead of the competition. As a result, even more people notice your account, and they begin to interact with it, resulting in more connections than you had previously.

But keep in mind that this is a false or temporary increase to your profile. Until you find a solid match, it will have no long-term impact on your profile. Nonetheless, this fast boost might permanently raise your ranks, matches, likes, and follows. The more matches you have, the more likely it is that you will discover your soulmate.

Something You Should Pay More Attention To:

On a separate note, the stats show that finding love online is more dangerous than seeking romance. Around 500 misbehaviors were linked to Tinder in various regions of the United Kingdom.

A few investigations have recently revealed how sexual stalkers may stalk their victims with pinpoint precision on these platforms. Tinder’s release of Tinder Places in 2018 also prompted some criticism over user security issues.

With the ever-present threat to individual confidentiality and protection, it is not surprising that many Tinder users are keen to learn how to alter the area on Tinder.

These are some reasons someone may want to make their Tinder a fake location. Tinder Plus and Gold allow you to change your location using the Passport function.


  1. Is it legal to change/fake your location on Tinder? Changing or faking your location on Tinder is not explicitly illegal, but it may violate Tinder’s terms of service. Be sure to review the platform’s guidelines and use any location-changing methods responsibly.
  2. Will changing/faking my location improve my chances of finding a match? Changing or faking your location on Tinder can potentially increase your match options by expanding your search to different areas. However, success ultimately depends on various factors, including your profile, approach, and compatibility with other users.
  3. Can I change/fake my location on Tinder without paying for a premium subscription? Tinder’s Passport feature, which allows location changes, is typically available to users with a premium subscription (Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold). However, there may be limited-time promotions or alternative methods to access this feature without a subscription.
  4. Are there any other dating apps that allow you to change/fake your location for free? While Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps, there are alternative platforms that offer similar features, including the ability to change or fake your location. Research and explore different dating apps to find the ones that align with your preferences and requirements.
  5. How often can I change/fake my location on Tinder? The frequency of changing or faking your location on Tinder may vary depending on the method you use and the restrictions imposed by the platform. Some methods may allow more frequent changes, while others may have limitations. Always stay informed about any restrictions or guidelines provided by Tinder to avoid account-related issues.

Final Thoughts

The only permitted method to update your Tinder location is to purchase a membership, which may be the best option if you are traveling or relocating shortly.

If you are merely searching for a day excursion beyond the outer ring, use one of the location spoofing options. They are not the most dependable remedies, but they will suffice quickly.

Whether you want to expand your dating possibilities outside your hometown or explore the scene in a foreign nation, updating your Tinder location is a simple process.

We hope this article helped you change your location on Tinder and expand your horizons in your quest to find true love.


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