AutoCrit Review – The Ideal Option for Self-Editing

If you are a writer, the assistance of a book editor would be priceless. If you perform a little bit of research, you can end up with a long list of book editors.

However, only some of those tools can do what you expect, and AutoCrit is one of those prominent options. Well, this review elaborates all the critical information about AutoCrit, so you know if it can do the job.

One of the most advantageous features associated with AutoCrit is that it comes as a web-based tool. That means you don’t have to download any app and install it on your computer.

If you have access to an internet connection and a device (a computer or a smartphone), that’s good enough. The tasks you perform with AutoCrit will be saved in the account you create.

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Who can make use of AutoCrit?

If truth to be told, AutoCrit is not an option for everybody. For some individuals, that might not be the best option, but for some, that would be the best tool.

Well, who should use this tool? Who can make use of it? In fact, fiction writers and those who are involved in long-form manuscript edits will appreciate this tool.

The editing functionality of AutoCrit

Regardless of the genre, AutoCrit can help you to enhance your writing and finetune the manuscript. However, in most cases, AutoCrit is more suitable for fiction writers. Still, it can be used by professional article writers as well.

If you select the genre, you will be able to customize the results depending on the book’s type. You can choose it in 7 styles as well. After selecting the genre, the smart algorithm of AutoCrit will perform an analysis of the copy. Then, it will provide feedback as well.

This tool offers reports on the writing as well. With the feedback of AutoCrit, you will get step-by-step advice to make your writing better. It will span various areas to do a proper revision.

This is a much better approach, therefore, compared to a standard grammar checking tool. The thesaurus tool included in the menu bar can be used to view the alternatives to words used already.

Interface of AutoCrit

Once you have signed up for a free trial, you will be directed to its interface. The user interface of this web-based software is a decent one. However, when it is opened in a MacBook, some options tend to lose.


When you are in the advanced reports section, you can find the areas that need improvement. When you are in the reports section, however, you will have to run the main summary once again. That is because the reports option doesn’t show a way to go back.


In the ‘Summary Reports’ section under the editing tool, you can find the Fingerprint option. If you get a higher score in this section, that indicates a better copy. In other words, you have fewer errors.


This tap offers you some advice about pacing. It shows the number of slow-paced paragraphs as well as a percentage.


The pacing doesn’t require a lengthy explanation. It actually gives an insight into the pacing of your copy.

Sentence variation

In general, writers use both longer and shorter sentences. So, any document can be a combination of longer and shorter sentences. But, having a tool to analyze the length of the sentences is just handy.

In general, a regular sentence is supposed to have about 25 words. If it is a little less, it is better. This tool, it suggests that longer sentences aren’t that clear. However, too abrupt sentences aren’t good either.

There is another important suggestion made by this tool. It suggests that if you have same-length sentences together, the reader will find it annoying. As a writer, you may already know that having variations in sentences is great for a better appearance.


Dialog Tags

This is another great tool. That is mainly because this feature allows you to determine the commonly used dialog tags. In addition to that, it shows the less common dialog tags as well in the copy. In fact, this tool works like a variation of a thesaurus.

Nevertheless, some of the dialog tags this tool suggests are not as appropriate as it suggests. But, again, since it indicates the words that are too common, you will find it pretty handy.

Adverbs in Dialogue

Well, some seasoned writers strongly suggest that usage of adverbs is not a characteristic of great writers. In other words, they say that great writers hardly use adverbs. Well, the same thing is strongly suggested by AutoCrit as well.

However, in our opinion, using adverbs is a personal choice of the writer but not a professional choice. We have noticed that some of the individuals specifically ask writers to limit the number of adverbs in copies. If you are a writer in such a situation, this is just a great option. After all, this tool will help create an adverb-free copy.

Strong Writing

This is a pretty long category. Therefore, it can be an uphill task to take a look at everything at once. But, at a glance, this tool is pretty handy. In the same section, you get the adverbs matter once again. As we believe, this can be a drawback because the same feature is repeatedly used.

Passive Voice Indicator

Well, many writers simply ignore this aspect. If you have gotten used to using a considerable amount of passive voice, this tool can correct it.

But be aware that this tool doesn’t notify you about all the passive voice instances in the document. Instead, it shows the passive voice indicators. Those are the words that actually accompany a passive voice. However, as we believe, this tool can also make your sentences too bulky.

