8 Best Audio Compressors Online

Audio files refer to music files. There are times when the music file that you download is of high quality and, therefore, large in size. The large size makes it difficult for people to share audio files. People think that downloading music files in low quality means you have to download the lowest file size. However, there are many ways to compress audio files to reduce their size. So, if you’re looking for solutions to this problem, keep on reading the article to find out the best audio compressors to compress audio. Without any further ado, let’s begin.

Part 1: Best ways to compress audio in batches

Wondershare UniConverter is the best audio compressor. It is one destination to solve all your audio and video issues. Wondershare UniConverter can perform various tasks, such as reducing the file size, transmission of files into another device, burning the file size, and conversion of file formats. This software is a complete kit of solutions for all the media related problems. Wondershare UniConverter is available for MAC as well as Windows OS. Therefore, you can use the software to compress the size of the music files without the loss of quality.

Features of Wondershare UniConverter

  • Audio/Music files compression without the loss of quality
  • Available for Windows and macOS
  • Compression and conversion of music files into multiple formats, such as WAV, M4A, MP3, and M4B
  • Reduces the file size of the audio by adjusting sample rate, bit rate, encoder, and various other parameters
  • Around 30x fast compression speed compared to any other audio compressor
  • A toolbox with extra features, such as GIF maker, Cast to Television, Fix Media Metadata, Screen Recorder, and others
  • Download videos from YouTube and any playlist to MP3 format or other audio formats by simply pasting the URL
  • Transmission of compressed files from Windows/MAC to Android/iPhone devices through a USB cable
  • Compression of music files support batch process and conversion of more than one video at a time

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Let’s move on to the steps to compress audio/music files with the help of Wondershare UniConverter.

Steps to use Wondershare UniConverter

1. Download the software and add the music files

best audio compressor - UniConverter

Download the Wondershare UniConverter and open it on your MAC/PC. A ‘Convert’ tab will open. Select the ‘Add Files’ option and search for the audio file that you have to compress. You can choose more than one file at a time.

2. Select output Music/Audio format

Tap on the ‘Convert all files to’ option and then, select the ‘Audio’ tab. Choose a format that you wish to convert your audio file into from various options.

3. Customization of audio compression

You will notice the ‘+Create Custom’ button in the list of formats. Select that option, and a window will open. You will see various options in the window, such as sample rate, channel and bit rate, and customization of the audio encoder. You will be required to give a title to the customized file and then click on ‘Save.’

4. Conversion of audio files in a bunch

compress audio via UniConverter

Once you make all the adjustments and changes, select the ‘Convert All’ button. As soon as you click on that option, your file formats and sizes will be converted in a bunch. This process will only take a few minutes to finish.

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Part 2: 8 best audio compressors available for free

Multiple audio compressors are available online that perform tasks easily. But, we have prepared a list of some of the best audio compressor tools that are available for free.

1. Best Audio Compressor – Online Audio Converter

best audio compressor - Online Audio Converter

The online audio converter was created as a platform for converting and compressing the audio files. So, if you’re looking to compressing a music file online, then feel free to use this site. You can add your audio files from Google Drive, system storage, Dropbox, and URL. You just have to upload the desired file and choose the format and quality in which you want to convert your file.

In addition to this, you will have extra features to edit the audio information and make adjustments in the settings, such as channels, effect, and sample rate. After all the changes, choose the ‘Convert’ button to begin the process of compression.

Besides, if you are looking for the top GIF cropper or the best Virtual Audio Cable Alternative, click to find one.

2. MP3Smaller Audio compressor

best audio compressor - Mp3smaller

MP3Smaller is an online and free service that offers the facility to compress audio file size. With the assistance of this tool, you can easily reduce the MP3 audio size. You just have to add your audio files to the site by clicking on the ‘Browse’ button. You can customize your audio files with the help of various tools offered by MP3Smaller.

To use this website, you don’t have to create an account or register yourself. There is no requirement of fee either. The maximum size of the file upload is 150 MB, and your files will be automatically removed from the site after some time.

3. Gary’s Hood

best audio compressor garys hood

This is yet another powerful tool to convert and compress audio files online. Gary’s hood can quickly compress various audio file formats, such as AIFF, AAC, MP3, and WAV into other formats. The audio files will be converted in some time, and they will get deleted after you download them. You will be required to save the files manually.

In this service, you can make customizations according to your wish. The highest bit rate is up to 256 kbps, and this software supports file size to 8 MB only.

4. YouCompress Audio Compressor


If you are looking for an easy and convenient audio compressor, then the best audio compressor is YouCompress. All you have to do is add the files to the audio compressor and compress all the files. It will take a few seconds to compress the files. After downloading the files, you can erase them from the online website.

5. Compress MP3 Online

compress mp3 online

This tool is very effective and easy to use. The maximum size of the files is up to 150 MB. Compress MP3 online reduces the size of the files by adjusting the bit rate. You have the liberty to select the bit rate for your audio files. The files compressed on the tool will be erased automatically within a few hours.

6. AConvert

aconvert best audio compressor

AConvert is said to be the best audio compressor that provides multiple choices to reduce the size of the files. You can add the files to this tool via Google Drive, storage, Dropbox, or online. Once you are done with uploading the files, you can customize the format according to your convenience. Then, select the ‘Convert Now’ button. This will compress the files, and your files will be saved on system storage or Cloud storage

7. Best Audio Compressor – Aiseesoft Video Converter

aiseesoft video converter

Aiseesoft video converter is a very simple audio and video compressor. It has some really cool editing options that make it the best tool to edit, convert, or compress audio and video files.

8. Online Convert

The last and the best audio compressor is Online Convert. It is a very strong and effective tool to convert and compress audio files. You can upload the files on this tool via various sources, such as Google Drive, URL, and Dropbox. Wait for the file to upload properly and make adjustments accordingly. After all the changes, select the ‘Convert’ button and your file will be converted.

Part 3: Learn about audio compression using Aiseesoft Video Converter

In this part, we will learn about audio compression with the help of Aiseesoft Video Converter.

1. Compress audio for the audio files

Steps to compress audio files

  • Download and launch Aiseesoft Video Converter on your PC
  • Select the ‘Add file’ option to upload the audio file
  • Open ‘Settings’ to make changes in the compression settings. You will see values ranging from 32 kbps to 320 kbps for audio bit rate. And for the sample rate, you are allowed to choose a value. A large value means better quality. After all the necessary amendments, tap on ‘OK’ to store the changes
  • Select the ‘Convert’ option to compress the files

2. Compress external/background audio in videos

Steps to compress audio files

  • Add the desired video file to Aiseesoft Video Converter
  • You will notice a plus symbol below audio files, tap on that button
  • Select the ‘Convert’ option to insert the compressed audio file into the video file

So, this was all about audio compression. We hope that now you can easily convert and compress the files by making necessary settings. Wondershare UniConverter is a powerful emerging tool to compress audio files. Therefore, we recommend you to try this best audio compressor and see the results.



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