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Screen Mirroring Not Working

Are you experiencing a screen mirroring not working error and looking for a solution? Well, here are the best solutions you can try.

This is particularly true if you have tried many other options and have had no luck.

Part 1: What Are the Solutions to Try if Screen Mirroring Not Working on My Device?

Screen Mirroring Not Working on My Device

Before everything else, let’s go ahead and check some basics. In other words, below are the most practical solutions you can try if screen mirroring is not working.

PS: if you wonder how to mirror a Samsung phone to a PC, this guide you should check out.

01. Check the Devices That Are Compatible with AirPlay

The most recent iOS software and hardware versions are recommended with Airplay. To begin, check to see if Airplay works on your Mac. Some mirroring restrictions prevent older Mac machines from streaming Airplay videos.

Mac 2011 and newer versions can transmit Airplay, and only Apple TV 2nd generation or later can receive it. On your Macintosh, click the Apple symbol and select the ‘About this Mac’ option. Then, click on “More information.”

Besides, if you are experiencing the Airplay not working issue, here are the top solutions for you.

02. Check if the Devices Are Running on Updated Software

If there is no successful connection established, you should check if they are running on the latest software.

Update Your Apple TV Using the Following Steps

  • To begin, navigate to the Settings menu and select System > Software Update. After that, go to “Download & install” if one is available.
Update Your Apple TV
  • Please be patient while we finish the upgrade. The Apple TV should not be unplugged or unplugged while an update occurs.

Update Your Mac with the Following Steps

  • Click Software Update in System Preferences.
  • Click on the download and install button if you see an available update. 
  • You can also program a future update to occur automatically. Click “Automatically keep my Mac up to date.” This will notify you if there is a new version.
Update macOS to Fix Screen Mirroring Not Working

03. Restart Your Devices if Screen Mirroring is Not Working 

Restart the iPad simply by pressing the Sleep / Wake button and holding it. You should do that until the respective device asks you to swipe its power button.

So, you can turn it off and discover your AirPlay device or Apple TV in its control panel. You should wait, so your screen is gone completely black.

Then, you should hold the Sleep/Wake key again to turn the device on.

Part 2: Solutions to Try if Screen Mirroring Not Working after an iOS Update

There are several reasons for screen mirroring not working after a potential iOS update. If that’s the case, you should try the solutions mentioned below.

01. Screen Mirroring Not Working because of Wi-fi Router Issues

In some cases, your screen mirroring is not working simply due to a Wi-Fi router issue. Mentioned below is how to fix it.

● Restart the Router

The common fixes are restarting and ensuring that all devices are connected to the same network. Interestingly, in some cases, the router will become the issue. Rebooting the router may help if you’ve exhausted all other options.

On the back of most routers, you’ll find an on/off switch. You can also reset your router by disconnecting it and waiting for a few seconds. After that, you should reinsert it back into the power outlet.

To get back online, you’ll need to wait for your router to start up and establish a new connection.

● Install the Latest Firmware for Your Router

Are you still having issues and confident enough in your router’s configuration? If so, you may want to try updating the firmware.

Firmware and firewall issues are often to blame for problems that remain even after restarting devices, which can also be remedied by changing firmware.

Install the Lastest Firmware for Your Router

02. Screen Mirroring Not Working because of Your Mac’s Firewall

If you’re having trouble getting AirPlay to operate on your Mac, check to see if your firewall is interfering. You can go to System Preferences to change this. Security and privacy always come at a price.

So, what you should do now is to go to the system’s Firewall and see its configurations. It’s a good idea to disable the firewall if it’s accessible. To save the changes, click OK.

Mac users can easily repair the screen mirroring not working by following these instructions.

Screen Mirroring Not Working because of Your Mac's Firewall

03. AirPlay Icon Doesn’t Show Up

Apple’s operating system automatically displays the Airplay icon when an Airplay-capable device connects to your network. To view the symbol in the menu, you may have to disable it in the settings.

  • The Airplay logo on the Mac needs to be enabled.
  • Select System Preferences by clicking on the Apple logo at the top left of the screen.
  • To begin, select the Display tab among the three tabs on the screen.
  • The option “Show mirroring options in the menu bar when available” should be checked to proceed.
AirPlay Icon Doesn't Show Up

04. There is a Connection Problem with the TV

The next cause can be connection issues on your TV units. Mentioned below is how to fix it.

Switch Your Device on

Verify that the TV unit is turned on by plugging it in. If this is not the case, turn your device on properly.

Connect Both the Devices to the Same Network

Double-check to see if the second device uses the same network connection (Wi-Fi) at this stage. If this is the case, please change networks to get your devices to sync.

The Devices Should Be on the Same Wi-fi Network

Make that both the sender and the receiver devices have Wi-Fi enabled. Also, they must be linked to the same network (Wi-Fi) before sending a message.

Update the Apple TV

Go to “Settings” and select “General” to see if you are running on the most recent version. The “General” drop-down menu has a “Software” option. Click on that option. We’ll get the most recent version if one is available.

Restart the Device

Be sure to turn it off and then back on again. This is an old method, but it occasionally works, so resetting everything is worthwhile.

