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What is Optimizilla? Full HD displays have become a minimum standard, whereas cheap smartphones also feature at least 5MP cameras.

However, it becomes impossible to remember how much image size matters on the web. When making a website, it is important to consider the bandwidth. 

A high-resolution, large image may not affect modern broadband connections. However, stuffing the site with premium-quality assets could turn your browsing experience into an actual drag. Additionally, users have to bear bloated hosting charges.

Webmasters are not the ones who have to deal with big images. When you try to email photos to others, your entire email size may be a problem if you need to mail 20 snaps.

That’s why online image optimizers are the best for uploading, sharing, or hosting images. 

Here, let’s tell you about some of the best image optimizers, such as Optimizilla, with an offline bonus feature, which helps when your internet buzzes off.

So, let’s get started with our amazing list without further ado!

Best Online Image Optimizers

1. Optimizilla

Optimizilla receives instant attractiveness points for the cute mascot. However, this image optimizer even offers a well-balanced approach to optimization. In addition, users could queue up over 20 images at a time. Optimizilla even features a very strong interface.

The image optimizer lets users set separate quality levels for images. They can simply adjust this level with the help of a slider. Also, they can preview the subsequent image compared to the original one.


This means that users do not need to download the resulting file repeatedly until they are satisfied with the image quality. By default, they get a 23% reduction in the image size for JPG (70KB).

The JPG size is lesser than Kraken and bigger than Compressor. The image quality of Optimizilla is far better than Compressor and comparable to Kraken.


Here, the PNG gets reduced to 64% and is nearly vague as the authentic ones. If you want to use this amazing image optimizer, you can do so by visiting imagecompressor.com.

PS: If you want to know how to flip an image in Photoshop, just read more.

2. Image Test Setup

Before you dwell deeper into every image compressor, we like to set up how we carried out the test. It is not expanse or scientific; it is a series of compressions through diverse compression engines.

We employed a PNG image and a JPG to show the difference file formats make in compression.

In some cases, users can compress their images better if they save them using different formats. JPG images are great for pictures of actual places, people, things, and more. On the other hand, PNG images are perfect for text, icons, Windows screenshots on desktops, and others.

Sometimes you can compress your image a lot better if you save it using a different format, and JPG images are best suited for images of “real” people, places, things, etc.

3. Kraken.io

The best characteristic of Kraken.io is that it offers an excuse to scream “release the Kraken!” whenever you use this image optimizer. Apart from this, it features the quickest solution you can easily use.

With Kraken.io, users enjoy several premium tiers of this product, which differ mainly by how many gigabytes they can process every month.

Its free web interface does not enable you to resize pictures or use its Pro features. It is an easy drag-and-drop program that users can figure out in a few minutes.


The best part about Kraken.io is that users can queue several files simultaneously for fast batch processing. Users can import images from Dropbox or Google Drive with a single click.

When carried out the test, Kraken.io reduced the JPG image size by around 15% (78 KB) and the PNG image by around 61% (10 KB).


When optimized with Kraken, there is a loss in quality. However, the image looks pretty amazing. Its website would be streamlined due to its optimization. The image quality of the compressed PNG is nearly identical to the authentic one.

That’s why you will love the PNG format because of the ability to be profoundly compressed without any loss in quality. One can download this image optimizer at the kraken.io website.

4. Compressor.io

Compressor.io offers severe file size reduction, which goes to about 90 % in several cases. While most pictures would not get this kind of performance. This image optimizer is a perfect option for users who prefer complete file size instead of fine image details.

The interface of Compressor.io is simple to use and attractive. It turns out to be an amazing feature if you like to save a picture directly to Dropbox or Drive without downloading the same to the system. The only drawback of this program is that it processes one image at a time.


With the help of Compressor.io, one can reduce the file size by up to 28% for the JPG picture (66 KB). For PNG images, the size could reduce by around 67 % to about 8 KB.

This is all that this Compressor can do. Regarding image quality, Compressor.io adds a significant range of noise to the picture.

Thus, it is a good file size having less quality. Users must try their images on different websites to find the perfect one which strikes a perfect balance between image quality and substantial size reduction.

