Captivate vs. Camtasia: A Comparative Guide for Educators

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We are here with the Captivate vs. Camtasia guide to help educators get the best help for content creation.

With the fast-changing learning scenario in the education domain, the importance of digital tools has become higher for both learners and educators.

This gives rise to software like Adobe Captivate and TechSmith Camtasia that facilitate digital content creation.

To know which one will serve your purpose better, continue reading the comparative guide below.

Introducing Camtasia

Camtasia is one powerful software for video editing that supports operation on Windows and iOS.

It has many video creation and editing tools and outstanding media formats. You can share the output video files from the software on various platforms like Screencast, Google Drive, and YouTube.

Introducing Camtasia

The star features of Camtasia include a screen recorder, audio effects, voice narration, and timeline annotations for multiple tracks.

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Introducing Captivate

Captivate has been designed to facilitate interactive learning interactions. It keeps you learning as you move ahead.

You can do so much with it, play educational content, take notes, save sessions, and use it anywhere. The videos can be cross-accessed on different devices conveniently.

Introducing Captivate

The star features of Captivate include live device previewing, a 360-degree comprehensive learning experience, and smart video recording.

Comparing the Prices

One of the most important aspects users look for while investing in software is the price. Thus, let us begin by comparing the pricing schemes of Captivate vs. Camtasia. This will help you decide which one suits your budget and tech requirements.

Pricing of Camtasia

It needs a lot of effort to make software with tremendous quality features and outstanding accessibility. Thus, you can expect the software to be pricey enough.

The Camtasia tool has much pocket-friendly pricing that starts from $250, and the fully upgraded plan comes for $99.50 more. A great thing about this software is that the company gives discounts on it.

Pricing of Camtasia

If you are a student or educationalist, then you are eligible for certain discounts on all the packages. A 40% discount is given by TechSmith Camtasia, while Adobe Camtasia gives an 80% discount. You only need a subscription and a valid ID to prove discount eligibility.

Pricing of Captivate

This software is on the pricier side as you will have to invest $1299 for the fully upgraded plan. There is a plan for the students where they can avail of the services for $399.

However, to take it easy, you can get the services on a monthly plan of $29.99. If you want the yearly subscription, then the $279.65 plan can work too.

Pricing of Captivate

Everything that Camtasia does is provided by Captivate too. You get the storyboards to make your creations and store them safely on the cloud storage provided by the platform.

You can also adjust the alignment of slides with the help of the editing functions of the software. The slider function can change the width between 320-1280p and the height between 100-5000p.

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Comparing the system requirements

If you compare Captivate vs. Camtasia in terms of system requirements, then you will find them much similar other than some minor differences.


Both Captivate and Camtasia support operation on Windows OS of versions 7 SP, 8.1, and 10. You only need to ensure that the system’s RAM must be a minimum of 4GB per the privacy policy. The other function where both software is the same is the ability to create demonstrations for full-motion videos.


A 2.0GHz CPU and dual-core processor are required to work the Camtasia software. On the other hand, Captivate can work on a simple 1.0GHz processor.

Camtasia works on a minimum of 64-bit OS, and Captivate can work on both 32 and 64-bit OS. When it comes to hard disk space required for smooth operation, Camtasia needs a minimum of 2 GB, while Captivate needs a higher space of 5 GB minimum.

The aims of both software are very different, but they are best at what they do. Camtasia will be the right choice if you want to create professional videos with full motion and quick features.

On the other hand, you can get Captivated by creating interactive software projects. You can create these simulations offline and online to engage learners through integrative E-learning programs.

There are certain drawbacks you may face with the Captivate software. If you are using the screen capture function, then you won’t be able to edit any videos. The errors in the videos created on Adobe Captivate can only be removed through third-party software.

Here, Camtasia will prove to be a better option. This is because it lets you produce error-free projects through many editing functions. It also has a better user interface that allows users to learn things fast and easily.

Camtasia makes editing better for everyone. You can keep incorporating ideas into the projects as they come to your mind. You can capture new videos and export supreme quality ones with the screen recorder feature of the software. And you can also annotate the videos easily and share them instantly too with other users.

Comparing the Features and Target Users

As we said above, comparing Captivate vs. Camtasia would generate stark differences in terms of working. The Adobe Captivate software gives rapid response services for helping users create stable and aesthetically sound e-learning projects.

You can realize your ideas by making interactive presentations and creative, responsive storyboarding learning projects. This software can do various projects like PowerPoint, HTML5, and Adobe Flash. These projects do much better for engaging students and boosting their learning.

Captivate has somewhat similar features with some additional benefits too. One interesting thing is the function of Geolocation that helps create projects based on location. You can add more ideas to the project upon changing the location.

This can be done with the interesting templates provided by the software as per the new location. Another important feature of the software is the Fluid Boxes that allow the application of object orientation in online learning presentations.

Comparing the features and target users

The next function is that of Responsive motion, which allows the users to make projects creative with object transition. The best part is that you can add this element without the need to program them.

By using just one visual effect, the whole path of the added objects can be controlled. Adobe Typekit can be used to develop and store Typekit fonts on the online platform and cloud storage. These fonts can be used for developing courses later. The feature of the Native App publisher in the software allows one to publish e-learning courses.

Coming to Camtasia, the learning features online are relatively lesser in number. However, it still does better with the features like a video editing kit and screen recording. The interface of the software is highly user-friendly. Importing projects is as simple as dragging and dropping them on the interface as any kind of user can do.

The picture-in-picture feature of the screen recording function allows the manual adjustment and calibration of video and audio parameters. The feature of external cameras and microphones is also present that can be used to develop e-learning and tutorial courses.

