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Controlling the time equals controlling the pacing of the GIF. Whether you want to make it faster or slow down GIF, it is upon you. Not all GIFs share the same message, which we can agree with, but not all have the same pace.

In some GIFs, you just want to get to the message faster, so the audience will be amused faster and move on to the next GIF on the line. If you make the GIF slower, you want the audience to wait for the punchline.

This will build up quite a lot of suspense for 3-5 second GIFs. Many animators are looking for GIF speed changer tools to help them slow down GIFs and speed up GIFs.

If the GIF fails to deliver the pace, then the audience will move on to other stuff, and they will close the GIF. That is why tools like GIF speed changes are necessary to keep the target audience engaged with the GIF and the content you provide daily.

That doesn’t mean you have to slow down GIF to get the whole message in a much slower tone. This will make the viewer lose interest in the GIF and close the GIF or move on to the other.

In this fast-paced life, viewers have less attention to things they see on the internet. If a GIF fails to deliver the message in the right tone and at the right time, then the page that posted the GIF will suffer.

Luckily there are plenty of GIF speed changer apps that you can use to slow down GIFs and speed up GIFs to your style. So the GIF would actually deliver the message at the perfect time without getting rid of the necessary detail of the GIF.

Part 1. How to Use the Best GIF Speed Changer to Slow Down GIF & Speed Up GIF

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#1 – EZGIF

EZGIF is only a GIF speed changer, but it has many features that make EZGIF a perfect workstation for crafting GIFs, images, videos, and much more. Here you can create images, GIFs, and videos from scratch and work on them to make them better.

You will also have the option to add effects and do plenty of productive stuff to the GIFs. Don’t worry; you don’t have to sign up for a subscription plan to slow down GIFs or speed up GIFs on this website, as you can do all these free of cost.

How to use EZGIF to Slow Down GIF & Speed Up GIFs?

  • You need to browse a GIF to edit. Just hit browse, select image, and then get to the file upload box. Here you have to select the proper GIF file if you want to add the effects of the slow-down GIF and speed-up GIF.
  • Once you are done with uploading the GIF to the site, the second step is where you will make many changes to the GIF. You will see the change speed option at the bottom of the page, just right below the GIF.
  • The third step is where you preview the output GIF. If you are satisfied, then save the GIF.

The one downside of EZGIF is that you have to sit through plenty of ads, as they will be a lot in the background.

#2 – Image Online

Here you will not only get a GIF speed changer tool to speed up GIFs and slow down GIFs, but you will also get the option to convert your image to a different format and the option to resize the GIFs.

And one of the best things about Image Online is that you don’t have to deal with unnecessary ads on the page. Making GIFs and adding enhancements to them or converting them to a different format is easier here.

You will also have access to various tools, such as image filter, image converter, graph creator, image encryption, and many more, to keep you busy with your editing process.

How to use Image Online to Slow Down GIF & Speed Up GIF?

  • Upload your photo.
Image Online
  • Then you will see the change Delay and Change speed option. Click on them to delay the time of the animation and slow them down.
Image Online
  • After that, just hit Download.
Image Online

That’s it!

The downside of this app being sometimes, the output product will be less visible and not clear as you want them to be. Sometimes you will have a problem with the GIF being shown on the screen, as you have to reload or go through the same process over again.


Suppose you want your GIF speed changer tool to have video editing and manipulation. Then KAPWING is the site you need to make that happen faster and in an efficient way.

The website features an interactive interface on the main page and comes with a lot of templates that you can choose to make the GIF better. Make KAPWING your choice if you want more seamless video editing software.

How to use Kapwig to Slow Down GIF & Speed Up GIF

  • Simply just upload the video by copying the HTM5 video URL of the file, making sure the URL is not a GIF URL.
  • Then select the speed and go to the Change video speed on the left panel to slow down GIF and speed up GIF.
  • After that, just hit download.

The app also has a downside; KAPWING doesn’t let you edit GIF files immediately. You need to convert the GIF files first if you want the files to go through the editing process.

If you don’t want a watermark of the website logo on your GIF, then you need to create an account first. Only after that will you be able to see no watermark of the website on the GIFs.

#4 – ImageOptim


If you want to do your GIF editing on an apple mac. Then ImageOptim is the app you will need to make that happen. This software uses a compression algorithm that automatically reduces the size of the GIFs and JPG to 80% of their original size.

If your GIF has too many color profiles, then this GIF speed changer will help achieve smaller size files and images.

The best thing about ImageOptim is that you don’t have to deal with a website interface, as you would have an app to give you a much clearer picture.

The only thing you have to do is to download an image and drag the file, and star speeds up GIFs and slows down the GIF process. All the features will be listed on the menu. You would have no trouble finding them, as the interface is quite interactive.

#5 – RIOT


RIOT, or as it stands for Radical Image Optimization Tool, will give you a lot of features over the GIFs that you can use to optimize the image. And one of the coolest things about RIOT is the dual view interface.

