Top 10 Teen Dating Apps That Parents Must Monitor for Safety

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Best Teen Dating Apps

Is There a 13-Year-Old Dating App?

Yes, there are various teen dating apps out there. These applications assist teenagers in coming closer to one another.

Is There a 13-Year-Old Dating App

However, these dating applications emerge as fatal. These apps push them to the darker side of the world, which is full of vulgar and explicit content.

Thus, it is important for teenagers’ parents to monitor these dating applications. This will help parents to secure their teenage children against unwanted issues.

To assist you better, we have come up with a list of the top teen dating apps. Having read it, parents can find out whether their kids are using these applications or not.

Now, let’s begin with the best dating apps available out there.

Top 10 Teen Dating Apps That Parents Must Know

Now, there are lots of teen dating apps available on the internet. Most parents have no idea which dating application is on their kids’ phones.

To help you with it, we have listed some well-known dating applications that most teenagers use.

So, let’s have a look at the top ten teen dating apps that parents should definitely know.

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#1 – Happn

Happn is the best dating application that you will find out there. Most children use this app, and thus, there are chances that your kid is using it too.

This application is quite unique; it perfectly combines the experience of a dating application and of meeting new people in reality.

Here, you will receive a notification when any Happnhandler crosses a path with you. Not just that, but the same thing will happen to the other user.

That’s the reason people count it among the top teen dating apps.

Age Restriction: 18 years and above

Special Features:

  • It gives a notification alert to the user’s timeline if Happn finds an active user nearby.
  • Also, it notifies other Happn users that you happen to be nearby.

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Happn Teen Dating Apps

#2 – Coffee Meets Bagel

It is another great teen dating site that most teenagers use. This application works fine for teenagers who are planning to start a relationship.

It is pretty simple to use due to its impressive sort-out, user-friendly interface. In fact, Coffee meets Bagel is classified among the top teen dating apps.

Age Restriction: 18 years and above

Special Features:

  • Every afternoon, it offers a specially curated list of top matches.
  • It provides innovative ice-breaker data for starting a new conversation.
Coffee Meets Bagel Teen Dating Apps

#3 – Taffy

Taffy is also popular among teenagers as one of the top teen dating apps. The most interesting thing about Taffy is that it blurs the user’s profile picture first.

Once the chat progresses, it becomes more apparent. Taffy has introduced this feature to avoid rejections because of the appearance.

Age Restriction: 17 years and above

Special Features:

  • Initially, the profile picture seems to be blurry, and it gets clearer after a progressive chat.
  • Besides the profile picture, it features a general tagline about the user.
Taffy Teen Dating Apps

#4 – Skout

It is one of the most innovative teen dating apps. Skout enables teenagers to chat randomly with unknown people. This makes this dating application unique.

Plus, it features an option called ‘Shake and Chat,’ where they just need to shake to find out nearby matches. Therefore, it makes a nice app for finding a soul mate.

Age Restriction: 17 years and above

Special Features:

  • This application enables users to check the pictures of their match and begin a conversation.
  • Its feature, ‘Shake and Chat,’ assists users in getting their nearby matches.
Skout Teen Dating Apps

#5 – Bumble Date

For teens searching for the best teen dating apps, then Bumble Date is something they should consider. This dating application is unique among all.

On Bumble Date, women have to make the primary move all the time. This means that a woman has to make a move within the first 24 hours, or else they lose the opportunity.

Age Restriction: 18 years and above

Special Features:

  • Women have to make the first move in this dating application.
  • Users need to make a move within 24 hours or lose the chance.
Bumble Teen Dating Apps

#6 – Yubo

People consider Yubo to be a cross between Tinder and Snapchat. Formerly, this dating app’s name was Yellow.

Using this application, users can chat via live video. Thus, it turns out to be the perfect teen dating app.

Age Restriction: 12 years and above

Special Features:

  • Yubo comes with safety features, such as cellphone verification, to avoid problems related to fake profiles.
  • Users can chat via live video.

#7 – OkCupid

As of now, most people use this dating application named OkCupid to find their soul mates. Plus, they seem delighted about OkCupid.

On comparing this dating tool with other applications, you will find that this dating application follows a bit traditional approach. It employs an algorithm for finding the perfect match.

That’s why we do not hesitate to count it among the top ten teen dating apps.

Age Restriction: 18 years and above

Special Features:

  • Users can dislike and like the person they want
  • OkCupid tries hard to find the best match around your area

#8 – Nearify

Nearify is one of the amazing teen dating apps which will definitely serve the purpose. In comparison with other applications, Nearify is quite less awkward.

This teen dating app lets users know about the latest upcoming events. Along with that, it enables users to invite their friends.

The outstanding part about Nearify is that one can sync the app with Facebook.

