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YouTube Competitors

Knowing about a couple of good YouTube competitors can become handy for any modern-day internet user. It is absolutely true that YouTube has become the norm in the video-sharing industry.

Currently, the YouTube app and the website have become the prominent choice of hundreds of millions of individuals.

List of Best YouTube Competitors

We all accept that YouTube has dominated the video-sharing concept. The dominance of YouTube when it comes to digital marketing is unquestionable.

However, you must never forget that there are other platforms you have ignored all this time. If YouTube is too competitive and you hardly get any videos on it, you can try an alternative platform.

With that said, mentioned below are the best YouTube competitors you can find on the internet today.

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01 – Vimeo


If you take facts into consideration, Vimeo is a very popular video-sharing platform. Although it is not as popular as YouTube, its popularity is impressive.

Vimeo is Headquartered in New York City. Interestingly, this platform allowed video hosting even before the YouTube platform. So, they have been in the industry for a very long period.

Moreover, back in 2004, Vimeo also offered its HD video streaming service. They offer the option of streaming HD videos in multiple languages.

For instance, they support languages such as Japanese, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German, in addition to English. Their service is very well-planned and organized. All in all, it can be said that Vimeo is considered a prominent choice for many vloggers.

02 – Voeh


When it comes to YouTube competitors, we shouldn’t leave out Voeh. In fact, this platform is mainly focusing the streamers. Those who use their unique content consider Voeh as a very handy platform. It is absolutely true that Veoh is pretty different compared to the rest of the options.

However, this special platform is packed with a large range of videos of various types. For instance, it has videos of animated movies, tutorials, demonstrations, TV programs, sports, and pretty much anything.

Today, it is considered one of the most powerful YouTube competitors due to all those reasons. Since 2010, this platform has become a subsidiary of Qlipso. This platform is available as an app as well as a web-based service.

03 – Twitch


Twitch is another strong contender that comes with the assistance of Amazon. In fact, Twitch is a unique live video service that started offering its services back in 2011.

As of today, it has become a leading video-sharing platform. By 2014, Twitch gained a special spot claiming the 4th largest video streaming platform (in terms of user count).

Over the past period, Twitch introduced a considerable number of updates with innovation to make it a better experience. It has become a very reliable, popular platform because of that reason. As of today, Twitch is regarded as one of the most reliable video-sharing platforms.

04 – Swarmify


You should note that Swarmify is not among the conventional YouTube competitors. This platform even allows you to white-label and migrate the content from conventional options like YouTube. Therefore, this can be very useful for users who have a sizeable audience of viewers.

By doing it, the users can provide a branded experience for viewers. This platform comes with several easy ways you can automatically import your content from YouTube. It also supports Vimeo.

Thanks to Swarmify, you can experience an accelerated, distraction-free video experience on any website. No matter if you are an owner, an affiliate, or an agency, this specific platform is ideal for you.

05 – Dailymotion


This is another old contender to the game. Dailymotion was launched back in 2005, just like YouTube did. Well, this specific platform is French-based. This platform has delivered a powerful arena to various professionals.

For instance, artists, producers, and independent contributors can use this platform best. They are generous enough to offer a platform to share mixed content.

Well, Dailymotion is thriving in this highly competitive market, specifically due to the high level of compatibility. It supports 18 different languages throughout the world.

Also, it allows you to view videos in categories such as informational, educational, and engaging content.

06 – Metacafe


This is another powerful, efficient platform that has a very long history. In fact, Metacafe is one of those platforms that change the game of video streaming.

They are considered one of the pioneering companies specializing in short-form videos. It all started with some funny clips. They can make you laugh for sure, and they also come with very attractive titles.

Since 2003, they have offered videos pertaining to entertainment, music, and gaming. Basically, the videos in Metacafe are introduced in view of making your life joyful.

As of today, this platform is getting more than 40 million unique visitors every month. Despite the slight delay in introducing various languages, their appearance is admired by many.

07 – Instagram Reels


Instagram Reels is one of the latest entrants to the market video-sharing business. They were launched in 2018 and founded by Instagram itself. They are headquartered in California.

As you already know, Instagram is a well-liked social media app with more than 1 billion registered users. The launch of this streaming IGTV app took the industry by storm. Compared to other streaming websites, IGTV is pretty unique. That is particularly because the videos available here are made using smartphones in a long format.

08 – Youku


This is a pretty old platform that was launched back in 2006. Victor Koo founds it, and it is headquartered in Beijing. Many individuals call Youku to be the YouTube of China.

It is appreciated by plenty of users today and is mainly regarded as a streaming service. This can be a handy platform, specifically in areas where international social media is banned.

09 – Tubi


Compared to Youku, Tubi is a new platform. It was launched in 2014 by Farhad Massoudi and Thomas Ahn Hicks. Tubi is headquartered in San Francisco, California, US. This is regarded to be a very popular option, specifically in America. Users have a massive range of TV shows and movies on Tubi.

Tubi has collaborated with a large range of studios. It is linked with famous names like Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, and Paramount Pictures. You can also find the Tubi app for iOS devices, Roku, Android, and Amazon Fire.

10 – Netflix


Netflix could surely be among the most popular platforms ever introduced to the world of entertainment. It was launched in 1997 and was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. It is headquartered in Los Gatos, California, the US if you are looking for the best YouTube competitors.

Netflix is considered to be one of the best service providers for streaming services. This platform allows users to watch an endless number of movies. In addition to that, it streams award-winning TV shows, documentaries, etc.

