Shotcut vs. Openshot – Which Is The Better One?

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A comparison between Openshot vs. Shotcut is often required by many of our readers. To fulfill their requirement, we have created this article with the information we found during our research.

So, go ahead and read this Shotcut vs. Openshot comparison.

Openshot vs. Shotcut 

The trends related to content on the internet have evolved. So, those who deal with content should know about the latest trends on content.

As per the latest trends, there is a massive demand for content created using video. Well, this trend is likely to stay in for a long time. The truth is that it has already overtaken all the other marketing tactics in the world of content.

In order to stay with the trend, you are supposed to create attractive, engaging, and persuasive videos.

To accomplish such a task, you are supposed to have good video editing software tools. Openshot and ShotCut are two good options you can consider.

Both of these applications come with unique characteristics. Some individuals want to know which one is the better of the two options. If you are in that group, it is better to read an unbiased comparison between Openshot vs. Shotcut.

The good news is that both Openshot and ShotCut are free applications. So, if you don’t want to invest some money in your video editing tasks, these options are great. However, knowing their abilities will give you a better idea about them.

When you pick up any video editing, you are supposed to check its compatibility too. That means you should check if it is compatible with your PC.

With that said, we will explain everything related to this matter in the following paragraph. So, go ahead and read our Shotcut vs. Openshot comparison.

Shotcut vs. Openshot | Openshot


Openshot is designed to be compatible with platforms like Mac and Linux apart from Windows. Well, if you are looking for a convenient and quick method to edit videos, Openshot is an ideal choice. You can rely on this free yet professional application to perform tasks like resizing, scaling, rotating, trimming, etc. That is in addition to its ability to mix audio.

This open-source application even offers some 3D animation tools. It can add effects like flying text, snow, lens flare, etc., to the frames that are captured. In addition to that, it has a chroma key function as well. So, in this Openshot vs. Shotcut comparison, we appreciate its overall function.

The software package comes as a 130MB file. In fact, it is two times larger than Shotcut. However, this is not a massive size when it comes to video editing applications. Also, it offers a large range of elements and effects. For instance, it has more than 400 transition effects, over 40 vector title templates, and so on.

Another advantage associated with Openshot is that it is compatible with all the popular video formats. That means it can save output videos in many different formats like HEVC 4K, AVI, H.264, and so on.

However, when you handle large projects with Openshot, it tends to crash regularly, and that’s a shame. Well, that can be the most annoying drawback one might experience with this application.

However, if you intend to edit some videos for the purpose of uploading to social media, Openshot is great.

Benefits of Openshot

Mentioned below are the benefits you can expect by using Openshot as your video editor.

  • It has a large range of transitions that can make your videos so beautiful.
  • Support a large range of audio editing options to bring a better quality.
  • It has a friendly user interface, and it allows users to access the features with ease.
  • Let you view the videos from a common window.
  • There are more than 40 vector title templates you can use


  • It does experience some lagging and crashing cases whenever you handle a large project.
  • There are no quick solutions to fix the issues you might face, so you have to wait.
  • It doesn’t use GPU acceleration well when it comes to video editing and decoding.
  • There are no readymade presets that are applicable to videos you make for social media.
  • There is no flexibility experienced when it comes to finetuning the videos that are captured.

Shotcut vs. Openshot | ShotCut


The other entry we intend to review in this Openshot vs. Shotcut comparison is ShotCut. If you expect a better output quality with 4K quality, ShotCut can be the best option. On the other hand, it is perfectly compatible with a large range of file formats.

It allows users to perform various tasks, including mixing and matching framerates. You can even decide the resolution of the projects.

In this Shotcut vs. Openshot review, we should mention that this application has plenty of audio editing options. Thanks to the multiple video tracks and plenty of effects, you will be able to do pretty much anything.  

This tool allows you to add glamour to your videos and doing video composition as well. You can insert creative transitions along with the color correction option. You can even add 360-degree filters to those videos and revamp the playback speed if required. And you can even keyframe objects and perform various other tasks.

It has a native timeline ending. As a result, it makes video importing a redundant task. It is possible to try pretty much everything, including splicing, locking tracks, editing multiple tracks, etc. The interface of this application is so sleek and intuitive.

So, in this Openshot vs. Shotcut review, we should give equal respect to this application as well. But some would suggest that it stands ahead of its counterpart in terms of stability.

