AcroTray – How to Remove It from the Startup Menu?

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AcroTray is a software component that gets installed automatically on your system.

Once installed, this program loads automatically with the Startup and functions in the background.

So, what is it? Is it malware? Should you get rid of it? If yes, how to do it? Let’s find it out!

An Introduction to AcroTray

AcroTray is the extension of the Adobe Acrobat Tray Icon. It is an extension. As you may already know, Adobe Acrobat is a tool that can be used to open and convert PDFs.

AcroTray, the extension of Acrobat System Tray, comes as an extension that automatically loads the system. This icon gets activated whenever you right-click or try to convert a PDF file.

In addition to that, AcroTray keeps track of updates that are related to Adobe Acrobat. To access this file, you should go to the installation directory of Acrobat.

An introduction to AcroTray

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The Reasons to Disable AcroTray from Your Startup Menu

Disabling AcroTray is a pretty good idea for any user. There are several good reasons for a person to disable this icon from the Startup.

For your information, we will list those reasons below with a description.

● AcroTray makes your system’s startup slower

A key reason for a computer user to disable AcroTray is its impact on the Startup. When you turn on your computer, AcroTray will start automatically and run in the background.

As a result, it will consume the system resources (specifically the memory). As a result, it will slow down the PC significantly.

● AcroTray can even be a malware

Indeed, the original AcroTray extension is not a piece of malware. However, some malware applications are smart enough to disguise themselves as regular programs on your computer.

If that’s the case, there can be some malware applications that can disguise as AcroTray too. This means a malware application can camouflage as AcroTray and stay on your computer.

● It may consume your system memory without any specific reason

Many computer users say that AcroTray has started draining system resources such as CPU and memory. As a result, the respective system can slow down significantly.

● You will rarely use AcroTray

In general, you will use AcroTray very rarely. Some users have not used AcroTray for months. In other words, it is not a tool you will require to perform your daily tasks. So, it is better to leave it disabled and use it only when needed. That will keep this tool from using extensive system resources.

So, that’s a basic idea about AcroTray and its potential associated issues. After reading the information above, you can decide whether or not to disable it.

Our general recommendation is to disable it, and in the below section, we explain how to do it. Ensure you follow the steps mentioned in a specific order without fail. That is essential to prevent potential conflicts.

Disabling AcroTray

Disabling AcroTray can be done with several methods. The main reason for a user to disable AcroTray is the threat of malware. As mentioned before, malware can disguise itself as an application like AcroTray and stay. Even trojans can disguise and run in the background.

Then, it can track all the actions you perform on the computer, including your passwords and credentials. It is needless to mention, how dangerous such malware can be.

So, removing or disabling AcroTray is a smart move, even if it doesn’t affect performance. You can follow the steps mentioned below and get rid of this application.

Solution 1: Disable Adobe AcroTray using the Task Manager

The most basic (but efficient) method you can try is using the “Task Manager” feature in your system. It is a built-in feature, and you might have already used it many times to kill various unnecessary tasks.

Once you launch the task manager, you can see that it shows different tabs with multiple menus. It has a specific tab to manage Startup as well. You can click on that tab labeled “Startup” and check if it has an item called “AcroTray.”

If it is there, you should disable it from there, and that’s it. However, before proceeding with this solution, you should have the Task Manager running with Administrator privileges.

Mentioned below are the steps that will lead you to do this.

  • Press the “Windows” key, hold it, and press the “R” key. This key combination will bring up the “Run” box. Once it is opened, you can enter the text “taskmgr.” Then, hit the “Enter” key to open the “Task Manager” window.
run taskmgr
  • Find the tab labeled “Startup” in the windows and click on it to see the items listed. Locate the term “AcroTray.”
  • You can right-click on “AcroTray” now to see the popup menu. Choose the option called “Disable.”
Disable Adobe AcroTray using the Task Manager
  • You can perform a restart now, and if you have done it right, AcroTray will not start.

Solution 2: Use Autoruns

You can use AutoRuns to disable AcroTray. It is a utility that allows you to manage the programs in your Windows Startup. This can be a good solution if you cannot find AcroTray inside the “Task Manager” window.

