Top Ten Best Audio Interfaces for Mac in 2024

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Looking for the best audio interface for Mac? We have created this list for you so you can go ahead and pick a solution.

An excellent audio interface for Mac is the main requirement if you intend to create cool music on it. As we all know, Macs are usually the ideal solution to handle graphic, video, and music editing tasks. However, the problem is that it provides an average production performance if you don’t have a good audio interface.

So, those who intend to produce quality and competitive music should look for a good audio interface for Mac. When it comes to this specific matter, there is no shortage of options to choose from.

That means there are plenty of audio interface options you can consider. That said, let’s go ahead and check what the best audio interface for Mac is.

Audio Interface for Mac – 10 Best Options

Mentioned below are the best choices you may find when you shop around for an audio interface for Mac.  We have included these products in our list after lengthy research.

So, if you are looking for the best audio interface for Mac, all you need is to read it.

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01. Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB Audio Interface for Mac 

Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB audio interface for Mac 

Focusrite Scarlett Solo can be the best audio interface for Mac you were looking for. There are many different aspects that helped us to rate this product so highly. It comes with an excellent gain. There’s one input supported with two outputs.

One impressive thing about this product is that it operates without a power supply. All you need is to connect it to the Mac using a USB cable before recording. It has an excellent conversion along with a 24bit sample rate with which you can experience superb sound quality. Minimal latency rate is another great aspect.

It is designed to work with both Windows and macOS, so there’s no compatibility issue with that.

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Very convenient to use
  • Nicely constructed
  • No requirement for an external power supply
  • When the computer wakes up, you should unplug and plug the USB port
  • In rare cases, it may generate distorted sound

02. Audient iD4 Audio Interface for Mac

Audient iD4 Audio Interface for Mac

This device is exceptionally handy when it comes to handling vocals and guitars at the same time. It comes with a Class-A preamp for microphones. No matter whether you use a home-studio system or some casual jobs, this is a pretty reliable device.

This device also comes with an excellent intuitive ScrollControl scroll wheel (which is virtual). You can utilize the volume knob and do the changes easily. Simply put, there are many buttons and switches to control sound outputs.

On top of that, this device has an instrument output, and it is placed in a pretty discrete manner. You also find headphone jacks with a monitoring control that comes like in consoles.

  • Perfect sound performance
  • It is simple and straightforward
  • Perfectly compatible with macOS
  • If you connect two iOS devices, that will require the USB hub and camera adapter
  • Not the sturdiest USB input port
  • Preamps may perform somewhat blandly once in a while


Roland STUDIO-CAPTURE Audio Interface for Mac

This is a high-performance device with a USB 2.0 version, and it’s ideal for purposes like a studio recording.

Thanks to the MIDI Input/Output technology, you can expect a professional sound output. You can experience 24-bit sound quality from this device, and it offers metering in its front panel. You will also get two headphone outputs apart from other features.

This device lets you experience VS streaming technology. It gives you a very stable setup as well. The latency level is very small. Also, it works well with Windows and macOS systems.

  • It produces excellent sound quality
  • It plays louder music without dropping the quality of the sound
  • Somewhat expensive than the competitors
  • No RCA output

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04. RME Audio Interface BABYFACEPRO


This product is equipped with excellent exterior quality. It has a reliable audio circuit along with solid drivers and mechanics. The portability of this device is truly excellent. It is built with an energy-saving design, so you can expect zero-noise sound fidelity and no distortion.

You can experience effects such as reverb and delay FX and many other aspects. You will be able to experience some satisfying results just like a pro.

On top of that, it shows compatibility with operating systems like Windows and iOS apart from macOS. So, if you are looking for the best audio interface for Mac, you should check this out.

  • Highly portable
  • Powered by USB
  • Superb sound quality and excellent drivers
  • Limited connectivity ports and line inputs

05. Focusrite Clarett 2Pre USB

Focusrite Clarett 2Pre USB

This is another excellent audio interface for Mac that comes with USB 2.0 support. It shows great compatibility with both macOS and Windows. There are ADAT input ports to support eight channels. That offers you the option of using multiple channels for mic preamps.

When it comes to monitoring outputs, it has anti-thump technology. It also has a headphone out along with 2X line outputs. This specific audio interface for Mac will record pretty much anything using very low latency.

Also, it is possible to control and configure pretty much anything using a computer or iOS device. The application called “Focusrite Control” offers the fullest control.

Moreover, it is integrated with applications like XLN Audio, etc.

  • It comes with mic preamps that offer ultra-low noise to offer clear sound quality.
  • There are inputs to record sound through various mic varieties.
  • No noticeable distortion.
  • Compatible with USB as well as USB Type-C.
  • Not the most convenient software interface
  • Requires some tech support to configure the device

06. iConnectAUDIO4+

iConnectAUDIO4+ Audio Interface for Mac

Are you really interested in making new music and looking for a superb audio interface for Mac? In that case, this can be one of the ideal products you should check. Well, this specific device has a multi-host port that caters to excellent MIDI connectivity. This specific device offers you 29 MIDI ports.

They have designed this device to be compatible with PC and iOS devices in addition to Mac. In addition to that, it can perform as a standalone device.