Benefits of ShotCut

  • The interface of this application is incredibly easy, and it features friendly navigation.
  • It is compatible with a large range of file formats.
  • You can modify its source code (it is an open-source application) to add better security measures.  
  • It has a very impressive collection of video and audio effects. You can combine them and build perfect video products with eye-catching effects.
  • It is possible to add a keyframe for the paraments of your video filters.


  • You will experience some errors like Shotcut.exe when you edit video files with it.
  • It doesn’t have plenty of transitions to make slideshows and montages for movies.
  • Not enough support when it comes to SRT and SUB files.

Openshot vs. Shotcut Comparison

To give you a clearer idea about this Openshot vs. Shotcut comparison, we have created the below table.

OS CompatibilityWorks with Windows, Linux, and macOSWorks with Windows, Linux, and macOS
Hardware accelerationSupportive at the experimental levelOpenGL through Movit, WebGL through WebVfx
Cutting, Splitting, Merging, and RotatingYesYes
Transition effect presetsYesNo
Video StabilizationDoesn’t supportSupports
Webcam/Audio capturingNot compatibleCompatible
Plenty of audio filtersNot availableAvailable
360-degree video filters and 3D effectsNot compatibleCompatible
SnapshotNot compatibleCompatible
Instant share featureNot availableAvailable
Compatible with HD/4K resolutionCompatibleNot compatible

Why Video Content is So Important

Before we go to the Openshot vs. Shotcut comparison, let’s get to know why video content is so important.

In fact, video content marketing is the process of branding video content to maximize a specific online profile. You can publish videos through various platforms, including YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, and so on.

Also they can be published through social media as well. Apart from that, video content is widely used for webinars, tutorials, lessons, and demonstrations. If you handle it well, video can work in a very powerful manner to spread your message.

Also, video content often gets viral, and people tend to watch a video rather than reading lengthy paragraph. Also, video content work on B2C and B2B content marketing strategies.

The best thing about video content marketing is that there are newer tools to create awesome videos. There is a large number of options, and marketers tend to use them in every possible way these days. If you choose the right kind of video editing tool, you don’t have to hire professionals to edit videos. Instead, you can do it alone as a DIY task.

Video content becomes incredibly handy when explaining a product in a simple manner. More than 95% of marketers suggest that video content delivers more understanding and awareness to their client base. You already know that customers only buy your product if they really understand it.

Also, video content is exciting to watch compared to reading some lengthy paragraphs or pages. People love to share video content that comprises enjoyable, fresh, and unique content on social media. So, as a marketer, you can leverage this behavior and market your product through videos.

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Q1: Can I use Shotcut and Openshot on my Mac computer?

A1: Yes, both Shotcut and Openshot are compatible with macOS.

Q2: Do Shotcut and Openshot support 4K video editing?

A2: Yes, Shotcut and Openshot both support 4K video editing.

Q3: Are there any limitations in the free versions of Shotcut and Openshot?

A3: No, both Shotcut and Openshot offer their full range of features in their free versions.

Q4: Can I import and export videos in various file formats with Shotcut and Openshot?

A4: Yes, both Shotcut and Openshot support a wide range of video formats for import and export.

Q5: Are there any mobile versions of Shotcut and Openshot available?

A5: Currently, there are no official mobile versions of Shotcut and Openshot available.


Now that we have explained the most important details in our Openshot vs. Shotcut review, let’s wind it up. It is true that both Openshot and ShotCut are exceptionally convenient platforms for editing videos.

However, they do not provide the necessary support for GPU acceleration. That is exactly why they produce 4K videos with noticeable quality loss.

At the time of writing this Shotcut vs. Openshot review, OpenGL was only available with ShotCut. We hope that it will be introduced to Openshot as well.

The truth, however, is that both of those applications are suitable for your regular video editing tasks. They are necessarily free applications, and you don’t have to pay anything to try them out.

They allow you to split, merge, cut, crop and add some effects to your videos. There is a possibility to add or remove background effects. Also, they offer some audio editing options.

If you want to remove background noise, such as wind, you can use one of these apps. Since they support different file formats, you can add files that are recorded through different devices.

What you should know is that these video editing applications are ideal for beginners. If you take a look at the features, you can realize that they lack some professional performance.

So, in this Shotcut vs. Openshot review, we should mention that fact as well. If you want professional output, you should use a paid application that comes with professional features.


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