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Fake PS4 controller

A fake PS4 controller can hide well in the crowd of all kinds of PS4 controllers available. They look real and work decent enough until it’s very late to realize that they are only fake.

So, if you want to avoid getting trapped in such a situation, you must know how to spot a fake PS4 controller. There are several ways you can do it easily, and let us start by telling you about them now.

Check the Buttons to Spot a Fake PS4 Controller

The parts of any product are important indicators of its authenticity, and the PS4 is no exception to this rule. Here, you can start by checking the buttons on your PS4 controller.

If the controller is authentic, then you will find out the buttons to be shiny and smooth. Moreover, the shape and arrow buttons are built perfectly to give a signature look to the controller.

At the same time, the buttons of a fake controller are made out of weak and cheap plastic material mostly. They don’t appear shiny or smooth at all; rather look grayish and dull.

Now, few authentic controller companies don’t have buttons shiny enough. This can confuse you a bit, and if that is the case, then you can check with other things.

Check the Buttons to Spot a Fake PS4 Controller

Another thing to check about the PS4 buttons is that they must not be loose, crooked, or misaligned. Especially the PS button, which is positioned at the center point of the analog sticks, must be properly appearing.

The fake controllers won’t have this PS button right into position. It will either loosen out or rotate upon being touched or pressed. If any of this is happening in your controller, it is probably fake.

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Check the Weight of the Controller to Spot a Fake PS4 Controller

This is another major determinant of the authenticity of PS4 controllers. If you are an experienced gamer, then you must know how heavy the controllers feel in your hands. You can get any accurate scale here and simply put the controllers into it.

If you have got a fake PS4 controller, then you will find its weight to be much less. It will be mostly around 20 grams less heavy than any authentic controller. The reason behind this is the material used for making them.

The authentic controllers are made with premium quality material, while the fake controllers are made with poor quality generic material. This difference in weight between the two can be used to check if your controller is fake or not.

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Check the Texts on the Product to Spot a Fake PS4 Controller

Many obvious and easy mistakes can be spotted on the fake PS4 controllers. One of the things you can check includes the printed text on the controller.

Start with looking out for spelling mistakes. You can spot them out very easily. Mostly, the texts written on the backside or underside of the controller at the location of the serial number have mistakes. You may find the brand name to be misspelled, like there would be SNY for SONY.

There can also be mistakes in the serial number, which is a little more complex to check. Many spelling mistakes can be spotted in the texts printed on the controller box.

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Check the Fonts of the Controller to Spot a Fake PS4 Controller

Another thing to check is the logo and font of the text. You can check the portion of the serial number printed on the controller.

However, comparing the font of the serial number can be a confusing task unless you have another controller for comparison.

There are a few things that you can still notice about the fonts. A fake PS4 controller will have thinner fonts, the alphabets are more distanced, and the overall boldness of the text less. Still, these differences can be subtle enough to notice.

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Check the Analog Sticks

The analog sticks of the PS4 controllers are another major part of it. You need to check that these sticks must be working efficiently enough. The analog sticks must not be stiff. More so, the left analog stick needs to be checked, most importantly.

You must check if the analog sticks of your controller must be rotating smoothly enough. There should be no stiffness or resistance while trying to rotate the controller in any direction.

Now, you may tend to think that the sticks are a little tight because the controller is still new. However, let us tell you that this is just a waste of time. The analog sticks of any authentic controller run smoothly from the very beginning itself.

Thus, if the sticks of your controller are running hard, then a high chance that you have a fake PS4 controller.

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Testing for the Analog Sticks of the Controller

Now, there are various methods you can use to test the working of analog sticks of any controller. This will help you determine instantly if your controller is authentic or not.

You can perform a test of the analog sticks of your controller with the help of a site called Gamepad Tester. There are many other similar tests available on Windows and Steam too that you can use.

Now, open the testing site and focus on the analog test section. You’ll have to connect the analog sticks first. On the main screen, there will be two circles visible, each circle having a white dot on it. These circles represent the analog sticks of the controller, along with the white dots representing the direction of those sticks.

Testing for the Analog Sticks of the Controller

Move the analog sticks and see how the white dots are moving along.

The importance of this test is to determine the accuracy of your analog sticks are giving in games. If the white dots tend to move everywhere, it shows you will not be able to hit properly.

On the other hand, if the white dots move very precisely upon the movement of the sticks, then it’s good. This means that the analog sticks are moving smoothly enough, and there is no issue with them. It also means that yours is not a fake PS4 controller.

You also need to be very cautious while running the tests. Sometimes, the site might show the controller to be detected as a PS4 controller. You don’t have to get fooled here. Stick to testing the analog sticks, and you may find them inaccurately working.

Check the Battery

This is another great indicator of the authenticity of any PS4 controller. If you have noticed that the battery of your PS4 controller is dying out earlier, then it’s a clear problem. Now, the sole reason behind this is the authenticity of the battery used in the controller.

You can open the controller and take a look at the battery. Also, do this carefully so as not to end up disturbing any fragile parts.

