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YouTube filters not working” is a pretty common issue reported by many users recently. This article will be the solution if you are a YouTube user and have experienced that issue. So, continue reading and learn how to fix it with ease.

Although platforms like YouTube are supposed to work all the time perfectly, errors can occur from time to time. That means there is no invincible online platform in the real world.

Let us go down memory lane and remind you of a couple of examples of such instances. Back in October 2018, the YouTube platform was inaccessible for a couple of hours across the globe.

Then, in March 2019, Facebook went down for a couple of days. Users across the globe could not access Facebook partially or fully during that time.

Then, in March 2019, the YouTube filters not working issue came up to frustrate its loyal users. So, it can be said that occasional issues are part and parcel of any online platform.

In other words, if you experience that issue, you are not alone at all. Such issues are not limited to a specific user. With that said, let’s find answers if your ‘YouTube filters not working.’

Why Does YouTube Have Filters?

YouTube filters not working

The main purpose of YouTube having filters is to allow you to choose the right videos. Those filters allow you to choose video content based on several categories. As you already know, YouTube is home to billions of videos of different categories.

Choosing the right kind of videos can be a challenging task because of the large number of videos. In that case, having a filtration system to narrow down the search will be handy.

YouTube Filters Work Based on the Following Parameters.

  • You can choose videos based on length. That means you can search for videos within a specific range of lengths. For instance, you can search only for shorter videos than 20 minutes.
  • You can search for videos based on when it was uploaded to YouTube. For instance, you can search only for videos uploaded during the past month.
  • Also, you can select the videos based on their quality. For instance, you can choose to search only from videos that come with HD quality.

As a result of using these filters, you can narrow down your searches and make them more efficient. For instance, assume that you are looking for some quick instructions on resetting an Android phone.

In that case, you will only need to find shorter videos. You can choose to search for videos shorter than 4 minutes, which makes the process easier. If not, assume that you want the most recent cover song version.

In that case, you can choose to search for videos based on the date uploaded. Likewise, you can also search only for High Definition videos. As you can notice, you will be able to refine your search very effectively to get the expected results.

PS: If you are bothered by the errors like no sound on YouTube, here are the top solutions.

What’s the Reason Behind Turned off YouTube Filters?

There is an official explanation from Google about the “YouTube filters not working” issue. As they say, the respective filter of YouTube was turned off due to a well-known event. That means the shocking events back in New Zealand during that period.

Besides, click to figure out how to fix the issue of there was an issue signing you into YouTube.

What Did the Users Experience During this Issue?

Many users complained that ‘YouTube filters not working’ by that time. This took place across the globe. Those who experienced this issue said that all the contents were displayed even if the filters were applied. For instance, users who searched for a video published within a specific date range found results irrespective of it.

Assume that you searched for the uploaded videos during the past 24 hours. In that case, you would have found the videos uploaded irrespective of the time. So, you would have seen the videos that were uploaded even a couple of years back.

Likewise, those who wanted to find HD videos could see the videos irrespective of the quality. If you apply the duration filter, YouTube would have returned results without considering it. That’s how YouTube will work when filters are not working. It will display all the video content regardless of the uploaded date, length, and quality.

So, there is no shortage of individuals who want a solution to this matter. You are reading this article probably because you have experienced the same issue already. If not, you want to know before coming across the same error in the future.

Google said that the malfunction of the filter was an intentional move. They say that they have turned off the filters purposely. As mentioned before, such an action has been taken to prevent violent graphics and other inappropriate content. We have acquired that information from those who are directly attached to YouTube.

The Functionality of YouTube

To make it clearer for you, here’s how the filters on YouTube work. We explain it in point form so you can understand it easily.

  • Filtration of video based on length.
  • Filtration is based on the time the respective video is uploaded.
  • Filtration is based on the quality of the video.

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Now, the Filter Functionality of YouTube is Back.

The intentional deactivation of the filters applied by YouTube is fixed without prolonging it. In other words, the filters came to play a couple of days after the initial deactivation.

Many help forums confirm that the feature is back and YouTube works normally. This happened back in 2019, and now it works fine. The filters are back whether it’s the mobile app or the web-based platform. If you find YouTube filters not working again, it is not a part of the intentional deactivation of filters.

So, How to Fix it if YouTube Filters Not Working Now?

If YouTube filters are not working now, that should be fixable. If you have come across this situation and looking for a solution, here’s the fix. We have listed down the fix in the step-by-step mode so you can follow it easily.

  • First, go to the Google homepage using any browser.
  • Now, in the search box, you should enter any search query. For instance, you can use the phrase “how to reset my Android phone” in the search box. Before pressing enter, you should enter the text “” right after the search query. Then, the entire query should appear like “How to reset my Android phone
  • You can now hit the “Enter” key.
  • Now, the search results will appear. Click on the option called “Videos” on the search results page.
  • Then, you should click on the option called “Tool.” This will show you the filtering options related to Google.
how to fix if YouTube filters not working now
  • You can now use those filters in Google and narrow your search.

Indeed, Google’s filters are not as efficient as YouTube’s filters. However, it is a handy alternative when YouTube filters are not working.


  1. Why are my YouTube filters not working?
    • YouTube filters may not work due to temporary glitches, conflicts with browser settings, or issues with YouTube’s algorithms. Troubleshooting steps can help resolve these problems.
  2. How do I clear the cache and cookies in my browser?
    • To clear cache and cookies, access your browser’s settings and search for the relevant options. The steps may vary depending on the browser you are using.
  3. Can browser extensions affect YouTube filters?
    • Yes, certain browser extensions can interfere with YouTube filters. Temporarily disable extensions and check if the filters start working correctly.
  4. What should I do if none of the troubleshooting steps work?
    • If none of the troubleshooting steps resolve the issue, consider contacting YouTube support or seeking assistance from the YouTube community.
  5. Is there a way to fix YouTube filter issues on mobile devices?
    • Yes, the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article apply to mobile devices as well. Clearing cache and cookies, updating the YouTube app, or trying a different browser can help resolve filter issues on mobile devices.


YouTube filters are a valuable tool for refining search results and finding the content you desire. However, if you encounter issues with YouTube filters not working correctly, it can hinder your browsing experience.

By following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this article, you can resolve most common filter-related problems. In case the issues persist, reaching out to YouTube support or seeking help from the community can provide additional assistance.


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