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Video Repair on mac

If you would like to figure out the best solution for video repair on Mac, this article is just for you.

With the emergence of multiple audio and video file formats, it can be a little puzzling to differentiate between different formats and choose which one to use.

When you are a Mac user, MP4 and MOV are the two file formats that are most widely used, and most of the files you use or download are available in these two formats that can be used interchangeably in an Apple-based system.

Whichever video format you use, there is always a chance that it may get corrupted and you are unable to play it.

In this article, we’ll help you understand different file formats, the reasons for the corruption of these formats, and ways to repair Mac videos.

Basic Multimedia File Formats

MOV is a container-type format developed by Apple to be used on QuickTime players both in Windows and Macintosh-based environments. MOV files usually use MPEG-4 for compression.

And the MOV file type processes audio, videos, texts, graphics, animations, and virtual reality and can also be used to store and synchronize all these types of media.

MOV files are generally heavier in size as compared to MP4 files, as they are usually stored in high definition/high quality.

MP4 file is also a container-type format developed by the International IEC standard. MP4 is an abbreviation of MPEG-4, and it is a high-end version of the MOV format that can be used with many multimedia players and can also be played on USB drives and mobile devices.

And MP4 processes and stores audio, video, graphics, and subtitles. The file size and quality of mp4 are much better than MOV.

Causes for inaccessible or corrupt Videos

MP4, MOV, and other audio/video file formats can get corrupted due to multiple reasons: We’ll look into these one by one.

  • When converting from one file format to another, there is a possibility that the conversion may not be done properly, and the video file may get corrupted.
  • When transferring or editing the video files, if there is a sudden system shutdown or failure due to any reason, the file may get corrupted, and Mac video repair may be required.
  • Along with other files, video files are also susceptible to damage when your computer or storage device containing the data gets attacked by a virus or malware.
  • When there is a sudden battery failure of the power outage, and your computer shuts down as a result of that, it also leads to the corruption of files.
  • When you are downloading the videos and the download remains incomplete due to any reason such as an internet connection problem or file server not responding, then your vie file may get damaged.
  • If your system hard drive is damaged in some sectors, it may also cause the files in that sector to get corrupted.

Video Repair for Mac Program

Many software solutions are available in the market and online that are used to repair videos for Mac.

1. Repairit Video Repair for Macintosh:

Repairit video repair for Mac is a tool designed to scan for corrupt MP4, 4V, F4V, and MOV files on your Mac system and repair them using simple steps.

It can cater to damaged files due to multiple issues, such as file corruption due to compression, file conversion format change, read or write errors, and virus attacks.

This software can fix all types of MP4 and MOV files and can easily do video repairs for Mac with original content.

This is an advanced tool that can also fix the following issues with video repair for Mac.

  • Incorrect data
  • Resolve abnormal playback video with video/audio synchronization issues
  • Delayed audio
  • Image quality during video playback
  • The video freezes, but the audio continues to play in the background
  • Play only audio in a video file or vice versa
  • Change image interlacing from interlaced to de-interlaced.
  • To correct header corruption in video files, movement of the video, and the sound playback of video files.
  • Fixes errors in video frames of video slider movement

Step-wise procedure using Repairit for Mac:

Follow the below-mentioned step-wise guide to repair damaged or corrupt audio/video files in MP4, MOV, M4A, and M4V formats. This guide is only for users having problems with video repair on Mac.

You need to follow the below simple steps to do video repair on Mac.

  • 1. Launch Repairit
  • 2. Add Damaged Video
  • 3. Repair Video
  • 4. Preview the Repaired video
  • 5. Add a sample video
  • 6. Save Video

1. Launch Repairit:

To initiate the process of video repair on a Mac, go to the Repairit website and download the “Mac video repair tool” on your Mac system and launch it. Double-click on the “Repairit icon” on the Mac desktop.

2. Add Damaged Video:

Please select one or multiple damaged files and drag & drop them in the software’s user interface.

