Ways to Prevent Cross-Site Tracking on Browsers and Phones


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Prevent Cross-Site Tracking

Is it possible to prevent cross-site tracking on your phone? Yes, it is. Cross-site tracing or CST refers to network security defenselessness with the help of the HTTP TRACE method.

This method includes every HTTP title, including HTTP cookie and confirmation data contents. The CST method is used by various companies for collecting data from several web pages through ads and links on websites. This definitely harms your privacy.

To protect your personal information from being monitored, users can look for a way to prevent cross-site tracking.

Here, learn about some effective ways to prevent cross-site tracking on your smartphone and the browser on your computer.

So, let’s get started without further ado!

Part 1: Reasons Why Users Should Prevent Cross-Site Tracking

Before you get to know how to disable cross-site tracking, you need to know why you should prevent cross-site tracking on both your browser and smartphone.

First, the most popular and common browsers out there, by default, enable third-party cookies. That’s why you see the advertisements on the sites. These advertisements will track all the search results that you carry out.

Also, these third-party cookies collect all your personal information to adapt the content that you have consumed. With net advertising, privacy is not solely the main issue.

It also loads additional content that people have not asked for to drain their batteries, remove data allocation, slow down the page loading, and interfere unnecessarily when they try accessing content where the website is kind of unstable.

So, to avoid these kinds of problems, it is best to prevent cross-site tracking. It is important if you do not like to share your personal information or data.

Now, you may be wondering what it means to prevent cross-site tracking! In simple terms, preventing cross-site tracking is an act to prevent tracing of the sites that you visit. By doing so, your personal data would not be able to monitor by third-party companies.

In the next section, you will know how to stop or disable cross-site tracing on both your browser and smartphone.

PS: let’s figure out how to fix Safari can’t establish a secure connection to the server and how to clear the cache cookies.

Part 2: How to Stop Cross-Site Tracking on Safari

For iOS users, using Safari is part of their day-to-day life. If they do not switch off the cross-site tracking on Safari, it keeps cookies for the websites they visit on a regular basis.

If you like to protect and take control of your privacy, then you should prevent cross-site tracking. So, let’s see how to do this on your iOS devices and Mac.

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2.1 Disable Cross-Site Tracking on iOS Devices

If you like to disable cross-site tracking on your iPhone or iPad, follow the instructions below.

1: First, you need to visit ‘Settings‘ on your iPad or iPhone.

Disable Cross-Site Tracking on iOS Devices

2: After that, keep scrolling down to look for the ‘Safari‘ option.

Disable Cross-Site Tracking on iOS Devices

3: Within the ‘Privacy & Security‘ section, look for the ‘Prevent Cross-Site Tracking‘ option and switch it on.

Disable Cross-Site Tracking on iOS Devices

2.2 Disable Cross-Site Tracking on Mac

Follow the given steps for disabling cross-site tracing on your Mac system.

1: Initially, open the Safari application on your Mac system.

2: Now, look for ‘Safari‘ and then go to ‘Preferences.’ From there, select the ‘Privacy‘ option.

Disable Cross-Site Tracking on Mac

3: Tap on the ‘Prevent cross-site tracking‘ option to disable it.

Disable Cross-Site Tracking on Mac

Part 3: How to Disable Cross-Site Tracking on Google

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers that people use around the world regularly.

Many websites that you visit on Chrome collect and employ your browsing information for improving security, offering content, advertisements, recommendations, and services on the sites, and coming up with report statistics.

In case you like to prevent cross-site tracking, it is best to switch on the feature ‘Do Not Track.’

By doing so, Chrome would not provide information on websites that respect the requests of ‘Do Not Track.’ Follow the instructions below to carry out this overwhelming task.

3.1 Turn On the Do Not Track Feature on the PC

To turn on the feature ‘Do Not Track’ of Chrome on your system, read the following instructions.

1: First, open the Google Chrome application on the system.

2: Next, tap on the menu tab present on the right side. From there, tap on the ‘Settings‘ option.

Turn On the 'Do Not Track' Feature on PC

3: Within the ‘Privacy & Security‘ tab, click on ‘Cookies and other site data.’

Turn On the 'Do Not Track' Feature on PC

4: Switch on the ‘Send a “Do not track” request with your browsing traffic‘ to prevent your personal data from being monitored.

Turn On the 'Do Not Track' Feature on PC

3.2 Turn On the ‘Do Not Track’ Feature on Android Devices

Using the steps below, you can easily disable the feature ‘Do Not Track’ on your Android smartphone.

1: Initially, open the Chrome application on the Android smartphone.

