How Can You Change the AirPods Pro Equalizer?

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If you wonder what is the right EQ for your AirPods? And how do you adjust your AirPods Pro equalizer? Then this article is just for you.

Overview of AirPods Pro & AirPod EQ

There is no doubt that Apple’s AirPods Pro is some of the best listening devices in the market today. They have an exceptional sound quality and will filter out most of the outside noise. However, it is always helpful to figure out the right EQ for your AirPods if you want the best listening experience.

As mentioned before, the Apple AirPods Pro is fitted with a wide range of benefits. However, if you are unable to use them in the right way, you need to think about why you purchased them in the first place.

Therefore, having the right AirPod EQ is something that can help a good sound experience. This is particularly true if you plan on using earphones for multiple devices.

However, what is the right way to decide the best AirPods Pro equalizer? Also, what does EQ mean? These are some questions we need to decipher before we can find the right AirPod EQ.

EQ, short for the equalizer, are volume knobs that help adjust the output of your sound. Once you find the right EQ for your AirPods Pro or AirPods, you will have a more satisfying listening session.

AirPods & AirPods Pro

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What is the Best Equalizer for Your AirPods?

So, what is the right EQ for your AirPods? And how do you adjust the EQ on your AirPods Pro earphones?

The first thing you need to know is that every genre and style of music sounds great at different EQs. If you want to find the right equalizer for your earphones, you will have to start with your settings.

Also, you need to understand that each EQ will sound different to separate people. Whatever you may like, it is not necessary that the other person will like listening to the same. Every person will have a unique taste. Therefore, you need to look for the right AirPod EQ that you like, not the other person.

Now, there is another interesting aspect of selecting the right AirPods Pro equalizer. You can choose to switch off the noise cancellation function if you prefer. Noise cancellation can significantly reduce sound quality, even though it is a great feature.

You will see some notable differences when you turn off the noise cancellation feature. But make sure that you turn off the transparency mode as well. Next, you simply need to toggle off the noise cancellation feature.

When the noise cancellation feature is switched off, the sound becomes more exact. Also, the bass increases significantly.

Here are the exact steps to switch off the noise cancellation feature on your AirPods Pro:

  1. On your iOS device, you first need to tap on the Settings option.
  2. Next, click on the Bluetooth option.
  3. You will see your AirPods option. Here, click on the Info option.
  4. Finally, switch off the noise cancellation toggle.
What is the Best Equalizer for Your AirPods

Additionally, you can also select the preferred EQ setting on your device.

If you are looking for the best AirPod EQ, you can simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Head over to the Settings option of your iOS device and click on the Music option.
  2. Next, tap on the Playback option and then on EQ.
  3. Once you reach the EQ option, you will see 24 types of AirPod EQ settings available. All you need to do now is check each EQ and decide on the one that you like the most.
  4. As long as your device and the earphones are connected, the EQ settings will not change.
best AirPod EQ

If you want to remove the EQ and change the current settings, these are the steps to do so:

  1. Head over to the Settings option, similar to the steps mentioned above.
  2. Here, you need to click on the Music option and then on the EQ settings.
  3. Finally, you simply need to change the EQ toggle off.
Turn Music EQ Off

How Can You Change the Adaptive EQ on Your AirPods Pro?

There is another hack available if you want to change the adaptive AirPods Pro equalizer. If you did not know already, the AirPods Pro offers an Adaptive EQ feature.

This particular feature is available similarly to other features. Some of them include transparency mode and noise cancellation.

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What is Adaptive EQ in AirPods Pro?

The adaptive AirPod EQ is an amazing feature that will drastically change the sound quality of the earphones. The sound’s frequency keeps adapting based on the shape of your ear. Once the earphones adapt to your ear shape, the sound will become a lot more alluring and richer than before.

One thing you need to know here is that the Adaptive EQ has a flaw. Whether this flaw is major or minor will depend on your preferences.

Based on research, it has been found that the earphone tends to over-adapt, depending on the shape and size of your ear. When the AirPods start ‘over-adapting’, it will keep changing the EQ of the earphones.

