Fraps vs. OBS – What is the Best Gameplay Recorder?

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Are you looking for a comparison of Fraps vs. OBS? Here’s the ideal review you were looking for.

Many gaming enthusiasts want to compare these two options when it comes to gameplay recording.

So, which is the best option you can use to accomplish a better recording of gameplay? Let’s find it out.

Part 1: Fraps vs. OBS – Introduction to Dxtory

In this Fraps vs. OBS comparison, let’s take a look at the characteristics of Dxtory first. Dxtory is considered one of the most popular tools to capture gameplay. This is particularly used for OpenGL and DirectX applications.

However, this application is compatible only with Windows OS. As of this writing, Dxtory has not released a version for macOS. That is exactly why many macOS users are looking for an alternative to Dxtory.

Ability to Capture

When it comes to capturing screens, Dxtory has the ability to capture high-speed videos as well. In addition, it comes with a highly advanced version so you can record high-quality videos.

Because of the highest quality it produces, the recorded files are considerably large compared to low-quality recordings.

Output format (audio, video, and screenshots)

To make it a more comprehensive experience, Dxtory offers six audio outputs with different codecs. However, the default video output format of this application is AVI.

However, if you want, you can use RawCap to capture streaming videos. In the context of screenshots, Dxtory lets you capture images in different formats, including PNG, BMP, JPEG, etc.

Extra features

To add more value to this application, you will find customization options before capturing the gameplay. That means it allows you to change the settings before capturing videos, screenshots, and audio.

In addition to that, this tool comprises various other useful tools. For instance, it gives you the opportunity to adjust the framerate of the videos up to 120FPS. In addition, this tool lets you adjust the video, images, and audio quality in the manual method.

Fraps vs. OBS – Introduction to Dxtory

Part 2: Fraps vs. OBS – Introduction to Fraps

Now, in this section of our Fraps vs. OBS review, let’s take a look at the features of Fraps. Just like the previous option (Dxtory), Fraps too can capture gameplay streaming videos in DirectX and OpenGL formats.

However, one downside associated with Fraps is that it hasn’t received an update since 2013.

Because of that, Fraps might not be able to perform like other high-end screen-capturing applications. So, there are many individuals who want to use an alternative instead of Fraps.

Ability to capture

Fraps is a tool developed for the Windows platform. It lets you adjust parameters like screen size and FPS to make the recording better. But, as mentioned before, Fraps doesn’t come with updated features.

Output format (audio, video, and screenshots)

Just like with many other tools, the default output format of Fraps is AVI. And the other important thing is that Fraps doesn’t allow other video formats. That means Fraps offer you only one option when it comes to saving recorded videos.

In addition to that, Fraps doesn’t allow you to change the audio formats as well. However, when it comes to images (screenshots), you can export them in JPEG, BMP, TGA, or even PNG.

Extra features

This application offers a couple of hotkeys as well to start video recording during gameplay. Then, the respective video will be saved in the predefined folder.

Fraps vs. OBS – Introduction to Fraps

Part 3: Fraps vs. OBS – Introduction to OBS

Now, we have come to the point of comparing Fraps vs. OBS. In fact, OBS is the shortened form for Open Broadcast Software.

It gives you the option of upgrading to OBS Studio as well. It will work as a freeware screen recorder app with an open-source license if you don’t.

It is true that the user interface of this program is not the friendliest one for novices. However, it still gives you a chance to record videos without paying any fee on your PC.

Click here for more OBS alternatives.

Ability to Capture

As we discussed earlier, you can use it as a screen recorder without upgrading to the OBS Studio version.

Output Format (audio, video, and screenshots)

Well, when it comes to output formats, OBS allows you to record videos in various options. For instance, it supports FLV, MOV, MP4, MKV, etc. When it comes to audio, it allows you to save in MP3 or AAC formats.

Extra Features

Once the recording is done, this tool allows you to share your captured files through video-sharing platforms.

