How to Fix iPhone When it is Stuck in Recovery Mode

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Have you ever encountered that your iPhone is stuck in the recovery mode? In this case, users would worry that this situation will lead to the loss of important features.

But don’t be nervous, all you need to do is to ask a reliable tool for help to make the phone out of the recovery mode, especially when both the Power and the Home buttons are damaged or broken.

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When the Power and the Home buttons are broken, how to fix the iPhone in recovery mode?

In order to achieve this goal, you should find a reliable tool to do this job. dr.fone – iOS System Repair seems to be one of the best choices.

Unlike other apps that exist in the Apple store, this tool is more powerful than a recovery tool. It has more functions, and I can list some of them for you.

  • 1. It supports restoring data directly from iPhone, iCloud, or iTunes backup files.
  • 2. The operating system can also be fixed like the iPhone won’t restore.
  • 3. Almost all the data can be restored, such as call logs, reminders, messages, and so on.
  • 4. Even the application data can be restored.
  • 5. It is suitable with iOS 16/15/14/13 and all the iOS devices

Get dr.fone – System Repair (iOS)

Next are some steps about how to make the phone out of recovery mode with the help of Dr.Fone.


Step 1: Download and install the program on the computer. Run the software and then select the tab “System Repair“. Next, connect iPhone to the computer. When the device is detected by the computer, please press the “Start” button.

dr.fone - System Repair

Step 2: In this step, you are required to download the firmware. And Wondershare Dr.Fone will automatically do the searching for you to find out which one is appropriate for your device. So, you only need to do is to press on the “Download” button and wait for a moment.

Step 3: It begins to repair the phone at the time the download process is finished. It will take you no more than 10 minutes. Make sure that your phone is connected to the computer during the whole process to ensure efficiency.

Step 4: In this step, your device will restart and go back to normal mode.

how to fix the iPhone in recovery mode with dr.fone System Repair

Try dr.fone – System Repair (iOS)

Using iTunes to fix iPhone when it is stuck in recovery mode

You can also use iTunes to fix your iPhone when it is stuck in recovery mode. Please follow the steps as shown below:

Step 1: Connect iPhone to the computer and run iTunes. When the device is detected by the computer, it needs you to force a restart by clicking and holding on both the home and the sleep/wake buttons for 10 seconds. If you see the Apple Logo, keep holding the buttons until the recovery mode screen comes up to you.

Using iTunes to fix iPhone when it is stuck in recovery mode

Step 2: Once the prompt box shows up, select the tab of ‘Update’ to make iTunes reinstall the iOS without wiping any data. Wait again until 15 minutes later, if the device is still stuck in the recovery mode, you should redo the process, and this time, select the tab of “Restore” instead of “Update”.


Step 3: If the Restore or Update process is successful, you can set up your device back to normal. If you want to retrieve a previous file or all phone data is missing in the repair process, you can recover data from your iTunes or iCloud backup files during the setup process.