How to Fix a Huawei Phone That Won’t Turn On


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Fix Huawei Phone Won't Turn On

As a proud Huawei phone owner, few things are more stressful than when your trusty device suddenly refuses to turn on. But don’t panic just yet! With some strategic troubleshooting, you can get to the root of the issue and have your Huawei up and running again in no time.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through all the potential causes and fixes for a Huawei phone that won’t power on. Follow along step-by-step to diagnose the problem, try different solutions, and get your phone back on track.

Common Causes of Huawei Phone Failure to Turn On

Before jumping into hands-on troubleshooting, it helps to understand why Huawei phones commonly get stuck when booting up in the first place. Here are some of the most likely culprits:

  • Drained or damaged battery: The battery may be completely dead and need charging, or it could be defective and unable to hold a charge. This is one of the simplest issues to diagnose.
  • System software crash: A recent system update or new app installation may have caused a software crash, preventing the OS from loading properly on boot.
  • Corrupt system files: Important system files like bootloaders could have become corrupted, disrupting critical startup processes. This often happens after unsuccessful rooting attempts.
  • Hardware failure: Physical damage or component failure in areas like the power button, motherboard, or display could render the phone unable to power on correctly.
  • Water damage: Exposure to liquids can short circuit internal hardware and electronic components, leading to startup failure.
  • Factory reset issues: Resetting the phone can sometimes get interrupted, resulting in partial installation of the OS and boot errors.

Now let’s explore the various ways to troubleshoot and fix these kinds of Huawei phone startup problems.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fix Huawei Phone That Won’t Turn On

Follow these methods sequentially for the best chance of determining and resolving what’s preventing your Huawei phone from turning on:

1. Check Battery and Charging Cable

The first step is ruling out the simplest explanation – battery issues.

  • Make sure your phone is connected to power using the original charging cable and adapter.
  • Allow it to charge for at least 30 minutes before trying to turn it on. This gives the battery time to recover some of its charge if completely depleted.
  • As it charges, check if the battery indicator light illuminates or if you see the charging animation on-screen. If not, the issue likely lies with the battery, cable, or adapter.
  • Try using a different charging cable and adapter to see if that helps. Faulty cables are a common cause of charging problems.
  • If you have a spare compatible battery, swap it out and check if the phone powers on correctly. This confirms whether the battery is bad and needs replacement.

2. Force Restart the Phone

If the battery is fine but the phone still won’t boot up, the next step is forcing the system to restart:

  • Press and hold the Power button for 10+ seconds until the screen turns off.
  • Keep holding the Power button until the Huawei logo appears, then release. This reboots the OS and clears any temporary glitches stalling the boot process.
  • If you see the Huawei screen but the phone still gets stuck during startup, the issue is likely with corrupted system files rather than a simple software crash.

3. Boot into Recovery Mode

Recovery mode provides options for troubleshooting and fixing system file errors that could be preventing normal boot.

To enter recovery mode on Huawei phones:

  • Turn off the device and press Volume Down and Power simultaneously until the recovery menu appears.
  • Navigate using Volume keys and select options with the Power button.

In recovery mode you can:

fix huawei phone wont turn on with Wipe data/factory reset
  • Wipe the Cache Partition: Clearing cached data can fix system file inconsistencies causing boot failure.
  • Perform a Factory Reset: This erases system corruption and reinstalls a clean OS instance. Note that you’ll lose all data.
  • Apply System Updates: Install the latest OS update if available to potentially resolve software bugs.
  • Restore Firmware: Downloading and flashing the original firmware image restores your phone to factory settings.

4. Check for Hardware Damage

At this point if you’ve tried extensive software troubleshooting with no luck, it’s likely a hardware component failure preventing the phone from powering on correctly.

Visually inspect for any signs of physical or liquid damage:

  • Cracked screen or chassis
  • Missing or detached flex cables
  • Corrosion or short circuiting

Then systematically isolate components by disconnecting or reseating each one. For example:

  • Remove SIM card and SD card
  • Detach and reconnect battery cable
  • Check display and motherboard cable connections

This can help reveal if a certain damaged connector or component is the culprit behind failure to turn on.

5. Contact Huawei Support

If you’ve tried every troubleshooting step with no improvement in your phone’s ability to turn on, it’s time to contact Huawei support. They can run remote diagnostics, provide warranty service options if applicable, or direct you to authorized repair centers.

Be ready to provide:

  • Phone model name and IMEI/serial number
  • Details on troubleshooting steps attempted
  • Error messages/behavior observed
  • Purchase date and warranty status

With their assistance, specialized tools, and spare parts, Huawei support has the best chance of getting even severely damaged phones up and running again.

Preventing Huawei Phone Startup Issues

While you hopefully won’t have to go through this ordeal again, it helps to keep these best practices in mind to avoid similar startup failures in the future:

  • Keep the phone charged and avoid letting the battery fully drain. Charge it regularly before it shuts down.
  • Use only certified charging accessories from Huawei. Avoid cheap, incompatible cables and adapters.
  • Install system software updates promptly when available to maintain stability.
  • Avoid excessive heat exposure and prevent moisture damage to internal components.
  • Refrain from overloading internal storage with too many apps, photos, videos, etc.
  • Handle the phone carefully and protect the display/chassis from cracks and dents.
  • Backup important data regularly in case you need to reset the phone back to factory settings for any reason.