For example, it gives you the option of exporting videos to YouTube as well. Moreover, you can use it to stream the respective video as a custom FFmpeg as well.

Fraps vs. OBS – Introduction to OBS

Part 4: A Comparison of Fraps vs. OBS vs. Dxtory

Now that we have explained about three different options. Let’s take a look at the comparison table. Such a table will help you minimize the confusion you might have.

Level of CompatibilityGoodBelow-par – because it lacks recent updatesGood
Supported Output formatsIt gives you the option of customizing the output format for both audio and image formats. But it has AVI as the default format for video files.It doesn’t give any option to change output formats for video and audio formats.Supports different file formats for audio and video files.
Amount of CPU usageHeavily dependent on the system’s graphics card.  Very low usageVery low usage
Compatible Operating systemWindows OSWindows OSCross-platform compatible, excluding Windows XP.
Overall PerformanceIt can output recorded videos with excellent quality. The file size is large because of the higher video quality.Higher performance with lower CPU usage.Smooth recording of videos and audio.

As you might see, there are some shortcomings associated with all of the above methods. You can notice it very easily after comparing Fraps vs. OBS. That is exactly why many are looking for alternatives.

When it comes to alternatives, there are plenty of options to consider. However, choosing a good alternative is another challenge. But in the final part of our article, we reveal the best alternatives to these tools we have reviewed.

Part 5: What is the best screen recorder for novice users?

We have two options to mention as the best screen recorder tools. Mentioned below are those two options you can consider and record gameplays with ease.

01. DemoCreator – the best screen recording tool

Aren’t you satisfied with the performance and the features of the recorders we have reviewed? If that’s the case, the best option is DemoCreator. This is a superb application that offers plenty of options with a great user-friendly interface.

It is compatible with a large range of video and audio file formats. Adding more value to this application, it comes with plenty of recording options as well. Also, it has various editing tools. You can use its import feature, and it supports more than 50 different file formats.

So, compared to all the other tools in this Fraps vs. OBS review, DemoCreator stands ahead.

One of the most noticeable benefits of DemoCreator is that it is ideal for recording fast-paced games. That is specifically because of its ability to record videos at up to 120 FPS speed.

Basically, DemoCreator is a high-end tool that gives you the option of recording superb gameplay with excellent quality. If you are a gamer or a professional, DemoCreator could be the best.

Features of DemoCreator

  • It has an exceptionally friendly user interface which is convenient even for a total novice.
  • It is packed with plenty of features.
  • Be compatible with all the widely used file formats for videos and audio.  
  • A powerful, efficient algorithm that makes your recording faster.
  • Can record videos up to 120FPS quality.
  • Can record even fast-paced games.
  • This application is so versatile, and it can record your desktop screen, webcam, along with voiceover at once.
  • You can use it to edit recorded video clips very quickly using a large range of professional-grade tools.
  • It comes with a large range of templates and various effects.
  • You can export recorded videos in formats such as MP4, MKV, MOV, GIF, and so on.
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So, all of the above features prove the efficiency and power of DemoCreator. You can use this tool to accomplish professional tasks without any trouble.

02. Apeaksoft Screen Recorder

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder is another decent tool that can use in place of Frap or OBS. It comes with very powerful screen recording options, and you can use it to record gameplay easily. The interface of this app is very simple, so you can use it even if you are a novice.

Mentioned below are some of the features related to this software.

  • Can record online streaming videos. Also, it is ideal for recording gameplay, videos, webcams, etc., with excellent quality.
  • You can use it to capture sound with excellent quality using the system’s audio or microphone.  
  • Ability to use hotkeys and capture video and audio easily.
  • It comes with excellent editing tools that can help you customize the settings even during the recording.
  • Compatible with many formats when it comes to exporting.
Apeaksoft Screen Recorder

So, that’s our Fraps vs. OBS comparison, and they have some downsides which you don’t like. As you can see, there’re better alternatives to those screen recorders, so you can expect better results with them.

In addition to that, if you know of other tools in this category, please let us know.