This allows the viewers to see both sides of the coin after a look and a before look at the picture.

So the editor will get a real-time perspective on the GIF that they are making. There is no need to save the file and see the changes they have made to the GIF.

#6 – FILEminimizer Pictures

FILEminimizer Pictures

For Windows users, Fileminimizer Pictures brings you four different compression ways for your GIFs. All of them will help you find the perfect balance in the image quality, and it will help save plenty of the size of the GIFs.

Once you are done with the GIFs, you can straight-up upload the GIFs to Facebook. This is where most people post their GIFs, and it gets watched by billions of people.

So if you are looking for your GIF speed changer tool to have a share button and all the necessary features, look no further than FILEminimizer pictures.

#7 – Convertio


Here we have another GIF speed changer tool that does the job perfectly. And it supports quite a wide variety of formats. The best feature of Convertio is the converter option, as the name of the site implies. Here you can convert GIF files to mp4 and many other formats.

The website’s interface is nice looking, with all the things you need to do with the website right at the front. All these features make Convertio one of the best GIF speed changes in the market.

And an all-in-one solution for people looking for more features rather than just Speed up GIFs and slow down GIFs.

Part 2. How to Slow Down GIF & Speed Up GIF via Wondershare Uniconvertor

One of the best ways to deal with GIFs is by using the Uniconverter GIF speed changer tool by Wondershare. You must have heard about the company Wondershare if you have ever used the video editing tool Filmora.

The brand is well known for providing easier-to-learn software without complicating the process for the newcomer.

When it comes to Wondershare software, all of them would be very beginner-friendly. Anybody can pick up the software and start using it without going through a thick manual of instructions first.

Wondershare UniConverter provides all of the features you would get in a common GIF speed changer, but everything will be done much faster and more efficiently. The output product would meet your demand and quality.

That is why Wondershare always had a consistent foothold in the market; they pay attention to these little things as much as possible. UniConverter Supports all the major formats; the user interface is the best as you would expect from a Wondershare product. If you plan to create a VR environment, then you can do that with Uniconverter.

Here you will get a variety of tools for video treatment, such as an editor, filters, watermarks, subtitles, compressor, and many more to be worth the value of the app. If you want to record videos on your screen or webcam, you can certainly do that with Uniconvertor.

Now you know all the functions you will get with the app. Let’s look at how you will use this GIF speed changer to speed up GIFs and slow down GIFs to your settings.

How to use Wondershare Uniconverter?

  • First thing first, you need to download the app. You can download it on both Mac and Windows. Once you are done downloading the app, open the app.
  • You have to click on the ‘Add files,’ then select the GIF you want to put in the editing process. If you don’t see any GIF files or video files, select ‘All Files’ in the drop-down menu.
Wondershare Uniconvertor
  • Once you choose the perfect file for editing, here you need to hit convert the files to format as you see fit.
Wondershare Uniconvertor
  • On the main windows of Uniconverter, click on the toolbox and click on “GIF Maker.” Make sure that the Video to GIF tab is selected before you head on to the next step.
Wondershare Uniconvertor
  • Here you can ‘Add Files,’ then on the right side, you will see all the information about the GIF. Change the frame rate to slow down GIF or speed up GIF.
Wondershare Uniconvertor
  • That’s it! You are done!

Tips and Tricks for Creating Captivating GIFs

To help you create GIFs that captivate your audience, here are some valuable tips and tricks:

Utilize the Power of Looping

By setting your GIF to loop seamlessly, you can create mesmerizing and hypnotic effects that engage viewers.

Experiment with Different Speeds

Don’t be afraid to try different speed variations to find the perfect balance for your desired effect.

Add Text and Effects

Enhance your GIFs by overlaying text, captions, or effects to provide additional context or emphasize certain elements.

Optimize File Size

Compressing your GIFs without compromising quality is crucial for smooth loading and easy sharing across various platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I change the speed of an existing GIF without affecting its quality?
    • Yes, the recommended GIF speed changer tools allow you to adjust the speed while maintaining the original quality.
  2. Are the listed GIF speed changer tools compatible with both Windows and macOS?
    • Yes, most of the recommended tools are compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems.
  3. Can I share the modified GIFs directly from these speed changer tools?
    • Absolutely! The tools provide easy sharing options to instantly share your modified GIFs on social media platforms or via email.
  4. Is it possible to create slow-motion GIFs using these speed changer tools?
    • Yes, you can slow down the speed of a GIF to create a mesmerizing slow-motion effect.
  5. Are the recommended tools free to use?
    • All the listed tools offer free versions, but some also provide premium features and plans for more advanced editing options.


GIF speed changers can be a real game-changer for GIF creators. The ability to speed up GIF, and slow down GIFs, is one of the most demanding features that everybody expects from the GIF speed changer tool. These functions are basic.

To perfectly execute the GIF and execute the message delivered at the right time, you will need the best GIF speed changer application. This list has all the GIF speed changer tools from the whole internet.

Just pick the one that suits you the best instead of going with the one with many features.


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