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OBS Encoding Overloaded

OBS has a reputation for being amazing at recording and streaming to sites like Twitch and YouTube, and like all video-capturing programs, it can be heavy on computer hardware.

The main role of OBS is to stream content to streaming platforms, but it is also very capable of acting as a simple screen recorder. All things considered, it’s not surprising that OBS encoding is overloaded to drive users crazy.

This isn’t a new problem that users face; it’s just one that most people don’t understand or know how to fix. If you fall into this group, then read on and find out the important details.

What is OBS Encoding?

Even with a powerful computer with the latest (and greatest) CPU and GPU, OBS notably impacts the computer’s performance.

Especially if you are streaming, this is something you’ll notice. It’s not just with OBS; most screen recorders and streaming tools use many computer resources.

Why does this happen? Every single frame of your display must be processed, encoded, and then saved or streamed. This applies to both video and audio capturing.

Your hardware constantly deals with this process while you use OBS, impacting the computer’s performance. Streaming is more resource-intensive because your processor has to process networking tasks too.

During the encoding process, OBS has to convert all of those frames and audio packets. If your hardware can’t process the recording fast enough, then this results in OBS encoding overloaded popping up.

What Causes OBS Encoding Overloaded?

So, that’s what encoding is in the context of OBS, but what are the main things that actually cause encoding overloads?

Insufficient Hardware.

Having a high-end computer is crucial for using OBS. Since OBS generally uses hardware encoding, and software encoding isn’t nearly as efficient, your computer hardware needs to be sufficiently decent.

Weak or Slow Network Connection.

If you’re using OBS to stream, then your internet connection needs to be strong, fast, and stable. Otherwise, OBS will not be able to stream properly, it’ll back up, and the encoding may halt.

Too Many Programs Open.

Even if you aren’t actively using a program, having it open still results in it using valuable resources. Make sure to close any programs you aren’t using when running OBS.

Wrong Settings.

Most of all, OBS encoding isn’t going to be effective without the correct configuration. There are so many settings, and even just one that isn’t set right can reduce the efficiency of OBS encoding.

Most of the time, users experience OBS encoding overloaded because they aren’t well-versed in computers. Simply put, they don’t fully understand what the OBS settings mean nor how to set them up. OBS is not an easy piece of software to use!

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Tips to Fix OBS Encoding Overloaded

Finding a resolution to encoding overloading isn’t a “one solution fixes all” matter. Since there are a handful of reasons for it occurring in the first place, there are even more solutions. Here are the best things to try.

  • Tip #1 – Reduce Output Resolution. By reducing the output resolution, OBS doesn’t have to encode as many pixels per frame. Adjust this setting by going to “Settings > Video > Output Resolution”.
  • Tip #2 – Ensure Your Computer is Kept Cool. A hot computer isn’t always a bad sign, but it does indicate that the hardware is being pushed to its limits. Ensure that proper cooling is in place to prevent overheating and avoid damaging your computer.
  • Tip #3 – Upgrade Your Computer. If you have an old laptop or your desktop isn’t up to date, consider upgrading. A newer laptop will do the trick; even updating a few computer components will be sufficient.
  • Tip #4 – Close Unnecessary Programs. As we said above, all programs use resources, whether active or not. Close anything that you aren’t using when OBS is recording.
  • Tip #5 – Reduce FPS Capture. Similar to reducing the output resolution, reducing the FPS means that OBS doesn’t have to encode as many frames. You will find this setting in “Settings > Video > FPS.”
  • Tip #6 – Try Out Different Settings. Simply messing around with the different OBS settings can also help. Reduce some video settings and see their impact, and experiment to see what settings work best.

Even if these tips don’t completely fix OBS encoding overloaded, at the very least, they will improve your encoding situation and ease your hardware’s load.

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Reducing Advanced Settings to Minimise Encoding Load

If you also notice poor video quality recording alongside video encoding problems, here is a solution you can try.

  • #1 – Open OBS and click the “Settings” button.
  • #2 – Select “Advanced,” and below “Video,” find “x264 CPU Preset”.
  • #3 – Click this drop-down menu and change it to “superfast.”
  • #4 – Similarly, click the “Encoding Profile” drop-down and change it to “Main.”
  • #5 – Locate and change the “Keyframe Interval” setting to “2”.
Reducing Advanced Settings to Minimise Encoding Load

After making these advanced setting changes, you should notice a few things. As well as recordings having better video quality, they should also be smoother than before.

Best OBS Alternative

Obviously, OBS is a very technical program, and OBS encoding overloaded is far from a rare encounter. It isn’t the only recording software available to you, though. Consider DemoCreator, a straightforward solution that has just as much as OBS to offer.


Let’s face it: as impressive as OBS is, it’s not an easy program to use. It is meant for experienced computer users who understand advanced details about video capturing. DemoCreator is the opposite; literally, anyone can start using it.

  • Record your screen, webcam, and audio simultaneously
  • Includes an editing studio for you to adjust recordings
  • Records videos from 15 FPS up to 120 FPS (Mac computers’ limit is 60 FPS)
  • Can export recordings in MP4 or MOV format
  • Capture your entire display or just a specific section when you record
  • Free to use (full version requires a purchase)

One key feature worth pointing out is the editing studio. As soon as you finish recording, you don’t have to worry about exporting and importing the video on a complicated video editing solution. DemoCreator supplies you with all of the basic editing tools you need.

Because DemoCreator is a lightweight video recorder, it’s unlikely you’ll face issues like OBS encoding overloaded. Even lower-end laptops should be able to record with it to an extent. In addition, here are the Fraps vs. OBS comparison FYI.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Why does OBS show an encoding overloaded message?

When OBS shows an encoding overloaded message, it means that your CPU or GPU is struggling to keep up with the encoding demands of the streaming software. This can happen if your system resources are limited or if your OBS settings are too demanding for your hardware.

Q2: Can I fix the OBS encoding overloaded issue without upgrading my hardware?

Yes, there are several steps you can take to address the OBS encoding overloaded issue without upgrading your hardware. Optimizing OBS settings, managing resource usage, updating drivers, and utilizing stream optimization tools can significantly improve performance.

Q3: Will using a wired internet connection help with encoding overloaded problems?

Using a wired internet connection can help reduce the risk of encoding overloaded problems by providing a more stable and reliable network connection. Wi-Fi connections can introduce latency and interference, which can impact the encoding process.

Q4: Should I simplify my stream setup to avoid encoding overload?

Simplifying your stream setup by reducing the number of sources, overlays, and effects can help alleviate encoding overload. By minimizing the encoding demands, you can achieve better performance and stability.

Q5: Is a dedicated streaming PC necessary to fix encoding overloaded issues?

While a dedicated streaming PC is not necessary for every streamer, it can be beneficial for those with complex and demanding streaming setups. A dedicated streaming PC offloads the encoding process, distributing the workload and improving overall performance.

To Conclude

Do you want to become a YouTuber or a Twitch streamer, but complicated issues like OBS encoding overloaded trap you? It’s a long journey, but success can be a reality with the right arsenal of properly configured tools.

Hopefully, by understanding what OBS encoding is, what causes it, and how to resolve it, you can get the most out of OBS.

On the other hand, if your computer isn’t powerful enough, you should look elsewhere towards DemoCreator. As an easier recording program to use, and less resource-intensive, it is definitely ideal for beginners!


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