Tips for Resurrecting Your Dead iPhone X & Dead iPhone 8

The iPhone X and the iPhone 8 mobile devices are the most up-to-date models of the Apple brand, which have gained great recognition everywhere, due to their advanced features and properties.

Facing a dead iPhone 8 or dead iPhone X mobile is the worst, which often brings their users to a blank. This dead iPhone dilemma is very common and is caused by various reasons.

If you too are facing this issue on your iOS mobile device, then this advisory is the right place for you. In the following sections, we will direct you to the best ways of solving the iPhone dead issue.

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PART 1: Replacing the battery to fix a dead iPhone 8 or dead iPhone X

Most often the problem can be traced to a dead battery issue. iPhone mobiles, which have been overly utilized or have undergone a breakdown, may face complete drainage of their batteries. Nevertheless, you can attempt to resurrect the iPhone by just replacing the battery.

Replace dead iPhone X Battery

In case your device is covered through Apple Care and is 80% drained, you can get a battery replacement for free. Otherwise, you can buy a fresh battery too.

PART 2: Checking for any hardware damage and charging for fixing a dead iPhone 8 or dead iPhone X

In case your iPhone has been physically damaged, then there is a high chance of a dead iPhone device. For that reason, if you also have faced something alike, get your phone checked for any type of hardware damage for getting that unit reinstated.

This problem was personally faced when my iPhone was charged with a defective charging cable. Ensure that you are employing a genuine cable for charging your iPhone and that your charging port is not dented.

Check for dirt in your port as well. In case the iPhone battery still does not charge, then make use of a different cable or link it to a new socket for charging your iPhone’s dead display issue.

Check Dead iPhone 8 Hardware

PART 3: Force restarting your device to resurrect a dead iPhone 8 or dead iPhone X

This is among the simplest solutions for resurrecting a dead iPhone device. By using force restart on your iPhone, you are able to reset its current power cycle and pull it off again. There are diverse key mixtures for force restarting the iPhone device.

For iPhone 6S and previous generations

For fixing a dead iPhone 6S or any other previous generation devices, press together the Home button and the (wake/sleep) Power button in unison. Keep pressing for 10 to 15 seconds at least. This will restart your device forcefully.

For iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 (Plus)

When you are employing a latest-generation iPhone device, you can restart it forcefully by pressing together the Power button and the Volume Down switch. Subsequent to pressing the switches for 10 seconds at least, the iPhone device would get restarted automatically.

force restart dead iPhone 8

For iPhone X, XR and XS, enter it into the DFU mode

First, press & hold the Power button for three seconds; After that, press & hold the Volume Down button. Then keep holding both buttons for ten seconds. Last, release the Power button but still hold the Volume down button till you find a message – “iTunes has detected an iPhone in Recovery Mode” from iTunes.

force restart dead iPhone X

PART 4: Restoring device in recovery mode for resurrecting a dead iPhone 8 or dead iPhone X

By setting iPhone in recovery mode and linking it to iTunes, a dead iPhone can be resurrected completely. Nonetheless, this will obliterate all your device user data automatically as well.

1: Start by launching an up to dated iTunes version on the PC.

2: Now, put iPhone in the recovery mode. For iPhone 7 or latest generation devices, long-press your Volume Down switch for some seconds. While holding the switches, link them to the PC. Release the switches when the iTunes symbol on shown on your screen.

3: In the case of the iPhone 6s and previous generations, it is a pretty similar process. The only disparity is that in place of the Volume Down button, you have to press your Home button long and link it to the PC.

4: For resolving dead iPhone 8 or dead iPhone X, wait till iTunes detects your device in recovery mode, and displays a prompt.

Put dead iPhone X to Recovery Mode by iTunes

5: Affirm and allow iTunes to reset iPhone.

6: This will restart the device in normal mode automatically.

PART 5: Updating the device with iTunes to solve a dead iPhone 8 or dead iPhone X

This issue can be caused if your phone is running on the old iOS version, which can be solved by a simple update, via iTunes.

1: Start by launching iTunes on the PC and join iPhone to it.

2: When iPhone gets detected, choose it from the options.

3: Visit the Summary page and tap on ‘Check for update.’

Update dead iPhone via iTunes

4: Wait as iTunes checks for the latest iOS updates.

5: After completion, tap on ‘Update’ and verify your selection.

PART 6: Fixing a dead iPhone 8 or dead iPhone X problem with a third-party program

The dr.fone – System Repair program offers a highly reliable and fast way of resolving your issue and has the utmost success rates. Importantly, it can resurrect a malfunctioning iPhone device with no data loss. It has an easy-to-use interface.

dr.fone – iOS System Repair Key Features

  • Dr.fone – Repair can solve iPhone system errors without data waste.
  • Fixes diverse iOS system problems stuck in looping on start, white Apple logo, recovery mode, black screen, etc.
  • Fix iPhone and iTunes faults, like, error 3004, iTunes error 4013, iTunes error 9, iTunes error 27, etc.
  • It runs on all models of iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone.
  • It is compatible with the new iOS 14.
  • dr.fone – Repair is available both for Windows and Mac.

Get dr.fone – System Repair (iOS)

Steps for Fix Dead iPhone with dr.fone – System Repair

1: Start by installing and launching dr.fone on the PC. Tap on ‘System Repair‘ from the interface.


2: Then link iPhone to the PC and after detection, tap on ‘Start.’

3: The subsequent window will show basic details of your iPhone, which must be verified, and choose ‘Next.’

4: For initiating the procedure, you have to put the device in Device Firmware Update Mode. Just follow the on-screen instructions for doing it.

5: For iPhone 7 or later generation devices, press the Power button together with the Volume Down switch simultaneously, for a period of 10 seconds at least. Now, release the Power button at the same time as holding the Volume down switch.

6: For iPhone 6S or previous generations, you can do the same by pressing the combination of the Power button and the Home key.

7: When your iPhone has entered DFU mode, a new screen will be shown to you, to which you must type essential information about your iPhone and tap on ‘Download’ for getting its firmware update.

8: You will need to wait a bit for the app to download the update completely.

9: After completion of the download, you will get notified. You can simply tap on ‘Fix Now‘ for resolving the dead iPhone 8 or dead iPhone X problem.

Fix dead iPhone 8 with dr.fone

10: Wait as dr.fone fixes the device, and restarts it in a normal mode.

Repair dead iPhone X with dr.fone

The above segments can be used by you for resolving your dead iPhone 8 or dead iPhone X problem. Any of these methods are viable and can be used without any prior technical expertise.

Regardless of the situation, the dr.fone program can fix iOS issues easily. This is the most fitting tool to be used in case of a dead iPhone 8 or dead iPhone X problem.

It is a versatile program that can be made use of in the resolution of day-to-day device problems in an extremely seamless fashion. This program is compatible with all the new iOS versions and models and can be availed for all Windows and Mac users as well.

Try dr.fone – System Repair (iOS)



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