How to Charge Your iPhone Without Charger?

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There was a time when it was a compulsory prerequisite to have a charger to charge an iPhone. Presently, there are ways to charge your iPhone even if you have forgotten, lost, or broken the charger.

If you still wonder how to charge your iPhone without a charger, read this article. We explain multiple ways to charge your iPhone without the assistance of its charger.

As per general practice, you look for the original charger when your iPhone battery has drained completely. The usual way to charge an iPhone is to charge it using the provided adapter and the lighting cable.

When the charter is connected to the power socket and your iPhone, the iPhone displays a flash icon. This icon appears next to the battery icon. That is an indication that your iPhone is charging.

However, as an ordinary user, there are instances in which you don’t have access to your charger. For example, think about a day you have left your charger at the office, and your iPhone’s battery is empty.

In that case, you will have to find a way to charge your iPhone without a charger. Haven’t you still faced such an issue so far? Good! But it would always be handy to know how to charge your iPhone without a charger as a preparation. With that said, let’s see how to do it in the real world.

Note: All these methods mentioned in our article are tested to be safe and harmless for your device. So, you can use them without any fear.

01. Use the Computer (or a Laptop)

Although this is a convenient method, you can do it only if you have access to a USB cable. If you have a USB cable but no access to a power socket, plug the iPhone into your computer. In fact, this is a no-brainer for most users, so we don’t explain it anymore.

Use the computer (or a laptop)

02. Make Use of a Portable Power Bank (Portable Battery)

Thanks to the advancements in technology, power banks (portable batteries) have become commonplace these days. There is no shortage of models to select depending on your budget.

But before you buy a portable battery pack, read the specifications well (particularly its output voltage). Once you have access to a portable battery, here’s what you should do.

  • Get your USB cable and connect the portable battery pack with the iPhone.
  • Turn the battery pack on and check if the charging happens as usual.

There are some battery packs that can be attached to the iPhone (they add more weight to the iPhone though). Obviously, these battery packs, regardless of the design, should be recharged when they are drained out.

Make use of a portable power bank (portable battery)

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03. Use the Car Charger

If there is a car charger, you can use it to charge your iPhone through it. This is a handy approach, particularly during emergencies. Of course, it might be somewhat slower compared to the normal charging process you do with the original charger.

However, getting your iPhone fueled up, at least by some amount, would be priceless on certain occasions.

In order to use this method, just connect the iPhone and the car charger using the USB cable.

Use the car charger

04. Use Another Device that Has a USB Port

If you don’t have access to a computer, car charger, or portable battery, there is another way. To do this, you should find another device with a USB port. However, to get this done, you obviously need a USB cable.

Just connect your iPhone to the other device using the USB cable so the iPhone will start to charge. Some devices you can use for this purpose are bedside clocks, smart TVs, etc.

Use another device that has a USB port

05. Charge with a Wind Turbine

Using a wind turbine is another possible option if you wonder how to charge your iPhone without a charger. There are small wind turbines available in the market. You can purchase one of those turbines and charge your iPhone.

  • First, you should read the product instructions and connect the iPhone to a turbine.
  • Then, you should take the device outdoors. If there is enough wind, your device will get fueled up within a couple of hours.
Charge with a wind turbine

06. Charge the iPhone with Solar Energy

This can be one of the greenest ways to charge a device (just like the previous one). This method helps you to charge your iPhone using the sun.

Just get your iPhone connected to the solar charger and charge it. It’s that simple.

Charge the iPhone with solar energy

07. Use a Hand-crank Generator

Another option you can try is a hand-crank generator. This option allows you to charge your iOS device simply by using your muscles.

In a way, it will also enable you to get some exercise. After purchasing a hand-crank machine, just follow the steps below.

  • First, read the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Crank the machine and get enough power in it.
  • Now, plug the iPhone in and crank up the device. Continue to crank until the device charges fully (for about 3 hours).
Use a hand-crank generator

08. Make use of a Campfire Charger

Some of the modern-day camping pots and pans come with chargers. These chargers get charged by absorbing the heat from the campfire you make.

To make energy out of the fire, you should set the respective pot or the pan on fire. Then, you should connect it to the iPhone.

Make use of a campfire charger

09. Get the Assistance of AA Batteries

Consider using AA batteries to get your device charged. In general, AA batteries are easy to find. To charge your iPhone, however, you need 4 X AA batteries.

4 AA batteries can generate just the right amount of power to charge your iPhone. To put them together, you need a battery holder as well.

Get the assistance of AA batteries

10. Create a Lemon Battery

Well, now we are going to make use of some science. This is going to be an exciting but complicated process. If you are a DIYer, you will love this for sure.

As per this method, we will make a battery using fruit. Yes, we are talking about real fruit which you can eat. To do this, however, you still need a charger cable.

Important: Please consider this method as the last resort, as it can damage your battery. So, we recommend using this method when and only when you are in a real emergency.
Mentioned below is how to charge your iPhone without a charger.

Find some acidic fruits (particularly citrus fruits like lemons). You also need a copper screw for each fruit. In addition to that, find a zinc nail for each fruit. An insulated copper wire is required to connect the fruits. It is also better to have a pair of rubber gloves as well.

Below are the steps to make your DIY battery out of fruits.

  • First, fix a zinc nail into a lemon. Make sure that a small portion of the nail is left outside so you can connect the wire.
  • Then, insert the copper screw into the lemon. The place is pretty closer to the zinc nail already inserted but don’t let those two come into contact. Now, repeat this process with all the lemons.
  • Connect the lemons together using the insulated wire. You should first connect a copper piece of one lemon with the zinc screw of the nearby lemon. Go on like that until all the lemons are connected.
  • Cut the USB charging cable and expose the wires. Connect those wires with the end of the insulated wire that links lemons together.
  • Now, connect the USB cable to the iPhone as you would normally do. Remember that each fruit can provide about 0.5V, so you need about ten fruits to gain enough power.
Create a lemon battery

By the way, if your iPhone microphone is not working, this is just for you.


  1. Can I charge my iPhone without a charger? Yes, there are several alternative methods to charge your iPhone without a charger. These include using a power bank, wireless charging, solar power, car chargers, and more.
  2. What is a power bank? A power bank is a portable device that stores electrical energy and can be used to charge your iPhone on the go.
  3. How does wireless charging work? Wireless charging uses electromagnetic fields to transfer power to your iPhone. Simply place your device on a wireless charging pad, and it will start charging.
  4. Are all iPhones compatible with wireless charging? No, not all iPhones are compatible with wireless charging. The feature is available on iPhone 8 and later models.
  5. How can I optimize my iPhone’s battery life? To optimize your iPhone’s battery life, adjust screen brightness, enable Low Power Mode, close unused apps, and avoid power-draining apps.


Now you know how to charge your iPhone without a charger, just relax. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment.


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