How to Fix 0x0000007f Blue Screen Error Effortlessly

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0x0000007f is one of the blue screens of death error many users have reported seeing on their computer after a perfect last run.

This is one of the most dangerous BSOD errors once the error becomes frequent on your computer. At that point, the problem is in the hardware aspect of the computer than the software elements of it.

At the starting stage, you can follow some methods to slow down the error and fix it before it takes a larger form.

This article will find everything you need to fix 0x0000007f on your computer.

0x0000007f Blue Screen Error

Know More About 0x0000007f Blue Screen Error

Of all the errors in the windows, Blue Screen Of Death is the most dangerous one.

The problem of a BSOD error can lie in the dysfunction of the hardware or the software that was downloaded to keep the hardware running at a smoother pace. Pointing out the errors can be very difficult in BSOD errors.

Just like the reason for the BSOD error, the solutions for these errors come in many ways. Following the right method will fix your computer from any BSOD error. But it is hard to know what to do if you have to deal with such an error on your computer.

The error we have ourselves in our hands is the 0x0000007f error, another variation of the BSOD error.

Because every BSOD error would have a different code underneath the screen, the codes will give a general idea of what to do with the AD. The codes will also determine what kind of fixes they need to go away from the machine.

Before we jump into the solution to this problem, let’s get to know what 0x0000007f is and how does it occur in a system?

Knowing this information will give you some clues about fixing them later on. Some BSOD errors share the same type of symptom and often even share the same remedy method.

What Is 0x0000007f BSOD Error

0x0000007f will stop your windows OS from functioning on your machine. There are plenty of reasons you see a 0x0000007f error on your computer.

The main cause of this error is the failure of the motherboard, RAM, and system being incapable of handling overclocking numbers.

But most of the time, 0x0000007f is related to hardware malfunction than the software side of computing. If you see this error, that means you are having a problem with your hardware, but there are things you can still do to prevent this error from occurring.

As I said before, not all of the reason behind this error is due to the hardware aspect of the computer. Some of it falls under the software.

That means there are still a lot of methods you can try to fix the problem without replacing hardware parts, as these parts will potentially break your wallet.

If there is an easier way to fix it, why not follow it?

There are operating systems known to face 0x0000007f errors on their versions.

  • Windows 2000 Pro, Server, Enterprise, and Datacenter editions
  • Windows XP Home and Professional. (Service pack V2/V3)
  • Windows NT Server, Workstation Editions

If you have any of these operating systems installed on your computer, you will face 0x0000007f on your computer.

PS: If you are bothered with ndis.sys blue screen error, here are the top solutions.

Reasons for 0x0000007f Blue Screen Error

0x0000007f can happen for multiple reasons. It can happen due to RAM module failure. If RAM is the reason behind this error, then the proper step you can take to fix it by take out the older ram and replace it with the new one.

0x0000007f can also happen to change the frequency of the ram modules. Let’s say you have two sticks of ram installed on the computer, but both of them share a different MHz. Then you will face an error. Sometimes that error comes in the Blue Screen Of Death.

The motherboard could be one of the reasons why you see this error on your computer. Run a diagnosis on the board; see if the problem exists. It is better to replace the board than cling to it if it is.

And lastly, overclocking, going beyond the threshold, will give you more power, but it will drain the life expectancy of that overclocked hardware.

Best Ways to Fix 0x0000007f Blue Screen Error

Method 1: A Simple Troubleshoot

If you face the error for the first time, then it is better to restart the computer to see if the error fades away from the machine. Sometimes, this could be an internal software problem; you can fix the problem by simply restarting and cleaning out temp trash.

Cleaning out the temporary cache files from your temp folder, deleting all the unnecessary registry files, and disabling the high-usage software from running in the background will make some drastic changes in your computer interaction.

These methods are simple and will be very effective in removing any problems in your computer and fixing the problems that your computer is facing now.

Method 2: Killing the Virus with a Proper Anti Virus

0x0000007f can also happen if you have infected files on your computer. As the malware starts latching onto the windows system files.

These files are the backbone of windows; without them, windows will have no idea what to do because all the main functions will be comprised of the virus.

This requires you to run the whole system through antivirus software. There is a lot of antivirus software in the market that you can get for properly cleaning the system, but the most effective one that will cost you no money is Windows Defender.

Kill the virus to Fix 0x0000007f Blue Screen Error

Every windows version has a Windows Defender; you can just open the defender through the search tab. After you open it, hit Scan now. You will have some options before you click on the scan now. You can do a quick scan or a full scan.

A quick scan will do a surface-level check-up on the whole system. But it will be short compared to the full scan and will dig deep into every file on your computer.

