How to Record Discord Video Calls With Ease?

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How to record Discord audio and video calls with ease? Here are the different ways of doing this and the steps explained in detail for you.

Part 1: What Is a Discord and What Is It Used For?

Being a free app for group chatting, Discord has many similar traits to programs like WhatsApp, and Skype, as well as platforms for professional communication, in this case, Zoom and Slack.

Discord could be used for gamers to communicate while playing and having an intense experience. Other than that, it can also be used for making places where users can meet and find other people that have similar hobbies.

While Discord can be a place for making friends, it could be used for sharing thoughts or complaining to a friend, etc. Either through text, video, or voice.

PS: let’s figure out how to clear Discord chat.

Part 2: Is There Any Way That Allows Me to Record Conversations Audios on Discord?

Well, sadly, there is no recording feature available on Discord, so recording audio or video calls with Discord will not happen in the first place.

However, there are still many other ways that can allow you to do such a thing, or else this tutorial will not exist. You may record video and audio conversations via many applications. Keep reading and find out what these apps are and how to use them.

Remember that recording others without their allowance is illegal and immoral, so ask them beforehand for approval and then start the recording.

Method 1: How to Record Discord Video Calls via Craig

The first application that will help you record a Discord video and audio calls are called Craig.

This app is compatible and available on Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, as well as web apps. Being a free and helpful application, Craig is one Discord bot that works with any version of Discord. Additionally, it features multiple-track audio recording.

In this case, Craig has the ability to record every person’s voice that is inside a Discord server. Then you can find audio files separated for every person that is involved in the conversation.

The multiple-track audio recording allows audio edit works to be much more efficient and easier, and that’s why Craig is the first application for recording Discord calls that we recommend.

  • Craig can record for a long time which is up to 6 complete hours.
  • Craig has the ability to keep the files for seven days in the cloud.
  • High-quality audio recording.
  • No exact number limits on the speakers.
  • All files with recorded audio would be in sync with the other.
  • Numerous output formats are featured. (Such as AAC, FLAC, ALAC, etc.)
  • A stable condition of the internet is required. If your internet condition is spotty, then your voice recorded will be spotty too.

Recording Discord Audio Calls and Discord Video Calls with Craig

#1: Open and start the website of the Craig bot on the browser.

#2: Invite the opened Craig bot to the Discord server.


#3: Choose the server that you prefer Craig to be in and record, then confirm your move.

Add Craig to Server

#4: Launch the Discord app you have

#5: Choose a server on your Discord app.

#6: Get in and join the voice channel. Remember to ask for permission to record.

#7: Type in the following command and send it in order to start Craig’s recording

start Craig's recording

#8: If you want to end the recording, send the command below.

end the Craig recording

#9: After you have finished recording, you can download separate audio files, or you can choose the multiple-track File. Whichever you prefer.

how to record a discord call Using Craig

Now you have finished learning about how to record Discord audio and video calls using Craig!

Method 2: How to Record Discord Video Calls by VideoProc

Besides Craig, VideoProc is another application that can help you with the problem. It has a free trial for users, and it’s available on Windows and macOS.

A gamer should never miss this app. Especially a gamer that has Discord as a tool for communicating with his or her friends and wants to record the whole process, then VideoProc is the right tool to use.

VideoProc can help you record the screen you are using with a facecam, and audio, as well as a green-screen effect. You can either choose to record the entire screen or just some section of your screen.

After recording, there are simple edits available for you to make. It’s fine to edit your footage with cropping, audio level, trimming, etc. Of course, you can record Discord calls as well using VideoProc.

how to record a discord call with VideoProc
  • VideoProc can record the screen with a webcam, Chroma keying, and audio.
  • Numerous file formats are featured, including MP4, MKV, MOV, FLV, etc.
  • It will not affect your computer’s speed while the recording is happening.
  • Tools for video editing are available.
  • There are free trials, but only five minutes limit.

Recording Discord Audio Calls and Discord Video Calls Using VideoProc

#1: Launch and open your Discord.

#2: Choose the server that you want to join and join the voice channel.

#3: Launch your VideoProc. You will enter its main interface. Find and tap “Recorder.”

#4: On the top, there’s a bar for you to choose the recording mode you want to use. Either Webcam mode, Screen mode, or Screen & Webcam mode.

#5: On the top right, you will see an icon with the shape of a wheel. Click it in order to set settings for recording. You can set hardware encoding, file format, output directory, shortcuts, etc.

#6: In the lower area, you can decide whether to record computer sound, microphone sound, or both at the same time.

#7: Press the REC button in order to start the recording on your Discord. The Stop button can end the recording. Still, ask for permission before starting to record.

Method 3: How to Record Discord Video Calls via Bandicam

The third method that we are introducing is Bandicam. Bandicam is compatible with numerous platforms, including Windows 10/8/7, XP, and Vista.

Furthermore, this application is mainly has its fame for high-quality screen recording gaming clips, which is incredibly helpful to gamers that want to record their gaming processes. However, this app does require $39 to purchase, but it is worth the price.

