Best Solutions for Touch Screen Not Working On Samsung

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The touch screen not working on a Samsung device is an issue that is very common in these devices. It can be very frustrating to use a screen which keeps getting stuck regularly or if that device does not register your taps.

Nowadays, there is a lot of focus on touch screens and making phones with the most screen-to-body ratio. Hence if your display is not working, you cannot use your device.

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Why is Touch Screen Not Working On Samsung?

We all know how much our daily life is reliant on these digital machines, so getting the screen fixed is often our top priority. These problems can occur for various reasons; some include hardware or software issues, which are sometimes easily fixed and can be done independently. Sometimes the problem is too complex to solve yourself, and technical support is needed.

The first question is, if really, your screen is not working before we move on to any further checks or procedures, you need to see if your screen is working or not because then you might change your settings and disturb the required settings.

A simple check is to take off your screen protector and take a lint-free cloth, clean the screen of any dirt, dust, or water. Most of the time, moisture or dust is the main reason your screen is not responsive. After this, the other thing which we can do is restart our device.

Sometimes we do not think of doing the most straightforward task of fixing our devices. If your touch screen is not working on a Samsung and it is hung, the simplest way to fix it is by restarting it.

Most physical damages cannot be solved on your own. The only thing left to do when your display is physically damaged is to replace either your device or if you are on a budget, you need to have the display replaced. The display is often damaged permanently if you accidentally sit on it or if the device falls in the water or is dropped on the floor. These are some of the few most common situations.

The most frustrating thing is when you are very careful with your device and avoid all of the issues mentioned above but still fall prey to your unresponsive screen. Such a situation can be caused either by updating your device, which interferes with your default settings and makes your screen irresponsive towards your inputs.

We all use the internet and are unaware of the viruses that come with it. It is very common to get infectious applications that can cause our display to twitch and not work.

The problems mentioned above are usually the root cause of the touch screens not working on a Samsung device. The points all led to the issues which may have caused your precious devices not to work correctly. To solve your problems, we have solutions that will work perfectly and are very easy for anyone to perform; you need a laptop or desktop PC.

Fix 1: Hard Reboot Your Device to Fix the Touch Screen Not Working On Samsung

To first address the problem where you may have been able to fix your device by only restarting your device. Your screen is not working; how are you ever going to restart it? It should be the first question.

To answer this, there is a way to reboot your device with the power button and volume buttons. This is called a hard reboot and can be done by pressing and holding down the power and volume-down buttons at the same time for seven seconds. This will close all applications and restart your phone, and will surely fix any hanging display.

Hard Reboot to fix Touch Screen Not Working On Samsung

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Fix 2: Remove Moisture to Fix the Touch Screen Not Working On Samsung

There are times when a hard reboot does not fix it, and you have to take out your SIM card and the memory card from your device and then hard reboot it. This is a small detail but is often crucial to fixing your device.

Often your device may come in contact with water or moisture, which can damage your device temporarily. Most devices come with water protection and are IP67 or IP68 rated to keep out the water, but still, there are some ways you can adopt to dry your device.

One such way is to keep your device in a zipper bag with a lot of rice and leave it overnight. The rice will absorb any moisture, and your device will work.

Remove Moisture to fix Touch Screen Not Working On Samsung

Fix 3: Turn On the Device in Safe Mode

If hard rebooting your device or removing the moisture does not fix your touch screen not working on a Samsung, we can move on to other fixes. One such fix is turning on the device in safe mode and then deleting any application you feel may be causing the issue.

This mode is basically your device disabling any third-party application. Your android device will also start in safe mode to let you know about any troubling application or tell you that the device has encountered malware or an application error.

To activate a safe mood, all you have to do is press the power button and click on the restart option to reboot your device into safe mode. You can uninstall the app you think is causing the problem; once our device enters safe mode, your issue must be resolved.

Enter Safe mode to fix Touch Screen Not Working On Samsung

Fix 4: Reset Device to Default

If the safe mode has not helped you, do not worry, we have other solutions for you. Another thing you can do to get your screen working is reset your device to the default setting, which is also commonly known as the factory setting restore.

The main issue with this setting is that it will wipe all your data and all your applications stored on your mobile device. This is a tough decision, but nowadays, in all mobiles, Google keeps a backup of your data in the cloud only if you have marked the option to be allowed.

Anyways, this mode will bring your device to the same settings as when you first purchased it. It will remove any software update that you have done after purchasing your device.

If you are willing to erase all your data to have your phone screen working and have already backed up your data, keep in mind, if ever such an accident happens, then the process to factory reset and wipe off all the data on your device, reboot your device into the recovery mode by pressing Power or lock button, Home key, and Volume Up buttons, all three together for a few seconds and then choose from the available list of options, the Wipe data/Factory reset option.

This is a kind of proven method to solve all problems on your device. The only downfall is the data being removed.

Fix 5: ReiBoot for Android – Best Tool to Fix ‘Touch Screen Not Working On Samsung’

If the problem still exists, there is only one reason that there is some problem with the android system that your device is operating on. To solve this issue, we have very powerful software to help you, called ReiBoot for Android.

This software was specifically developed for the sole purpose of finding bugs and repairing them in your operating system. This lets you repair your device by allowing you to repair the very core of your system that, in turn, fixes all your issues regarding software.

  • Now the first thing is to download the software and then install it on your laptop or PC.

Get ReiBoot for Android

  • Now connect your device to your laptop and open the software. The window will show you different options, such as operating it in recovery mode or fast reboot it. Now you need to click the Repair Android system.
ReiBoot for Android
  • Then you will see a list of phones from which you can choose your device. This needs to be done very carefully as if you chose the wrong option, you will get your device bricked. Once you have chosen the right options and fill in the details about your device, you can select the button “Next.”
  • It will begin to download the required firmware and will surely fix your device. This is the easiest and simplest way to get your device fixed on your own.
Fix Touch Screen Not Working On Samsung with ReiBoot for Android

The Bottom Line

An Unresponsive screen is a problem no one wants to deal with. Many problems can cause it, and there are many solutions to each problem. The solution which will surely work if your touch screen is not working on Samsung is using the software ReiBoot for Android.

It can fix any problem related to your android device, and you can choose any android device from the list and fix the operating system on which your phone is running. The software is available for Windows 11/10/7/8.1/XP.

It is great software with a straightforward user interface and an easy installation method that anyone can operate. Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android is highly recommended, as it is one of the best system recovery programs.

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