How to Fix Huawei Phone Won’t Turn On

With more and more smartphones becoming available to the point that there is something for everyone, they are becoming an essential part of our day-to-day lives.

The thing to keep in mind is that just like all pieces of technology, they will run into some issues every so often.

In this case, the issue that we’re going to be focussing on is how to fix the Huawei phone won’t turn on and how exactly you can tackle this problem.

The only downside to this issue is that there are so many reasons why this could occur, although don’t worry. We’re going to jump right in and fix your Huawei phone issue.

Common Reasons for Huawei Issues

Before we get into the main issue, below is a list of what are found to be the most common fixes to Huawei phone problems. Although most of us try some of these fixes before researching further fixes, it’s always a good idea to double-check.

  • Damaged hardware components
  • Incorrectly installed firmware
  • A recent software update
  • Your device is struggling to load the essential files upon turning on
  • The Android operating system has crashed
  • Your device has either a virus or malware

If any of these fixes helped you and have successfully fixed the Huawei phone won’t turn on; congratulations! However, if you are still having issues with your device, read on.

Recovering Data from Your Huawei Device

Usually, the first thing we’d do if we have an issue with one of our handheld devices would be to perform a hard reset. The big problem with this is that you will lose all of the data which is currently stored on your device.

Fortunately, if you aren’t able to take a backup of your data, you can use dr.fone – Android Data Recovery to grab the data off of your device so that you don’t lose it.

#1 – Start by downloading and installing the Dr.Fone program. Once installed, open it up from the “Data Recovery” Option.

Get dr.fone – Data Recovery (Android)


#2 – Once it’s launched, Select the “Recover from Android” option and then choose “Recover from Broken Phone” on the Left. you will be presented with a menu allowing you to choose the different types of data that can be extracted.

#3 – Select the types of data, or check the “Select all” box, and click on the “Start” button.

#4 – On the next display, you will be prompted to select the state of your phone. Select the state, and the program will move on.

#5 – Now, the next menu is a little harder. You have to not only enter the name of your device, but you have to select your device’s model.

#6 – For the next step, you will be required to activate the Android “Download Mode”. To do this, simply power off your phone and hold the “Home”, “Power”, and “Volume Down” buttons all simultaneously. After this, simply press the “Volume Up” button and a display will be shown.

#7 – Next, connect your device to your computer using a USB cable and allow a moment for the program to detect the connection.

#8 – Dr.Fone will detect your device and will instantly begin to reinstall the required packages, and you will have successfully completed this process.

This is the ideal route to take if you intend to wipe your device and if you believe that it’s the only choice that you have, then in order to prevent yourself from losing all of the data stored on your device, it’s important to recover the data.

Fix Huawei Phone Won’t Turn On

If you are still struggling to fix the Huawei phone that won’t turn on, there is another option available. Hard resetting your device, while not optimal, is the alternate route which you can take.

fix huawei phone wont turn on with Wipe data/factory reset

#1 – Take your Huawei device and remove both the battery and your SD card. Leave these removed for a few minutes.

#2 – After a few minutes, reinsert the SD card and your battery.

#3 – Hold both the “Volume Up” button and the “Power” button at the same time until you see the Android logo appear.

Step #4 – You will now have successfully entered the “Android System Recovery” mode.

#5 – From here, select the “Wipe data / factory reset” option. You will be required to click the “Power” button twice to make sure that you have selected the right option.

This will completely clear the data which is on your device and restore it to the state in which you purchased it. Again, this is not the optimal option as you will lose your data, although if you have no other options, this is all that you can do.

Protecting Your Huawei Device

Below are some of the best tips to help you protect your Huawei device and ultimately avoid resetting your device and losing all of your data.

protect huawei phone to Fix Huawei Phone Won't Turn On
  • If you aren’t downloading the application from the Google Play Store, then don’t download it at all. A lot of applications from untrusted sources contain malicious code.
  • To prevent yourself from accidentally downloading untrusted applications or data, go to the “Settings” application and ensure that the “Unknown Sources” box is unchecked.
  • Every time that you install an application, take the time to read through the permissions that you are providing the application with.
  • Although a lot of people decide against this, it’s a good idea to install an anti-virus application.
  • Every so often, make sure that your device’s firmware is up to date and if not, update it as soon as possible.
  • If you notice that your device is beginning to overheat, stop using it, and let it cool down for a while.
  • You can never be too precautious when your personal data is on the line. Take the time to set up the best precautions possible and ensure that your Huawei device is not at risk.

About Dr.Fone – Android Data Recovery (for Damaged Device)

Below are some of the other features which are included with the Dr.Fone program.

  • Recovery any type of data on your device in just a matter of minutes.
  • There is a very low chance that your data will not be received.
  • Compatible with all Android devices.
  • If you are wary about purchasing Dr.Fone, don’t worry about it. There is a free version of the program available for those who want to try out the program before they buy it.

Although there aren’t too many features with this program, other than being able to fix the Huawei phone won’t turn on, it’s definitely a program worth having on your side.

Try dr.fone – Data Recovery (Android)

To Conclude

If your Huawei phone is broken and the only phone you have, it is understandably frustrating. A lot of people use their phones on a daily basis and can’t access it due to an unknown issue is incredibly stressful.

With dr.fone – Android Data Recovery, you are able to easily fix the Huawei phone that won’t turn on and once again have full access to your device without losing your data.



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