Bandicam offers formats that are already being set for you. These formats automatically configure many settings for recording for you. With 4K resolution available, you can even record external devices.

Additionally, if you are taking lessons through Discord, there are animation tools provided through this app to help you learn. Examples of animation tools on Bandicam would be texts, shape drawings, etc.

how to record a discord call with Bandicam
  • Lightweight
  • You can choose to record whether the sound is from the microphone or sound from your device. Bandicam can help you save them separately.
  • Preset formats are available.
  • By hardware acceleration, Bandicam allows you to improve the recording quality.
  • Bandicam does not feature any editing tools.
  • With the version of the trial, videos recorded would be watermarked.

Recording Discord Audio And Video Calls with Bandicam

#1: Launch your Discord and join a voice channel you want.

#2: If you prefer to record the microphone and the system sound, the first thing you need to do is enable your device. Go and use the Recording settings tab; the recommended setting is the system sound for primary sound and the microphone sound for secondary sound.

#3: Click and put a tick in the “Save audio track while recording” box in order to edit it.

#4: Inside the General tab, you can set up a folder for Output and save the footage in the folder.

#5: Start recording by pressing the REC button or pressing F12 on your keyboard. It’s fine to pause the recording too.

#6: Stop the recording by pressing that Stop button, or you can press F12 again.

Method 4: How to Record Discord Video Calls by OBS

Good thing this application is free and is compatible with macOS, Windows, as well as Linux.

For the fact that it’s free, it’s a great choice for people that only need to record their Discord call for only a couple of times.

OBS helps you record your Discord calls via the open-source video encoding library x264. This means that OBS is CPU intensive.

  • Free
  • Open-sourced
  • Record audio calls using multiple tracks of audio
  • Numerous plugins to extend
  • Technical support available from the forum community
  • No editing tools are available
  • Not too suitable for beginners

Recording Discord Calls with OBS

#1: Go to the Source tab, then find and press the “Plus” icon. After doing that, choose Audio Input Capture, then Audio Output Capture, then Display Capture in turn.

how to record a discord call with OBS

#2: Select the audio device that you are going to use.

#3: From the top bar, tap on File and select “Settings” in the menu.

#4: Inside the sidebar, select Output.

#5: From the column of Output mode, choose Advanced.

#6: Press the “Recording” button. From the Recording Format, select MKV. After that, check on the exact number of audio tracks that you are going to use.

OBS Output Settings

#7: From the main interface, press the wheel-like icon that is within the Mixer area. Then choose Advanced Audio Properties.

#8: Organize the audio device into numerous audio tracks. This way, you can save the files separately.

Method 5: How to Record Discord Video Calls via Audacity

Audacity is another free application for recording Discord audio calls. It’s compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux, just like OBS.

Audacity has a layout that is super user-friendly. Other than that, it includes a complete set of editing tools. It’s useful when you are trying to record Discord audio calls, in which Audacity supports numerous audio file formats.

how to record a discord call with Audacity

Tips for Better Discord Video Call Recordings

To enhance the quality of your Discord video call recordings, consider the following tips:

  1. Check Your Internet Connection: Ensure you have a stable and reliable internet connection to avoid interruptions during the recording process.
  2. Test Recording Settings and Quality: Before important video calls, test your recording settings and verify the quality of the recordings to avoid any surprises later.
  3. Use Headphones and a Microphone: To achieve better audio quality, use headphones and a dedicated microphone during the video calls.
  4. Avoid Background Noise: Find a quiet environment for recording to minimize background noise and distractions.
  5. Keep Your System Updated: Regularly update your operating system, recording software, and Discord application to ensure compatibility and access to the latest features.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ 1: Can I record Discord video calls without the knowledge of other participants?

No, it is essential to inform all participants involved in the video call before recording it. Recording video calls without the consent of all participants may violate privacy laws and ethical considerations.

FAQ 2: Are there any legal considerations when recording Discord video calls?

Yes, it is important to familiarize yourself with the legal regulations regarding recording conversations and video calls in your jurisdiction. Some regions require consent from all parties involved before recording any communication.

FAQ 3: Can I record only audio during a Discord video call?

Yes, most recording methods allow you to record both video and audio or just audio if desired. Adjust the settings accordingly based on your requirements.

FAQ 4: How can I edit the recorded Discord video calls?

Once you have recorded a Discord video call, you can use video editing software to make edits, trim sections, add captions, or enhance the overall quality of the recording.

FAQ 5: Can I record Discord video calls on mobile devices?

Yes, there are various screen recording applications available for mobile devices that allow you to record Discord video calls. Check your device’s app store for suitable options and follow the provided instructions for recording.


Here are all the methods on how to record discord audio calls and video calls. Different apps can do different things for you.

All the methods explained are usable and can be used based on what type of jobs and work you are doing. However, always remember to ask for permission before any recording happens.

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