How to Easily Mirror iPhone to PS4 With Different Ways?

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Mirror iPhone to PS4 is a more common requirement among modern-day users. There are many reasons for users to mirror iPhones to PS4 screens.

That is exactly why they are on the lookout for reliable solutions. If you wonder how to do it, this article explains what it is and the methods.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 (PS4) home gaming console may be used with Android and Apple smartphones. This specific method is used to view and play PS4 content.

As a PS4 user, you may have been searching for a means to link the PS4 to the iPhone. You’ll find out how to use your iPhone to play PS4 games and entertainment on your phone.

So, to get things started, let’s see if we can mirror the PS4 screen to an iPhone.

Part 1: The Possibility of Mirror iPhone to PS4

First, let’s find out if there is a difference between screencasting and mirroring. The truth is that these two concepts are different from each other. Certain apps from the Apple Store let you view material from the PS4 display on an iPhone.

Both devices must be set up and connected before you can use them together. Have you ever wanted to play Ps4 games on your iPhone or even an iPad? If that is the case, this guide will walk you through the process step-by-step.

PS: Let’s figure out how to spot a fake PS4 controller.

Part 2: Use Your PS4 to Mirror iPhone to PS4

There are a variety of ways to link an iPhone to a PS4. In that case, you may take advantage of PlayStation on the go. The following sections detail the pros and cons of each alternative.

Please follow these instructions to enjoy PlayStation iOS app features, including game downloads, achievements, and more.

Use Your PS4 to Mirror iPhone to PS4
  • The PlayStation App is available on the App Store. Download and install it.
  • Use the same wireless network on your PS4 and iPhone.
  • Navigate to Settings and then go to “PlayStation Apps Connection Settings.” Then, go to “Mobile Apps Connection Settings” and choose “Add Device” on your PS4 to add a new device. It would then display a code.
  • Start by launching and connecting to the PS App on your iPhone.
  • To complete the connection, enter the code displayed on your PS4 screen.
  • Using the PS4’s built-in Second Screen capability, you may access the PS4’s menu. In addition to that, you can type using the on-screen keyboard. Also, there are many other tasks you can perform. 
  • As of 2017, the feature has been available as a separate PS4 app rather than integrated into the PS4 app. Because of this, you must download an app to the iPhone to use your Second Screen feature. On the App Store, the app is called Second Screen.

Part 3: Use My PlayStation to Mirror iPhone to PS4 

My PlayStation option, launched in February 2018, is another option for connecting an iPhone to your PS4 system.

You can use the service to log into your PSN account and see your achievements, communicate with friends, and make changes to your personal information.

You don’t need much more than a regular web browser found on the iPhone to access the My PlayStation service. See down for further instructions.

Use My PlayStation to Mirror iPhone to PS4 
  • Log on to and create an account.
  • Next, use your PlayStation Network credentials to log in.
  • You’ll see all your trophies, friends list, and more upon logging in.

Part 4: Mirror iPhone to PS4 Using PlayStation Remote Play

The methods described above have some limited features, as you can see. They only allow you to access your PS4’s trophies and other stuff when connected to an iPhone. It’s not always enough to be able to log into your PSN account via your phone.

Playing PlayStation 4 games on your iPhone “screen” may be something you’d like to do. If that’s the case for you, below are the steps on how to Mirror iPhone to PS4 for you to follow up.

