Best Way to Fix ‘Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped’ Issue

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Samsung keyboard has stopped

The Samsung keyboard is the default input method on Galaxy phones. It offers useful features like glide typing, emoji prediction, and multilingual support.

However, many users encounter the frustrating “Unfortunately, Samsung Keyboard has stopped” error. This prevents you from typing messages, notes, and anything else on your phone.

Don’t worry – in most cases, you can easily get your Samsung keyboard working again. This guide will walk you through the top troubleshooting solutions.

What Causes the Samsung Keyboard to Stop Working?

Before diving into the fixes, let’s look at the possible reasons for the “Samsung Keyboard has stopped” error:

  • Software glitches – Like any app, the Samsung Keyboard is prone to freezing or crashing due to OS bugs. Rebooting your phone usually resolves temporary software issues.
  • App conflicts – Downloaded apps can sometimes conflict with the Samsung Keyboard and cause it to malfunction. Booting in Safe Mode identifies problem apps.
  • Keyboard app issues – Accumulated cache/data, outdated software, invalid settings, etc. can stop the keyboard from working properly.
  • System-level problems – Low storage, Android OS issues, firmware bugs also lead to keyboard failures.

Now let’s look at the step-by-step solutions to get your Samsung keyboard working again in different situations:

Fix 1: Restart Your Phone

Restarting your Galaxy phone is the first thing to try whenever you face app issues like the keyboard not working.

A simple reboot closes all running apps and reloads the Samsung Keyboard cleanly. This resolves any temporary glitches.

Restart Samsung Phone to Fix Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped Issue

To restart your Samsung Galaxy phone:

  • Press and hold the Power button on the side of the phone
  • Tap Power off on the screen
  • When the phone switches off, press the Power button again to turn it back on
  • Wait for the phone to reboot and open a typing app to check if the keyboard works

This basic reboot fixes the Samsung keyboard stopping issue in many cases. If that didn’t work, move on to the next methods.

Fix 2: Clear the Keyboard Cache and Data

Over time, cached data and app files build up for the Samsung Keyboard. Too much accumulated data can make the app unresponsive.

You can wipe the keyboard cache and data to give it a fresh start:

  • Open Settings and go to Apps
  • Tap on Samsung Keyboard in the apps list
  • Tap Storage & cache > Clear cache and Clear data buttons

Note: This removes your custom dictionary and resets keyboard settings.

After clearing cache/data, check if the keyboard works normally in your typing apps. If the issue persists, try more solutions.

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Fix 3: Update the Samsung Keyboard Software

Having an outdated version of the keyboard app can also cause it to malfunction or crash.

Go to Galaxy Store or Play Store to check for Samsung Keyboard updates:

  • Open Galaxy Store / Play Store app
  • Tap Menu > My apps & games
  • Look for pending updates for Samsung Keyboard
  • If available, tap Update to download the latest version

The update brings bug fixes and performance improvements. Installing it can resolve keyboard failures.

Fix 4: Switch to a Different Keyboard

If your Samsung keyboard remains unusable even after updating, try switching to a different keyboard app like Gboard.

Installing a keyboard like Gboard from Play Store gives you an alternative input method. You can set it as the default keyboard until Samsung Keyboard starts working normally.

language and input

To change your default keyboard:

  • Install Gboard from Play Store
  • Go to Settings > General management > Keyboard list and default
  • Tap Default keyboard and select Gboard

Now Gboard will replace Samsung Keyboard across the system. Check if it lets you type without issues.

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Fix 5: Boot Your Phone in Safe Mode

“Safe mode” is an Android troubleshooting mode that loads only the essential apps. This identifies potential conflicts caused by third-party apps.

If Samsung Keyboard fails in safe mode too, then the issue is with the keyboard itself or the system. But if it starts working, then another app on your phone is to blame.

To boot into safe mode:

  • Press and hold the Power button
  • Tap and hold Power off on the screen
  • Tap OK to restart in safe mode

Now open a typing app and check if Samsung Keyboard works. Then exit safe mode and uninstall any recently added apps.

