How to Unlock LG Phone If You Forgot Password

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We all forget our passwords from time to time – it’s human nature. Sometimes it’s a result of recently changing it; other times, your passcode simply might not work.

Fortunately, there are plenty of different solutions for learning how to unlock the LG phone if you forget the password. We’ll be walking you through the most efficient methods so that you can regain access to your LG phone with ease.

The most effective solution that stands out is with 4uKey for Android. Not only will this program effectively remove the lock screen of your Android device, but it will retain all of the personal data that you have stored on it. Some of the key features of this tool are:

Note: If your Android smartphone is not supported by 4uKey for Android, we recommend you try iToolab UnlockGo (Android), which supports almost all Android devices, from Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Google, LG to Oppo, Huawei on Android 2.3 – Android 9.0.

And it is also very easy to use and provides specific fixes for your smartphone, with an over 98% success rate.

It should go without saying that this is the solution that we recommend if you want to find out how to unlock your LG phone if you forgot the password.

Method 1. How to Unlock LG Phone With Forgot Password via 4uKey for Android

If you forgot your password on your LG, Huawei, Samsung, or even Android smartphones and wish to find a professional and efficient way to fix this problem, then Tenorshare 4uKey for Android should be your best choice.

4uKey is an amazing tool to remove passwords, patterns, and pins from any LG or Android phone with just simple steps. And 4uKey well supports all types of Android phones from various different manufacturers.

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Please Find Below a Simple Guide to Unlocking LG Phone With Forgot Password.

First, please download and launch Tenorshare 4uKey on your computer. Then connect your LG phone to it. After that, 4uKey will detect your phone automatically.

Secondly, please click the option of ‘Remove Screen Lock’ below.

Click on the button ‘Start,’ and then you will find below pop-up information; just click the ‘Yes’ button if you are sure.

This process will take a moment; you can hang around for a while.

After the process is completed, you will find you have not locked on your device anymore. 4uKey for Android has fixed your problem already.

How to Unlock LG Phone Forgot Password with 4uKey for Android

For Samsung users, click to find out when you forgot your Samsung Galaxy password.

Method 2. Unlock LG Phone with Android Device Manager

Another one of the most efficient ways to unlock an LG phone if you forget the password is with Google. You can learn how to unlock your LG phone using Google if you have linked your Google account with the phone.

Android Device Manager is very easy to use, and with a little-known feature, we can unlock your LG phone.

#1 – Go to the Android Device Manager website on your computer. Log in using the same Google account linked to your LG phone.

How to Unlock LG Phone Forgot Password with Android Device Manager

#2 – Select your LG phone and from the list of options that are listed, click “Lock.”

#3 – Using the popup box, enter a new password to be used for your lock screen. Click “Lock” to proceed.

#4 – Lastly, take your LG phone; if you enter the new lock screen password, it should unlock.

Instead of losing your personal data by factory resetting, you can use the Android Device Manager. This is a unique tool offered by Google and has a lot of helpful uses.

Method 3. Unlock LG Phone with Google Login

With older versions of Android, it was possible to unlock a device using your Google account.

After a certain number of wrong entries, you’ll be presented with the choice to use your Google account. Some people may feel as though this is more secure, given that Google accounts are very safe.

However, this is an outdated method that can only be used if Android version 4.4 or earlier is installed. If you’re one of the few people with this version, here’s how to unlock it.

#1 – Attempt to enter your passcode five or more times. Do this until you are shown two buttons at the bottom of the display.

#2 – From these two buttons, “Emergency call” and “Forgot pattern?”, tap on the latter.

How to Unlock LG Phone Forgot Password with Google Login

#3 – A new menu will now be shown on your screen. Enter the email address and password of the Google account linked to your LG phone.

#4 – Lastly, tap on “Sign in,” once your credentials are verified, the device will be unlocked.

Unfortunately, this feature was removed from Android. You can clearly see how effective it is to unlock the LG phone’s forgotten passwords.

That being said, there have been a lot of requests to bring it back in the future, so here’s hoping!

Method 4. Factory Reset Your LG Phone

At this stage in trying to unlock your LG phone, you’re probably getting frustrated. You should consider a factory reset if you don’t have any sentimental or important data on your phone. Your device will be restored to a factory state with a factory reset.

The only issue is that most people are familiar with the generic factory reset method. But, considering you can’t access the “Settings” app, we have to take a different approach.

Follow the Steps Below to Factory Reset Your LG Phone when You’ve Forgotten the Passcode.

#1 – Start by putting your LG device into Recovery Mode. If you aren’t sure how to do this, we will provide a short explanation at the bottom of this guide.

#2 – After you’ve successfully entered Recovery Mode, use the volume keys to navigate. Press the “Volume Down” key and choose the “wipe data/factory reset” option.

#3 – A popup will likely be shown on your screen, making you aware that your data will be wiped. Agree to this, and the factory reset will now begin.

#4 – The factory reset should only take a few minutes. Once complete, you’ll be taken back to the Recovery Mode menu.

#5 – This time, select the “reboot system now” option from the menu.

How to Unlock LG Phone Forgot Password via Factory Reset

#6 – Your LG phone will now restart, and once it’s loaded, the lock screen will be removed.

As We Mentioned Above, a Recovery Mode is Required for This Solution. To Enter Recovery Mode, Follow the Steps Below.

#1 – Turn off your device and wait a few seconds.

#2 – Hold the “Power” and “Volume Down” keys simultaneously until the LG logo appears.

#3 – Release both buttons for a few seconds when the logo appears.

#4 – After 2-3 seconds, hold down the “Power” and “Volume Down” keys again. This time, the Recovery Mode menu should appear.

Of course, if you have personal data on your LG phone, then this will wipe it. But if you’re looking at how to unlock your LG phone’s forgotten password and you just want to get access to your phone again, this will do the trick.

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Method 5. Unlock LG Phone with SD Card

The final method that we’re going to be explaining is a bit more complicated. Even though your personal data will be retained, you must follow each of our steps very precisely.

Now, before we jump right in, here’s what you need to know. First, an SD card is required for this, and your computer must have an SD card port.

Alternatively, if you have an OTG cable, you can use a flash drive instead – both work fine.

After Gathering Each of These Things, Follow the Steps Below.

#1 – Insert the SD card (or memory stick) on your computer and open the file directory.

#2 – Using a web browser, download the “Pattern Password Disable” files from here.

#3 – The files will be downloaded in a single ZIP file. Simply drag this file onto the SD card or memory stick, then remove the storage device from your computer.

#4 – Insert the SD card into your LG phone and turn off the device.

#5 – When turning the phone back on, follow the steps we showed you in the previous method to enter “Recovery Mode.”

#6 – Once the TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) menu appears, tap on “Install.”

#7 – Locate the Pattern Password Disable file we previously transferred and install it as instructed.

#8 – After a few minutes, your phone will be restored, and the lock screen will be removed.

One thing to note is that the lock screen may still appear when rebooting. If this is the case, you can enter a random passcode, bypassing the lock screen.

To Conclude

It doesn’t have to be frustrating when you forget your password. Understandably, it can be an upsetting experience. However, with the help of this guide, you can get entry once again without too much hassle.

Knowing how to unlock an LG phone is a handy skill, and if you choose 4uKey, you can apply this skill to any other Android device.

We recommend using either Tenorshare 4uKey for Android or Android Device Manager. Both of these solutions keep your data safe without any risk of data loss.

Furthermore, they’re both easy to follow and don’t include overly technical aspects. Whatever the reason that your password is being denied, this guide will help you out.