Top Best Soundbars for Gaming in 2024

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Soundbars for Gaming

If you are searching for gaming soundbars, you have arrived at the right place. In this article, we have brought the five best soundbars for gaming.

Many articles are dedicated to tech-savvy people. Whether it is problem-solving articles or articles on new technologies, you can easily find them on the internet. But what about gamers? The gaming-related problem-solving articles are not much online.

But don’t worry, we have addressed your problem in this article. Before diving into the topic, let’s first understand what this topic is about and who should read this article.

Let us answer the second question first. This article is for gamers in general. However, if you are an experienced gamer and want to enhance your experience more, you must read this article.

Now coming back to the first question, this article is all about the best soundbars for gaming that give you a different experience altogether. If you are aiming to become a professional gamer, you must invest in the best gaming soundbars. Many soundbar options are available out there.

To prevent you from the unwanted hustle of searching for suitable soundbars for gaming, we have covered the five best gaming soundbars for you in this article.

Please read this entire article to understand the features and functions of each soundbar and select the one which suits their taste.

#1 Best Soundbar for Gaming – SONOS Playbar

SONOS Playbar

There is a reason that we have listed Sonos in the top list of best soundbars for gaming. The Sonos is a small and elegant-looking soundbar, and its powerful sound quality makes it the best gaming soundbar out there.

The best thing about this product is that it not only enhances the gaming experience but also takes your music experience to the next level.

Sound Quality

Sonos is developed by world-class Sound Engineers plus, and this product’s technological and structural design is unmatchable. You will know the sound quality as soon as you play a tune. The Sound Engineers behind this device have the expertise in developing world-class soundbars. 

The advanced technology and sound rating used in this product are outstanding and would perfectly enhance your gaming experience. The effective dialog of the gaming characters and soundtrack will be amplified many times. 

Besides, if you are looking for the best hardest hitting 10-inch subwoofers that can change your audio experience or the best one-handed gaming keyboards, these guides you must check out.


You can set up this device even in your sleep because its wire connections are so simple and systematic.

In the rarest of rare cases, you might come across some wire connection problem or socket problem. The Sonos wireless connectivity is good and enables you to carry live streaming easily. 

Add-ons Not Required

The Sonos soundbar is built in such a way that it does not need any external add-ons for the enhancement of sound quality. The device is sufficient and effective and gives you a complete experience, whether it is music, gaming, or movies. 

However, if you are willing to experiment more and want to become a pro in your gaming, then, of course, you have the option to use add-ons. The amplified sound quality is already in this device, but you can use an external sub and pair it with more Sonos stereos.     

Specifications of This Best Soundbar for Gaming

  • Brand: SONOS
  • Color: Black
  • Subwoofer: Built-in & Amplified
  • Length: 35.5 inches
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, WiFi
  • It amplifies the vocals and resonates with instrumental sound, perfect for gaming and listening to music.
  • Use the application to set up the device simply.
  • Compatible with multiple other devices like TVs. 
  • Wireless and stable connectivity allows you to live stream without any obstacles. 
  • Enhances the gaming experience through sound rating and surrounding sound delivery. 
  • Some users have reported manual and automatic software update problems.
  • Does not worth through amplifiers.

#2 – Razer Leviathan PC Gaming and Music Sound Bar 

Razer Leviathan PC Gaming and Music Sound Bar 

The shape of the Razer Leviathan looks like a small titanic. However, do not be fooled by its small size because the external sub-turn combined with the Dolby system turns this device into a surround system. Razer Leviathan does not require external add-ons to enhance the sound. 

Aptx Technology

This device is well-fitted for wireless connectivity and allows you to connect any device with Bluetooth v4.0 and enjoy movies, gaming, or music. It sets the example for the other soundbars as its wireless connectivity does not compromise the quality of the sound. 

Furthermore, the wireless connectivity is so stable that you cannot spot the difference between unwired and wired connections.

NFC Technology

Razer Leviathan allows you a wireless pairing with other devices. Wired pairing is now an outdated process of connecting one device with another.

If you are worried about the stability and speed of the connectivity, then you must know that its advanced integrated technology even remembers the last paired device.

Compatible with Multiple Devices

Till now, it must have been clear that Razer Leviathan is compatible with multiple devices. If you think this device is just for gaming, you could not be more wrong. The subwoofers contain full-range drivers which deliver both low and high frequencies sounds.      

Similar to Sonos, Razer Leviathan also has a 5.1 surrounding system which takes the sound quality to the next level. It gives you a home theatre kind of feeling and enhances your gaming experience even more.

Let us add one more thing; no soundbar can beat the advanced sound technology, the Dolby atmos system in this device. 