One solution to this problem is to insert the AirPods in your ears and allow the earphones to work for some time. Once you find the right equalizer, you need to pause for some time and then remove them. You then simply have to save the preferred profile so that the earphones do not keep adapting.

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What is the AirPods Pro EQ Used for Spotify?

If you want to test the AirPods Pro equalizer on your earphones, you will have to use a music application. You can use these earphones with Spotify.

All you need to do is change the AirPod EQ based on your preferences. This will change the quality of the sound and make it better than before.

To change the AirPods Pro equalizer, you simply need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Head over to the Spotify application and tap on the Home option.
  2. Head over to the Settings option and tap on Playback.
  3. Here, you need to go through the presets and select the sound that works best for you. In case you are looking for a unique sound, you can adjust the equalizer manually.
AirPods Pro EQ Used for Spotify

For a stronger bass, you can tap on the Bass Booster option. Or, you could try to dial the 60HZ meter to find the EQ that sounds great for your ears.

You can also try to fix the sound quality on Spotify, especially if you have a subscription. The steps for the same are:

  1. Head to the Spotify app and tap on the Settings option.
  2. Here, click on the Music Quality option and adjust between the High and Very High options.
fix the sound quality on Spotify

You should remember that adjusting the sound quality will increase the data consumption on the Spotify app. For instance, the 320kbps will consume more data than the 160kbps quality.

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What is the AirPods Pro EQ Used for Apple Music?

Similar to Spotify, you can also adjust the equalizer of Apple Music.

Here are the steps to learn how to adjust the equalizer of Apple Music:

  1. Head over to your Apple Music app and click on the Settings option.
  2. Next, you need to tap on the Music option, which will open a new list; here, tap on EQ.
  3. Once here, you simply need to select the EQ that sounds right to your ears. You will be offered a wide range of options like a classical bass booster, etc.
AirPods Pro EQ Used for Apple Music

You will notice a significant improvement in sound quality.

In case you utilize the AirPods with Android devices, the steps are a bit different. The Settings option will differ on Android and iOS devices.

If you want to change the EQ for Android devices, you will have to do so via the AirPods itself. The steps include:

  1. Open your Android device and head to the Settings option.
  2. Next, tap on the Settings option and then on Sound and Notification.
  3. Here, tap on the Audio Effects option. You will notice five levels.
  4. You then have to tap on the Equalizer option and select the one that fits the best.
  5. In case you are connected via wired speakers, you just need to click on the Wired Stereo option. Then, select the sound effect you like. You will find various options like Home Theater, 3D Stereo, etc.

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What Are Some EQ Settings Available on iOS Devices?

Some AirPod EQ options you can find are:

  1. Classical
  2. Bass Booster and Bass Reducer
  3. Lounge
  4. Acoustic
  5. Vocal Booster
  6. Jazz
  7. Flat
  8. Rock
  9. Spoken Word
  10. Loudness
  11. RnB
  12. Electronic
  13. Small Speakers
  14. Piano
  15. Treble Reducer
  16. Dance


1. Can I change the AirPods Pro Equalizer on Android devices?

No, the AirPods Pro Equalizer settings are only accessible through iOS devices.

2. Are the Equalizer settings applied to all audio apps on my iOS device?

Yes, the Equalizer settings are system-wide and will be applied to all audio playback on your iOS device, including Apple Music, Spotify, and other apps.

3. Can I share custom Equalizer presets with other AirPods Pro users?

Unfortunately, custom Equalizer presets are specific to individual devices and cannot be shared with other users.

4. Will changing the Equalizer settings affect the battery life of my AirPods Pro?

No, adjusting the Equalizer settings does not have a significant impact on the battery life of your AirPods Pro.

5. Can I use the AirPods Pro Equalizer with non-Apple Bluetooth devices?

The Equalizer settings are primarily designed to work with Apple devices, but some third-party apps may offer Equalizer functionality for non-Apple Bluetooth devices.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best AirPods Pro equalizer, we hope this article has helped you enough.

In today’s time, transparent mode and noise cancellation are just not enough. If you are looking for the best sound effect, you need to change the EQ of your earphones.

All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned in this article and select an equalizer that sounds right to you.

If you have any questions about this article, you can let us know in the comment section.


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