  • Greater compatibility with iOS devices, Mac, and PC
  • Very compact audio interface
  • Convenient setup
  • No custom configuration is required
  • It works based on lighting to the USB connector
  • The host port supports MIDI format only
  • Sometimes, it lacks the power for a microphone

07. M-Audio M-Track 2X2M C-Series

M-Audio M-Track 2X2M C-Series

This device features 2X outputs and inputs. Those who are looking for the best audio interface for Mac can find this device to be useful. It can produce studio-quality recordings with 24-bit settings, and that’s impressive.

The user interface linked to this device is pretty convenient. It has a combo input with ¼” TRS and XLR. Also; it has two ¼” instruments. You can find very useful level controls as well.

On top of that, you can see low-noise and transparent preamps with crystal clear sound. Also, it has A/D converters, so you can expect excellent audio performance. This device has the ability to offer excellent guitar and bass presentations because those can be plugged in directly.

It comes with a five-pin MIDI I/O. That allows you to connect with synthesis and sequencers. Also it has MIDI gears as well. You can also find standard USB AND USB-C support. It is possible to connect it to a Mac or a PC.

  • It has a convenient application with excellent features.
  • It is a versatile unit.
  • Excellent performance with great audio facilities
  • Perfect audio output
  • In some cases, a cracking noise is produced (particularly if you use it for a long time)
  • There can be distortions at some point
  • You should unplug the device every time

08. PreSonus AudioBox USB 96

PreSonus AudioBox USB 96

If you are a podcaster or a producer who wants the best audio interface for Mac, check this out. This is an ideal product that comes under an affordable price tag as well.

This device is powered by a USB. It offers a MIDI interface that is compatible with pretty much all recording applications. Also, it works in macOS as well as in Windows OS.

This specific device is equipped with two inputs that are compatible with microphones and instruments. Also, it offers low-noise performance with high headroom components.  

The compact yet rugged build is a very portable device. Also it is covered by a heavy-duty steel chassis as well. The headphone output of this device offers a very loud sound. As a result, it lets you hear the music louder and clearer no matter what your location is.

  • Arguably the best audio interface for Mac for the price you pay
  • Very rich sound
  • Clear audio performance
  • The control can be handled with one application
  • Pretty low audio level
  • You should unplug and plug it back in after using it for some time
  • It doesn’t work with USB 3.0

09. Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII

Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII

This is a very impressive audio interface for Mac that delivers premium output quality for the price paid. The functions of this device are so good, and it offers audio conversion of 24-bit to 192 kHz.

It also has superb onboard technology to feature as a cutting-edge audio interface device. You will experience real-time processing of UAD and superb music software.

This specific audio interface is equipped with 2X line outputs. It also has headphone outputs in the front panel. Then, it shows two analog monitor outputs with eight channels for digital output as well. It features a near-zero latency. It establishes connectivity using Thunderbolt.

  • Wonderful performance for voiceover
  • Add different effects
  • Excellent internal processing ability
  • Superior response rate
  • It doesn’t come with a thunderbolt cable
  • The learning curve is a bit steep

10. Steinberg UR44

Steinberg UR44 Audio Interface for Mac

Are you looking for the best audio interface for Mac and still prefer portability? If that’s the case, you can check this item out. This device offers an excellent MIDI interface and is designed to be compatible with many production settings.

You can find several inputs as well. It has 4X Class-A mic preamp inputs. Also, it has multiple output channels along with MIDI input/output ports. On top of that, you can find a built-in battery. Apart from that, it can establish a connection with the iPad, so it is a highly versatile device.

Thanks to the superb build quality, you can experience a longer lifespan from this device. Also, it features excellent sound quality. It will offer you, drivers, excellent stability. You can expect better portability with this device.

  • Perfectly rugged, strong body with solid built
  • Plenty of input and output devices
  • Handy digital-analog converter
  • Headphone outputs are not that loud
  • It has an RCA line input for external devices like MP3 players

Choosing the Best Audio Interface for Mac

There are several important aspects to consider when choosing an audio interface for Mac. Mentioned below are those aspects.

● Excellent connectivity

You should check if the respective device is connected to other devices easily and faster. So, check if it has a port for thunderbolt if you want to connect it to a Mac.

● Compatibility

It should be perfectly compatible with the OS of the computer you intend to use. You should check with what sort of operating systems the respective device is compatible.

● Knobs and meters used

You should look very closely and see if you can access the controls easier. These are very important to produce quality music with ease.

● Inputs and outputs

The number of inputs and outputs might become very handy if you need to connect multiple instruments. This is particularly true if it is related to a band.


  1. What is the advantage of using an audio interface with a Mac? An audio interface improves sound quality, provides low-latency recording, and offers a variety of input and output options for connecting instruments and microphones to your Mac.
  2. Can I use an audio interface with other devices besides a Mac? Yes, most audio interfaces are compatible with Windows and other operating systems. Check the manufacturer’s specifications for detailed compatibility information.
  3. Do I need a separate power supply for an audio interface? Many audio interfaces are bus-powered and draw power from your computer via USB or Thunderbolt connections. However, some higher-end interfaces may require an external power supply.
  4. How do I connect an audio interface to my Mac? Connect the audio interface to your Mac using the appropriate cable (e.g., USB or Thunderbolt). Install any necessary drivers or software provided by the manufacturer, and you should be ready to use it.
  5. Are all audio interfaces compatible with all music production software? While most audio interfaces work with popular music production software, it’s essential to check compatibility with specific software applications. Consult the manufacturer’s specifications or contact their support for compatibility information.


So, those are the options to consider if you are looking for the best audio interface for Mac. Go ahead and choose the most appropriate option.


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