After the scanning, Windows Defender will erase all the potentially infected files from the computer. The same goes for all the other antivirus software on the market.

Method 3: Uninstalling the recently installed software

If the 0x0000007f is new and has never come upon your computer before, then the problem might be in the recently installed software on your computer. Uninstalling software can get very hard due to the BSOD error, which will always intervene with your uninstallation.

To uninstall, enter the computer in safe mode. Then uninstall any recently added software or app. The problem will not lie in the software, as it will go beyond the software circle to enter the hardware zone.

The problems sometimes will be inside the hardware. Take the new piece of hardware out of the motherboard, and see if anything changes. If it does, then replace the hardware with a proper one.

Method 4: Changing the HDD for a Better One

You can always change the HDD; 0x0000007f can also mean the motherboard is not supporting the current HDD. The right thing is to replace the HDD with another HDD or SSD to fix the problem.

Changing the HDD for a Better One

Method 5: Fixing the RAM Modules

Bad ram modules can cause 0x0000007f errors in your computer system. If the ram you have installed on your computer goes beyond the limitation of the motherboard, then you will face the BSOD error.

Check how much ram your motherboard can handle before thinking about buying a new ram for your system. If your RAM is dual channel, then make sure both rams share the same frequency. Otherwise, they are prone to pop this error up on the screen.

Fix the RAM Modules to solve 0x0000007f Blue Screen Error

Method 6: Releasing HDD Space

Sometimes increasing the HDD space helps to eliminate the 0x0000007f code from your system. A larger chunk of files can increase the HDD space in no time. Within a month, HDD runs out of space to store more data.

Once it reaches a certain limit, you will frequently see a BSOD error on your screen. Release some space from your HDD by deleting the stuff you don’t need on your computer.

Release HDD Space to Fix 0x0000007f Blue Screen Error

Method 7: Recovering Lost Data from 0x0000007f Error

0x0000007f will make the system lose a lot of data. If you have important files on your computer, 0x0000007f can harm the files and information. If you are going through this problem, it is better to secure the data before taking any steps.

Even if you have lost the data, there is a way you can get your data back on your system. Wondershare Recoverit is the app you will need to recover lost data from your machine.

Suppose you have ever used Wondershare’s product lineup. Then this one will not ruin your expectations. Wondershare is known to bring qualitative software at a moderate price point.

Follow the procedure to fix the problem on your computer and recover all the lost data.

  • Download the Recoverit software on your computer. Allow the software through the firewall, or the software will be unable to launch or even install on your system.
  • Select system crash data recovery on the main page to create bootable media.
  • The bootable media will act as a platform for retrieving and recovering lost data. You can use the method when Windows fail to boot up.
  • Click on the start option, and here you select the proper bootable media; it could be from a simple USB to a DVD drive. Once you find the right one, press the ‘Create’ button.
  • To complete the process, you need to format the drive so that you can restore more of your lost files there.
  • After that, just wait a little while until the process is completed. Make sure not to interrupt the process. Otherwise, you will have to do it from scratch.
  • After the bootable device, restart the system, select the BIOS options, and connect the bootable media.

Preventive Measures for the 0x0000007f Error

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right? Let’s talk about some habits to adopt to prevent these errors from recurring.

Regular System Updates

Always remember, an updated system is a happy system. Regular system updates can prevent errors like the 0x0000007f from springing up.

Software Compatibility

Like good friends, your software and system should get along well. Always ensure any new software you’re installing is compatible with your system.

Regular System Scans

Regular check-ups aren’t just for us humans. Running regular system scans can keep your computer healthy and prevent errors from creeping up.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the 0x0000007f error? – It’s a common blue screen error, also known as the ‘blue screen of death.’
  2. What causes the 0x0000007f error? – Causes can range from outdated drivers and incompatible software to memory issues.
  3. How can I identify the 0x0000007f error? – Signs include sudden system shutdowns, sluggish performance, system freezes, and a blue screen displaying the error code.
  4. How can I fix the 0x0000007f error? – Start with updating your drivers, checking your RAM, and uninstalling recently installed incompatible software.
  5. How can I prevent the 0x0000007f error? – Regular system updates, ensuring software compatibility, and conducting regular system scans can help.


0x0000007f can is very persistent on the computer if you don’t know the right approach to the problem.

Since it is a BSOD error, the solution varies from one way to another. But the following methods are the best way to deal with the problem head-on without letting it spread by damaging other system components.

0x0000007f also has a hardware aspect; a lack of communication between the software and hardware can create this error on your computer. It is better to take these precautions to avoid these errors in the future.


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