The purpose of this tool is to make Startup management easier and make your PC faster. You can read the following guide to download, install, and use AutoRuns and remove AcroTray.

Download Autoruns
  • Then, you should extract the downloaded package with the help of WinRAR software. However, if you don’t have WinRAR, you can simply open the package by double-clicking it.
Install Autoruns
  • Once the files are extracted, you can see the installation find called Autorun64.exe. Then, right-click on it and choose the “Run As Administrator” option from the popup menu.
Run Autoruns as Administrator
  • Now, you should search for the option “Acrobat Assistant (AcroTray)” on the main interface. Then, you can untick it so it will not be opened with the Windows Startup.
Use Autoruns to disable AcroTray
  • That’s it. You can now restart the computer, and it will not activate the “AcroTray” anymore.

Solution 3: Disable the AcroTray through the Services

With this method, you can change the services associated with Adobe. As a result, you will be able to disable the services configured to run automatically. You can change the status of those services to manual from automatic.

As a result, you can stop those services from starting automatically. You can see that your system will start with better speed. To perform this step, you should make sure that you log into a Windows system with administrator privileges.

Also, please remember to perform “Solution 1” before proceeding with this solution.

01. As the first step, you should launch the “Run” box. To do that, you should press and hold the “Windows” key and then press the “R” key. Once the box opens, you should type “service.msc” and hit the “Enter” key.

Run Services.msc

02. This will open a separate window labeled “Services” and list all the services. You should locate the option called “Adobe Acrobat Update” from the existing items on the list.

You can even perform a search to locate it. Then, you should right-click on the item and go to the option labeled “Properties” on the popup menu.

Disable the AcroTray through the Services

03. In the “Properties,” you should see an option called “Startup Type.” You can click on it and change it to “Manual.”

Disable the AcroTray through the Services

04. Then, you should also search for the “Adobe Genuine Software Integrity” option. Right-click on it and go to its “Properties.”

05. You should change its “Startup Type” to “Manual,” just like you did with the previous item.

06. Once you have done that, just Restart your PC. If everything is right, you will no longer see AcroTray on your Startup.

That’s it!


1. Can I still use Adobe Acrobat after removing AcroTray from the startup menu?

Absolutely! Removing AcroTray from the startup menu does not affect the functionality of Adobe Acrobat. You can still launch the application manually whenever you need to view or edit PDF files.

2. Is it safe to modify the registry to remove AcroTray?

Modifying the registry should be done with caution. One wrong move can lead to system instability or other issues. It’s advisable to back up the registry before making any changes or seek assistance from a professional.

3. Will removing AcroTray improve the speed of my computer’s startup?

Yes, removing AcroTray from the startup menu can potentially speed up your computer’s boot time. By reducing the number of programs launching at startup, you can allocate more system resources to essential processes, resulting in a faster startup.

4. Can I re-enable AcroTray in the future if I need it?

Certainly! If you find that you require AcroTray in the future, you can re-enable it in the startup menu. Simply follow the methods outlined in this article and check the corresponding box or enable the program in the Task Manager.

5. Are there any other programs I should consider removing from the startup menu?

Yes, it’s a good practice to review the startup menu periodically and disable unnecessary programs. Look for applications that you rarely use or that don’t require immediate startup. This can help optimize your computer’s performance and streamline the boot process.


Well, at least one of the above solutions should be able to disable AcroTray from your Windows startup. If none of the above options have worked, you should perform a deep scan with your antimalware tool.

And if it doesn’t work, you should try restoring the PC to a point where Adobe Acrobat was not installed. If not, the case might be pretty complex, so you should reinstall your Windows OS as the ultimate solution.

AcroTray is a tool installed in your system without your knowledge when installing Adobe Acrobat. This tool becomes useful on very rare occasions. When the OS loads, AcroTray too will start automatically and run in the background.

So, it can consume some precious system resources on your computer and may even slow it down. Also, some malware can disguise as AcroTray and cause some troubles. So, it is always better to disable this software as soon as you see it.


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