Showing Vs. Telling

To be frank, for us, this tool is not the greatest in the lot. Some of the indicators included in this section are too general. For instance, it says you have used ‘this number’ of ‘it.’ The purpose of this is to say that you do more telling instead of showing.

However, the best thing about this tool is that it gives you a broad view of the manuscript. If you have used that you have used excessive amounts, you may opt to change those too-many areas. But, still, individual word counts hardly become handy.

Unnecessary Filler Words

This is a great tool that can be really handy for any online writer. It is true that there are various other tools to find this ‘mistake.’ However, having it included in AutoCrit is handy. No matter whether you are writing a description of a blog, this tool can be handy. With the help of this tool, you will be able to create a ‘pleasantly readable’ copy for your readers.


When you use this tool, you will see that it goes through your copy and highlight the clichés used. With many of these suggestions, you may not agree. Some of the clichés it displays aren’t clichés.

Tense Consistency

Many writers can use the tense Consistency tool in various instances. In fact, inconsistency is considered to be an issue associated with various writers. No matter whether you are an amateur or a professional, this issue can be pretty bothersome.

AutoCrit Tense Consistency Editor

This is a tool developed with a good idea that helps you achieve better consistency in writing. However, the problem is that it has terrible execution. They highlight tenses in colors that are not distinguishable at once.

Namely, they come in Red (for past tense), Orange (for present tense), and Green (for future tense). When you tend to find the changes in the tenses, you will find it pretty tiresome. What we can say is that it is a good concept, but it doesn’t feature a very user-friendly experience.

We are not too sure if there are other tools to find the differences between the tenses. But, for sure, AutoCrit Tense Consistency Editor is not a good option to consider.

Word Choice

There can be several tools placed within this category. Most of these tools are pretty similar to each other. So, we intend only to mention them without spending much time.

Initial Pronoun and Names

Sentence Starters

Generic Descriptions

Personal Words and Phrases

Point of View Consistency

Word Frequency

Well, we should first mention that we don’t actually prefer this type of idea. This tool limits uncommon or difficult words so it can hinder your personal style of writing. If you like to get restricted with that type of approach, this is a handy tool. If you are looking for a tool to count word frequency, there are several other dedicated tools for that.

Repeated Uncommon Words

This is another feature we don’t really appreciate. In fact, limiting the choice of the words of the writers is not that good. It can often hinder their flow of writing.

As long as you are ok with the uncommon words and your idea is explained through them, that’s fine. This is more of another tool that counts the frequency of the words. In a nutshell, we don’t really believe this tool to be an efficient one.

Phrase Frequency

This is pretty similar to the cliché tool. We honestly believe that both Phrase Frequency and clichés tools should be together in some logical manner.

Repeated Phrases

This is another unwanted addition to AutoCrit. We don’t see a requirement of two tools to determine Phrase Frequency and Repeated Phrases. After all, there are no differences between those two concepts.

The price of AutoCrit

Now that we had a long look at the features associated with AutoCrit. Let’s see what it cost. Thankfully, AutoCrit offers a one-week trial period. The best thing is that you don’t have to provide your credit card information to get this trial. The respective trial period offers you various useful features.

In order to sign up for a free trial, you should enter your name as well as an email. Then, you will be able to see a page that asks you to check the email. It can take a little while for the email to reach your inbox, and we have experienced it too.

Well, that leaves us in a doubtful situation about the efficiency of their customer service. If an email takes such a long period to reach our inbox, how fast the customer service team will react? In fact, we didn’t bother calling or emailing their customer care team.

At the end of the free trial, you will be able to go for a paid plan. This plan costs $29.97 per month as of this writing. Honestly, this is rather a high price for a tool that offers only some useful suggestions.

Bottom Line

If you are a novice writer who is still developing your writing skills, AutoCrit can be useful. It directly addresses some basic aspects of your writing. However, you must keep an eye on some of the features as they can disrupt the free flow of writing.

After all, writing comprises plenty of personal choices. As long as your writing explains your idea clearly, and is pleasant to the reader, you are good. But it is always better to have a tool to finetune your writing and help you a little bit.

What we say is that you shouldn’t depend solely on any of the writing tools available in the market. Writing should be done with a human touch and for humans. Still, an automated tool cannot really understand human emotions perfectly. But we hope for the best.

What we want to tell you is that AutoCrit is a good tool that can do a decent job. If you really want to use this tool, just consider its reports as suggestions. Go through those reports and absorb what is actually necessary instead of changing your writing style completely.



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