2: Then, click on the option ‘More‘ present on the right side. From there, tap on ‘Settings.’

3: Within the ‘Advanced‘ tab, you need to tap on the option ‘Privacy.’

4: Click on the ‘Do Not Track‘ option to switch it on.

Turn On the 'Do Not Track' Feature on Android Devices

On iOS devices, there is no option called “Do Not Track” available.

Part 4: How to Stop Cross-Site Tracking on Mozilla Firefox

After Chrome, Firefox is another popular web browser. To protect yourself from being tracked, this is what you can do.

Using this method, you can disable third-party cookies to prevent cross-site tracking on Mozilla Firefox.

So, follow the following instructions to disable these cookies on this web browser.

1: Open Firefox and tap on the menu tab present on the right side. Click on ‘Options‘ from there.

How to Stop Cross-Site Tracking on Mozilla Firefox

2: After that, open the panel of ‘Privacy & Security.’

3: Tap on ‘Enhanced Tracking Protection‘ and then choose the ‘Custom‘ tab.

How to Stop Cross-Site Tracking on Mozilla Firefox

4: Tap on the checkbox present next to ‘Cookies.’ Choose ‘All third-party cookies‘ from the list. Now, you have disabled the cross-site tracking successfully on Mozilla Firefox.

How to Stop Cross-Site Tracking on Mozilla Firefox

Beside, learn more about what works when Ctrl+Alt+Del doesn’t on a Mac?

Part 5: Best Solution: Spoof Location for Disabling Cross-Site Location Tracking with Tenorshare iAnyGo

So, is there any way to prevent cross-site location tracking while browsing the internet? Is it possible to prevent cross-site tracking on your iPhone? Yes, disabling cross-site location tracing with Tenorshare iAnyGo.

Using this incredible location spoofer, users can track their iOS devices simply with just a single tap. Also, it prevents websites from getting your actual location.

Unique Characteristics of Tenorshare iAnyGo:

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Steps to Prevent Cross-Site Tracking on iOS Devices with Tenorshare iAnyGo:

Here’s a detailed guide for using iAnyGo for spoofing locations on iOS devices:

Step 1: Download Tenorshare iAnyGo

In the first place, you have to download and install Tenorshare iAnyGo. After that, launch the program on your Mac or Windows PC. Next, open the application and tap on the Chang Location tab.

Tenorshare iAnyGo

Step 2: Connect Your iOS Device

Next, the program will ask to connect the device. Connect it using a genuine USB cable to your system.

Now, unlock your device and, if asked, trust the computer by clicking on the ‘Trust’ tab. Now, enter the access code for granting this consent.

Connect iPhone to iAnyGO

Step 3: Choose a Location

Once connected, a map is going to pop up. Now, pin the location you like on the map. You can even choose a location by putting GPS coordinates or the address in the search column on the screen’s top-right side.

Step 4: Modify location with a single tap

After choosing the location, a sidebar will show up. Here, you can see all the location details. You need to click on the ‘Start to Modify’ tab. You can now see the new location on your map, and your device will sync accordingly.

Modify location with a single tap

So, it is super easy to prevent cross-site tracking using Tenorshare iAnyGo. Now, you can easily stop the tracking of your location when browsing sites with just a single click.

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Q1: Are these methods applicable to both browsers and mobile phones? Yes, most of the methods mentioned in this article can be applied to both browsers and mobile phones.

Q2: Do I need to use all of these methods to prevent cross-site tracking? No, implementing a combination of these methods based on your preferences and needs can effectively prevent cross-site tracking.

Q3: Will using a VPN slow down my internet connection? Using a VPN may slightly reduce your internet speed due to the encryption process, but the impact is usually minimal, especially with reputable VPN providers.

Q4: Can I still use browser extensions and maintain privacy? Yes, there are privacy-focused browser extensions available that can enhance your privacy without compromising your security.

Q5: What should I do if I suspect I am being tracked across sites? If you suspect cross-site tracking, you can try clearing your browser cookies, using private browsing mode, and disabling third-party cookies. Additionally, consider using privacy-enhancing browser extensions and reviewing your browser and app privacy settings.


Nowadays, privacy is something important. Disabling third-party cookies is an effective and useful method to protect the privacy and prevent cross-site tracking.

With the methods mentioned here, you can prevent cross-site tracing on your browser and smartphone.

We recommend you go with Tenorshare iAnyGo to protect your location information on your iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone. It is very simple to operate and really useful.

Now, download Tenorshare iAnyGo on your iOS device and spoof your location with just one click.


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