Add VIdeos to Repairit

3. Repair Video

After adding the videos, click on the next step i.e., Repair Video. Video repair on Mac will take some time. Once the process is completed, a window will pop up, showing that the video repair process has been completed. Click ok when completed.

Scan Videos on Mac

4. Preview the repaired video

Repairit Video repair tool can complete the process of repair in a short time. After you are done, it allows you to preview all formats of the videos to validate that the repair has been done accurately. You will need to click on a small triangle with the play button to preview the video.

Repairit , a video repair tool, offers an in-depth preview before saving it for you in your desired location. Preview the contents of the video beforehand to envisage how the video will look after repairing the video for Mac.

Recoverit video repair

5. Add Sample Video

If you do not get the desired result using the normal procedure, go to the “advanced Video Repair” mode offered by Repairit. The Advanced Video repair mode contains a sample video to analyze the data for this video repair. The sample video should have the same device source and same video format as your damaged videos to successfully process the video repair on Mac.

repair video on mac with Repairit

6. Save Video

Once all the above steps have been completed, please select all the repaired MOV, MP4 or M4V video files and save them to any destination of your choice.

save videos path mac

After the videos have been saved, a confirmation message pops up that contains a link to the location of the saved video file for you.

Using the above steps, you can repair the videos on Mac that have been damaged or corrupted due to any reason.

Beside, learn more about how to play MOV on Windows.

2. Stellar Video Repair for Mac:

Stellar video repair is another software that can be used to repair corrupt, broken, or inaccessible videos with errors on your Mac system. Just like other software, it can fix the files that got damaged during conversion, transfer, shooting, or editing.

Stellar video Repair has some impact on your pockets as you have to pay some charges for their different plans like standard, premium, and technician for $49.99, $69.99, and $99.99 respectively.

The following are main features of Stellar video repair for Mac:

  • It repairs sputtering, wavering, bumpy, and other problems with your video
  • It uses the sample files feature to repair extremely corrupt videos.
  • You can preview the repaired video before having it saved.
  • It can repair videos shot from DSLR, digital cameras, drone footage, android phones, iPhones, and iPads. Just transfer the files to your computer and start with the easy process.
  • It can simultaneously fix multiple videos.

Following step-wise procedure can be followed to repair videos for Mac using Stellar Video Repair.

1. Download and Install Stellar video repair on your Mac system.

2. From the Mac desktop, launch Stellar Video Repair.

Stellar video repair

3. Click on the “Add File” option to add the damaged, broken, or corrupt files that you want to repair.

Add Videos to Stellar video repair

4. Once you have added the files, click on “Repair.” The repairing process may take some time, depending upon the number of files to be repaired and their file sizes.

preview video file repair
Repairing Videos using Stellar

5. Once the repair process is completed, click on the “Save” option to save the repaired videos to your desired directory by clicking on the Browse button.

Repair Video on mac with Stellar video repair

Using the above simple steps, you can easily repair videos for Mac and make the corrupt, damaged, or broken video files function again.


  1. Can I repair videos on a Mac without using third-party software?
    • While manual methods exist, using third-party video repair software is generally more effective for Mac users.
  2. Will repairing my video files cause further damage to them?
    • No, video repair tools are designed to fix the existing issues in the files without causing additional damage.
  3. How long does the video repair process typically take?
    • The duration of the video repair process can vary depending on factors such as file size, complexity of corruption, and the software being used.
  4. Can video repair tools handle all types of video formats?
    • Most video repair tools support a wide range of popular video formats, but it’s important to check the software’s compatibility with the specific format of your corrupted video files.
  5. Is it possible to recover deleted videos using video repair software?
    • No, video repair software is primarily designed to fix corruption issues in existing video files and may not be capable of recovering deleted videos. It’s advisable to rely on data recovery software for that purpose.


In a nutshell, damaged or corrupt video files used to be a cause of headaches for some people in the past but not anymore. Using the software mentioned above, you can easily repair videos for Mac in all possible formats.

We recommend using Repairit Video Repair as a first choice as it has all the wonderful features to help you with video repair for Mac.


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