For any user, Netflix can be considered a perfect application that lets you enjoy your favorite content. The best thing is that you can watch them without being bothered by any commercials.

11 – Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

This is another handy platform that was launched back in 2006. Amazon Inc. founded it, and it is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, US. Like YouTube, Amazon Prime Video can be considered a buffet of videos. It features original programs as well as TV shows.

Amazon Prime Video is an excellent option compared to the other competitors listed here. This is particularly handy for those who are looking for children’s programming and comedy.

That is specifically because of the feature called Viacom. Not only this, but users can also gain access to HBO’s back catalog.

12 – Hulu


This was launched in 2007, and Disney Company owns it. They are headquartered in Santa Monica, California, USA. You can consider this one of the best YouTube competitors in the entertainment world. Thanks to its high-quality premium service, Hulu is getting popular.

No matter whether you are traveling or sitting comfortably at home, Hulu is a perfect option. It can be accessed easily, regardless of where you are. You can access it through any major broadcast network within the US. Also, it provides immediate access to each show for its users.

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13. Apple TV +

Apple TV +

Apple TV + is among the latest contenders in this list, as it was launched in 2019. Apple Inc owns it, as you can easily assume. This is headquartered in Cupertino, California. They launched this Apple TV+ as a web video streaming service in Nov 2019.

As of today, its content can be found on Apple’s website. Also, you can access it through the Apple TV app as well. You can get it for a monthly fee of $4.99.

14. Sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV was launched in 2015, and it is headquartered in Meridian, Colorado, US. Currently, the president of Sling TV is Warren Schlichting. You can consider this platform as a replacement for cable.

That is a remarkably economical and reliable service compared to normal cable TV when it comes to streaming video. Their monthly fee is $25 a month. At that rate, they offer live TV channels.

15. Vudu


Vudu was founded by Alain Rossmann‎ and Tony Miranz back in 2004. They are based in California. Compared to Apple, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, etc.

Vudu is a pretty famous inline streaming service. This service allows clients to watch the best videos without getting a web subscription.

16. Disney+

Disney Plus

Launched in 2019 by Disney and headquartered in California, Disney+ is considered to be one of the best platforms. It gives you a collection of original shows and big-budget movies as well.

For instance, it shows movies from giants like Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, etc., and Disney. One of the most significant things about Disney+ is that it is offered at $6.99 monthly.

17. HBO Now


HBO Now was launched back in 2015 and founded by Warner Media. It is headquartered in NY City, US. Undoubtedly, this s a very serious competitor for YouTube.

This platform gives access to all HBO’s programs without subscribing to the cable. This can be one of the best deals for anyone keen on the newest TV shows.

18. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

Are you looking for the best anime and cheesy action movies? If so, Crackle is one of the best options for you. Sony Crackle platform is widely popular for its online programming, TV shows, etc., in addition to broadcasting movies.

They do it on a rotational basis. They offer powerful streaming content you would have already heard instead of something blockbuster, taking you back in time.

19. Apple Music

Apple Music

This was launched back in 2015 by Apple Inc. It is headquartered in Cupertino, California. Anyone can consider Apple Music to be one of the best YouTube competitors. The interface of this platform is expertly curated and personalized.

As a result, users have the ability to rent or buy numerous music and films from Apple Music. As a matter of fact, the interface of this platform is sleek and friendly. It allows users to enjoy music with ease.

20. Spotify


Spotify is yet another popular competitor for YouTube. This platform is designed to target young professionals as well as high-school students. They offer an exceptionally big collection of music.

21. TikTok


TikTok has taken the social media world by storm with its short-form video format and engaging editing tools. It offers a wide range of creative possibilities and attracts a predominantly young audience.

TikTok’s algorithm-driven content discovery ensures that users are constantly exposed to new and trending videos. While it may not offer the same long-form content as YouTube, TikTok’s addictive and shareable nature has made it a fierce competitor in the video-sharing space.

22. Facebook Watch

facebook watch

Facebook Watch is Facebook’s video platform that hosts a variety of content, including original shows, user-generated videos, and live broadcasts. It benefits from Facebook’s extensive user base and social networking features.

Facebook Watch allows creators to monetize their content through ad breaks and offers opportunities for cross-promotion through Facebook’s ecosystem. With its social integration, Facebook Watch provides a seamless video experience within the Facebook platform.


While YouTube remains the dominant force in the video-sharing industry, these YouTube competitors offer unique alternatives and specialized communities. Whether you’re a content creator or viewer, exploring these platforms can expand your video experience and connect you with like-minded individuals.

From artistic content on Vimeo to the immersive live streaming on Twitch or the short-form creativity of TikTok, each platform has its own charm and audience. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of these competitors allows you to make an informed choice based on your content preferences and goals.


  1. Are these YouTube competitors completely free to use?
    • Yes, all the mentioned platforms are free to use. However, some offer additional paid features or monetization options.
  2. Can I upload my existing YouTube videos to these platforms?
    • It depends on the platform. Some platforms allow content migration from YouTube, while others may have restrictions or require manual uploads.
  3. Which platform is best for monetizing my videos?
    • YouTube provides the most comprehensive monetization options. However, platforms like Dailymotion, Twitch, and Facebook Watch also offer monetization programs for content creators.
  4. Are these YouTube competitors available globally?
    • Yes, most of these platforms have a global presence and are accessible from various countries.
  5. Can I use multiple platforms simultaneously to reach a wider audience?
    • Absolutely! Many creators utilize multiple platforms to expand their reach and engage with different communities. However, it’s essential to tailor your content for each platform’s unique audience and features.

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