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Virtual Audio Cable is a tool that most people use, especially with earlier Windows operating systems, for inducing a stereo mix to their built-in audio software on their systems. Some systems might have compatibility problems with stereo systems.

Fortunately, applications such as Virtual Audio Cable are there for your rescue. However, this application is not the only solution on the internet to help you with this kind of stereo issue. You will come across many incredible virtual audio cable alternatives on the internet that you should try.

It could be a daunting task to look for a virtual audio cable alternative all around the World Wide Web. As stated above, there are hundreds and hundreds of tools out there to assist you in creating a virtual stereo mix from the system.

Rather than spending too much time on the internet looking for a great alternative, all you need to do is read this article.

You must have a virtual audio cable if you like to play music files with great sound quality. If you take advantage of virtual audio cable alternatives, you can liven up chat rooms and other applications while playing premium-quality music in the background.

In this article, you will learn about some of the best virtual audio cable alternatives you can try.

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Top 10 Virtual Audio Cable Alternatives

1. Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder

virtual audio cable alternative - Streaming Audio Recorder

Online streaming has become a trend with social media platforms that enable live shows, such as Twitch, Instagram, YouTube, and other audio and video streaming websites.

With this in mind, streaming and recording audio could be complicated for beginners. You need a virtual audio cable alternative, such as WonderShare Streaming Audio Recorder.

This audio cable alternative can record audios that come from a computer. Users can also play music tracks from online sources through this application. They always have to set the software’s output and input before beginning a specific program as their audio source.

Once they have properly set everything, they can record audios they like in real-time. This application lets users record diverse formats, such as WMA, AAC, MP3, OGG, and WAV.

Here, the settings for encoder audio channels, bitrates, and sample rates are customizable. With WonderShare Streaming Audio Recorder, one can even record or split audio files into various parts.

2. Rdio

virtual audio cable alternative -  Rdio

This is another great virtual audio cable alternative. Rdio is a well-known audio streaming application where audio and music lovers come to stream from their loved radio channels. Plus, its developers have introduced a desktop program for people who do not like to rely on web browsers.

Rdio enables users to socialize when managing their audio files and music. They can also share their playlists and let other users listen to their present tracks. This virtual audio cable alternative perfectly emulates the interface you found on the website.

Here, users can also create playlists, organize music libraries, explore new audio and music, and do many other things to satisfy their audiophile cravings.

Rdio comes with a social network integration feature, where users can sync their Twitter,, or Facebook accounts with Rdio. So, your friends from these social media platforms could discover and listen to what you are jamming to currently, and also, you could play their current tracks from their application.

3. Spotify


Spotify is one of the most known audio and music streaming applications. People also view it as a great virtual audio cable alternative. The primary reason this music application has taken over the world is its enormous music catalog.

On Spotify, you will come across many different music genres and audio available from the database, including classical, rock, pop, and podcasts. Here, there are several audiobooks present too.

Like Rdio, users can share the current tracks they listen to with their friends. Here, they have to sync their Facebook account to their Spotify account so that their friends from social media platforms can also listen to their favorite music. Users can even share their playlists with friends if they like it.

If they have become bored with their current playlists, they can click on the category ‘Discover‘ to search for new music tracks to roll on. Here, you have to note that Spotify features both a premium and a free subscription service.

Its free account comes with several limitations and advertisements in-between music listening, whereas its premium subscription offers ad-free audio listening and unlocks all the unique features.

4. RarmaRadio

virtual audio cable alternative - Rarma Radio

This virtual audio cable alternative is quite different from other applications. This is because RarmaRadio offers video and audio streaming services. The program lets users watch TV, radio stations, or TV shows.

With RarmaRadio, users can even record ten stations at the very same time. Now, they can share their recorded files with their friends to listen to their favorite songs in the premium quality possible.

The video and audio content streaming application enables you to save music files in diverse formats like AAC, OGG, MP3, and WMA.

However, one cannot record video content with this virtual audio cable alternative. Its other special features are sync, ignoring and wishing specific songs, and album and lyric cover art from other sources.

Definitely, this application could perform better if it offered a cleaner user interface. However, it features a usable user interface and takes a bit of time for users like non-techie to get used to it.

5. Voicemeter Banana

virtual audio cable alternative -  Voice Meeter

When most virtual audio cable tools require you to pay before downloading, installing, and employing the software, this program will not let you spend a penny.