Age Restriction: No age bar

Special Features:

  • Syncs with Facebook so that you recognize the events that your Nearify friends attend
  • Using this dating application, users can invite their friends to nearby functions.

#9 – PlentyOfFish

It is one of the most-used teen dating apps, especially among lots of teenagers who employ this tool. PlentyOfFish provides significant results to use.

The best part is that it is a free dating website. Having the PDF on their sides, users receive numerous ways of connecting with their matches.

Due to all these features, it is considered to be the best app.

Age Restriction: 18 years and above

Special Features:

  • Users can text their matches for free.
  • Teenagers can look for the perfect match around their locality using the nearby tab.

#10 – Hinge

Hinge is a great dating application that will not break the trust of its users. That’s the reason why users consider it to be one of the amazing teen dating apps.

On Hinge, users can make a detailed profile. This profile will assist you precisely in starting a conversation.

Age Restriction: 18 years and above

Special Features:

  • Hinge lets users modify their location as per their preference.
  • Once you match, your conversations are never going to expire.

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What Should Parents Do If They Find out Their Teens Are Using Teen Dating Apps?

There is a possibility that your teens are using these teen dating apps. Most of the time, it is a harmful activity. However, your kids might fall for several online predators.

Therefore, parents should use a parental control application to protect their kids from them. One such application is FamiSafe, which can assist you in performing the needful.

How Does FamiSafe Monitor Kid’s Smartphone:

  • Geo-fencing and location tracking
  • Web filtering
  • The app activity report and app blocker
  • Screen time schedule and limit
  • Suspicious pictures and explicit content deletion

It is recommended to go with FamiSafe because it is among the top parental control applications. Using this parental control tool, users can perform numerous things.

Parents can do a few things if they have FamiSafe on their side. The unique characteristics of FamiSafe include the following:


Using the FamiSafe application, parents can keep track of their children’s app usage.

Thus, if they suspect that their teenagers are doing something fishy, they can monitor it.

Also, this parental control application allows parents to protect their little ones. One can monitor everything that teenagers are doing on their phones.

Detecting Suspicious Messages

When someone sends suspicious messages to your teens using teen dating apps, then parents can monitor it.

After viewing those suspicious texts, they can even comprehend the threat. Therefore, FamiSafe assists you in protecting your kids.

Block Applications

On finding out that teen dating apps bring some negative transformation in your teenager, you can block them.

With the assistance of this parental control app, you can avert it. This monitoring application allows users to block all unsolicited applications from their kids’ smartphones.

With FamiSafe, they can even block all teen dating apps. Not just that, but this parental control app allows you to block other applications if you like.

Restrict Screen Time

Using FamiSafe, parents can set the screen time on their kids’ phones. If parents think their teenage kids are overusing teen dating apps, they can restrict their screen time.

After the time gets over, your kids cannot use their phones. Plus, this will even help them in focusing more on their studies. Otherwise, your kids will be distracted from the actual path.

All of these features make FamiSafe the most reliable parental control application.

It helps parents track their real-time location, block unwanted applications, apply web filtering, set screen time, and much more.

FamiSafe is very simple and easy to use. If you like to know what all FamiSafe can do, you can check out its free demo.


1. Are dating apps suitable for teenagers?

Dating apps can present both opportunities and risks for teenagers. It is crucial for parents to monitor their teen’s usage and educate them about responsible online behavior.

2. How can parents protect their teens on dating apps?

Parents can protect their teens on dating apps by maintaining open communication, setting boundaries, monitoring activity, and educating them about privacy and safety measures.

3. Should parents completely prohibit their teens from using dating apps?

Completely prohibiting teens from using dating apps may not be realistic or effective. Instead, parents should actively engage in conversations, monitor usage, and guide their teens on safe online practices.

4. What signs indicate that a teen may be facing issues on a dating app?

Signs that a teen may be facing issues on a dating app include sudden changes in behavior, excessive secrecy about online activities, and withdrawal from social interactions.

5. How can parents educate their teens about online safety?

Parents can educate their teens about online safety by discussing potential risks, setting boundaries, promoting responsible behavior, and encouraging open communication about their online experiences.

The Bottom Line

So, these are some of the top teen dating apps that parents can check out. If you have teenagers who use any of these dating apps, you must keep an eye on them.

Here, we do not want to say that these teen dating apps are detrimental, but there’s a chance that they will definitely distract your children a lot.

Also, you have to monitor with whom your kids are conversing. Cyberattacks are common; therefore, you must protect your kids from online predators. You need to use a parental control application to monitor your kids’ activities on their smart devices.

FamiSafe is an incredible tool that lets you see what all your kids do on their phones. This application lets parents see with whom their kids interact and what kind of conversations they make.

Now, look no more and download FamiSafe to protect your teenagers from impending dangers.


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