Specifications of This Best Soundbar for Gaming

  • Brand: Razer
  • Color: Black
  • Subwoofer: External
  • Length: 19.7 inches
  • Connectivity: Near field communication, Optical, Auxiliary, Bluetooth
  • It maintains a perfect balance between high and low sound frequencies. The quality of sound does not deteriorate while leveling up the frequency. 
  • It levels up your game and allows you to experience more cozy and immersive gameplay. 
  • Though it is designed for the computer system, the clear vocal sound and deep bass make it suitable for other devices like TVs. 
  • The features and functions of this device exceed the price. 
  • Customizable equalizing setting
  • Razer Leviathan does not have a remote control.
  • Some users have reported the automatic system turn-off problem.  

#3 – Sound BlasterX Katana Multi-Channel Surround Gaming and Entertainment Soundbar

Sound BlasterX Katana Multi-Channel Surround Gaming and Entertainment Soundbar

The name Sound BlaterX Katana suits well because of its deadly sound. This soundbar is used advanced sound technology and amplifies the sound. The Dolby system combined with surround sound quality has made this device one of the best gaming soundbars.   

The elegant design and flexible connectivity allow it to be ahead of other soundbars. Plus, the Dolby atmos makes it even better. 


UMAS is the acronym for Under Monitor Audio System and is the deadliest system among soundbars. Except for the Katana soundbar, no other soundbar contain this system. This is what makes it one of the best soundbars for gaming. 

Another system that amplifies the sound is the multi-core audio DSP. The system and technology used in this device will take your gaming experience to another level.

Aurora Reactive

Katana can customize light which you can see on its body. With the help of 49 LED settings, this device customizes the light, which allows you to choose from almost 17 million colors. The colors are chosen based on surround sound experience.

5 Driver Design

5 Drivers are carefully positioned in the woofer and bar. These drivers are powered by a woofer that is meant to carry unmatched audio accuracy that creates a robust gaming scenario with a comprehensive surrounding atmosphere.

The internal frequencies are delivered in such a way that you can listen and notice even a meek sound perfectly.

Specifications of This Best Soundbar for Gaming

  • Brand: Dolby
  • Color: Customizable LED and Black.
  • Subwoofer: External
  • Length: 23.6 inches
  • Connectivity: HDMI, Optical, USB, Bluetooth
  • Even though Katana is primarily made for the computer soundbar, you get enough power and space to connect to other devices.
  • It allows you to customize the light settings.
  • You can choose the different modes in distinctive moments. 
  • Dolby atmos enhance the sound quality and increase your experience. 
  • The clear vocal voice and deep bass is the key factor of this device.
  • It supports wireless connectivity with other devices.   
  • BlastarX Katana is not compatible with any Apple devices.
  • Though you can find manual setup on the web, the process might seem tricky for non-technical people.

#4 – Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System 

Best Soundbars for Gaming - Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System 

Bose is a popular soundbar device all over the world. It has always made top-quality soundbars that allow you to connect to any device via Bluetooth.

That is why for many people Bose soundbar is the first choice when it comes to speakers and headphones. Now, they are stepping with a surround sound system and vocal quality to enhance the gaming experience. 

The vocal quality is amplified so much that it feels like the person is conversing right in front of you. It won’t be wrong to say that Bose has a game up for the gaming community. 

Voice Enhancement    

As we have mentioned earlier, this is one of the key features of this soundbar. The technology is used to enhance the human voice in gaming and make it easy for you to understand each word clearly.

In FPS gameplay, the conversation between the two characters plays important for the strategic development of the game.  

Not only this, but in the case of movies, you will feel like you are inside the movie and playing one of the characters. Therefore, the additional feature in Bose Solo makes the device ten times better than other soundbars.

Dual Side Driver

Similar to other soundbars in this list, Bose also has directional drivers that make the sound more crisp and clear. Drivers balance the sound frequencies between high and low.

Whether the sound is at the low, medium, or high-frequency level, the sound’s crispiness is always maintained.

Some sound drivers point forward and others sideward, and that is how it covers the entire room. When the sound hits the wall in all directions, it gives you a home theatre feel.

That is why this is one of the best soundbars for gaming as well as the most recommended device for the projector.

Futuristic Design

Bose soundbars are short, slim, and elegant design that looks quite fancy. It is a portable device, and due to its slim outer structure, you can easily keep it in your bag and even hand it badly. The outer structure supports the internal assemblage plus the outer aesthetic design shows the professionalism of its designers.

Moreover, you do not need a lot of space to fix Bose Solo for your gaming. Just keep it anywhere near your gaming setup and enjoy your game.

