How To Mirror Samsung Phone to PC In 5 Easy Ways?

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Samsung screen mirroring to a PC is a tweak that can be very handy on many practical occasions.

This specific technology enables you to mirror a Samsung phone to a PC and enjoy that content on the big screen. The content of this article explains everything you should learn about the concept of screen mirroring.

Do you find it pretty difficult to read an article on your phone’s screen? If so, you may choose to view it on a larger display.

The same is true when connecting a Samsung device to a PC. You can find ways to mirror your Samsung phone to your PC.

Part 1: An Introduction to Screen Mirroring Technology

For example, you can reflect your Samsung phone’s screen to your computer or the other way around. This is known as “screen mirroring.” The screen of a mobile phone can be used on a computer in a variety of ways.

Additionally, it removes the requirement of picking up a smartphone each time a notification is received. In fact, exchanging media files across PC and phone is also easier.

One of the most beneficial features is the Samsung screen mirroring to a PC. This specific feature lets users watch information on a bigger screen and more clearly.

PS: let’s figure out how to mirror Android to a laptop.

Part 2: How to Mirror Samsung Phone to PC – What You Must Know About It

Samsung’s screen mirroring feature can be used in many settings. Moreover, it dominates as a significant feature associated with Samsung smartphones.

Mirroring the screen of your Samsung smartphone can be accomplished in several ways.

01. Samsung Screen Mirroring to PC – Use Tenorshare Phone Mirror

Phone Mirror, just like the name suggests, is an application used to mirror Android phones. The overall process of Samsung screen mirroring to a PC is exceptionally easier with this awesome application.

Take snapshots, record screens, check mail, and play games on your computer with this program. As a result, you may stop juggling between the phone and the PC. It’s completely free to use.

  • Phone Mirror should be downloaded and installed on a computer to start the process.
  • Connect the Samsung to the PC using a USB cord to enable USB debugging.
Enable USB Debugging on Android Devices
  • To begin Samsung screen-to-PC mirroring, click the mirror button.
Mirror Samsung Phone to PC Using Tenorshare Phone Mirror
  • Your phone screen will appear on your PC in a matter of seconds.
Tenorshare Phone Mirror

02. How to Mirror Samsung Phone to PC Using MS Link to Windows Tool

You can use “Microsoft Link to Windows” on your Samsung phone. Also, you should use “Your Phone” software on your PC to mirror your phone to your computer.

If you have a Windows 10 PC, you can use your mobile apps on it. Also, you can sync content between the two without any problems.

MS Link to Windows, as of this writing, is currently only accessible on select Samsung devices. To elaborate more, they work on devices that are running Android 7 or above.

Windows 10 users with the May (2019) update already have access to the Your Phone app. It is necessary to have a Samsung phone running on Android 11 or newer.

Follow these simple setup instructions to get the app running on your Samsung smartphone.

  • To utilize this function, both the Windows PC and your qualifying Samsung phone should be placed nearby. In addition to that, they should be connected using the same network (Wi-Fi) and on. Use the exact MS account on the phone and computer.
  • When you slide down to the top of your screen, Samsung’s Notifications panel will emerge. Click on “Link to Windows.” The Links to Window application can also be downloaded from the Google Play Store. This is particularly true if you don’t have access to this feature.
Mirror Samsung Phone to PC Using MS Link to Windows Tool
  • After that, you should sign in with the exact Microsoft account that you use on your computer.
Sign Microsoft Account to Link to Windows App
  • Next, please open the Your Phone app on your PC. Then type “Your phone” to find results.
  • Choose Android/Samsung, then proceed. Signing in with a Microsoft account is required. Check to see whether it matches the one on your Samsung phone.
  • To connect to the You Phone App, you’ll receive a message on your phone requesting your permission. Allow by clicking on it.
  • Your computer will display all of the data on the phone, including images and messages.

03. Samsung Screen Mirroring to PC using Smart View

Is Samsung’s Smart View feature compatible with computers? The short answer is yes. The majority of Samsung’s new mobile devices come with Smart View preinstalled.

