The vMix Review & The Best vMix Alternative in 2023

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The world of online entertainment is constantly expanding in all directions, and tools like vMix make streaming online extremely easy.

Many such tools are available on the web that has proved to be very useful for streaming video as well as audio content for user entertainment.

The software vMix has the unique feature of streaming live content online. This article will review the streaming software for you so that you become able to make the best use of it.

We will also be suggesting some vMix alternatives that will work for you just right in case nothing else does. So let’s get started.

What is vMix?


This tool is software that supports live streaming and is very popular among users worldwide. The interface is very interactive and comes with a lot of amazing features. The tool is the best for beginners to operate.

This is made possible due to the system control features that are in-built into the software, managing most of the functions by itself. Thus this makes the app easy to use.

If you think of the features of this tool, it can be said that most of them are similar to the ones of Wirecast. They can be easily accessed, and the functions can be easily performed. Let’s take a look at some of its features.

Important features of the vMix tool:

  • The users can insert the inputs taken from various types of sources that include cameras, HDMI, USB, and SDI.
  • It supports a large number of file formats, including AVI, MP4, WMV, H.264, etc. It also allows users to take sound inputs from any type of source, like soundtracks, audio mixers, DeckLink, etc.
  • The functionality of the tool that supports video delaying can also be used to edit live videos. This makes the uploader able to edit the live videos before they are streamed to the viewers.
  • Another very important thing to note about this tool is that it allows users to perform a variety of functions at the same time. They can now stream, record, and gather outputs all at once. The tool comes with a lot of templates that are customizable and suit the need of all users.
  • The web interface of the tools runs on touch screen mode. This is extremely useful for the users as they can make editing touches on the go on their handheld devices like iPads, Surface Pro, etc.
  • The tool comes with a package of live video effects. They help the user to edit the videos with crop, zoom, rotate, pan, de-interlace, sharpen, and color-correct features.

What are the best vMix alternatives?

Several alternative online streaming tools work fine with both the Windows as well as Mac operating software. Here is a list of the six best alternative tools to vMix:

#1 vMix Alternative: Wirecast – runs on Windows and Mac

Wirecast was launched by the company Telestream. The software has a lot of interesting features woven into an interactive and simple user interface. The best thing about it is that the user can install it immediately without needing to follow any tutorial or setting up guidelines.

Other than acting as a streaming site, it also gives a production environment feel with the demo features, which allows the user to review the features before using them. Wirecast studio comes for $500, while the professional version charges $1000.

Some of its features are:

  • The user interface is intuitive yet simple.
  • It comes with an exhaustive set of parameters to enable encoding.
  • The user can fully customize the coding as per their liking.
  • The inputs can be sourced from various places like cameras, desktops, video picture files, or any attached iOS device.
  • For each different level of resolution, there are individual stream settings.
  • The streaming options are numerous and can be easily connected to platforms like YouTube, Wowza, etc.
  • The professional version has even more advanced features.
vmix alternatives - Wirecast

#2 vMix Alternative: OBS – runs on Windows/Mac/Linux

OBS is also known as Open Broadcaster Studio. It is open-source and free software that provides a huge range of features to its users.

The streaming ability is as easy as Wirecast’s. It has many classic functions ranging from video encoding to streaming with very high-quality results.

The production interface of this tool is the highest-rated one. However, it requires the users to spend much time doing the basic settings of the app. Some of its features are:

  • The tool is a package of amazing functions that comes for free.
  • It performs the best of streaming, and encoding videos is also easy.
  • You can record perfect videos on this app.
  • It helps the users to create interactive live videos by managing and incorporating many layers of audio and videos into it.
  • The inputs can be taken from a variety of sources and processed together.
  • You can also stream the videos over popular channels like YouTube and social networking sites like Facebook etc.

For more OBS alternatives, just click to read more.

vmix alternatives - OBS

#3 vMix Alternative: VIDBlaster – runs on Windows

VIDBlaster 1.0 version was launched recently by Combitech. It has all the unique functions that will meet all your editing needs and gives the feeling of an advanced tool for video production.

It is only compatible with Windows OS and supports recording, streaming, production, and broadcasting of videos. And it is most preferred by people for broadcast, corporate, and web productions due to its compatibility with most systems like NTSC, Pal, and HD.

Its features are:

  • It allows integration with systems like Windows Microsoft Media server and Adobe encoder for live flash media.
  • The tool has three versions: home, pro, and studio. All these versions possess a lot of unique features.
  • The switcher function is the unique attraction of the studio version of VIDBlaster.
  • This tool goes the best in compatibility with websites like Ustream, Stickam,, etc.
vmix alternatives - VIDBlaster

#4: Mimolive – runs on Mac

Mimolive allows its users to connect many cameras to their Mac devices at the same time. This can be done to simplify the processing of the videos. The final videos can be transferred to many types of platforms.

All the popular file formats are supported, and the videos can be easily edited with advanced functions like scaling, rotating, frame rate adaption, cropping, and keying.

The videos can be streamed live on various platforms like Facebook, YouTube NGINX, Wowza,, and similar RTMP platforms.

The features of this tool like these:

  • You can save the files on the disc for future reference.
  • It has a lot of improved features that can be accessed easily.
  • The tool can process a lot of inputs as well as outputs together.
  • The data can be processed swiftly with results highly customizable.
vmix alternatives - Mimolive

#5: Camtwist Studio – runs on Mac

CamTwist Studio is only compatible with the Mac OS but gives a great performance. It comes with a plethora of effects that can be edited into videos with the help of advanced filters.

The features of this software prove very beneficial to professionals. The user interface is carefully designed with several advanced and impressive features.

The tool has five windows inside it, each one of which contains a unique set of information. There are toolbars in every window set, which are very simple to use.

Some of the features of this tool are:

  • The vMix Alternative software has a lot of buttons that are very easily usable. They enable the user with easy access to most of the advanced functions in just a single click.
  • There are many special effects in the package which can be used to make the Video chats on the webcam more interesting.
Camtwist Studio

#6: XSplit Broadcaster – runs on Windows

Xsplit Broadcaster tool provides so many things to the users on one platform. Just a single click of the mouse brings to you the best of an intuitive interface with so many functions. You can create graphics as well as process a variety of inputs without much hassle.

The users can also enhance the streaming performance by just activating the Twitch alerts over the platform. The tasks of video production and live streaming get much easy due to the easy drag-drop functions, and they can be saved in any file format that you may want.

Some of its features are:

  • The beginners find the user interface of the vMix Alternative tool very attractive.
  • The users can edit multiple files in very less time with the help of the drag-drop function.
  • The tools support all the file formats, and the professional ones are a hit.
  • The users can access the green screen effect with much ease.
Xsplit broadcaster

So with this article, we aim to tell you all the necessary information about the vMix streaming tool that is surely going to be the best option for all your video production requirements.

In case it doesn’t work for you, then you may use any of the vMix alternatives that we listed here. Try this software, and don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section.