Steps to Connect iPhone to PlayStation 4

  • Download the PlayStation RemotePlay app from the Apple Store as the first step.
  • In your PS4 Settings, go to Remote Plays Connection Settings and scroll down to the bottom.
  • Click the Add Device button. This should be done after verifying that you have enabled Remote Play and connected directly to PS Vita/PS TV. A code will show on the PS4 screen after completing this step.
Connect iPhone to PlayStation 4
  • Now, you should unplug your PlayStation 4 controller.
Turn off Device
  • Once you’ve disabled the controller, use the Share & PS buttons together to connect it to your iPhone. You can see a flickering light on the PS4 controller’s display. It does mean the controller works perfectly well to be connected.
  • Activate Bluetooth in your iPhone’s Settings. The PS4 controller must be paired with your iPhone before you can use the controller’s touchpad. When the controller’s display shows a solid hue, you’ve successfully connected your device over Bluetooth.
  • Launch the previously downloaded PS4 Remote Play app.
  • Select Register Manually from the Register menu, and then enter the PS4 code you generated previously. It is possible to see your PS4’s screen on your iPhone and hear its sounds. Also, it’s possible to use the PS4 system to control the phone while playing a game on your PS4.
  • To use the PlayStation remote play tool on the iPhone, you’ll need a high-speed Wi-Fi connection. Even with a powerful cellular device network, your games will not run smoothly as expected. So, you are supposed to keep that in mind.

What Benefits Can You Enjoy with Mirror iPhone to PS4 or Other Larger Screens?

01. It Allows You to Collaborate Easily 

Conference rooms cannot accommodate various compatibility of cables, software, and operating system. However, compact-sized wireless mirroring tools can be used to connect to a conference hall display screen.

If you wonder how to mirror a Samsung phone to a PC, you should check out this guide.

02. Faster and Easy connection with No Waste of Time 

Most wireless screen mirroring systems minimize or simplify these time-consuming processes. Eventually, they allow you to enjoy effortless connections on all devices. You will save time and money by completing the connection process independently.

So, those methods can be accomplished without the assistance of an IT specialist.

03. Excellent Control Over the Shared Content

Screen mirroring over wires and cables has several drawbacks. Well, the most notable is the loss of control over what is shared on your screen.

You’ll have to unplug the wire or turn off that display device whenever you wish to stop screen mirroring.

It is possible to configure a wireless screen mirroring device effortlessly by Mirroring iPhone to PS4. As a result, just your presentations or videos are shared based on the configuration. It also has the ability to pause, stall, or stop the connection at any time.

04. Screen Sharing Simultaneously  

When using a wired or cabled connection, you can only share your screen with just one other device simultaneously.

This issue makes it impossible to switch between devices or users during a specific meeting. This also allows any coupled device to take over without unplugging the other.

05. Connecting and Sharing via a Mobile Device Easily

Mobile devices such as iPhones and Android are also highly popular in today’s corporate world. Your laptop or desktop computer may indeed be connected via HDMI cable.

However, connecting your mobile device will be considered a more difficult proposition. It’s impossible to find the necessary software or even the correct adapters and connectors.

The majority of wireless screen mirroring solutions support Android and iOS. They allow users to connect their mobile devices to the display screen and exhibit them at any time.

Technology for screen mirroring has evolved significantly in recent years; it’s improving. And we have explained some of the best methods to mirror iPhone to PS4 above.

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  1. Can I mirror my iPhone to PS4 without Wi-Fi?
    • No, you need a Wi-Fi connection to mirror your iPhone to PS4.
  2. Are there any apps you recommend for screen mirroring to PS4?
    • AirBeamTV and Plex are great options for screen mirroring and media streaming, respectively.
  3. Why is my screen mirroring lagging?
    • This could be due to an unstable Wi-Fi connection or many apps running in the background.
  4. Can I stream games from my iPhone to my PS4?
    • Yes, you can stream games using the screen mirroring feature.
  5. Do I need any additional equipment to mirror my iPhone to PS4?
    • No, you just need your iPhone, PS4, and a stable Wi-Fi connection.


You have already discovered if it is possible to mirror iPhone to the PS4 game console. As a result, you’ve learned three ways to connect your iPhone to your PS4. Two of these methods just allow you to view your PS4’s content and settings.

On the other hand, the next option allows you to play PlayStation 4 games on your iPhone. Needless to mention that it is an added benefit.

With this guide, you should now be able to connect the iPhone and PS4 devices. And that’s how to mirror iPhone to PS4. If you have any other queries related to this matter, you can leave us a comment below.


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