Specifications of This Best Soundbar for Gaming

  • Brand: Bose
  • Color: Black
  • Subwoofer: Built-in
  • Connectivity options: Coaxial, Bluetooth, Optical, Auxiliary
  • Length: 21.5 inches     
  • Voice enhancement allows you to immerse in the moment, whether watching movies or playing an intense game. 
  • The vocal voice and surrounding sound feel real and make the scenario organic and real. 
  • Easily portable due to its slim and short structure. 
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows you the wireless pairing of any device.
  • The setup process is extremely simple.
  • There is no number to represent this device’s highest or lowest volume. You will only get a sign (+) to increase the volume and a sign (-) to decrease the volume. 
  • Paring a remote with some of the brands might be complex.

#5 – VIZIO Sound Bar for TV with Wireless Subwoofer

VIZIO Sound Bar for TV with Wireless Subwoofer

Clear voice and blasting basses are this soundbar’s key features when you are playing an FPS. Plus, the stable wireless connectivity allows you to pair any device with the VIZIO soundbar.

The deep and soulful low frequency will give you chills; on the other hand, the high frequency will allow you to indulge in the game completely.

Audio 2.1

The quality of sound is defined by the technology used inside, which brings profundity to the gameplay. The bass of the subwoofer is extremely intense in this device and amplifies the whole scenario of the gameplay.

You can hear the vibration of the bass and human voice from this device. The diversity f the sound gives you the home theatre kind of feeling. Plus, the magnitude of the sound makes VIZIO one of the best soundbars for gaming on this list. 

Bass immersion

The thumping and strong bass of VIZIO are unmatched by other soundbars out there. You get to feel the intensity of the bass when you play arcade and FPS kinds of games. These action-packed games define the quality of the soundbars.

When the sound hits the wall and reverts to you, you can feel the intensity of the sound. In addition, wireless connectivity is just like the cherry on the cake.      


The surrounding sound, combined with the acoustic soundtrack, makes the whole scenario make you feel real. The 100 decibels at 1 meter fill the entire room with ecstatic sounds. More importantly, the harmonic tension will never reach 1pr cent.

No matter how big the size of the room is, VIZIO will always fill the entire room with its surrounding sound. 

Not only this, the technology balances high and low sound frequencies. Not only PC, but VIZIO also supports every TV brand, including L.G. People prefer this soundbar to enhance their experience, ultimately improving their gameplay.

Specifications of This Best Soundbar for Gaming

  • Brand: VIZIO
  • Color: Black
  • Subwoofer: External
  • Connectivity options: USB, Bluetooth, Optical, Auxiliary
  • Length: 38 inches
  • You can easily follow some simple steps to set up a home theatre. 
  • If it is necessary, it can be wall-mounted. 
  • It allows you to adjust the intensity of the volume according to the environment of the gameplay. 
  • You can hear human voices even at the high bass volume. 
  • It provides you the space and power to connect devices through the wire and unwired.
  • This device can fill up a bigger room without distorting the sound. 
  • Some people have reported an issue with the remote control of this device.
  • The life span will drop if it is not kept well.  

How to Choose the Right Soundbar for Gaming

Selecting the right soundbar for your gaming needs can be a daunting task. Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Determine your budget and prioritize the features that are most important to you.
  • Research customer reviews and expert opinions to gauge the overall performance and reliability of the soundbar.
  • Consider compatibility with your gaming devices and connectivity options.
  • Compare specifications such as audio channels, frequency response, and power output to ensure the soundbar meets your requirements.
  • Take into account the design, form factor, and dimensions of the soundbar to ensure it fits well with your gaming setup.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Q: Can I connect a soundbar to a gaming console?
    • A: Yes, most soundbars support various connectivity options, including HDMI ARC or optical, making them compatible with gaming consoles.
  2. Q: Do soundbars provide surround sound for gaming?
    • A: Many soundbars offer virtual surround sound technology, creating an immersive audio experience for gaming.
  3. Q: Are soundbars compatible with PC gaming setups?
    • A: Yes, soundbars can be connected to PCs via Bluetooth, HDMI, or optical cables, enhancing the audio output for an immersive gaming experience.
  4. Q: What is the ideal placement for a gaming soundbar?
    • A: Placing the soundbar below or above the gaming monitor/TV, preferably at ear level, ensures optimal audio projection and immersion.
  5. Q: Can I use a soundbar for both gaming and other audio purposes?
    • A: Absolutely! Soundbars are versatile audio devices that can enhance audio for gaming, movies, music, and other forms of entertainment.


Lastly, we want to conclude this article by saying that these five soundbars are currently the best in the market.

You must carefully read this article and understand each soundbar’s key factors. This will help you to evaluate your want and need. 


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