Voicemeter Banana is free of cost tool from installation to usage. It is an ideal program for users who like to begin their podcast channel for the first time.

This virtual audio cable alternative enables audio streaming featuring premium-quality resolutions. Users can also edit their voice and add special effects to make their audio files and voice sound interesting.

Apart from the live-streaming talkies, users can modify the speech rate to slow down or speed up the audio files. So, users looking to begin broadcasting their views or first radio shows can go for Voicemeter Banana.

6. XSplit Broadcaster

XSplit Broadcaster

People who are on Twitch might have seen several game streamers promoting that they are employing XSplit Broadcaster for live streaming their shows. Simply put up as XSplit, the video streaming program could even broadcast audio to several people.

One thing that people admire about this virtual audio cable alternative is its compatibility. One can employ this program with other applications such as Twitch and Robust alerts.

Users can use its incredible features to combine footage from various scenes or sources. They could assign a scene from the video or game file while another scene shows the streamer’s face to viewers.

XSplit is a well-known virtual audio cable alternative due to its versatility and flexibility. So, begin customizing your audio and video broadcasts with the incredible video and digital audio cable.

7. Replay Music

Replay Music

Like other programs present on this list, Replay Music enables people to record sounds produced by third-party software. This program is quite different from other programs because of its compatibility with online streaming services and other desktop software.

Thus, users could use this virtual audio cable alternative for saving audio arrived from known audio playing tools like, MySpace, Spotify, and Pandora.

Replay Music and recording audio from several applications detect silence among songs. Thus, users can make out of their audio files so that they would not take up much space on their hard drives.

This application features a cleaner interface, where you do not need to learn anything to take its features.

To use these features, users have to ensure that the application is active while other programs play the music they like to record. To start recording, press the tab ‘Start Recording‘ and viola.

Once recorded, users can share their files with colleagues, family, and friends from multiple portals and channels on the internet.

8. Soundflower


Most virtual audio cable programs are just compatible with Windows PCs. On the spectrum’s other side, Soundflower is fit for macOS systems, specifically. The program refers to a system extension that enables audio to go through other applications.

Soundflower is an open-source tool, which signifies that different users could contribute to help to develop and building the application to make it better than yesterday. The interface of Soundflower is very easy to use and is a great audio streaming and capture portal.

The best part about this virtual audio cable alternative is that users can use other applications on their Mac systems while Soundflower works. Also, they will pass audio without additional support needed.

9. Loopback


This is another virtual audio cable alternative for Mac users. It offers a cable-free program to route audio from diverse applications on Mac OS X systems. Users could create virtual audios for passing through other audio processing apps or software.

Loopback users could combine other audio sources, pass audio to diverse apps, and derive advantages from powerful channels. Its simple-to-use interface allows them to easily pass audio files from physical audio gadgets connected to Mac systems.

10. AudioBus


This virtual audio cable alternative is a commercial tool for serious audiophiles only. Here, you need to carry out a one-time payment of about $9.99 to enjoy all the premium features.

This program enables users to connect to other compatible applications to transfer, stream, or record audio. They can also use this tool for playing and broadcasting a synthesizer to multi-track recorders or loopers.

The tool features a clutter-free or clean interface. Here, users can pass MIDI or live audio files without performing extensive research or following convoluted instructions. It comes with an in-built equalizer for fine-tuning your audio.


  1. Can I use these alternatives on any operating system?
    Each alternative has its primary compatible system, but some are universal.
  2. Are these alternatives free to use?
    Yes, all the mentioned alternatives are free, but they also offer paid versions with more features.
  3. Can I use these alternatives for professional audio mixing?
    Yes, they are suitable for both amateur and professional use.
  4. Is there a significant difference in audio quality among these alternatives?
    Audio quality mainly depends on the source audio, but different software may provide different output quality.
  5. Can these alternatives solve the latency issue?
    Latency depends on numerous factors, including your hardware configuration and software settings. These alternatives are known to reduce latency, but it’s not guaranteed for all setups.


Each of these Virtual Audio Cable alternatives offer unique features and benefits. The best one for you depends on your specific needs, system compatibility, and personal preferences. Remember, the goal is a seamless audio experience that aligns with your desired output.


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