05. Your Video Plays but with No Sound

If the sound of the screen mirroring is not working, mentioned below is what you can do.

  • Check to see if your TV and iOS device’s sound is working. In some cases, it may appear that everything is working fine. However, it is possible that the application or website you would like to cast is not completely Airplay-compliant.
  • Airplay should not allow a link to another device; therefore, make sure it is disabled.
  • Ensure that the ringer and volume are turned up. Try playing a song/video, then turning the volume up and playing it again. Then, you can get it to play properly on “Music” or “YouTube.”
Your Video Plays but with No Sound

06. Still Have Troubles with AirPlay?

It’s possible that it’s a bug introduced with the iOS15 update. For iOS system issues, we’ve introduced FixGo.

This specific tool lets you either downgrade to iOS 14 or fix them by downgrading to iOS 15. iOS 15 should be installed as soon as Apple releases a stable version.

FixGo is a straightforward app that may solve many issues with your iOS device. There is no risk of losing data when using FixGo to fix tvOS and iOS bugs.

Features of FixGo

  • It can fix more than 200 errors on iOS, including frozen devices or stuck devices.
  • It also fixes the black screen of the death and recovery screen loop easily.
  • FixGo can fix plenty of issues related to tvOS.
  • You can use it to exit or enter recovery mode simply with a single click.
  • This tool can downgrade your existing iOS system without causing data loss.
  • It works perfectly with the recent version of iOS devices.

How to Use FixGo and Fix Errors with No Data Loss

Please follow the below simple guide to fix errors on your iOS device.

● Connect the Gadget to the PC in the First Step

Connect the device to your PC using a USB cord after launching FixGo and selecting Standard Mode. Wait a couple of seconds after connecting for the FixGo to recognize the device.

iToolab FixGo
● Download the Firmware

You’ll need to update your device’s firmware to fix the problem. You have the option to downgrade it to iOS14.8 if you so desire.

To begin downloading the iOS firmware, click on the Download button. Click Select to move to the path if you previously downloaded the most recent firmware.

Download Firmware using iToolab FixGo
● Get the iOS Device Running

You can begin the repair process by pressing the button labeled “Fix Now” after you have downloaded the firmware.

Fix Screen Mirroring Not Working with FixGo

Part 3: Use a Third-party App if Standard Screen Mirroring is Not Working

Perhaps you’re wondering what to do if the methods above don’t work to fix the problems with screen mirroring. In this case, please use professional third-party software to mirror the screen of your iPhone.

This is a must-have tool to reflect your smartphone’s screen correctly. The name of this tool is Reflector 4.

Reflector 4

Reflector 4

Google Cast, Airplay, and Miracast screen mirroring are all supported by Reflector 4‘s screen mirroring. Reflector 4 eliminates the need for additional cords when mirroring your screen.

Mirroring your iPhone’s screen to a larger display is as simple as installing Reflector 4 on your device. Take advantage of screen mirroring by following these simple instructions.

  • Download the app and install it on TV and smartphone
  • Then, connect the iOS device and your TV to the same network (through Wi-Fi)
  • You should launch Reflector 4 on the TV (or the PC screen) to proceed.
  • Open Control Center on your iOS device and go to “Screen Mirroring” or “AirPlay” to proceed.
Screen Mirroring using Reflector 4
  • Choose the receivers and devices you intend to mirror.
Screen Mirroring using Reflector 4
  • That’s it! Your iOS device’s screen is now on the big screen.

A Bit About AirPlay

What Exactly is AirPlay

Do you want to stream material from one device to another? For instance, from your iOS device or Mac system to your Apple TV or another form of Airplay device? If so, you can rely on Airplay. It is possible to do all this over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with Airplay.

Instead of using your iPhone, you may use Airplay to stream videos from any social media platform. It also lets you browse the web through the phone while watching it on the big screen.


  1. Q: Why is my screen mirroring not working even though the devices are connected? A: There could be several reasons for this, such as incompatible devices, network connectivity problems, or outdated software. Follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article to identify and resolve the issue.
  2. Q: Can I screen mirror without Wi-Fi? A: Some screen mirroring technologies, like HDMI or wired connections, do not require Wi-Fi. However, most wireless screen mirroring solutions rely on Wi-Fi for seamless connectivity.
  3. Q: How do I update the firmware on my TV or projector? A: Consult the user manual or the manufacturer’s website for instructions on updating the firmware of your specific TV or projector model. Usually, you can find firmware update options in the settings menu.
  4. Q: Can screen mirroring cause a lag or delay in video playback? A: In some cases, screen mirroring can introduce a slight lag or delay due to the wireless transmission of data. However, the extent of the delay depends on various factors, including the devices used and the network conditions.
  5. Q: Are there any apps that can enhance screen mirroring performance? A: Yes, some apps offer additional features and settings to optimize screen mirroring performance. Explore your device’s app store to find screen mirroring apps that suit your needs.


So, those are the best solutions to try if your screen mirroring is not working. There are many reasons behind the error, so knowing every solution is handy for you. If the issue is triggered due to a system error, FixGo will fix it.

However, if none of those solutions work, you can use an alternative method like Reflector 4. That will mirror your iPhone’s screen easily into your big screen.


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