The next benefit of using Camtasia is the feature of a video editor that can be used to edit the footage after recording them. The editing kit has got very versatile tools that can be used to copy, paste, and cut video elements. The footnotes, transitions, captions, etc., can be used to make videos more interesting.

The tool called Color Adjustment can be used to change the color grade quality of videos. Another smart feature is the Smart Focus which can be used to change the gradient alignment of the video.

This means that you can tilt it right or left by using various animations. Voice narration is the next interesting feature that can be used to edit and record audio for projects. This makes the task of making video captions easier.

Comparing the features and target users

Assessment of the Captivate vs. Camtasia comparison

The next part of Captivate vs. Camtasia comparison involves listing down their respective pros and cons. This will help you to see the two software in a different light and see which one weighs towards your advantages.

Assessing Camtasia


  • This is hands down, the best tool for recording as well as sharing all kinds of projects online. This makes it the best convenience-driven software.
  • The features of video editing and screen recording are the charms of this tool.
  • You can do the sharing projects task right from the online software platform. Thus, you don’t need to download projects at all. At the same time, they will remain safely stored in the online cloud storage.
  • Video editing of Camtasia is by far the best tool kit any software can flaunt.
  • Techfuse, which is an application similar to Camtasia, is a read-only app. It can be used for sharing and previewing the videos created on it.
  • This is one of the best tools for novices, with simple operability and easy-to-learn functions.


  • The major drawback of this software is that it cannot be used to create interactive projects. You cannot make simulation programs or shareable e-learning courses with it.
  • Editing tools are not very impressive.

Assessing Captivate


  • There is so much that can be done with the software. You can create, edit, apply a visual transition and visual effects, and do so much more with any original content.
  • Templates are the best thing about this software. These templates are available in large numbers in a whole library. These are ready-to-use templates that can not only be useful for beginners but also save them time.
  • The tablet and iPad-compatible applications of the software are amazing. The interface is very user-friendly, with simple functions for generating and adding content.
  • You can view and share video files from the interface itself.
  • The interface is user-friendly enough. Adding files and creating content can be done easily with simple functions.


  • The feature of Text-to-Speech conversion is absent in this software.  This can be a major drawback as compared to other software that usually has this function.
  • The software needs some skills for operation. This can be a deal for the newbies since simple as well as complex operations of the software can take some time to be understandable.

Final Choice

If the Captivate vs. Camtasia comparison has still not been able to make your doubts go away, read what we have to say. The software meant for creating content for e-learning courses and tutorial projects is supposed to be powerful and authoring.

Talking Adobe Captivate has amazing visual effects and transitional functions. However, it still lags in terms of video editing capacities that are usually the ultimate basis for making content for learning systems.

Thus, you will require third-party software like Adobe Premiere to do other things, including editing for error elimination. The drawback that comes with this is an additional expenditure, where you need to spend around $539.99 per year more.

Now, you may think that Camtasia is the better option here. Well, you are not thinking entirely wrong. The software Camtasia is relatively cheaper and can be availed at the starting price of $249 only.

However, what may feel like a disadvantage here is the absence of many functions. The star features of the software are video editing and screen recording, which can make it a great buy for target users.

Captivate is, hands down, better among Captivate vs. Camtasia for the development of professional content for tutorials and e-learning programs. You can make some of the most creative and informative courses for online tutorials with this software. However, to be able to generate that result, you will have to be a tech expert.

Getting the software Adobe Captivate will be the best decision for upgrading your content creation game.  You will be able to learn various methods and skills for content development, editing, boosting quality, and whatnot. You can even improve any existing content with various editing tools.

Coming to Camtasia, this is the software for you if you only have entry-level skills for content creation. To get better with those skills, this software will help you out. The tool kit of Camtasia is going to allow you to brush up on your tutorial creation and video editing skills.

The best part is that taking the help of Camtasia won’t cost you much. This is because the pricing plans are affordable and can be customized to the user’s skill set.

The real-time recording feature of Camtasia allows the screen captures to be more detailed. At the same time, slide editing is better with Captivate software because of its easier toolkit than the film format of Camtasia. The individual film format for the presentation making of Camtasia is better for users with experience in operating video applications.

Even then, the real-time screen-capturing feature of the software may become problematic and difficult for some users on occasion. The same problem happens with frame synchronization while error-removal, audio speaking, mouse movements, or other editing.

What can help here is a record of all the possible things that can go wrong with the display. This way, you will be able to avoid the mistakes better and fall into the tedious editing loop.

If you create lengthy presentations on Camtasia, that can be a problem. A larger number of slides can take much time to edit and sort. Also, the resultant document will be a bigger one for the Flash format that users want to access.


Here are some Captivate vs. Camtasia queries users make:

A. You can differentiate between the two based on the functioning of their respective screen-capturing technologies. While Camtasia is highly video-oriented, Captivate focuses on the creation of interactive tutorials. The latter is also easier to share, more affordable, and comes with lucrative discount offers too.

A. While Camtasia is for videos, Snagit is for images. This means that you can use both to get better projects with themed images and interactive videos.

A. Working is both easy and complicated. It primarily depends upon the feature being used and the skill level of the user. However, the software proves much more efficient and feature-laced.

A. Almost all high-end domains can use it, and they do.


This was our Captivate vs. Camtasia analysis for you intending to help you choose better. While both of them have their qualities, Camtasia is easier to use with the screen recording feature too. It may have a lesser number of features than Captivate, but its simpler interface and operability shine out.

This makes the user ratings for Camtasia a bit higher than Captivate. Camtasia allows easier note-taking and proves to be highly cost-effective for the investment. Do tell us which one you liked better in the comment section!


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