It’s either wireless display enabled on your computer, or you should download the Samsung Flow software.

You can download it from the Samsung store or even Google play on the device. Or, you can even download it on the PC and use Smart View to mirror your Samsung phone. Our goal in this tutorial is to show you how easy it is to mirror the Samsung device.

We will be using Smart View and Smart Flow to accomplish that.

  • Install Smart Flow on your computer and Samsung phone.
  • Connect both devices to the same wireless network and pair them on your Samsung; open Smart View.
  • Click the Samsung View icon on the Samsung Flow app’s UI. After that, you’ll be able to use your phone on your computer because the screen will be obscured.
mirror Samsung phone to pc Using Smart View
  • It’s possible to do much more than just see what’s happening on your Samsung phone with these methods. On the other hand, Smart Flow can only be used on Android devices running version 6 or higher.
  • There are known workarounds for Samsung Smart View when it malfunctions. For Samsung Smart View difficulties, we propose ReiBoot for Android. And that’s how to mirror Samsung phones to PC with this technique.

04. Samsung Screen Mirroring to PC using Airdroid

Regarding third-party screen-mirroring apps, AirDroid has become the most popular on Samsung phones. That is specifically because of its unique capabilities and smooth syncing with the PC.

AirDroid has a wide range of Android features. In addition to taking screenshots, you may access your Android device’s files, phone calls, and messages. AirDroid Cast is required for PC screen sharing with a Samsung phone.

  • Make sure you have the AirDroid Cast program installed on your Samsung smartphone and a PC or Mac. On the official website or Google Play, you may get it.
  • The code for “Cast” or the QR code presented on the PC can be entered. If not, the same can be scanned with any Samsung phone simultaneously. Once you’ve done that, use the START CASTING button.
  • Occasionally, you may have to allow a request to proceed. On the computer, click on Start now, and then on your Samsung, select “Activate” to enable screen casting permission.
  • At long last, you’ll be able to see the screen of your Samsung phone on your PC. Pause the procedure at any time by clicking the Pause button. As you can see, it is always easy to mirror a Samsung phone to a PC.  

05. ApowerMirror

mirror Samsung phone to pc Using ApowerMirror

This is another professional application for screen mirroring. And this program allows you to share the screen of your mobile device with a computer monitor. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

With this app, you may also be able to mirror three separate mobile devices at once. For demonstrations, the annotation feature can draw attention to certain elements on that mirrored screen.

For example, you may type text messages and reach the gaming keys with the help of this program. Use this program to record anything on the screen and post it to video-sharing services.

For instance, you can post them on YouTube. With that said, below is a straightforward guide on how to use ApowerMirror. This tutorial will connect a Samsung phone to a PC through a USB cable.

  • Download the desktop app and get it installed on your PC.  
  • You can download the mobile version of the same and install it through the Play Store. 
  • Once both devices have been launched, connect them to the exact Wi-Fi network.
  • The “M” button on the mobile device must be tapped to activate detection. Select your computer’s name from the list of identified devices now.
  • Start your mirroring process by tapping “Phone Screen Mirroring.”


As you can see, Samsung’s screen mirroring can be considered a convenient function. Your family can see what’s on your Samsung phone in real-time. Also, you can read articles or watch movies in high definition on a widescreen with a smartphone.

That being said, the above is some of the greatest screen-mirroring apps for you. ApowerMirror, AirDroid, Tenorshare, etc., are excellent options elaborated on in this article. You can use any of those options to mirror a Samsung phone to a PC and enjoy the big-screen experience.

There can be many other alternatives if you want a Samsung screen mirroring to a PC. However, only a few of those tools will do what is promised.

The tools we have explained above are tested by millions of users across the globe. They praise these tools because of their excellent performance.

Do you know any other good tools for those who wonder how to mirror a Samsung phone to a PC? If so, please let us know. Also, please let us know if you have any other doubts about this matter.


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