The battery in the authentic PS4 controller is a thick one. Mostly, they have a battery of 800mAh capacity that is built to last long enough. You can even find things like a logo and other spec details on the battery’s body, along with a QR code. The batteries of genuine controllers are mostly dark grey.

fake PS4 controller -  Check the Battery

Now, the battery of a fake PS4 controller is the exact opposite. These batteries are very thin and of generic quality. Mostly, they have a capacity range of 300-600 mAh. You can’t even find any spec details or logo on the body of the battery.

They are also mostly white. All these things make it very easy to simultaneously differentiate between the batteries and controller quality.

Check the Battery

Check the Packaging and Box of the Controller

You will often be able to determine the authenticity of any PS4 controller from the outside itself.

We mean that the packaging and box of many controllers are very telling of themselves. There are plenty of wrong signs on the box or packet itself that can be easily spotted.

Following are some of the things you can check.

  • The language of the text printed on the box of controller can either be Japanese or Arabic. These are fake controllers. Most of them have Japanese text written on the boxes, while some even have Arabic. Don’t ignore this sign at all.
  • This might tend to make you happy, but technically, there shouldn’t be any charger in a PS4 controller box. The authentic PS4 controllers don’t come with any charging cable. Now, if your PS4 controller box has a charging cable, then you must know immediately that the controller is fake.
  • Once again, check for weird spellings, descriptions, and font differences in the text printed on the box. You may find out that the spec details of the product may have spelling mistakes. The font of the brand name will also be in thicker font than the original one. It is to note here that the font of the brand name is thinner on the box and bolder on the actual controller.
fake PS4 controller

Check the Touchpad of the Controller

The touchpad of the PS4 controller can also be checked to ascertain the quality of the product.

You need to check if there is any plastic film or coating on the touchpad of your controller. If there is one, and you can peel it off, then it’s a clear sign that you have a fake PS4 controller.

The authentic PS4 controllers don’t have coated touchpads. There is no sure reason behind this, but it is so.

Check the Descriptions on the Box

Now, there are many proofs of the legitness of a PS4 controller, and one of them is the product description. You can check the product description on the side of the box and see if the product matches it completely.

This is strictly true for authentic PS4 controllers. If you find a white controller inside despite the description outside mentioning black, then it’s a fake one.

Check the Sounds of the Controller

The sound made by your controller during or not being used also determines if it’s authentic or not.

You can begin by testing the analog sticks for the sound they make. Press on the R3 and L3 sticks and hear the sound. It is a very faint and subtle click sound when the controllers are authentic.

On the other hand, you will hear a much louder and more hollow type of sound from the analog sticks of a fake controller. This is because of the cheap plastic.

Now, you can even tell the difference from the sound any controller makes when shaken. Simply shake your controller and hear the sound it makes.

Note that there should be no rattling sound coming from the inside of the controller as if something is broken. Now, if you shake a fake PS4 controller, it will make a kind of rattling sound.

Getting the Authentic PS4 Controller

We are not saying that generic or fake PS4 controllers don’t work at all. Had that been the case, it would have become too damn easy to spot them.

The fake controllers do work, but they perform poorly in terms of precision, accuracy, and overall quality. The cheap cost may lure you into buying these controllers, but it is not worthwhile.

If you want a genuine PS4 controller, you must only buy them from trusted first-hand sources. Buying them from the official website or official store of Playstation is the best option. You can even check the brand’s official store on Amazon to buy these controllers.

You should never buy controllers from unauthorized sellers or any random eCommerce site. Avoid sites like Alibaba and eBay, which mostly have fake outsourced products. While buying them from famous sites, remain cautious and thoroughly check the reviews and refund policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I tell if my PS4 controller is genuine or fake?

To determine if your PS4 controller is genuine or fake, closely examine the physical appearance, packaging, and labels for any inconsistencies. Additionally, buy from authorized retailers and check for genuine labels and serial numbers.

2. Are all cheap PS4 controllers fake?

Not all cheap PS4 controllers are fake, but excessively low prices should raise suspicions. It’s crucial to research the seller, check for genuine labels, and read user reviews to ensure the authenticity of a cheap controller.

3. Is it illegal to sell fake PS4 controllers?

Yes, selling fake PS4 controllers is illegal as it violates intellectual property rights and consumer protection laws. Purchasing counterfeit products also supports illegal activities.

4. Can fake PS4 controllers harm my console?

Fake PS4 controllers may have poor build quality and lack proper safety regulations, which can potentially harm your console. It’s advisable to use genuine controllers to ensure safety and optimal performance.

5. Where can I report sellers of fake PS4 controllers?

You can report sellers of fake PS4 controllers to the relevant authorities, such as consumer protection agencies or online marketplaces. Providing detailed information and evidence will help in taking appropriate action against counterfeit sellers.

Final Words

This was our comprehensive guide on hacks for spotting a fake PS4 controller. It is much hurtful to realize that you invested in a fake product, and we don’t want you to fall into that trap.

As per the above tips, you can save yourself by paying close attention to the details. Let us know about any of your queries or suggestions here.


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