CamStudio Review: Our Thoughts on the Free Screen Capture Tool

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CamStudio is one of the most popular software types that offers you many different key features. It is one of the top screen capture tools you can download for free.

If you are on the lookout for software that can easily perform tasks like screen capturing, CamStudio is highly recommended. The program can also convert and export video files recorded in AVI format.

CamStudio offers many great features like video compression methods that can help with editing, high-quality recording option, and WebCam movie screen capture solutions. I

n this CamStudio review, we will go through some major aspects of the software like:

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Part 1: Pros and Cons of Camstudio

The software can be downloaded for freeThere are only two output formats – .AVI and .SWF
CamStudio is an open-source softwareThe final size of the file might be too large
The program is extremely easy to understand and useThere is a lot of unwanted software that can pop up while the installation process is going on
There is no recording time limitCamStudio can cost you a lot of your CPU’s resources


  • The software can be downloaded for free and is an open-source program. This means you can download CamStudio for free and make direct edits to the code. The program’s open nature ensures that options and extensions are added to the code.
  • CamStudio is also very user-friendly because it is easy to understand the basics and use it, making it perfect for beginners new to the world of screen recording. The setup process is very easy to understand; you also have the option of adding the audio later, recording the audio, recording for an extended period, and adding captions.


  • Currently, CamStudio is only supported in the Windows OS. It also offers very limited editing options unless you install third-party extensions.
  • Compared to its competitors, the editing capabilities in CamStudio have been stripped down to the minimum. For instance, you cannot use it directly to record on mobile devices without the help of a patch.
  • If you want something that can record the games you play, CamStudio is not such a great option. The only formats available are .AVI and .SWF.
  • In the past, the CamStudio official website also faced some security problems due to people downloading software extensions infected with the Trojan virus.

What are the options that come with CamStudio?

In this part of the CamStudio review, we will see some of the many ranges of controls offered by CamStudio.

Apart from starting, pausing, and stopping videos, there are many options that you can use when you are working, whether a video project or an audio one.

Depending on the nature of your project, the options will be different for each case. For instance, the video options are not similar to the audio and can be used independently.

Video options

When working on a video, you will see many options the CamStudio codec offers for different things, like the best compression, the quality you want, etc.

Better than that, you also get to choose the frame rate of the screen recording. All these options can be auto-managed to save you from the trouble of setting them over and over again.

The one-click button is also provided to change the recording format to whatever you prefer. You can choose to record in .SWF, .MP4, or .AVI format even before you hit the record button.

Mouse cursor option

There is nothing much about the cursor option apart from choosing whether you want to hide or show the cursor while the screen is being recorded.

But, you get the option to display a customized cursor. The customized cursor can be your favorite cursor that is not available for the Windows operating system but can be loaded on CamStudio without much hassle.

You can also emphasize the cursor by enabling the visual click feedback or simply highlighting it. You are also given a choice to customize the mouse buttons with different colors so the viewer can know which button is being pressed.

Audio option

This concerns the audio from either the system speakers or the microphone. CamStudio allows you to include audio sources or use any of them in the recording. The audio can also be captured while the recording goes on or can be eliminated from it.

Suppose you choose the option of recording the audio from your microphone. In that case, you can let it play with the source you use and set the recording format, volume levels, and compression format, or simply incorporate the video and the audio.

If you opt to record via the system audio, you can choose among many different options, such as configuring the recording time, adjusting the playback volume, choosing the sound device to use, etc., for the best capture.

On a more interesting note, CamStudio also allows you to configure the synchronization between the audio and the video. CamStudio will help match both in the final output, depending on the settings you put in.

What are the tools provided by CamStudio?

In this part of the CamStudio review, we will read about the tools offered by CamStudio.Perhaps, the best part about CamStudio is the annotations. There is a separate dialog box that is dedicated to annotations.

These annotations can either be screen or video. Screen annotation option includes transparency, images, text, and shapes. They can be applied in different layouts, depending entirely on your preferences.

On the other hand, video annotations work with your system’s webcam and let you select the video source to be used. It also lets you adjust several factors like sharpness, saturation, contrast, brightness, etc.

You can also choose camera control options such as roll, pan, tilt, iris, exposure, focus, and zoom. These video annotations can be transparency, images, texts, and even the option to change the refresh rate; the refresh rate will depend on your Windows computer’s specs.

One another tool that needs to be mentioned is the SWF Producer. This tool helps you convert all your .AVI files into Flash videos without needing external converter software.

A lot of resources and time can be saved with the help of this feature. SWF files are friendly, mean, and lean regarding bandwidth usage.

CamStudio effects

As far as the effects are concerned, CamStudio provides them in the annotations form. However, they are quite different from the ones mentioned previously. In this part of the CamStudio review, below are some of the effects that you can make use of:

  • Applying watermarks on the video
  • Including captions and subtitles
  • Adding the Xnote timestamp
  • Adding the system timestamp

Part 2: How to use CamStudio software?

This part of the CamStudio review will show you how you can use CamStudio:

  • 1. First, you need to install two different files, including the program itself and the codec.
  • 2. Once you are set with both the files and installed the program, run CamStudio and click on the record button to start recording your screen in .AVI format.
  • 3. You can choose which screen area you want to record.
  • 4. You need to select the final resolution in which you would like the video to be.
  • 5. When you are done with the recording, you can use the drop-down menu to hit the stop button. Once the recording stops, you can save the video in a safe location that you can access.

Part 3: Alternatives of CamStudio

Perhaps the most problematic part with CamStudio is that it has quite a restrictive nature regarding the output and qualities you can use.

Hence as an alternative, you have a lot of different screen capture tools that you can use. One of these options is Wondershare Filmora, free software that allows you to record your screen.

Apart from recording in top-notched quality, the program is very easy to use and understand and offers free recording options like WebCam; you will also be given tons of free media resources that you can use to make your video stand out.

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