Its PNG image looks exactly like the one you get from Kraken. One can download this tool at Compressor.io.


5. ImageSmaller

Optimizilla alternative - ImageSmaller

Like Optimizilla, this is another great online image optimizer. ImageSmaller delivers pretty decent results. However, this compression program is restricted to processing a single image simultaneously.

If you try out this compression program, you will find a good 54% reduction in image size, having a decent range of quality loss for the JPG. These images still work if you want to post them online or for other casual purposes.

However, there is so much noise for using them in other ways. Also, the PNG was reduced by around 65% and derived the same results as others.


While these image compression tools need a working, stable internet connection, that is not always possible. However, the great idea is to employ a backup as an offline application or under situations that feature online optimization a bit less than ideal.

Perhaps you require processing more images or do not like to upload several images due to privacy reasons.

So, it is best to choose the Radical Image Optimization tool or RIOT for whatever reason users need to employ an offline tool. This free software could perform it all, and it is pretty simple.


RIOT features an amazing automatic suggestion mode. Here, you just need to drag the file in, which will suggest a good compression level.

With the help of its automatic setting, users receive about a 28% reduction in the image size of 66 KB. Compared to Optimizilla, the size is greater, and the noise level remains high.


Another amazing thing about this compression tool is that it features a batch converter mode. Thus, users could queue up many images as the system could handle them and then leave them to do the rest.

Hence, this compression program enjoys an advantage over other online solutions. To download this image compressor, you must access the luci.criosweb.ro/riot/ website.

7. ImageRecycle


This image compression tool can compress PNG, PDF, JPEG, and GIF files with great results. The drag-and-drop interface of this application lets users drag images from the system to this optimizer for a simple workflow.

ImageRecycle even provides website analysis for free. When users request analysis, the compression tool provides a free report designed to help you understand which files on the site will benefit from optimization to improve your site’s performance.

This image compression program features the WordPress plugin, Joomla Extension, Magento Extension, and the Shopify application. If users employ one of these sites, they can employ the extensions of ImageRecycle to compress their images in place of navigating to a different site.

With this image compressor, users get access to its 15-day free trial having a 100 MB limit. After that, they can select to buy a paid subscription, which includes 1GB for $10, 3GB for $50, and 10GB for $50.

8. CompressNow

Optimizilla alternative - CompressNow

CompressNow is another great optimization program allowing users to upload files in bulk. Here, you just have to upload your GIF, PNG, and JPEG files from the system and set the compression percentage. After this, download these files to use them on your website.

Users can even drag and drop images up to 10 at a time. However, unlike CompressNow and Optimizilla, this tool applies a single optimization level to all photos you upload. If all these photos need the same compression level, CompressNow will do the job for you in a faster and easy manner.

9. Trimage

Optimizilla alternative - Trimage

This application is perfect for Linux users when removing metadata and EXIF from images. Also, Trimage compresses your PNG and JPEG files to the highest compression level possible.

So, other options like Optimizilla will be better for your computer if you are a PC or Mac user. This image compression tool is only suited for Linux systems.

10. TinyPNG (Best Alternative to Optimizilla)

Optimizilla alternative - Tiny PNG

Just like Optimizilla, this image compression tool features a simple, nice interface. TinyPNG enables users to run about 20 images at one time. This application even comes with an ‘Export to Dropbox’ option.

So, if you do not like to go with Optimizilla for any reason, then TinyPNG will do the job for you. Its bulk upload feature makes it a great option.

11. Gift of Speed

Gift Of Speed

Another great option than Optimizilla on our list is the Gift of Speed. This image compression tool provides separate JPG and PNG compressors. It comes with a bulk upload feature for PNG. However, users do not get to enjoy this amazing feature of the JPG compressor.


So, with these incredible image optimization programs, you will get your site to load faster or save space on the web server. It even helps you to send manageable email pictures to family and friends.

So, these are some of the amazing image optimization tools that will make your images more palatable. If you want the best results, it is better to go with the best program, Optimizilla. Now, download Optimizilla and enjoy it!