Following these habits will go a long way in keeping your Huawei phone running smooth and reliably over its lifespan. But should startup issues pop up, at least now you have this handy guide to get it fixed!

Recovering Data From a Non-Booting Huawei Phone

When troubleshooting won’t get your Huawei phone to turn on, the only remaining option may be a factory reset to restore normal function. But this will wipe all of your personal data from the device.

Rather than lose your precious photos, contacts, messages, and other irreplaceable data, use Android data recovery software to extract it before resetting your phone.

For example:

Recover Data from Broken Android Phone
  1. Download and install Dr.Fone – Android Data Recovery on a computer your phone can connect to.
  2. Launch the software and enter Android Recovery mode. Select “Recover from broken Android” and choose the issue your phone is facing.
  3. Follow on-screen instructions to connect your phone in Download mode and grant USB debugging access when prompted. Dr.Fone will automatically detect the device.
  4. Select the types of files you want to recover like photos, messages, contacts, video, audio, documents, and more.
  5. Dr.Fone scans the phone and extracts any recoverable data, allowing you to preview and save it to your computer.

With this data salvaged, you can factory reset knowing your memories are safe. This specialized software is the most reliable way to recover data from Huawei phones that won’t boot properly.

Key Takeaways and Summary of Fixes

To quickly recap, here are the key troubleshooting steps to revive your Huawei phone that’s stuck on startup:

  • Check battery and charger condition first and allow sufficient charging time.
  • Perform a forced restart by long pressing the Power button if software is unresponsive.
  • Boot into recovery mode to wipe cache, reset, or restore firmware.
  • Inspect for hardware damage like cracked screens or detached cables.
  • Contact Huawei support for advanced diagnostic and repair assistance.
  • Use Android data recovery software like Dr.Fone to retrieve your files if resetting the phone.

Don’t lose hope if your Huawei refuses to turn on. Methodically trying the right solutions can isolate whether software glitches or hardware damage is the real culprit. With some persistence and help from the manufacturer, your phone should be up and running again in no time.

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FAQs About Fixing Huawei Phones That Won’t Turn On

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about troubleshooting Huawei phones with power-on problems:

How long should I wait after charging before my phone will turn on?

Wait at least 30 minutes of charging even if the phone shows no signs of power. This gives a completely dead battery time to recover enough charge to boot.

What if my Huawei gets stuck on the logo screen when booting up?

Force restart it 1-2 more times. If it’s still stuck, boot into recovery mode to wipe cache/reset phone or contact Huawei support. Stuck logo indicates system file corruption.

Can I fix a Huawei phone that won’t turn on without losing data?

Yes, as long as hardware isn’t damaged, you can usually troubleshoot software issues without data loss. But if you do have to reset, use data recovery software to extract files first.

Why does my Huawei say “No Command” when I try to turn it on?

This is usually caused by system file corruption from unsupported firmware modifications. You’ll need to wipe and restore the original firmware through recovery mode to resolve it.

My Huawei fell in water. How can I tell if water damage is preventing powering on?

Look for signs of liquid like condensation under the screen, corroded ports, etc. If there’s no physical damage, water exposure may still have tripped internal sensors disallowing charging/booting.

Can I get a refund or replacement if my Huawei won’t turn on due to hardware failure?

If it’s within the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty period, Huawei will likely offer a replacement. Beyond that, you’ll have to pay for motherboard or display repair to resolve hardware issues.

My Huawei powers on but gets stuck at the logo. What should I do?

This means the OS partially loaded but system files are corrupted. Wipe cache partition and try rebooting again. If still stuck on logo, the phone will need a factory reset to restore damaged software.

Why does my Huawei rapidly cycle between powered off and powered on states?

Continuously boot looping like this is typically caused by a faulty power button or damaged motherboard components. Take it to Huawei support for diagnosis of hardware issues.

I can’t enter recovery mode on my Huawei. How else can I fix its startup problem?

If recovery is inaccessible, you may need to reflash the firmware using an external programmer or authorized service center. This completely reinstalls the OS to overcome serious software-related failure to boot.


Like any complex electronic device, Huawei phones are susceptible to both software faults and hardware damage that can render them unable to power on properly. But there’s an excellent chance you can isolate the specific cause and get your phone operational again through systematic troubleshooting.

Leverage the step-by-step guidance in this guide to check for common problems like battery failure, system crashes, file corruption, physical damage, and more. With the right combination of reboots, recovery mode repairs, external support, and data recovery, your Huawei phone should be back up and running smoothly.

Just take it slow, stay calm, and be ready to contact Huawei experts if you’ve exhausted all self-troubleshooting options. Don’t give up too soon – a bit of dedication and patience is usually enough to revive even the most unresponsive device!


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