Fix 6: Reset Your Samsung Keyboard Settings

Invalid keyboard settings like language preferences can also stop Samsung Keyboard from functioning.

You can reset the keyboard settings in two ways:

Via keyboard settings menu:

  • Launch Samsung Keyboard in landscape
  • Tap the Settings icon
  • Tap Reset to default settings
  • Select Reset keyboard settings

Via App settings:

  • Go to Settings > General management > Reset
  • Tap Reset keyboard settings
  • Confirm reset

After resetting the Samsung keyboard settings, check if it resolves the issue.

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Fix 7: Wipe the Keyboard App Data via Recovery Mode

For a clean slate, you can perform a deeper app data wipe in recovery mode:

  • Turn off your phone
  • Press and hold Power + Volume Up + Bixby keys
  • Release buttons when recovery screen appears
  • Use volume keys to select wipe cache partition
  • Press Power button to select it
  • Choose wipe data and cache options
  • Select Samsung Keyboard
  • Tap Yes to confirm wipe

This will completely reset the keyboard app without losing your other data. Try using the keyboard after the wipe.

Fix 8: Check for Software Updates

Installing the latest Android OS and Samsung firmware updates can also resolve keyboard problems caused by bugs.

To check for updates:

  • Open Settings and go to Software update
  • Tap Download and install to get the latest Android build
  • Also install new Samsung firmware via Settings > System updates

Software updates often include keyboard stability improvements. Upgrading can potentially fix the “Samsung Keyboard has stopped” error.

Fix 9: Reset Your Phone to Factory Settings

If all else fails, perform a factory reset as a last resort. This will erase all data and settings from the device.

Before resetting, backup important data. Then:

  • Open Settings and go to General management > Reset
  • Tap Factory data reset
  • Choose Reset and confirm
  • Set up the phone again after reset completes

The nuclear-level reset will give you a fresh OS, removing any problematic files that caused issues. Test if the Samsung keyboard works after factory reset.

Now that you’ve tried all the troubleshooting methods, your Samsung keyboard should start working normally again. If it still doesn’t open after factory reset, contact Samsung support for hardware inspection.

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Key Takeaways: Resolve Samsung Keyboard Stopped Error

  • Restart your Galaxy phone to refresh the keyboard
  • Clear cached data and update Samsung Keyboard
  • Switch to Gboard if the issue persists
  • Boot in safe mode to check for app conflicts
  • Reset keyboard settings to defaults
  • Factory reset the phone after backing up data
  • Contact Samsung support if all fixes fail

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Frequently Asked Questions about Samsung Keyboard Issues

Why does my Samsung Keyboard keep stopping?

The most common reasons are app cache buildup, software glitches, outdated app versions, system conflicts, and invalid keyboard settings.

How do I restart the Samsung Keyboard?

Go to Settings > Apps > Samsung Keyboard > Force stop. Then relaunch a typing app to restart it.

Will factory reset delete my data?

Yes, a factory reset will wipe all data and reset settings. So backup important files before resetting.

My keyboard types wrong characters randomly. How to fix?

Go to Settings > General management > Reset and select Reset keyboard settings to fix typing issues.

Can I use a Google keyboard on my Samsung?

Yes, install Gboard from Play Store. Go to Settings > General management > Default keyboard to set it as default.

How do I enable emojis on the Samsung Keyboard?

Tap Settings icon on keyboard > Features > Stickers and emojis and enable it.

The keyboard lags while typing fast. Any solutions?

Clear keyboard cache/data, close background apps, restart your phone, or check for OS updates.

Some letters don’t show up while typing on Samsung Keyboard. Why?

Go to Settings > General management > Reset and Reset keyboard settings.

How to customize Samsung Keyboard background?

Launch Samsung Keyboard in landscape > Settings icon > Theme > Backgrounds and select your desired background.

Can I get back deleted words from Samsung keyboard dictionary?

Unfortunately no. You need to re-add words to the personal dictionary.

I hope this detailed guide helps you permanently resolve the irritating “Samsung Keyboard has stopped” error on your Galaxy phone. Let me know if you have any other questions!


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